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Thorin shakes the hand offered to him by carion swiftblade.

"i guess its time we move opn again. There's the gates," he said pointing to a dimly lit outline to the far north of the hall.

"we should move on quickly so that we may reach azanulbizar before dusk"
"once we get to the open we shall head eastwards to lorien and then to mirkwood"
"anyone care to help me carry turion"
"ok i'll give a hand."
"how long wil it take us to reach lorien," the dwarf asked as they moved towards the gate.
and i as well how shale we carry him?
Arath, I'll take your place. We carry Turion to his resting place. You have a cermon to perform!

I'm sorry for your loss Corgon. But we have to do this cermony swift.

Even if we don't know if Mealwen is still alive I for once will go in search for her. This will be my quest now.

I wonder if we will part here, or if anyone will join me?
I thank you for your words they help lessen the pain. i would assist you but i have things i must find and none lay down that path i fear but take this with you it will help. corgon said handing him a large vile of clear liquid that is snake and spider venom place a drop one each arrow head and along the edges of your sword and any struch with it will not live to see another day.
"Farewell then cargon. May we meet again for i cannot desert my friends now."

Turning to rafael he said:
"But where shall we look for her?" the dwarf said pointing to the wide land from their position in front of the east gate of moria.
Thank you Corgon, and may your trail and trial be blessed! Tell your family of our quest. If any of them will join in you can tell them where we go!

Easy, my true friend Thorin! We'll let Turion go and then we take time to a Council. We are in a hurry, but I like us to know the wheres , the whys and we aught to ponder a bit how to to things.
* sits on his horse thinking deeply*

hold my friends I i will ask my dragon sprit as to what path to take and she will have the final say."

*gets down from the saddle and kneels on the grond and closes his eyes and stays as such for sevrel long minutes then rises and gets back on his horse.

it is desided " he says I ride with you let us be gone from this uneartly place."
"yeah you're right, but why don't we go and have a look at isengard before lorien?"
Hy everyone. Could someone give me a brief info on the story, and what's it about so far? So i can maybe join in..
"so we shall look for the elf maid before entering mirkwood or traveling to lorien?"
"let us find a peacefull place to lay turion"

Hey etharion!!!
The story so far as i remember it goes like this
our small party left from eriador and travelled throught moria so they could reach mirkwood in a attempt to spy on dol-guldur... but in moria we encountered fionwe and turion who sadly died but not before telling us that her sister and he had been captured...... and now we stand outside of moria...
I suggest we lay him to rest underneath those three oaks behind you, Arath.

Welcome Etharion. So you are also an elf from Beleriand, I see you have a mighty bow and a full quiver. We will very much welcome your head and your hands. In our quest for Turion's sister Mealwen, we may need every warrior who are willing to help us.

That much said, Etharion, I am proud to say that we all have proved our worth with weapon.

Corgon, do you know if it is possible to get more steeds anywhere?
"I have my own horse, but I did not bring him into Moria. Allow me to call him though," Fionw’ said, pulling an instrument out of his cloak and playing it...
You do have some very nice tricks, Fion. I'm not sure which I prefer; your glowing blade, your arrow-filling or your way with animals. May you show me the quiver-filling magic?

What I do know is that I am glad we are sharing side!

Thorin, is there any possibility that you could find another dwarf or two to join in? That axe-swinging moves of you are amazing!
once we are out of these cursed mines any who need a steed i can call one for and i too would like to see this arrow filling i am runing low on my own stock perhaps a few coins in return for a full quiver?
Easy friend Corgon, I am not sure brother Thorin have the same feeling about Moria as we do!

I understand Thorin, that if we can come back later with an army of dwarfs and elves and free Moria for goblin, yrch and cavetrolls, there are dwarfs willing to bring Moria back in shape.

Will you please use your magic to call us horses, Corgon. Lets hurry for Lorien!
"no need for gold amongst friends" arath said.
he mumbled the words that rafael and thorin had heard in moria and suddenly corgon quiver was full.
"there you go" arath said pleased that he had once again succesfully cast a spell.
turning then to rafael
"three oaks shall do" he said.
"do you wish to join me in this ceremony rafael?" arath asked turning to the others.
"if it would be possible could you stand a little while over there for this ceremony i am about to perform is secret know only to a few who survived the fall of a city of old" arath said.

"as for a steed i need one not" arath said slightly spreading his dark wings.
We may consider our next move, while you send Turion off, Arath.

I need a mount, but I don't quite now about Etharion and Thorin?
as you wish * pulls his flute from his belt and plays a low song then crys out in elvish a few minits latter sevreal white horses come over a hill and to them. remounts his own hores* " take your pick my friends they will sirve you well." and thank you for the arrows my friend.
Arath bows to corgon and lifts turion gently on his shoulders. they see as arath carries him to the tree oaks. they hear a silent song that fades away soon. the sky turns dark and it rains slighly as if it grieved for turions fall. after a while arath returns to them.

"the deed is done turion has departed and his remains are safe" he said.
"now then are we off?" he asked.
if it is alright I would like one moment of silens for my brother befor we go then yes let us make haste. the womans life may not extend much longer if we tary any more.
My silent prayer is done; Turion is off and at peace.
I study the letters ingraved in the blade Turion left me :ADERTHAD; "REUNION" it sure has a story this blade!!

She is lost somewhere in the Misty Mountains, but where?
Corgon, do you have any bits in this puzzle??
I was not expecting to enconter my brother in this indever i am insueing. but I was told some things I can conferm your ideas that she is In the mountions but as to exatly where I am unsure I can only hope that the reports of a dragon are ill founded. I think that we would be best to start on one side and work our way acrost to ensure we dont miss anything. but you have the head of say thiorn
Fionw’ hardly listened to all this talk, he had been searching the mountains for any sign of the woman. Shaking himself, he spoke to his companions, "She is not in mortal danger, though it is great; she is wanted as a safeguard against attack from the elves, in other words, she is a hostage."
His friends began looking at him funny, so he explained, "I am of pure Numenorean blood, as it was before the arrival of the shadow. So I possess all the graces and blessings in their fullest, that they once possessed. I shall far outlive you, Thorin, unless death overcome or prophecy fulfill. This ring only aids me in controlling my ability of true sight, it does not grant it to me." As he spoke, a great white stallion came galloping up to them...
"you puzzled me till this moment" arath said and bowed to fionwe.
"as for the orcs of the mountains. do they keep her in moria or their other dwelling... what is it called for i do not know." he said.

"o for my adventures now the sorrow finally catches up whit me i shall go to the grey havens!" he said laudly.
Arath made his mind in moria the long dark had reminded him of the horrors of the iron prison that was long ago. Also he felt great sorrow for burying turion. He had done so many times. Too many. He felt tired to all that was middle-earth and longed to see sea and the white shores of aman.
OOC: Does anyone know the word in elvish for Starlight? That is what I want the name of my horse to be, but I don't know the word.

"No, they keep her in the northern Misty Mountains, near the dreaded Angmar," he said, thinking of his own lady, who had been in similar straights. "Her situation is much like that Elrond's wife was in, only they do not poison her for fear of her dying. They will not allow her to be taken from them, rather would they kill her first, but it is not hopeless. We can not take her from them by open force, they'd threaten her life, but we can do it by stealth."
Fionw’ paused, and looked at them, "I can not tell you anymore right now. Another time I can look further into their plans and designs, when we are closer, this distance is wearing me out. And yes, even though we met by sheer chance as it would seem, I will still go with you in this quest. I am not one to abandon those in need of help, even less so when help is needed most, nor abandon my friends. My own quest can wait, especially since this involves someone from the Grey Havens; I would be churlish to leave this poor lady in the hands of the orcs."
"i do not dread angmar for i have seen the worst of this land, angbang. From the inside too." arath said.
"your gift exceeds my own for i too can look in to the minds of others but a distance like this...." he said.
"so be it we ride to angmar!" arath yelled raising his sword.

"shall we ride to the redhorn pass straight or may we visit lorien?" arath asked.
Now that we are mounted, we may use the time needed to visit Lorien. I may show you the worth of it.

This steed you've found me is a blessing.

But Thorin is scouting out our surroundings, we'll have to give him time to return.
* gides his horse from the rest and sits deep in thought considering evrey posible aingle and act inwich the events comeing to pass my proseed* I may be a pure blood but my skills lay with my blade and spells of healing " he said over his sholder * face twisted in thought he fousese on the peaks in the distince.
I ride with you where ever you go untill I find the answers I seek"
"So let us go! i have wanted to see lorien but i have never visited it before." arath said.
"lead the way ill follow" arath said and jumped to the sky.
we are all eager to proceed, and the paths should be known to us, but I'm still worried about Thorin.

Can anyone of you soothsayers see him? Is something amiss?

We can't leave without showing him our route. And I do not know if we shall press on mounted with him on foot. I know that he don't ride well, but he can double with me!

If the four of you start I'll wait half day for Thorin. I can't spare more time than that, but he is part of our brotherhood, so I owe him that!

I agree that sound well to me let us go then I am ressless and my blade thirsts for orc blood when the rest of you are read I am.
"you are right" arath said and descended.
"we should wait for thorin or must we hurry?" he said.
Me brethren! We have waited for Thorin as long as we can. We have to push on!

I have laid out instructions to Thorin. I've told him that we will wait for him in Lorien a day or maybe two. He is told that our elven guard will know that we are waiting for him. They will safeguard him to us.

He has been out of reach so long that I am afraid that something's amiss. What really worries me, is that none of us has been able to mind-reach him. It is as something or someone are disturbing any communication we try to establish outside elven minds!
as much as i dislike leveing one of our own he is right we must go now we can not stay here any longer or risk being found or ambushed let us ride.
I am sorry, but it seems we have lost Arath as well! I'm told that he had to join some war-training way up North and is on his way to these courses.

Lead on, we cant stay any longer! We ride on!
with the premission from who ever is now incharge of this little campain I will scout ahead and assure the way is safe.
As far as I can see, Fion is the elf to lead us. I take it we all will have our say, but you should be leading this quest now!
"If you vote me your leader, I will take it, and yes you will all have your say and more. I promise I will not lead you astray," Fionw’ replied. "Corgan, be careful ahead, there's danger from more than just orcs."
I hear and obey!
I too see him as a good lead he has my blade. *nods to him and comes down off the horse strings his bow and looks around at his compainons* will someone lead snowwalker for me I cant take her to scout shes to head strong and tends to go tward the batteling instead of away from it.
Of course, I'll tend your mount while your off-trail. Take care, Corgon!
Rafael drew his blade and bow. He's gear are in perfect condition.

I'm ready for what may be! Lead us on, Fion!
*bows to him*
" thank you my friend." corgon said and turned to flowin " I will return with my findings as soon as I can m'lord." and bows to him as well then turns and jogs up the trail a short ways the turns off the trail and dissapers into the woods. and all becomes silent from his steps.

Etharion was sitting on a fallen log on the edge of a small copse of trees, in the middle of the plains between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood.
Looking over his map, he decided he'd camp here for the night, and wait out this storm that was brewing overhead. So after lowering his equipment to the ground he gathered some wood and started a fire, preparing to make supper.
Thorin came back and seemed breathless.
"go on he said. Dont wait for me. I`ve found something interesting. Expect me when you see me"

With that he ran back in the direction he came from.
* comes runing through the woods chrashing through the brush disregarding the noise. brakes free of the tree line and runs to the camp, as he reaches the caps edge he falls. strugling to his feet and holds his bleeding sholder a arrow stump showing betwen his fingers. stamers in a winded voice.*
" orc's about a two miles up the rode at least 50 and they travel with cave troles and worse a drake." we must deside our actions quickly I for one say we fight." he says stagering to his horse and draws his sword.
Wait a second Corgon, let me stem that blood of yours. We don't have time to heal the wound, but I can stop the bleeding.

He holds Corgon shoulders and while he makes the prayers, the wound starts to inflate, the bleeding has stopped.

What do you say Fion? Wouldnt it be nice if we find a nice place to ambush this party. I do not like that dragon though.

Is it it possible to lure those trolls off the track and get rid of them, without getting the dragon's attention?
Etharion was just sipping some tea when he saw smoke on the horizon. It wasnt yet so dark, and his elven eyes could still make out a lot of the surroundings, even that far away.
A dark column of it was raising towards the south. He decided to investigate this more closely..
So he started packing his camp up with haste. A few minutes later, he had everything in his backpack, and was carefully strolling through the tall grass towards the source of the smoke..
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