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Traveling through the great hall, Fionw’ heard the sounds of battle, "At last," he thought, "Some real action!"
He strung his bow as he ran toward the sounds, approaching the East Gate. Yelling out a word in a strange tongue, he fired off his arrow into the orcs ahead, as it arced down it flamed and with a huge explosion of fire landed in the midst of them, killing most of the twenty orcs. Drawing his blade as he ran forward, he slew those who were alive, still running through them with hardly a glance at the sprawled bodies burning. He saw that he was approaching the gate, and before he stepped out into the light he pulled his hood up over face. His keen hearing caught the sound of voices, and he stepped back into the shadows as he saw a dwarf come runnig through the gate, with some leaves in his hand. Following him back into the hall, he stopped before the dwarf reached some others that Fionw’ heard. As they started moving again, he followed, always staying in the darkest shadows. They had no idea that anyone other than orcs was so close to them...
We know you are right, Thorin. He will slow us. But he is kind. We do not drop our kind to rot in a well if we ain't forced to. Arath and I will carry him as far as we can! Please shelter us from behind with that shield and axe, Thorin! We have to give it a fair try!We owe it to our elven brethren!

He said they were returning from Grey Havens, when his sister were captured in the Misty Mountains.

Let's do our best, Arath!
"I just remembered"
"i will guard us as we carry him"
Arath spreaded his dark wings to cover them
"i thank cloverless"
Up the stairs we go, Arath, but he ain't heavy, he's our brother!

It's ever so dark now. Can't even see the next step. But what is worrying me is the sound of silence. I thought I heard fighting some minutes ago, but now it is utter silence!
Fionw’ followed a little ways behind them, listening to their talk as they went up the stairs.
I'm so sad we lost Turion. He might have been an extra and strong hand in our quest!

Look, Arath, your blade is shifting colour again! We have to hide Turion behind this rock and prepare for fight! Remind me of getting more arrows as fast as possible!

I wish you could find us another dwarf or two, Thorin!!
"I too am worried about the silence"
"maybe we should look back a little"
Do you suggest we double back, Arath?

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~~ a grey mist arises from the body of Turion, its seems he has been accepted into the halls of Mandos, the mist takes a simi-human form, it seems as if the party are being watched, a sweet song, sung with elven voices can be heard,

"I R’d ui-renia lim a lim
dad od annon ial heriant.
Si palan-'wenniel n’ R’d,
a boe anim bo den padad,
aphadol den na-dail verai,
na-den ten ertha r’d annaer
ias raith a lynd lim gevedir.
A na-man hi? ’-bedithon."

the party recognise the song, but cannot fix from where, either way, its fills them with hope and courage, then a voice, clear above the song says,

"im cariath i lond rath, mellyn n’n"

the mist dissipates, and you feel Turion is at rest~~
The party; Thorin, Arath and Rafael has been taking off guard. Being ready to fight for their life, readying weapon, donning their equipment what happened to Turion took them completely by surprise.

Rafael were standing with the new blade in his hands; awestruck. His head bowed, listening to the unspoken words, the unsung song.

Turion's body laying peaceful behind the small rock.

But then!!

Arath's blade is glowing blueish. They hear a battle-cry from the other side!
"ready yourselves!" arath shouted
"they come"

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Thorin stood in front of the two elves looking in the darkness with an all-seeing look in hie eyes. As the first uruks appeared he shouted

"Baruk-Khazad!Khazad ai menu" and charged the orc. His shout was magnified by the vastneess of the hall and it seemed to the listners that the dwarven hall lent potency to the dwarf's voice as he cried in the darven tongue.
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arath followed thorin to the battle

"how many are there i see only twelve"
"No, only eleven remains," the dwarf said as an uruk head was sent folling on the floor.
Rafael throw himself into the melee. Blades are biting and axe are cutting. Blood and gore everywhere.

My new blade are taking it's toll. I believe we are crushing those yrch. But I don't understand why they don't try to escape! What is stopping them. Are they threatened from behind?

Let's press on!
By that time only 6 orcs remained alive.

"i'll do a frontal attack, Rafael flank them from the right and you arath flank from the left and crush them"
Ready, when you are! Let's regroup then!
"ok, here arath rally to us," he cried as the three friends prepared to finish the uruks.

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Rafael is carefully pinpointing another uruk-hai, while Arath is finding his position.

Remind me to pick up arrows, Thorin, when this ordeal is done. I'm sure we may need all we can find!

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As the fight ended with the last uruk faaling to rafael arrow the said elf started to move towards his fallen comrade's bier.

"Hey rafael don't forget to pick up arrows. Your quiver is nearly empty."

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Rafael are searching the battlefield for arrows. Coming up to Arath with his catch.

Look Arath, what I found. Those arrows are signed by you, these are mine, but look...!

This arrow is surely elven-made, but it doesn't belong to either of us, and if you look around there are several similar in the uruk-bodies.

I believe we have an unseen cousin nearby!
"Hah!" muttered the skeptical dwarf. "An unseen coward you mean," he finished peering about in the dark and finally helping rafel pick up his arrows.

"well raffy when we reach more sure land you you teach me some bow work"

"we better reach the gate before nightfall or we'll have other orcs on us. Ifear the elf will proove a burden. We should have left him in the well. I cannot guard your rear against countless enemies. If we had someone else it would be easier to give him a decent burial but at least in the well no one would have dishonoured his bones"
That would be strange, Thorin! A dwarf with a bow, I guess you'll learn me some mithril-picking, that will make a history! Maybe we even can learn pigs to fly, that'll be the day!

Now come on Arath, let's carry off our fallen kind.

Thorin, why don't you scout out front! I trust our unseen friend to cover our backs.
"ok i'll stay fifty paces in front. Follow me slowly and if there's danger i'll come back and warn you"

"And don't make any noise"

"and take care of your rear not all enemies of the orcs are our friends. Till we are not sure who is following us we will have to be on our guard."
Thanks, Thorin! You are ever so right! Let us get out, and be sure that Turion's remains may rest in peace.
"Hold on there rafael i know a dwarf that is espicially good whit a bow"
"even my quiver is half empty i will not suffer to take ork arrows"
arath mumbled a long phrase of elvish words and his quiver is refilled
"aha! you may keep those you found"
"show me those arrows rafael. do they have a signature?"

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No one will use yrch-arrows. The arrows we have collected are all made of elves.

I do not know the signature, but you may. These arrows are made of an elf from Beleriand!
Take a closer look, Arath.
Arath looks at the runes on the arrows
"interesting" he mumbled

"show yourself!" he yelled to the darkness around them.
"there is no need to hide we are your friends!"
arath turned to rafael
"that is if he is our friend"
"the orks are enemies of everyone thought the owner of this arrow has slain orks it does not mean that he is our friend.... or maybe some ork just scavenged this arrow from someone"
"Oh! what did turion tell of his sister is she in the mines?! we cant possibly leave if she is kept here!"
Arath, you don't mean that any orc or uruk will try to use elven-arrows? That shall not be possible. Or are you afraid that an elf has abanded us for uruk-hai and cave trolls?
I do not believe it! I think it is a friend. He has helped us to fight these foes, but for the time being, he prefer to hide his face. I prefer to think of this elf as a secret friend.

Turion tried to tell me of his sister Mealwen, is her name. They lost connection. He was afraid she was captured. I didn't quite got his message, consentrating my mind on his healing. To me it sounded something like Missy Mona-something. I didn't quite get his meaning then, and I am trying to find a meaning now. Do you have a clue?

"you are right no ork would use elven arrows"
"but still i am afraid that this one is not on our side. some answer the call of the dark lord rather than the valar. i have been told that some of the moriquendi fight for the dark one.... i hope that this elf who hides in the mines is not one of them.... surely he can be of the same group that turion was but then why would he hide?"
Things look better now, Arath! When we find a place to let Tuorion find his rest; will you please perform the ceremony, I believe you have done it before.

Thorin! There is the entrance isn't it? Please lift the phial, so we can get a closer look!
I want you to study the blade Turion gave me! There is an inscription : Aderthad - REUNION; the blade has a history and wonder... Elf Smilie Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Elf Smilie
"Well we can wonder about that later. I sense danger we must continue"

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"Well we can wonder about that later. I sense danger we must continue"

(i also could not connect but that's because our cables were damaged by the earth quake which occured in indonasia)
I can feel there is perils and challenges waiting for us, but I can't see any immediate danger. And look, Arath's blade do not give us any warning.

I believe we can find a resting place for Turion while we're at peace, but let us hurry.
"Okay then, follow me, i know a place where we can dispose of him without disrespect."
As they spoke, a large band of a hundred orcs came on the scene. This is what Fionw’ was waiting for; he pulled out his bow and fired off the arrows in rapid succession, each one sent with deadly accuracy and bursting into flames as it went. They went right through the group he had been following, whizzing past their faces, but not one touched any of them. Then the arrows stopped, and Fionw’ crept around them to the side of the orcs, who then recovered from the initial shock and had rushed towards the three comrades. A blade suddenly flashed from the shadows, gleaming blue. The blade started to burn with a fierce blue fire as he charged into the party drawing another elven sword, this one shorter and of different make. With the flaming blade in his right hand, and the other in his left, he crashed into the orcs cutting right and left. Every orc who came within reach was killed...
Thorin who had speaking to rafael was taken bt surpreise as he heard the orcs crashoing in. Turning and sweeping out his axe he got ready to fight the orcs but as it turned out it really wasn't necessary; as he watched their mysterious shadower make mince meat out of the orcs with a nice double sword play.
* rides to the sight of the battel on a silver horse long black hair playing acrost his face.

" i herd sounds of battel and came to assist you but i see that they have been taken care of my name is corgon swiftblade and i was traveling north to the mountans but if i may i can travel with you if you need the extra hand my blade and bow are at your sirvice" corgon says holding down his hand to thorian.
Arath unheathed his swords and ran to fionw’
"hail my friend" he said

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Rafael closely follows up while covering Arath's right side. My long blade is cutting through orc's armour as in butter.

The heap of dead orcs are growing as Thorin, Arath and Rafael are entering the orc horde in their front, while Corgon and Fionwe join their forces from behind.

The orcs stumblin over each other trying to escape south are in a panick. It is a slaughterhouse.
The five warriors are pressing the orcs toward a cliff.
As the orcs moved back, Fionw’ pressed harder, driving himself into their midst. The number was already less than half of its former might, but he kept pushing. As he fought fiercer, and more aggressively, his swords glowed brighter until they glowed with such a light that it hurt the eyes to look at them. The orcs became scared when they saw that, and tried to take him down, but their weapons just glanced harmlessly off his plated mithril breastplate, not even scratching it. Fionw’ laughed out loud while the orcs scrambled to get out the way, his blades now just a blur of blinding light started to sing as they cut through everything, armor,shields and weapons as if they were butter.
The five of them pushed harder, and then the orcs ran. Rafael cut to the side and headed them off, while Thorin took the other flank. The other three drove the orcs forward like a herd of cattle. Fionw’ turned his face as he sent a blast of light harmlessly through the orcs, blinding them momentarily. Then they vanished over the cliff...
The five warriors can take some deep breaths. They stumble up to a grassed hill, finding a place to rest, more or less exhausted.

Rafael are studying Fionwe. So you are our backing, friend. I'm glad I trusted you.
I'm afraid that if Arath, Thorin and I had been taken by surprise of that lot, it had ended our adventure. You came also to our rescue Corgon, in the nick of time.

Did anybody make a foe-count. We must have killed more than five scores of orcs.
That sparkling sword of yours Fion, that's really something!
Your arrows told us that you are a Beleriand, but what were you doing in Moria's dark chambers?

And Corgon if you come from the Grey Havens, are you familiar to Turion and his sister?
I am golad to have been of assistince. and yes the name is well know to me why do you ask? he said as he dismounted his steed and began to check her for any injries of anykind. then clean the black orc blood from his blade.
as arath saw the orcs running away he turned and ran to turion. he lifted turion on his shoulders.
"my friends save your greetings later we have a sadder business to attend to"
Cleaning his blades, Fionw’ replied, "I am a wanderer, and just happened to be passing through Moria. I have done it many a time before, and always encountered some bit of trouble, so my name and blades are well known to the orcs and goblins of the mines. Are you sure he's dead, because I am also a healer of no small ability, I might be able to do something for him."

OOC: I've started a new adventure thread if any are interested.
Fion, we are grateful you intend to help healing our lost friend. I tried my best, but in the end Turion choose to let go. And you know my friend; we are not allowed to call anyone back from the halls of Mandos.

Corgon, we will be happy to hear about Turion and his sister Mealwen, when we have laid Turion to rest.
*bows his head* his lose is a great one the news will cut my father deeply , he and there father where brothers my mairige and thus he my famly as well i will see to it he has the last respects of our famly as well as your friendships. let us begin this then. he says turning from his horse and walking to them.
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