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So here is a REAL game Thread. It takes place in Rivendel right after bilbo left whit the dwarfes to erebor.

A elf sits at one of the many tables of Rivendel. He is waiting for his friends that he has invited to discuss the quest of erebor and the rising darkness of mirkwood.
After sitting and thinking for a long time Arath decided to do something.
He left rivendel and headed for mirkwood.
Moving slow so that someone could accompany him.
He moved towards the gap of rohan.
Because he did not want to cross the mountains.
Thorin another dwarf who was visiting rivendell heard of arath's quest and made his mind to join him. so he picked up his axe and back pack and hurried after the elf who was still visible in the sistance. after a few minutes he joined him and said

"hi, can i join you"

as he had already made up his mind this was only a polite formality because even if the elf refused he would follow him. Wink Smilie
Arath was pleased that he would not have to go alone.

"sure thing my fair dwarf" he said
"but why are you not whit bilbo" he asked
"or are you not thorin oakenshield" he asked
"i'm not thorin oakenshield," thorin said with a laugh,"altought i'm of the house of durin i'm not of the ruling house and his business is not mine. besides i'm an adventurer and like to wander freely."

"where are we going?" thorin finished.
"we are headed for mirkwood" arath said
"i have heard that something dwells whitin dol-guldur again we must see is that true" arath said

then he took his bow

"i hope that your axe is ready. There will be orcs" he said
"cool but are we well provided for our long journey throught the gap of rohan?"

he stopped for a moment and checked the supplies in his back pack

"i have these items: 10 honey cake, 15 cram biscuit, a stone for sharpening blades, a spair hood, 2 blanket, several personal belongings, a short sword, a small bottle of the cordial of khazad dum and a hatchet"

"you'd better check yours too cause i think we do not want to embark on a journey badly provided. and i also have 2 water skins"

"as for my axe it's ever ready to hew orc heads"
"hah" the elf laughed
"dont worry about me" he said
"why? have u got lembas with you" the dwarf asked with a glint in his eye?
"some yes" Arath said
"i also bear something of great value that we can trade for all that we need" Arath said
after that he offered thorin a piece of lembas
"do you wish to have a bite" Arath asked
"good let me taste some"
"there dont be so hasty" Arath said
"and never tell a elf that you have tasted lembas" Arath added
"ok i guess it's your vow of secrecy never to let alien races eat your food," thorin said with a laugh. Big Laugh Smilie
"heh" arath said
Rafael glides in from the shadows: "Hello! Where there is lembas, I see friends. I am really on my way home to Lothlorien, but if you need some protection, and if there may be some orcs ahead,- I'm game!"
"good butterfly," thorin says eyeing him. " i was trying to convince him to share the lembas but two are better than one and as for orc you will have plenty as we move forward"

"now arath give us some lembas..."
Arath takes a disc of lembas and shares it in three pieces
"there" he says and hands it to thorin and rafael

"I hope that the king of the golden hall gives us horses" Arath says
Take and surely enjoy my share of the lembas, "I believe we have an understanding with the King! He'll lend us horses fair and square. We free him and his people for a dozen of orcs or two and if necessary we chip in a pair of those ugly wargs if we get the chance.

Will we three be the party, or are we waiting for more joiners?
Arath looks to all four winds.
"I see no one else so we are a party of three then" he said

(merry xmas!!!!!!)
"I'll cover the left side of the trail, Thorin the middle and Arath you're on the right side, shall we move?" "It's you're party, Arath. We are ready ain't we?" Elf Smilie

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thorin gratefully accepts the lembas. "but we shall only have horse if we go to his halls which will be a good way out of the way"

"why don't we pass through the mines of moria. it will be a better adventure and we are sure to have more orcs for dinner than going round the mountains"
"A daring proposal, but you know it isn't the way we Elvish people prefer".
"I hate the darkness of the mines"
"maybe it is a longer way but it is safer"
"and there are worse things than orcs in that pit"
"we head for the gap of rohan"
whit that he started walking torwards the gap
"are you afraid? and not all of you are dwarves"

"antway if we take the longer way we will reach my kin (the other thorin) when everything is over"

"and you forgot that a dwarf is no rider and never will be!"
"That maybe so, Thorin, but we know you can outrun many a horseman."

"Arath's in the lead, so I do follow his road! As far as I can see we're in no hurry! I can do with a bit action though."
"ok than i'll follow"

"but we'll have to have a rear guard as well as a watchmen at night as soon as we enter hollin"

" hey arath in which country are we now? and don't go to fare in front"
"and anybody got a map with him? idon't want to get lost"

"and what weapons have you rafael?"
Arath pulls out a map
"i have one"
"and thorin has a point we would reach the other thorin and his party after all is over but i remind you our goal is to look into the supposed new host of dol-guldur i have heard that the one before him was no other than sauron himself"
Arath looks at his map
"we are a few miles from rivendell but a long road seperates us from the gates of moria"
"so we are going through moria?"
"As you see, Thorin, I'm equipped with one of the famous galadhrim bows made of mallorn-tree. A fair amount of arrows sit in my quiver and I bet you have heard my five feet long Lorien sword."

"Arath, do we have to enter Moria?"
"i thought the galadhrim used long knives?"

"anyway are you scared of moria? poor pussy"
"there is no soul on earth that is not afraid of moria"
"time is essential because sauron might make his move and i fear that he might attack against lorien and mirkwood"
"we must find out what is going on in dol-guldur and if not stop it we must atleast mess saurons plans a little"
"I belived you could see my sword, Thorin, everyone else can! It is as far as I know almost five feet long. If you fancy to call it a long knife, thats okay with me. And yes I do frighten Moria. I'm an elf, remember, not used to go stone-picking in the dark."

"But if it's Arath's wish to penetrate the mountain, we do so. To help us in the dark I've recently been given a phial of Galadriel's as a gift from a Clever Lass I happen to know."
"thorin do you know your way throught moria"

>the small party is three days away from moria<

Arath sighed
"if only we knew the eagles"
"they could easily take us over the mountains"
"but why would they"
"time is essentila as arath said"

"this is why we must take the shortest way possible that is through moria. and you don't have to worry cause i know moria well."

"and being a morian dwarf i am not afraid fo that palace"
"Of course you dont fear the mines"
"I dont fear the mines i fear of something that houses them"
"You know what i speak of rafael"
"rafael seems to have fallen asleeep on his feet. wake him up arath. we're losing to much time."

"wake up raffy", said thorin vigourously shaking the elf
"Here's a whole lotta' shaking going on! Thanks Thorin, I needed that! Let's head for the entrance!"

"By the way. Do you know my daughter's name? She can be helpful, I believe!

Be alert!"

"Where is Arath hiding?"
"Mellon came quickly to their rescue as she explained where Arath had been hiding out .."

"I wanted to join you guys. but you better explain to me why we are taking this way"
"Good to see you, Mellon!

"time is essential because sauron might make his move and i fear that he might attack against lorien and mirkwood"

"You can be helpful opening the Elf-entrance to Moria,Mellon! But we also had an idea of eagle-flight over the mountain, do you know if that is an option?"
"it might be an option" said thorin "but three people on one eagle sounds a bit heavy."

"now we better get moving towards the gate of moria. we have lost enough time. so come on everybody. and rafael be our rear guard today will you? keep an eye for the wargs"

"lets go"
"I'll cover our rear, Thorin, If necessary you'll hoot me in I suppose. Why don't we ask Mellon to scout forward, using her able wings?" Elf Smilie
"ok rafael" thorin said with a laugh. "hey mellon would you care bo our van guard? now where's arath gone again?"
It's kind of difficult getting along when we're so much sleeping and on-line as to this time.
Maybe we'll meet here tomorrow twelve GMT tomorrow?
"I wasnt sleeping Smile Smilie"
"so lets get ourselves to the long darkness of moria"
"suilannad mellon it is great to see you"
"ok then, from where're we are i suppose it is about 15 miles to the gates. let us hope we will not have any 'unwanted' meetings on the road"

with that thorin hoisted his back pack and followed arath's led.
I know Mellon is far above us, circling up front.

I'll clean up our resting place, we don't advertise our meeting. Then I'll glide off a bit westerly.

Be alert!
"ok then i'll give you a hand. i'll pack our things while you cover all our will mellon follow us in moria?"
A good question Thorin, she being of the wild roaming people, must answer that herself!

If you'll hand me my pack, nobody will know we've been here! I like that throwing axe of yours, it looks nasty!
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