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"i've got another one in my pack if tou could provide me with a long knife we could do a swap"

"and that's why i told you to cover our traces, elves are better at that than dwarves"
I'm a bit slow these days, Thorin. You being a dwarf was okay, but it was in my mind your home was Glittering Caves.

I thought all of the dwarfs from Moria was exterminated! How did you survive? Are there still work going on in Moria?? Who is in charge?
(woew nearly 3000 ppl online!!!)

"be quiet my friends we near the gates"
I'm closing in, can't see or hear anyone behind us!
"i was born in moria. it isn't completely deserted though many people do not know it. moria is made up of seven levels and seven deeps. the evil resides only in the deeps. we should not go beyond the second deep. beware".

"Are we being persued rafael? i think i hera footstep and we better talk in whispers now," whispered thorin.
My bow is ready. Can't see or hear any threats, but let's enter Moria!

Nice to hear you know the road inside, Thorin! Also nice to know you have relatives inside!
Any word from Mellon?
"Nope but if she isn't here we cannot wait for her here. we must go in.Come close arath.

suddenly thorin started. "hey rafael it isn't water that i hear its the sound of water rising! can your elvish thing eyes see anything in this dark?"

"we must be quick. be on guard while i open the door. it yonder in between those two hollin trees."
Something is stirring the water".
If Arath opens the door, we try to take care of the beast, Thorin. I'll go for the eyes.
Keep your longaxe ready!
"ok rafael."

with that thorin remove his axe from his belt, covered his face with his hood, parted his feet and stood motionless.

"you better put on your hood rafael. it will be more difficult to see you then," whispered thorin. "and arath be quick in opening the door"
Whispering: "You are of course right again, Thorin"
I see the top of it's ugly head. Be aware, if comes up, I'll try a clean shot!

Any trouble with the door, Arath"
"i can't see it yet. nudge me when it comes near." whispers thorin.

"be quick arath because i don't think we have weapons which will do more damage than light wounds on this monster except if you can sould its eye."

"my blood run chill and i have to stay still..."
Whispering: "I can't get more than two or three clean arrows in, before we'll have to sprint for the entrance. Be ready to use your axe if any of these dreadful tentacles appear."

How long before that door is open Arath."
"ok. wish it wasn't so dark. then i would have been able to see the monster. its lucky we are so still else i don't know if we'd still be alive now." thorin whispered back gripping his axe tightly.

"not seeing an enemy is worse than waiting for him to attack..."
Nodging! "There! One, two, three, four arrows!
Run for the door, Thorin! It stretching those ugly arms towards my legs...

No longer use for arrows! It ain't easy to draw that sword running, Thorin.

Is the door open??
thorin was startled when rafael called to him but seeing his friend in danger and the enemy (at last!) he got back his courage and hewed at the tentacle which was just about to gran rafael's leg.

"not yet thorin shouted," as whispering was ni longer useful.

"you better light fire to keep the monster at bay while i keep backthe tentacles and we must protect arath while he opens the door. there's a pack of wood in my pack"

with that thorin hewed at another ugly tentacle which was surging out of the water.
Arath ran to help rafael he cutted a tentacle whit his knife while another one smacked him from behind.
"we must hurry! to the mines!" arath yelled and retreated slowly.
the door opens slowly and a single goblin peeks out
Making a fire in these circumstances ain't no childrens play. Blood, gore and water splashing down the two first attempt. At last Rafael is getting a burning fire.

The beast looks awful in the bonfire. "It has two of my arrows in it's left eye, Thorin, but these arrows made no kill."

Help, I've got a tentackle around my right leg, and it's bloody slippery here.
Don't cut my hip with that axe of yours!

We've stirred up a very nasty beast. It frightens me!"

What's happening to Arath?"
"hearing arath's call thorin started to retreat and sonn joined arath."

"phewww'" he said, "that was a close thing now come on guys hurry in the mine, i'll act as rear guard in the mean time. and rafael give arath a hand i think he's been hurt"

he barely had time to finish his speech as another set of tentacles charged them.

"be quick quys"
"im beside you we must go to the mines" arath yelled as he cutted the tenticle that was holding rafael
"once we are in how do we close the door" asked arath

"goblins!!!" he yelled
arath saw three goblins standing and screaming in the mines.
"I believe I've never used my bow as fast as now. Those goblins falling might be something to chew on if we can throw them outside."

Give a hand, Arath. I'll tend to your arm as soon as possible!

Whow! That was a close one! You got that door open in the nick of time, Arath!"

Thanks! You managed to get the door closed behind us, Thorin.
hearing goblin being cried by arath a sudden madness took thorin who leaped after them ant hewed two necks. he couldn't forget the wars for the mines of moria. the other goblin seeing his comrades fall turn and took to his tail.

"quick shoot him rafeal or he will alert the other orcs," screamed thorin

"arath pull the door quick before the monster gets us"
"Now the door is safely closed behind us!
The beast in the water is on back in the water!
The first assaults from the goblins are passed. There's no immidiate threath, we can regroup and consider what to do next!

I vote that we'll find a place to eat and rest a while"
I'm glad you both know how to use your weapons though!"
"well," said thorin looking in the darkness where the third orc had escaped. "i'm glad that we are all still alive but we will have to double our vigilance now. that orc is surely going to announce our arrival and they might prepare a welcoming commitee for us," he finished shaking his head.

"but i propose we rest and eat a liittle further, not here ob the steps with those dead goblins near us," he said with a shake ofthe head. " i know a place up there," he pointed towards the stairs, "where there is an old storeroom which was used long ago. we should rest there."
"allright thorin lead the way"
"ahh i had forgotten wait you guys i have something usefull for you"
Arath took out cloaks that made their users nearly invisible in the dark
"we might need these"
"well thanks. though i do not see its use for now because i can't see anything in this darkness. we cannot proceed until i get some light. now's the time for youe light rafael"
"may the light of lady galadriel shine upon us"
"thorin how long it will take for us to get to the other side"
"uhh what is this smell"
"it will take about three days because we cannot use the main way. although we have invisible cloaks," he nodded to arath, "thanks to him orcs can still smell in the dark."

"and i don't know what's that smell. it smells like rotteness and decay and semms to be coming from that door over yonder. let's see what it is but keep you weapon at hand," he warned.

Gripping his weapon thorin started to advance cautiously toward the door.
Yes here is a phial of Galadriel's given to me by Clever Lass!

I do not like that smell at all! Are someone roasting hogs or are the goblins...
Watch out, take cover; - isn't it tar burning there.."

Rafael dives to cover behind the nearest rock.
Thorin jumped after rafael just in time as a band of orcs got out from the door.

"ha, ha, ha, let 'em burn the scourge," spat a large orc who was paarently the chief. he sturn and spat at the door,"pooh the scumbags try to thake us caves. that will teach 'em not to mess with us"

"they seem to have done some deeds of cruelty," thorin whispered to rafael and arath who had joined them. get your bows ready and i will do the same for my throwing axe. "we will take them by surprise," he finished.

"with that thorin removed his axe and waited for the signal to attack.

(hey that game's becoming pretty cool)
I've covered ut my phial, so it is stunning dark."

Thorin, take this phial, count us down by "ten Mississippis", that's our signal.
We'll give them an elf-rain of arrows. Then we can turn their melted tar, the other way."

Cool, but we need some together time, and I need a bit more dicipline;- btw 1750 posts.
"ok," thorin whispered. he started counting mentally until suddenly he rose and shouted,"ten mississipiss".

The astonished orcs did not even have time to turn as a volley of arrows greeted them warmly including an axe. it was all over within some seconds.

"now," said thorin standing up,"how are we to turn that thing over there?"
"i wonder why they did not know of our coming"
"were they not alerted by the orc who got away from us"
"it might be an attempt to ake us drop our guard but i think we should double our vigilance from now."
Arath revealed his sword. it was a little curwed and it was shining a blue light. The blade was covered in runes of prtection.
"What do we do next"
"Looking at your sword Arath, it being an orc-warner, shining that blue and getting bluer, tells us that there will be an attack very soon.

Let's do as Thorin suggested. Examine that cooking-pot with tar. We may lay an ambush here and cook us some foes here. If there's Trolls in the party; - go for the eyes!"
"gurth am ti"
"you see that pot i will go and look a little forward ok?"
Be alert! Have your bow ready. We'll watch out!
"yes, we better move into our position fast. they'll be here in any moment"
Arath disappears into the shadows
"be on your guard"
"ok," thorin calls back. Turning to rafael he said:

"we are in what used to be a sort of dressing room for the miner. Follow me and i'll show you somewhere we can hide and observe the room without being seen."

With that he moved towards the far corner of the room.
Arath appeared so that thorin could see him.
"we have no time they know that we are here" Arath said.
Hes blade was all black from orc blood.
"i underestimated their abilities"
"they smelled me i killed a few of them and ran back here"
"we are lucky there is not many of them about a dozen for each of us"
"i know a secret service poad which could get us to the 1st depp just below the gate. let's go quick"
Coming as quick as we can.
Look out, stones in the air!
"whoa,"said the dwarf and crouched to avoid the flying objects
Show Arath the way, while I try to stop some of those "Roling Stones-fans"! Man,- do I prefer Beatles.

When you comes behind that rock, you Arath will cover me when I make a dive for it!

Come on!
It isn't good for my nerves standing in this hailstorm of stones, spears and arrows waiting for my mates to cover my rescue to a safer position.

If they don't enter my scene soon I'll get into a rage the Wikings called berserk. Then I have to kill every orc or troll in my neighbourhood and leave them out of the fun!!
"what? You are passing into berserk mode with the saliva dripping and all? Do oyu have trolls in your family?

(the vikings thought that berserk came from trolls)
Arath took his bow and covered rafael.
"come on"
Thorin who was hidden by rafel height also followed raffy being covered by Arath.

"what an advantage it is to be short," he muttered to himself
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