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there is no time three scouts spoted me thus the arrow in my sholder and thank you for the help. i maneged to take only two of them befor i was struck unabel to loos another arrow I fell back to the camp no doubt they know of me and are on there way now. if you still wish an ambush hide in the brush just outside the camp I will stay within and draw them in then we can attack and I agree the dragon wil be our most deadly foe. what do the rest of you think?
"Hmm, a drake, it's been years since I've fought one," Fionw’ said more to himself. "If those orcs are looking for us, I'm insulted. Lead the way for the ambush, Corgan."
"As you wish my lord." he said and began to posision the rest around the camp and gave instrctions not to move untill he did. once they where all set he returnd to the center of the camp and soked his shirt in blood from a small jug in his pack the posisioned him self so that he could see the monsters aproching. and lay down as if in death.
"Agreed, but the drake is mine."
Fionw’ readied his bow as the creatures approached, and sighted along the arrow at one of the trolls...
*after what seemed like and hour sounds of underbrush came through the woods and as the first of the orc came onto the road corgon readyed him self. once sevral of the beast where well inside the camp one aproched the body of the fallen scout. the orc nuged him and on the second time with reflexes and speed bearly abel to be seen corgon was on his feet and the head of the orc rolled away as the brute hit the ground " NOW!" he shouted and plunged his blade into a charging orc.
Fionw’ released his arrow, sending it flying into a troll with a blinding flash of light. In rapid succession, he emptied his quiver into the ten trolls and some orcs, each flaming with a blue fire as it left the bow...
throws sevral daggers into a mass of orcs and wach them drop. draws his bow and looses his arrows into the drake crippling its wing. spins and thrusts a dagger into another orc turns and starts to draw his sword but yells inpain and drops it and falls as the arrow rips through his wonded sholder.
Fionw’ dropped his bow, and charged through the mass of orcs, trying to get to the enraged drake. "Come to me, wyrm. I am here, come get me," he yelled, throwing a rock at it. It turned, swishing it's tail, sending quite a few orcs flying. Rushing through the mass, it stopped before Fionw’, snarling and puffing smoke. Fionw’ stood staring unflinching in the face of the dragon. It roared and breathed fire at him, with the intent to roast him. Fionw’ caught up his cloak and flung it over himself as the flames engulfed him...
Metodically one close up to the next, rafael's arrow found their target. First the the three remaining cave trolls, their eyes pierced. The arrows piercing through the eyes into their brain.

Then his arrows were hitting any orcs outside the reach of Corgon's blade.

The yrc were held at bay, the cave trolls lay on the ground dead.

Rafael studied Fion's moves against the drake. He was at ease. He would like to join Fion, but they were told no. He would like to join Corgon's blade-play, but it looks as if he was in control there.

Better than, to let Fion do his drake-play. He would send an arrow or two into the rest of the yrc to have their attention.
* as the pain seard in his sholder and the blood flowed from it corgon strugeled to fight off sevresl orc but his movement began to slow greatly the orc where now abel to block and deflect his blade* rafiel I need your assistence hurry! he yelled as he finlay droped the orc advanceing on him.
With five arrows rapidly fired and killing the three nearest of Corgon's opponents, before he drew his blade and stormed to assistance.

"Withdraw at ease, friend. Fill up our quivers as soon as you are able to!

It looks as if Fion is having a happy hand with the drake, but I guess we could use a helping hand here! Arath and Thorin are ever so missed. I wonder what happens to Etharion?
I do not know but i agree they would have been a great help expecaly thorin" corgon said as he loosed an arrow into the skull of the last orc.
" lets go check on floien he may need us to finish the drake.
Rafael, we didnt meet yet in the game..

Etharion was already walking for a quarter of a hour when he saw what was making the smoke. Just as he crested a hill a terrible sight lay before him. Dozens of slayed orcs littered the floor, cave trolls full of arrows fallen dead, and amidst a bank of smoke..a dragon! It wasnt ecspecially big but it was nevertheless a dragon.. And against it a single warrior stood shielding himself from the beast's searing breath with his cloak. Etharion could spot two more figures in the background..but couldnt tell if there were more, at least for now. He noted that the two figures were holding back, not attempting to attack the dragon, leaving the warrior to face it alone. So he too stood by his staff and waited to see what would happen..
Casting his cloak off himself, Fionw’ stabbed his blade into the drake's open mouth. Hitting only the tongue, he swerved aside as it tried to hit him; slashing one leg, he turned and cut the other. With a deft movement, he flicked the blade into the drake's uplifted claw, causing it to roar in pain. Jumping back to avoid it's lashes, Fionw’ drew his other sword and stood to meet it's onslaught. It halted for a moment eyeing him, then charged. Flicking one blade into it's eyes, he ducked under it and stabbed up into it's weak belly with the other. Fionw’ winced as the aciduous blood poured out onto his hand, but he held tight, driving the blade ever deeper into it's body. With a jerk, he whipped the sword out, and finished off the drake with a stab in the neck, but not before a parting blow from it's claw in the right shoulder. Fionw’ wiped the blood off his swords and sheathed them, saying to his friends, "That was not the easiest dragon I've killed. And who's this?" Gesturing to a figure in the shadows, "Show yourself, friend or foe?"
"Are you speaking to me? I do not know if i am friend or foe.. first tell me your names, and what purpose do you have here? Thou i see you have exterminated a legion of this scum, so perhaps a enemy of my enemy is my friend.." he said cautiusly, while steping towards the strangers and examinating them.
" i am corgon swiftblade from gray havens and I asure you we are no enemy of you or your kin." he said with a deep bow to the new comere.
"All who are enemies of orcs and evil are welcome among us," Fionw’ said, giving the newcomer a slight bow. "I am Fionw’, a warrior and wanderer of Middle-Earth."
"I am Rafael from Lothlorien; a wanderer but on this quest aiming for Misty Mountains."

"I do welcome you, I see you are coming well-equipped"
"Aye..very well then.." he said relaxing his guard somewhat. "You wanted to say that your from the Grey Havens?" he asked the one known as Corgon. "I am Etharion..Turambar some might say, and i am also a wanderer."
* starts to reply but stumbles to his knees useing his sword for suport he trys to get back up but falls grunting with pain. he slowly made his way to a log and lay aginst it breathing hard and griting his teeth through the pain from his sholger both old wond and new.* " my bags there is a vile of gree with a blue kork in it some one bring it to me if you would."
Rafael quickly go through Corgon's bag. "Here it is a vial with blue cork"

"Give me a hand Etharion; steady Corgon while I try to give him a sip of this stuff, he seems to need it badly."
Etharion thought for a moment, and then decided to help. He held Corgon while the other gave him the sip of the liquid. While holding him up he asked "So..can you all tell me a bit more about yourselfs? What are you doing here anyway?"
* drinks from the vile then coughs and grits his teeth as the wonde in his sholder heals after sevral painfull moments of grunts corgon relaxes and breaths deeply to steady his head. once he had his breath the thanked the two and stould slowly and worked his sholder around to be sure it was completly heald. satisfide he turned to the newcomer." I was wandering about looking for some one and came acrost this group in a great time of need finding the one i was looking for I offered to take his stead as he had fallen other than that I am looking for a mage who many years ago riped my mimories from my head and left me alone." he said
"You mean he ripped your memories away? Hmm..who is this.."mage"? And how in Ulmo's name did you single handedly defeat a entire regiment of orcs, trolls and a dragon!!?"
"We are all travelers, from what I know of each. Corgan has been wandering for years it seems, searching for this mage. He wouldn't stand a chance against him if he couldn't take out a few orcs, especially this mountain breed, goblins. I don't know about the others, but I myself have been wandering for a long time, almost two centuries now. That wasn't the first dragon I've fought, or even slain, nor do those goblins mean much either," Fionw’ replied. "Rafael, what is your story anyway? I haven't heard what brings you out here."
He started binding up his burned hand, "Maybe we should find a place not too far to make camp for the night."
it would be best we all need to recover from this fight and rest some. i will take the first wach if you want me too." he said walking to his bags and returning the vile to its place and takeing the rains from the saddle horn lead her to the others.
*wispers into the horses ear and walks to the corpese of the fallen orcs retreving his daggers and knives.* " blast where is it " he mutterd " OH there you are." he said and pulled a brightly gemed dagger from a orcs skull. *after shething the last dagger he walked back to his horse and got onto her. "ready when you are m'lord."
I've been a roving wanderer as the rest of you. Been on a quest here and a battle there for years after years.

But Turion story got me. Remember the name of the blade he left me! And there's an elvish lassie out there. I have to know if she's alive. We gotta' find here. If she is gone I swear by all dear to me; there'll be some regrets! I swear!!
" I agree we must find her." corgon said as he turned his back on the rest of them and bowed his head as if asleep in the sadle but wispers just faint enough to tickle the ear drifted from his lips.
It looks as if we are staying put here Corgon! Maybe we have to wait some time before the rest of our little company decides to come back in this quest??!

Somehow it looks as we are at rest at the time being! Angel Smilie Sleeping Smilie Very Sad Smilie
Fionw’ was up early, before dawn. With the rising of the sun, he woke the rest up. "We go north to the Msty Mountains, near Angmar. We'll leave shortly," he said, packing up his gear...
Rafael examined the bow, checked his quiver and blade, fastened his sack on the saddle and mounted. Munching a piece of lembas, he muttered ready and willing!
Etharion said to the others "Well..mind if i come along then? I know im on foot, but there's a traper that lives nearby where i have left my horse. It'll only take a quarter of a day to get to him, and he's only slightly of our path.. So, what say you?" he asked and waited politely.
I believe we will win some time if you ride double with me Etharion, running straight for your mount. That won't be too much of a detour!
"Very well then..if i wont be a burden, why not. Off we go, ill direct you where exactly." said Etharion taking Rafaels hand and sitting on the horse.
"aye lets be on our way then. we are all well rested and in good health."
mounting his horse he rode beside the duo.
As you can see, our horses are going into an easy, rolling canter. "We are carried fast along this old track you showed us Etharion". "I take it we'll reach your own mount in an hour or two."

Corgon is watching our back,though!
"Aye!" yelled Etharion from the back of the galloping horse. "Take a left after that fallen tree trunk."
"Right," said Fionw’, "We should tell your friend where we are going, so that Thorin and Arath may follow. They are good trackers, and will find our trail at the camp."
aye and we can leve sighns as to our path as well.
Are we far away from your campsite now?
a leag at the most if not less.
"What campsite Rafael?" asked Etharion from the back of the horse. (and why are all of your posts so short guys?)
i beleve he refers to the camp we just left after the orc battel (ooc mine are short cause im not sure what to do or what we are doing at this point i have an idea but no 100% sure.)
It's kind of strange but as we are ever so "happily" riding along these woodlands; we are all bewildered about who will really take the lead in our thread.

We are looking at each other, checking and rechecking weapon while we scout for any danger around and at the same time missing direct order from a leader of our's.

I do hope we ain't far off the your horse, friend, as I hope we can get along to the Misty's and where I believe our real quest is found! Moderator Smilie Elf Smilie Elf Winking Smilie Good and Evil Smilie
Looking around, Fionw’ spoke suddenly, " It's a shame really, being so close to Lorien and yet unable to enter. It's been a long time since my travels have brought me this near."
After a moment, he spoke again, "Rafael, you and Etharion keep riding to where he has his steed. Corgan and I will ride forward, and scout the area. I want to be sure there are no more orcs nearby. Catch up with us when you get the horse. Corgan." Without waiting for a reply, Fionw’ sped up and went ahead.
Etharion, I have a feeling that something's amiss. As far as I'm told, there is still some way to cover before you have your own mount. But as you see, my horse is acting as there is something threathening ahead. And to be honest I have a feeling we are watched!

I suggest that we use our legs a bit. If there is something foul nearby, I like to be prepared!

I smell smoke, and it ain't no cooking fire, Etharion! Take care!
The two riders left, so they continued alone.
Shortly however, Rafael warned Etharion that he sensed danger.
"I smell it friend lives here nearby..we'r practicly may just be smoke from his fire.."
Thetwo friends sneaking closer to where they have located the smoke, using the landscape to camuflage their entrance.

Rafael falls suddenly flat on his tummy, pointing to the left, whispering:"What do you see, Etharion?

Is this your friend, what is he up to??"
"I cant see from Its definantley not him..but i can see his cabin now. There are some men around.. They look like bandits!!" he said with anger, peering through the bush.
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