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Thread: Where are you all from?????

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I, for one, am glad New York is not Valinor because that would mean the Valar had really let themselves go...

This is pretty cool though. I would guess that everything west of the Brandywine broke off and became the British Isles. South Gondor and Mordor would drift west and then north to make up all or part of the Iberian Peninsula.

Hmmm... actually there are hundreds of ways you can look at the maps and divide middle earth into modern Europe. Clearly, the geography has changed substantially. I wonder if Tolkien had a definite idea of what would become what as the ages wore on...
ok, wat bout N. America? i mean, isnt nebody gonna try 2 figure out wat this continent corresponds 2 in ME?
i would, but im tired and cant do much of nethin rite now.
New York can't be Valinor. Valinor is in another dimension, and only accessable using elvish magic.

Yeah, but it wasn't a bad joke...
and tom... why the **** do you think im lookin down there!

Very Big Grin Smilie That's the point Gimli. Very Big Grin Smilie

And what kinda subject is this anyway?? Big Laugh Smilie
*/me deleted Val's duplicat post. They happen sometimes when one clicks the "Post Reply" button multiple times trying to hurry up a slow up/down-load.
ok, wat bout N. America? i mean, isnt nebody gonna try 2 figure out wat this continent corresponds 2 in ME?
Maybe Numenor. Both were the New Worlds in which men migrated to in great numbers, and returned on occasion to help out their old allies in times of need. Hopefully America will not share the same fate as Numenor, however.
Val, u posted the exact same thing twice. just thot i would let u know that. Wink Smilie
Numenor sounds good. i dont think we'll suffer the same fate as the numenoreans!
Atlantis-Numenor?ring a bell?I've decided!Romania is Dol Guldur!No matter what!
Dol Guldur really fit well with such names as Tirgu Mures or Baia Mare, so you may be right! Wink Smilie
Hang on a sec. I'm from Belgium. Where would that be? Neverland? Mordor? The Lonely Mountain? Very Big Grin Smilie
Whow!You guys really know about Romania!
Hey,I didn't see that! (****!) tell me about it!

Hang on a sec. I'm from Belgium. Where would that be? Neverland? Mordor? The Lonely Mountain?

My crystal bulb says....hmmmm....somewhere round Viniac/Baranduin mouths.(I just made that up so you'd better checkSmile Smilie

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Orc Going Huh Smilie And where would those be?
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Einar posted on 1/10/2003 at 04:17 PM
Hi everybody!
I just wanted to know where do you all come from?
And am I the only one here from Iceland?

Stonehelm posted on 1/10/2003 at 05:28 PM

I don't know Einer, what's it like in Iceland??

I am from The USA.( and quite proud of the fact!)

Einar posted on 1/10/2003 at 05:43 PM
It’s wery good to live on Iceland. Cute little land with fresh air and good water

In answer to your question Einar, I am an American in Texas, and as far as I know you are our only Icelander.

Grondy did i do it correctly?


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Hmmm where am I from?? Paranoid Smilie
Difficult.........Born in Germany, moved to Venezuela as a child, one year ago returned to Germany.....Let me see....In heart I’m venezuelian but officially I’m german.Yes that sounds good. Jumping Flame Smilie Juggling Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie
I hail from Santa Barbara, the Shire of California!
Elf Smilie
A Happy 2003 to all, and Helm's Deep rocks! All puns intended. Chathol-linn here. I am from the Baltimore - Washington DC metro area, with a distinct preference for Baltimore. I'd rather be from Tol Eress’a and I would gladly accept that Middle Earth is in New Zealand. Regards - Chathol-linn
I’ve seen a girl on the chat room who is from Norway to, so your not the only one.
I told my Icelandic friends about this site and they are now members here on P-T. Big Smile Smilie
Eee...I'm from Estonia ost. Big Smile Smilie Smile Smilie ...I really like here...nice place Smile Smilie
Lordioren: Welcome to our forum. Happy Elf Smilie I hope you enjoy yourself here. We try to make P-T a nice place, but our nice members are what really give it that characteristic.
hi people, i am from mexico...., has anybody been here?...,should give it a try, it is nice Wink Smilie ....,well, as nice as it can be a place from the third-world. Big Laugh Smilie

I saw somebody from canada....,i would love to know it some day...,maybe to live in... Thumbs Up Smilie ...or at least to play on the snow once..... Big Smile Smilie
hello ewerybody, I'm from iceland. you should go there it’s quite cool! Waving Hello Smilie
Welcome to PT, Lordioren and Addi and Ishayala. I am so glad you have joined us here.

I am from Canada. At the moment it is quite cold and we have lots and lots of snow.
thanks, Rednell Big Smile Smilie
Thankx for your welcome Rednell, my aunt is from Canada too. Wink Smilie it’s a beautyful country.

Hey Thingol77 I’ve never been to Mexico but I’m from Venezuela, it’s cool to see another latino up here.
Welcome to Planet Tolkien Lordioren. I hope you enjoy yourself here.

Most of the older members already know, but for the benefit of newer members who haven't had time to plough through all the posts, I'm from the swamps of Lincolnshire/Norfolk in England.
And for our newbies, I live in the western part of the state of Washington, USA.
Then I believe I am the only one among you all that's living in South East Asia...

The lovely island of Singapore, where it's hot and humid, and where you can hardly spot on the atlas... and where the DVDs are outrageously expensive...
I have lived all along the East Coast of the US. Currently I am inside Indiana, in McCordsville a small farm town next to the great city of Indianapolis.

Thankfully(yet strangly) I am joining the army soon so who knows where I will be months from now.

-Diaz Soulbern
I can't belive I've never been on here, Well were i live is split in three places Manchester (England), my mind or up my own bottom.

I am however form Bury in Lancashire which is in the Penine moors (the back bone of the United Kingdom)
Bury is actually the home to many inventors or inventions.
Black Puddings (yuk), Sir Robert Peel (Inventor of the police and once prime minister of the UK), The inventor of the Torpedo (he invented it in Sweden though), Reebok and the first holographic machine (invented by my dad for a company called Markem systems). were also famous for inbredding in parts of Bury (cough Heywood).
we have a market that has been in existence since the fourteenth centuary and we are the largest growing place outside of London. It is also home to the regiment that Tokien served in during world war one ,the Lancashire Fusilliers, who also are responsible for building and painting one of the most famous buildings on the planet, the White House.
Well, I'm from Norway and really new here...! :o)

- What about 2nd breakfast??
Welcome to the site, Pippin. Have a virtual sandwich on the house.
Pippin: Welcome to our forum. Happy Elf Smilie I think you are are fourth or fifth known Norwegians: Amari’, Celebrian, and Remi if I remember rightly.

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Hello. I'm from Britain and live in London and this seems to be as good a place as any for a first post. This seems to be a very relaxed and entertaining site - a completely different atmosphere to others I've seen. I've enjoyed reading through a selection of threads and think it's time I stopped lurking. Some of the fan writings made me do the nose-trick with my coffee...

Look forward to visiting here in future!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to all the newbies. Sit back put your feet up and have a scone er somethin'. Big Smile Smilie

Ishayala, you complete our continent list. We now have actively posting members on every continent save Antarctica (the penguins are really irked- they haven't got broadband yet).

To the best of my knowledge (which is admittedly limited) you are our only member residing in South America. Big Smile Smilie
No, Erkenbrand, you're not the only one from South East Asia. I'm from Malaysia Waving Hello Smilie where the DVDs are also outrageously expensive but well worth the money. Wink Smilie
I can't believe you're all complaining about DVD's, Here in england things are either over priced or taxed to death. So much so that even though a look of cars are made over here a few years ago they were being ferried over to denmark driven onto the main land, then put back on the ferry and shipped back over here so they could be sold as imports completly writing off the tax.
Still we have a good helf service (pffff haw haw haw)
Some of the fan writings made me do the nose-trick with my coffee...

Do you mean that you woke up to find your nose in your coffee? Or is there a different nose trick? Wink Smilie

Welcome to PT, enjoy our friendly relaxed and terribly different attitude, glad you like it here, and I look forward to chatting with you more.
Idril: Welcome to our forum, we look forward to sharing with you. Happy Elf Smilie
Thanks, PlasticSquirrel!
My nose trick involves the curious effect caused by taking gargle of coffee/tea/wine/porridge etc and simultaneously reading/hearing something funny. Liquid travels north under great pressure. I'm specifically thinking of the "Council of Elrond" so I must thank you kindly for good larf and splattered keyboard. Thumbs Up Smilie

Porridge def. not advised. Painful.

Expense of DVD's... I heard a good gag about this time last year on a Radio 4 comedy show. "DVDs: disappointing, very dear". Think it was The Now Show, when they were running a spoof "LOTR" that was hysterical, (so long as you find the Quest of the Single European Ring hysterical...)

Cheers and look forward to future chats too.
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Idril. I hope you continue to enjoy yourself here.
Welcome, neighbor Idril! Big Smile Smilie
Oh! That nose trick....

Hello to all the penguins on the dial-up modems, go borrow some Eskimo broadband, or is that the wrong continent....?
Frodotheringbearer posted this in the Golden Perch on 20/03/03:
Me my self. I'm 14 years old an live in Iceland
Mhh a lot of people from latin-america, I am myself also from south america, is here anyone from Chile?
I am from Norway.
(excuse my english, i am not so good)

Alle dere andre er l’kskaller!
Jajaja, then excuse mine also.

Llevo varios a’os en un colegio bilingue, pero todavia me falta por aprender.
Welcome Namo, don’t worry about your english!!
No creo que el mio sea mejor Big Laugh Smilie
But even though we could talk Spanish here, lets better talk in English, it would be unfair to the others. Wink Smilie
Jajaja, yes I guess you're right, where are you from anyway? (thanks for the welcome Wink Smilie )
Oh...that’s tricky, I explained it on page 4 I guess.I’m from Venezuela but I’m living in Germany now....something like that.. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Jajajaja, I've just read what you wrote on page four. But you were born in Venezuela right. Ever been to Chile? It looks like you travel a lot.
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