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"we must make haste we cant win this battle"
That's some great shooting, Arath. I'm glad we're on the good boys team. I wouldn't like to be on the receiving side of that vollye.

Are you keeping a count, Arath! I saw at last four eye-shot before I leaped.

And alas, you may be short Thorin, but that axe of you will not be blessed by any orc today!

Now, how do we secure this entrance?

Btw/ Wikings ate trolls before the sun gave them that stony look; the berserks got stoned on mushroom.
"thank you"
"thorin you must know a way for us to block this opening"
"there's no way to block it," the dwarf said. "If we are to escape we should take the mining lode to the right of the hall. The problem is that it is narrow and we will have to go in file. We better move on quickly."

"Here Rafael, take this shield. Use it if we are being attacked from behind," thorin said as he gave the elf a round shield.

"Now let's go quickly. Follow me."

With this he started to move towards the right hand side of the hall.
"Thorin give me a second i saw something that interests me i wont be long" Arath said and ran quikly to the other side of the room and picked up a beautyfull dwarven battleaxe.
"Allright lets go"
Thorin, I know dwarfs are not much for hide'n seek games when it comes to battles.
You told us last afternoon
:"i was born in moria. it isn't completely deserted though many people do not know it. Moria is made up of seven levels and seven deeps."

Do we know how many foes are strolling around in Moria?

Arath and me-self count as proper warriors,Thorin, you know that.
May I suggest that we contact your friends and relatives, who still inhabit these premises and see if it is possible to muster enough people to drive out the foes and again make it stronghold for dwarfs.

What do you think, Arath? Do I also speak for you?

Let's consider it while we find a place to rest. I'll cover your back"
"It would be great if the dwarves were to be united again"
"but i fear that in these halls lurks creatures that even a small army could not defeat"
"not whit out aid atleast"
I'm afraid you're right, Arath. It would be nice though to reclaim Moria for decent beings.

Was there anything special about the axe you found? Do you any find any clue to help our mission?

Thorin, please hold my phial a bit higher up in front, I might have heard something ....
"this axe is dear to me"
"the dwarf who owned it was a great dwarf"
"it has waited for me here all this time"
"and see the these lines of runes they are written whit ithildin"
Can you read it? Who was the owner? Is he alive?
"I cant read them in here we need moonlight"
"im afraid that the owner has fallen in old age but i see that his sons son has fallen in the hands of a orc"
"this axe belonged to D’r he was my friend"
"we fought many battles together in the old world"
"Hmmm," thorin said thoughfully. "We could reclaim moria with the help of a small army if we could find durin's axe. But alas i do not know where is was hidden after the death of Durin V."

"It must be somewhere here though."
"Hmmm," thorin said thoughfully. "We could reclaim moria with the help of a small army if we could find durin's axe. But alas i do not know where is was hidden after the death of Durin V."
How many people must we muster to call it a small army, I wonder!?

I'll keep watch and try to hold the enemies abay, while you search the surroundings for any trace of Durin! Use my phial. I'll keep the post in the dark!

Lend me your horn, Arath. I'll call out if I need help. If I call you better come quick!
"Nah. The axe is most likely to be found in the tombs of the Kings in the upper levels. My kindred live in the 7th level but they don't use any of the gates of moria. They seldom go lower than the 5th level. We should go to the 7th level and so come out next to the caradhras pass ans so above the Dimrill Dale"

"I am not sure we will find them here because since moria is also filled with orcs we do not have permanent lodgings here. We dwell here only for irons which can be found high up. Few of the dwarves live here permanently; mostly to guard our secret smiths. The orcs seldom come to the 7th level. they do not like hight. I myself used to be a guard here until i set off wondering andone day came to rivendell"
"So we are leaving and starting upward, Thorin. That's your message?
What level is this?" By the way, I'm getting hungry!
"that is if you want. We're on the first deep. The west gate is closer than the secret way i spoke of but is more dangerous. Also if you take the upward route i might give you a guided tour."

"As for me being a warrior or not you should know that fighting is one of the most important things in his life abd he learns it early along with smithwork and writing."
Ok! I go for the guided tour, upwards, but I guess Arath shall have a say in this, after-all he started us from Rivendel. I am also ever so curious about that axe he found!

I was hoping for a sip of my wineskin and something to put in my tummy, when we can eat without food getting blood-stained.
Arath looked at his blade.
"it shines but not too bright"
"we can rest a little easier"
"thorin are you saying that we must go back throught there"
"this axe.... it might be the axe of durin i am not sure"
"and by a small army i mean atleast a hundred fair warriors"
"and a mighty wizard" Arath mumbled
Thorin looks at the axe.

"Oh no. This one may be pretty cool but it's not durin's axe. IF ever you see it you'll know what i mean. It the most skillfully crafted weapon in Middle earth and Has powers you cannot guess for it has been passed down to us, kinsman of Durin the Deathless, that that axe had been made by Mahal himself and given to the eldest of the fathers of our race."

"However if you find it do not, you elves, take it out of Moria else you awake the enemity of all dwarves because they will not suffer the weapon of their eldest father to be bourne by other races. And it is also difficult to wield it unless you have practised with it."
"interesting do you know more thorin"
As long as your orc-warning blade slows down, I prefer to sip a drop of wine and have some grub, while you tell us your story Thorin.

Arath, you keep an eye on your blade. I'll keep my weapon at hand, but I am ever so hungry. I am an elf not one those funny-looking animals with two humps on their back!
"i believe that you will like this"
Arath hands rafael a piece of bread
"not freshly baked but still good"
"i have no wine but some water"
"you want some"
Many thanks, Arath! We'll better wait with my wine till the deed is done! It's been a long time since I've tasted anything better.
Now I am able to think straight I believe!

Why ain't you hungry, Thorin? Is there something amiss?
Thorin was broken by rafael speech.

"huh?" he said looking at rafael. "You ask if i'm hungry? Not now," he said backing to the stairs at the right. "If you want to remain alive to have your next dinner you'd better follow me," he said pointing to the door through which they had previously entered and where now three cave trolls and a band of white uruks were entering.

"This way," he shouted as he ran up the stairs.
"right behind you my friend"
Don't we like trolls, today? just kidding, let's get going.
Arath, if we turn and give them a volley, we will slow them down. Those trolls are so big and clumsy. If one goes down, the rest will halter.
*a flurry of glinting steel is apparent amongst the troll, though the wielder is not clear*

"a hand, or indeed a bow, would be of great help mellyn n’n!"
Throin who was in the lead was startled by the voice. He stopped and looked at the person who had just spoken and misttakening him for an Uruk-Hai raised his axe in a sweeping jesture to knock off his head...

(welcome to the game. Try to provide a suitable introduction for your presence in Moria)
Turion turned bareley quick enough to notice a wild bearded orc running thrashing his axe wildly, ^thats no orc, that must be a ...^ he began to thing to himself, his thoughts were cut abrubtly short as the 'bearded orc's axe' cut a deep welt in his fore head.

the battle about him felt as if time its self had slowed, shouting was heard all about him, the Bonds around his legs, put there by his uruk-hai captures, that he had not yet managed to loose felt tight and constricting against his quickly cooling skin,

"Ea do not forsake me" turion mummbled as he fell to the ground..
One of the trolls are down! The captured figure is surrounded by no more than a half-score of orcs and the other Cave-trolls are stuck in each other.

Let's use or bows Arath, give them some arrows, before we use our swords.

We need an extra hand!
"Ok, i'll charge them. Give me arrow support"

with that, Thorin rushed among his foes and wielded a heavy-two-handed-blow at the black armour of the huruk-Hai which was immediatly cloven.

"Such bad smithery," muttered the dwarf as he axed another orc...
~~~ black into yellow, yellow into green, green into white mixing in the swirling eddy before my eyes, limbs dont move, and voices, voices all around me, shouting and screaming in pain, and oh the pain, how its hurts!!the cold comes to take me, to the great hall i am bound~~~
as a tumultuous battle raged all about him, Turion lay, a tear frozen mid fall from his eye,set free for his sister, Mealwen , lost beyond the Misty Mountains, possibly held in bonds, maybe wandering in the frozen north, maybe even dead already.....
Uruk-hai, elf and dwarf fought about him, as Turion of Mirkwood fell silently into darkeness......

out of Turions cold hand falls a shining blade, 5 foot in length gilted with gold, the inscription on the blade reads simply 'Aderthad', "reunion"
"Quick, bear the elf out of this melee, while i cover you," thorin shouted to arath and Rafael as the battle still raged fiercely between him and the uruks.

...Turion's lifeless body feels heavy in the two warriors arms, the welt on his forehead has stopped bleeding and a trail of crimson red runs clear from his nose, his once well kept hair, now blood soaked, sticks to the ground, his lifeless toungue lolls in a gaping mouth still formed in a surprised grimace, his eyes, stare balefully into middle distance, perhaps searching for the halls of Mandos on another plane, were the Valar will recieve him........
"rafael will he live?"
"im not much of a healer"
I don't know we have to ask Rafael"
" i wonder where did this poor elf come from"
"and why is he in moria"
"this is no place to be alone"
"You're right arath. If he's dead lets dump his body in that old well"

"Hey!" the dwarf suddenly shouted. "Lokk we're near the East gates. If we take this road we should pass the gates and be out in the Dimrill Dale."
Friends! He ain't dead yet! There still burning a fading glow of life here! Feel him, can't you feel that his life-threads are very, very weak, but yet not cut.
If only we had some Kingsfoil!! He may still have a wee chance!

Thorin! You said that we are near the gate in Dimrill Dale??!! As far as I remember there are some Kingsfoil among the bushes just outside the entrance.

I'll stay with him while you show Arath the way to the entrance, Thorin. But hurry, my friends, life is at stake. and I guess he has a story to tell us! Hurry, hurry!
"why don't we bring him outside. Those orcs will return in greater numbers and bring other trolls with them. we cannot risk an encouter again."

"Even your quivers are half empty," said he pointing to the quivers of arath and rafael
Of course, I see your point, Thorin! But how can we possibly move him. This elf is about to die if we cant bring him any salvation. Hurry my friend while I let the light of Cloveress'es gift. May the light from my phial give him some comfort.

Let me have some of your arrows to fill up me quiver,Arath, and I may find a use for your shield, Thorin while you're away!

We are in cover behind this rock. we took our toll from those creatures, we will have at least three hours before they'll try again! So hurry my friends, hurry!!

Listen, he tries to whisper something. I hear an elven lady's name....
"ok my frien it'll take about 2 hours for the herbs.'
"but i'll do my best and be back as soon as i can"

Two hours have passed and thorin returns with the weeds.

"we must be quick, i saw some orcs rallying to their commander it will not be long before we are attacked again if we stay here over long."
Rafael is sitting in the dark when the return. He is sitting still. Not a word is uttered! Tears are rolling dow his cheeks! The fallen elf is lying in his bossom still, ever so still! His eyes are closed. Even with an almost cloven skull, ever so much blood and scars, he is at peace, kind of.

Rafael has the gilded sword in his right hand. His eyes are fixed at the inscription, Aderthad.

"We lost him! Kingsfoil, wasn't enough! He was to badly wounded! Though he have fought ever so bravely, we were too late. We had no chance to revive him really. I tried whatever I have learned, but it was never a chance.

Somehow he himself decided not to live anymore! He had been to Grey Havens. He decided to leave for the Valars. I tried my best. It wouldn't have helped if we already have had Kingfoil. It was Turin's decision. I'm ever so sorry. I lost him. He dicided to leave us! My friends I failed you!
"Well if he's dead we cannot do anything more for him. We must go or we'll join him in the lands of the dead."

"Help me arath to bear rafael out else i fear we will never get out"
Rafael lays Turion down on the floor. He has still Turion's sword!
You are right Thorin! There ain't much we can do for our fallen friend. Is it too much to carry him out and give him a decent farewell? Is it possible?

He told me of his sister, Arath. her name was Mealwen, they were elves from Mirkwood.
He told me, that she is captured.

He gave me this mighty blade!
"did he have time to tell you where this maiden is being held or is she alive"
"he is no burden and we shall not dumb him down any wells"
"we shall take him out of this darkness and bury him under the stars of e’"
"o how i curse myself for not learning to be a healer"

i havent been here in a few days my net connection was broken
"this darkness strangels me i do not see how the dwarves can live in a place like this. How can they live whitout the stars of varda above them. Let us leave the mines quick"

Arath looked at his sword

"Alas! it shines brightly! Hurry we must carry that poor one out of here!"
"well these weren't dark when dwarves lived here and we doon't hold much with varda, we prefer mahal. As for bringing that elf with us down we better drop him in awell ause it will be difficult feat as we have much stairs to go up and down and he will slow us"
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