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rides along in silence ears pirked up as if listing for a wisper in the wind then have a faint yet ecoing wistle. afew moments later there was a soft flaping of wings as hin'lk flew to his arm a small letter straped to his back. puting the bird on his sholder corgon read the letter in the fadeing sunlight.

" good news the grayhavens soldiers have sent out ten of the royal gaurd to assist us in the rescue of my sister they will be waiting for us in the rohan city entrince!" he anounced
suddenly a dark figure slides down from the sky. arath stands in front of the bearing a quite large pack.
"i am still called to the north but i saw you as i was returning home and i have something for you." after saying that he took the spear that was fastened to his back.
"milord! this spear is for you." arath said handing a beautyfull spear to corgon. its shaft was made from a white metal that shun white when light was upon it. its tip was wraught from the finest silver and was long and sharp.
"it has no name milord. i hope you will make use of it."arath said bowing. then he turned to finwe.
"to you i have brought this." arath said handing fionwe a dagger.
"it is from a older time when the edain were strong. it is made in westernesse. i hope that you will keep it safe and that it will protect you." arath said bowing.
then he turned to one that he had not seen before but from a distance.
"i know not your name." arath said
"i see that you have a bow and arrows. here you shall make use of these" arath said handing the newcomer his bow and quiver.
"may you never miss." he said
then arath turned to thorin.
"to you i bring two things." arath said and handed thorin a ring which bore the emblem of his house and a beautifull axe which he had picked up in moria. the axe had been made anew and it was sharp.
"this axe may help you on your way. it has a virtue of returning whereever one might tred." araht said.
"the ring which bears the emblem of my house has also a virtue. call to me whereever in thy need or whatever peril and i will come to thy aid!" saying that he look about him.
"ah! you i know by deed." arath said bowing to etharion.
"if i would have known that you was traveling whit this company i sure would have brought you too a fair gift! but now i offer you my alligienge and friendship." arath said bowing.
then he turned to rafael.
"to you lord rafael i have brought this." arath said handing rafael a small bag.
"it contais the recepy of waybread though not so high or virtous as the lady of the wood makes but in many ways alike it." arath said.
then he look to the sky.
"farewell my friends may our paths cross again!" he said and leaped in the air and was gone.
Thorin looked arath in the eyes and bowed low. Such was their frinedship that no words were needed for arath to understand thorin's thanks for such gifts as he had brought.
Fionw’ was so shocked that he had no time to thank Arath before he was gone. He looked down at the dagger he had been given, and wished Arath luck, where ever he was now. "I have born spears, swords, bows, all manner of weapons, some of which their names I don't even know, but never have I born a dagger before. Though now I will," he said aloud, to no one in particular. So saying, he slipped it into his sleeve.
"Well that's that," Throin said loking on the spot where arath had been before. "We'd better get on with the journey," he finished turning to the others.
" thank you my old friend may your path be safe and may the wind carry you safely home!!" corgon called after him then looked at the wepon he was given "
i shall name you zet'kin "my kin" for my fallen brother in his name i will weald you." then straping the spea to his horse he remounted her.
lets be off we have much ground yet to cover.
Clutching her new gifts, Eglaviel smiled at the kindness and quickly strapped them on. Looking far behind her suddenly, she stiffened. When she spoke, her voice carried a note of urgency.

"Beyond that ridge, I can see a dark wall of clouds. A storm will be upon us in an hour's time I fear. We had better make haste."
Fionw’ looked back at her words,"Tis' so. Ride quickly now, lest the storm gain on us before we find suitable cover!"
Fionw’ followed behind the others, riding at a fast pace. He searched around in thought for a good place to take shelter, but could find none that would be safe in such a storm. "Were we near to Carahdras, I should say it were him, but he is too far away to do this," he said through the wind.
They were long past the storm which had driven them back. They had made it past Dol Guldur, but not without the frequent frays with goblins. The mountain passes had only gotten worse as the year lengthened on, and there were few who could guard them anymore. They were approaching their mark, Angmar. It was now only two-hundred leagues away, but the goblins were getting more numerous every league. They were forced to take shelter at night in what trees they could find, listening to the patrols and companies of goblins marching past less than twenty feet below them. This activity was not usual, something was up, and where ever the end of the road was for all these orcs, it didn't bode good for those of the Free Peoples who would have to meet them in battle. They could only hope that there was enough to fight them all, for the goblins were so numerous, that even the most bold-hearted of their little band forgot any idea of battle with even the smallest groups of goblins, far too many....
now you guys whernt going in to a big fight with out me now where you" corgon said as he steped up beside his compainions "i got lost sorry"
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