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What do you prefer, Ethar! Shall we take them down easy and slow with arrows, or do you prefer blades in a quick frontal attack?

I for once, prefer a frontal meeting!
Etharion scanned the brigands equipment.. " fine with both, but its always better to be safe..lets first take a few out with a couple of suprise arrows. Then..we close in for the kill... But where are the others?" he asked Rafael.
OOC: Etharion, by others, do you mean Corgan and myself, or other bandits?
OOC: I reckon we are talking about Ethar's friends, as we know that you are taking a detour to Lorien while we are getting us a pack of brigands. We will always appreciate some back-up!

Well Ethar, you go for the two on the left side, while I take down the long, thin male with the red jacket, and the one who's trying to tear down the door. My bow will sing at your signal. My blade is loosened and when I've fired, I'll go for the fat one, holding the goat! Are you ready?
Fionw’ rode into the clearing, right up to the bandits. "May I ask what you fellows are doing?" he said quietly...
Etharion nodded to Rafael, but just then Fionwe burst into the clearing!! So he jumped out from the cover of the bushes and stood at Fionwe's side. " might say that we are interested in that too..." he said menacingly, signaling Rafael to come out of the bush as well, with his bow drawn.
Rafael is coming out from the bushes. he is ever so alert! The mighty bow is strung, one arrow ready to go and three other will follow before anyone can say Mississippi!

As far as he can see, there are nine evil-looking scundrels on the loose. Two men with axes are destroying the front door.
I see that you have transformed my little quest to a great adventure.
Im also pleased to see etharion here Waving Hello Smilie.
I hope that this journey will not reach its end before i come back for good so i might join you and help you in finishing it.
I am very happy that you play my little game Big Smile Smilie
Yes, Arath! But as you can see we have started a resting period; waiting for a soldier in the Finnish Army, perhaps?Fast Asleep Smilie

Good to see you in threads, Arath! Have a happy leave! Nice to know you! Angel Smilie Waving Hello Smilie
Thank you. Very kind words Smile Smilie
OOC: It's nice to see you back, Arath! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

In reply, the bandit chief drew a wicked looking sabre, and brandished it under Fionw’'s nose, laughing. "This obviously can't be settled peacefully," Fionw’ said. The next second, the chief's sabre was lying on the ground in half. "Chase them away friends," Fionw’ cried...
I wont stay long only for the weekend. But im pleased that you still play this thread Big Smile Smilie
"yeah!! death to the strawheads," cried thorin suddenly appearing out of nowhere from his long absence and dangerously shaking his axe.
Good to see you, Thorin! Take cover when I send some arrows to rectify justice!
Rafael let his bow sing the twangy-song, before he is upon the scundrels; now his blade makes way to the door.
Thorin having watched the arrow play with peasure followed arath to the door.

OOC: have you seen 300? i've watched the trailer the film seems great.
Fionw’ swung his sword, and struck with the flat of the blade, knocking one of the brigands flat on his back. "It's a pleasure to see that axe of yours in action again, Thorin," he said. " And an even greater pleasure to see it's wielder!"

OOC: Nice to see you again, Thorin!
"Thanks," Thorin said as he wielded a two handed blow and laid the last (level 3) brigand at his feet.

"Now that the way is cleared what do we do," he finished looking at his companions.
speeking from behind him " well that depinds if an old friend can rejoin your company or no now wouldnt it " he said with a small laugh.
"cargon," the dwarf cried in astonishment, " ofcourse my old friend you're very much welcome."
Fionw’ sheathed his sword, and remounted Starlight. "Well, we were heading north, to the mountains near Angar. We would be honored if you would join us," he said. "Etharion has something else to attend to apparently, though I'm sure he still intends to come with us. But in the meantime, let us depart from here and head on our way, if all are ready?"
"I think we all are, lets go"
Carefully cleaning his blade, refilling his quiver, Rafael asks: " What about your friend, and your mount?" "Does this mean that we start and set up threads for friends missing?"
"Etharion will join us presently. He is skilled at tracking, and will easily follow our trail," Fionw’ replied.
"Lead the way, I'll cover your back"
"Euhh..could someone tell me where we're going?"
"Well, we were heading north, to the mountains near Angar."

So let's press on, I'll cover your back! Let's get on the track!
"Ok then but what provisions do we have?"
"I'm starting to run low"
A dark shadow became visible behind thorin.
A stern hand graspet his elbow and turned him around.
A quite large pack was dropped in his hands and the shadow was gone.
The pack was filled whit clear water and bread.

(Hiya!! a suprise visit!No need to wonder what happened lets just say that the wings given to me by the green lady are very swift.)
Fionw’ was surprised, never have seeen that one coming. Getting over it he said, "Well, now you're not low anymore, so let's press on!" Setting off on his steed, he turned north...
Thorin who was on foot has a hard time following fionwe.....
rides up next to the dwarf " need a hand old friend?" he said looking dowm from his horse "sorry iv been gone so long had some old friends that needed my help.
"Sure mate," the dwarf gasped, out of breath from his quick walking behind fionwe.
Can new people still join this?

If so...

Ladyoflegolas is around the next bend...eager to go on an adventure. She's examining her many fine arrows.
reaches down and halls the dwarf up behind him and rides to the others calling as he did.
Don't let me fall, whispered the dwarf to cargon, who wqas holding tightly to cargon due to his inexperience with horses.
OOC: New people are more than welcome! The more the merrier!

Ahead of the others, Fionw’ came around the bend and stopped short. He thought that he was seeing someone that he had not seen for well over half a century. Not wanting to be rude, he dismounted and introduced himself to the elven lady, "I am Fionw’. May I ask who you are, and where you've come from?"
"I am LadyofLegolas...but I usually go by Eglaviel...I am from Mirkwood Forest, I left there as I wish to seek adventure...which is something you all seem to be running from...or is it into?" She asked as she leapt off the rock she was perched on.
slows his horse as he reaches the others and helps thorian down slowly the gracefully dismounts and walks ofer to his old friend and the newcomer.

" hail my friend greetings from gray havens and our blessings come with me i bring fresh suplys and wepons for our quest." he said then bowed to his fellow elf and pressed his fingers to his lips in the elvish greeting. " welcome m'lady i over heard you say you are from the wood i have many friends there you are welcome to ride with us if it is fine with our fearless leader here. if you need a mount i can call one for you if you wish as well."
"Well my friends do we pass through the wilderland or through dunland on our way to the north?" Thorin asked.

I've taken the liberty to situate us near the gap of rohan. If anyone disagrees we can still find another location.
" i am in agreement with this." corgon said " and this is for you my friend."

he hands thorian a fresh two handed ax
" do you need a wepon m'lady?" he asked the elf.
"Thank you," Thorin cried over-joyed taking the axe. "I'm afraid mine got notched from all our battles."
"Thank-you but no, my bow and arrow will suffice me just fine...and if you'll wait one moment, I will call for my horse..."
Eglaviel put her fingers to her mouth and whistled...immediatly a fine dapple gray stallion came galloping up.
"Now, I am ready to go," she said as she swiftly mounted her horse, "which way are we headed?"

ooc: can anyone think of a good horse name?
you travle well prepaired m'lady impressive." said corgon with a small chucle.

after handing out the rest of his supplys including a fresh sword for evreyone els and anyextras they needed. he mounted his horse and patted her side. " this is zeit'kin shes been with me all my life we shair our day of birth together." what do you call your steed?"

OOC if you go to elvish you can get a name from one you like in elvish.
Eglaviel lovingly stroked her steed's neck.
"This is Calanon," she said. "Meaning 'light'. He has been with me for a long time...we have seen many strange and wonderful things together."

Her face grew sad as she quietly muttered, "And many things no one should ever have to see."

As quick as it came on, the shadow left her face and she gave her new friends a smile.
"Now, where are we off to?"
Fionw’ politely denied the sword Corgon offered, "This blade that I carry was given to me by someone dear. I would not trade it for anything. And it comes from the glory of Gondolin," he said. "And I would be happy to have you join us, Eglaviel. We go north, to the mountains near Angmar, with intent to rescue an elven lady who was stolen from her late brother."
Fionw’ saw that shadow on her face, and pondered it's meaning, but of his thoughts he said naught. "This," patting his horse's side," is Starlight. I am nigh two hundred years at this time, and she one fifty. We too have been together a long time."

OOC: The gap of rohan is an excellent place, Thorin.
"ok, then let's get ready for our journey. I counsel we pass through the east side side of the misty mountain and thus night to the gladden fileds on our way north," horin said packing whatever belongings he had in his back.
"i too agree with thorian that sounds like the best approch if there are oec betwen us and the gap the riders will surely see them and come to our aid." said corgon as he lashed the extra sword to his back " then my sister will have a wepon apon her saveing good id not counted her when i restocked and i respect and honor your desision." mi'lady if you ever need a ear mine is always here as i have offerd to all our other companions i will help any way i can." he said as he rode up next to her and with a nod took point as they moved out along the path east.
Eglaviel smiled, "Thank-you Corgon...I may take you up on that someday."
"That's sounds good, but I suggest that we get going before nightfall."
Swinging back onto Starlight, he spun her about. "If everyone is ready, let's go!"...
Then those who had bright eyes and who might have looked upwards could have seen a winged creature upon the sky. Smaller than an eagle but flyin very fast southwards.

hi!! youre still going on! great but dont you dear finish this aventure whit out me! Big Smile Smilie
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