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ok, you seem to be quite an insider concerning football, and now I have to confess that I don't really know very much about austrian football (or football in general...)and I never before heard about the one you named... he died young? why?
And no one will ever forget that The Sound of Music (Edelweiss, Edelweiss..) takes place in Austria.

Not to mention, The Third Man.

how come you know that?? where are you from?

I'm from a place where German tv series used to be quite abundant : Derrick, Tatort, Ein Fall f’r Zwei, Der Schwarzwaldklinik,...

Now though, they're all replaced by French series like Le rouge et le noir, Les mis’rables, Madame Bovary,... and old British sitcoms like Dad's Army, Fawlty Towers, Allo Allo.

im from glasgow in scotland and it always rains Very Sad Smilie
You're from Glasgow?

So then : Rangers or Celtic?
Meesah from teh Southern USA!
im from glasgow in scotland and it always rains
I believe that is true, for I spent a mid-July week in near Glasgow an only saw the Sun once. I live near Seattle where we tell the tourists that it always rains, but the weather isn't bad if you can live with four months of wet windy November every winter. July, August, and September are warm with little rain and no excessive humidity, or bugs. Normal snow is a couple of inches once or twice a year which is gone after a week or two. In forty years I think I've only see snow as deep as a foot maybe three times. I suppose this will all go the way of the dodo bird, what with global warming and all.
I assume the above mystery noob is Jago. Happy Elf Smilie We must get Grep to fix this. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
I'm from Romania, Europe.
You've probably heard about the country of count Dracula... That's Romania, although in reality it ressembles more to the Shire from Middle Earth and to the Misty Mountains.

Here you never get bored...
Vermont, USA. Its nickname is the Green Mountain State. (Explored by the French hence "vert" = green and "mont" = mountain). I will often close a reply with

Away from the Green Hill Country

It's very Tolkienesque (part of The Shire). I paraphrased (OK, and borrowed) from Hildifons who would close with "Away from Tookborough" (as you may find Hildifons in the Took genealogy).

Soooo . . .

Away from the Green Hill Country,


I didn't know this thread even existed. Facinating to read where everyone is from: UK, Netherlands, Germany, Asia, Australia.. etc.. Tolkien has a following pretty much everywhere!

Personally I'm a Canadian at heart that has lived all over this planet (a nod to the Aussies - thanks for letting me crash at your place for a couple of years Smile Smilie ).
I live in Minnesota, USA. Just on the northwestern edge of bluff country, east of the plains. Beautiful country!!
My mom has been to Europe, spent some time in Norway when she was about 18.
i'm from Markham, Ontario, in Canada. for those of you who don't know where Markham is, it's just North of Toronto. Smile Smilie

I'm from a nice little town near the sea called Volos in Greece.
I am from Serbia. In Srem(region in serbia),(i believe that this will be interesting to people from developed areas of the world) there is a village with telephony on pulse dialing. I live in this village. 1 liter gasoline is 2 american dollars, but 1 liter of finest 30-year old scotch is 100$. Average monthly payment in Serbia is 200$. Many people,my neighboors dont know how to write. Now the sadest part. That same people earns for life working on crop fields with bare hands.Just like slaves for maximum fee of 12$ without any meal or food,they work on temperatures above 35 celsius degrees below clear sky. It is not easy being a serb. I and everybody in radius 15 miles drink ale. It is cheaper than water. We don't have drinking water. Only good thing is great possibility to avoid taxes.(which are very small,by the way.)
Very interesting, Prowler. Definitely much different than where I am (San Francisco, California). I always wanted to go to Serbia. I hear it is absolutely beautiful there. Let's see...the only thing I know about Serbia, well...hmmm...I dated a Serbian soccer player named Milos for a little while in college, does that count as knowing anything? Wink Smilie
I'm from South Africa, near Cape Town. I'd love to visit Europe some time though (I'm half British, but have never been there).
I'm from South Africa, near Cape Town. I'd love to visit Europe some time though (I'm half British, but have never been there).

Do you by any chance speak Afrikaans? I myself speak Dutch and have had the pleasure to speak with some ppl who speak Afrikaans, and we understood each other very well.
Being in a bragging mood, I have to tell you, that there's also more than a Swede from Scandinavia. I am a Norwegian, growing up in the Western part of our marvellous country, but now living a little town on the southern coast. We call it the pearl of the coastcities in Southern Norway. Snowman Smilie
Im from finland.
It is a nice place except that its pretty cold here.
Do you guys know where finland is?
Sure ArathSmile Smilie It belongs to Scandinavia in EuropeSmile Smilie
We call it the pearl of the coastcities in Southern Norway.

Congrats' Vir, you got had the capital-letter K.
Kristiansand may be the mother-of-pearl city for what is worth. Krager’ is situated between Oslo and Kristiansand. A small coastal city with 10.000 inhabitants in winter, but "blowing up" to more than 40.000 any summer. Snowman Smilie Elf Smilie Snowman Smilie
That's not exactly small, maybe in comparison to some of the mega-cities, but still.
I live about twenty miles northeast of Rochester, which, home to both IBM and Mayo Clinic, has a population of over 80,000. The town I live in has something around 1000, at most.
Hello~ I'm in a small town in rural Colorado, USA. Its very cowboy-ish here and reminds me of Rohan because there're so many horses. I'm really happy to be part of a site with people from so many countries; husband and I have travelled some, to England and Germany, but hope to see a lot more of the world eventually.
Greetings all, I'm from a small town in the very old and beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina in the USA. It is a good place to raise children and enjoy the landscape; very remnicent of Middle Earth. Lots of small farms and gardens. Flowers everywhere and hundreds of thousands of trees as much of our county is a national forest.
I am from Belgium..near Brussels
Vancouver BC Canada here, nice place, lotta rain, just moved here actually so I haven't been able to see much, what with work and all. My plan is to check things out in summer though!
I am from Oregon. Beautiful here now.
And what a beautiful Avatar Smile Smilie I'm from Norway and Today it's our Nation Day ..I'm at work right now but later on we'll go to town to see the ParadesSmile Smilie
I'm from Dallas, texas (actually 45 miles west) Smile Smilie
I'm from England...The West Midlands to be exact...which is very cold and frosty at the moment!! Snowman Smilie
I wish it would snow in England every year... Usually sleet but very rarely snow... Looks like another year of unused wellies Orc Sad Smilie
We're lucky if we get snow one day a year. This year it snowed on Thanksgiving! Unluckly, I was out of town..... but I was in Montana. We got about 8 inches in 2 days!! It was great Big Smile Smilie
I am from Indian ocean too. i don't like it's weather its sunny+rain. NO changes like winter spring and the other seasons.
BUT theirs natural beauty in Srilanka.they are nice!! Pary Smilie Elf Smilie
I am from Bulgaria. The country is small enough in area for not to be needed to metion city. Any way I do not stay for more than three years at one place. Now I am living in the bossom of a beautiful mountains.
Reviving this thread too! Sometimes I can guess where people re from by the way they talk but I know I'm not always right Smile Smilie So newbies- where are y'all from?

I'm currently living in the wild western state of Colorado, USA, but I've also lived in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oregon and Oklahoma. Husband and I have visited England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados. I would love to in the future visit Wales, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
I live in Northland New Zealand on the edge of a small city named Whangarei (pronounced Fung-a-ray).
I live on a Dairy farm with my wife Siran and our 3 children Cody, Connagh and Shea, with another(hopefully a girl this time!!) due in August.
This is my first season as manager of a Dairy farm and to be honest this is the worst possible season for me. We've had no real rainfall in 5 months now. I was 25% behind in production and managed to bring it down to 15% just before the dry started, and I was well on my way to hitting my target, but then it's all turned to custard. Northland has one of the highest rainfall rates in the country, we usually measure it by the meter, the last drought to match this was back in 1982, so as you can see, my timing really sucks.
Well Sian, I'm living in a village in the Caledonians near Inverness in Scotland, and I'm going to visit New Zealand with my family next year! The landscape around me, the hills, mountains, deep forests and ancient moors, really inspires me in writing and reading (especially Tolkien).
You both live in wonderful places! Rho, I love farms. I will hope for it to rain for you. We worry about drought in Colorado too and the past two years have had poor hay crops. Fornac, Caladonian moors and forests! I would love to see them! I can just imagine the inspiration all the way over here!
From India am I.

Anyone else from India, excepting you Navi?

Anyone know where Thorin Oakenshield is from ?
States I think

Floydy is from India, Mumbai I believe, He used to always be on here but I've not seen him in a few years.
I think Thorin is in Madagascar.. Cheesy I'm guessing you're somewhere in the UK, am I right?

Hi i am from india.exceedingly hot.
lol, India's exceedingly hot or your exceedingly hot??
Stop flirting Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

I am from the UK, Sian.
Ha ha ha ha, good one Rho. Big Smile Smilie Wink Smilie
I meant the COUNTRY is hot.very funny all
I am in a little town in Kansas, USA, surrounded by rolling hills and wheat and corn fields. Right now, Rho, we just had so much rain (over 4 inches in one day) that we had no fireworks for our Independence Day celebrations. There is some flooding, and people are having to pump out their basements. My house is on the lower part of a hill, so we are safe so far. More rain is forecast for the morrow, so we hope and pray it doesn't last long!

Welcome back Gandalf, actually the drought broke quite a few months ago now and we're back to average rainfall for the last few months. We had 5 inches just today but that's not unusual for here and it drains fairly fast. I hope the rain stops for you at least.
I wrote a lengthy dissertation here on the weather patterns of my new city Everett, Washington, which disappeared twice’the post, not the city’due to my falling asleep and losing that which I had written. Orc Sad Smilie So maybe I'll write about it tomorrow.
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