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Thread: The Three Word Game!

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train to be
the Strong Man.
At the circus
Here is the whole thread so far. again

If you read the last one, the last four paragraphs (sentences) are the only new ones.

Three days ago the messenger arrived and told me about the mystery of the house rented by the weird old lady who wore orange stockings which were filled with fungus and so she disposed of them before her first son came to give her some of the bananas that was [were] left over from the previous day's happy meal.

When suddenly the [the] lights went out, and a large bang was heard all over the great mountains which enclosed the tiny village where the fairies lived till they died, but their spirits were all over the sad world.

One morning Lauri went to the market into which all the eggs hatched because they decided to kill subsequent hatchlings after they had attacked all the big areas that once housed little green elfs from the evil wizard who could not see for he had very dark sunglasses which he wore all the time even when he did his daily therapeutic brew mixing especially after supper.

On one such cold misty night, his wife was eating fresh cheese.

’This is crazy.’ he thought, while he was trimming his long beard.

Why he was using chopsticks to eat cheese, since Swiss cheese is in my tummy and very holey which chopsticks fit not entirely into the beholder's eye.

So instead of pink flowing robes, and bright purple turbans, the lonely caterpillar that was lounging along side the turban.

He called for his leaky silver teapot to boil water because the wizard's frustrated about the lack of fresh ideas for his new book that will be about deadly Nightshade in stead of cocktails, so the thirteenth chapter will refer to the first Story about the naming of 'Green Dragons in the Shire.

They are all extinct except Mungo Bagginses pet whose name is the strangest name-it being Miss Grondy.

She was a nice looking young lady who had many great slaves that she liked to kill because she had often been to a place in the middle of nowhere where people dress like little hobbits who have no sense of [no] personal hygiene, but they did love to eat!

[E]specially when it tasted like a big juicy POTATO, but when he ate the potato he lost his hearing in one hearing aid, because he put it in backwards, so it had a short and electrocuted the little hobbit who flew his fell beast into a wall.

He slid down the wall and fell with a thud into the flowers, which smelled nice only if you remembered not to smell them too.

Then the hobbit brushed himself off and gathered his belongings and went away towards the place where he wanted to spend his entire lunch and then quickly climbed a tree so that he could jump onto Gandalf's large wagon as it rolled down the road towards a large hole in the castle's wall, where he could see the other side of the castle.

Why this is in his book, nobody knows except the author who wrote it with the wizard's magic.

The wizard was tall and gray; he carried a large basket of bread and bananas for the old ladies in the old forest that hungered for delectable food [that they hungered for], but when he arrived the old ladies threw him in the closet so he'd be trapped in the dark for the rest of the day.

When they finally fattened him up they decided to take him to [to] see the circus to be a part of the fattest man show, but he then wanted to train to be the strong man.

At the circus’

If you wish me to stop updating it, just tell me. I would just post the new stuff, but I want someone new to easily read the story up to date. I will only update every couple of pages.

612 words so far
Big Smile Smilie
until someone decided
to fire him,
because they thought
...he smelled too...
strongly of flowers
and old ladies
Suddenly he heard
an old lady
...barking at the... who wanted...
... to see the ...
...One Ring that...
was her engagement
present from her
boyfriends brother who
bougth it from
a shopkeeper in
Minas Tirith. Later
a clown offered
her $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 for
it , but she
declined saying, "My
fortune has disappered
because of the
barking dog and
the bubbling fish
who told me
That I would
have to go
away to the
old town , because
I was the
preselected driver who
liked to go
wherever i wanted
as long as....
it was within
two kilometers of
the park in
which I pitched
four straight strikes
when I was
only 9, and
got thrown out
of the league
since everyone saw
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