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Thread: Where are you all from?????

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Watch out people, B*lgium's on my shortlist of holiday destinations this year. I may yet invade and take over... Wink Smilie Mind you, for all the reasons Boring listed above, so is Holland.
Big Smile Smilie Middle Earth...2 hours from the Shire and 2 hours from Mt Doom as the Falcon flies.

(translated as New Zealand North Island, very close to the filming locations of the Shire and Mt Doom )

Tigger Smilie
Ohh! That's nice Star! So you can just go for a walk in the hills of Hobbiton? Smoke Smilie

Golly: I don't think there really is a connection between Brussels and Brussel sprouts, part from the name. They just named them that way because they are typically Belgian (sorry: B*lgian) I guess... Very Big Grin Smilie
And I think Brussels has changed a bit in seventeen years, yeah. But I was only just born seventeen years ago (well no, I was a year old) so I wouldn't know, to be honest.. Big Laugh Smilie

*runs and hides* Plastic is coming to B*lgium!!! Very Big Grin Smilie Tell me when you're coming, so I can move before that time... Very Big Grin Smilie
Heh, well, it might be Paris now, but it's a toss up between that and Ghent (sp?) which is apparently a really beautiful place, despite being in B*lgium.
Oh, how disappointingly dull. Thanks anyway Gnamps.
I always thought brussel sprouts were just the Belgians' revenge on the rest of the world for tracking mud across their country every few decades since time immortal or is that immoral? Big Smile Smilie

Of course, I have never had fresh one, maybe they are more tasty than the ones my mother used to buy frozen at supermarket ever so many years ago. I do like turnips, rutabagas and parsnips though, so maybe I should try some fresh brussel sprouts. How does one cook them Question Smilie
Well Grondy,

You can do it one of two ways. You can either boil them or steam them. They are best with lots of butter and salt and pepper to taste. Whatever you do, Do NOT put lemon juice on them. It will cause them to taste like rust, or worse. They are one of those veggies that you either really like or you really don't. If you did not like them as a kid, you prolly will still not like them. I love them, but then again, I am a very strange person.
I like brussels sprouts...(so I'm weird, ok?) mom makes them with bread crumbs and butter...they're really really good.
I must be weird too Chika (perhaps it's a Jersey thing?) because I LOVE brussel sprouts as well. Wit lotsa butta! Mmm. Actually, I love every vegetable known to man with the exception of habanero peppers. Eeeeyow! Those things ought to be branded with little biohazard symbols. Jumping Flame Smilie
I would love to have the receipe for the brussel sprouts with bread crumbs. I have never had them that way. They sound great.

Prog I am with you on the habanero peppers. YIKES!!!!

Oh, good we are in a tavern, we can't be grondied in here. wheeeeew! Tongue Smilie
Melli, I emailed my mom to ask about the recipe...I'll get it to you whenever she sends it to me.

I've never had habanero peppers...I adore jalapeno peppers though...yummm...
Thanks chikakat.
Habanero peppers make jalapeno peppers taste like cotton candy. Big Smile Smilie
That's a pretty accurate description Mellie. I've seen them sold with warning labels stating something to the effect of "Do not eat if you have respiratory ailments". They're not kidding. You know when they reccomend not handling something with your bare hands that it's not going to be too good to eat. I suppose someone out there likes them though...
I have never actually eaten one, my husband had some and I could not get past the smell. He was in the kitchen, & I was in the living room when he cut one open. My eyes were stinging that far away. It was bad. Then again that was a fresh one. He ended up cooking with it. I picked mine out. but the flavor of the chilie was just too strong for me. Normally I like really spicey food, but not those little things.
ha.. I now have a cooking thread! hmmm peppers.. I like peppers.... what ever you do, dont go to a chinese food restaurant and try to one up your uncle with Tai Peppers.... very bad....

Mellie loves asian food. I lived in Korea when I was 3 yrs old till I was 7 and did not know any other kind of food existed. I was very upset when we move to Texas after that. Tex-Mex, are authentic Mexican food just did NOT compare to that. Now it is a lot easier to find, but back then you just could not get true, asian food that was good.
I can't cook so I don't think I'll be of any interest to anyone here.
Just wanted to say that I'm hooked on Italian food: pizza's, spaghetti and stuff. Especially pizza's. Mmm! I'm getting hungry now...
*runs around the house in search of food* Big Smile Smilie
Gimli knows where I'm from!!!! Or at least he should know!!! Big Laugh Smilie

I'm from South Africa!! Are there any more Africans around here????

Wink Smilie
Of course I know where you are Sil.... but alas, we are far apart... can only cause Virtual Chaos.... maybe some day we can try it in rl eh.... Angel Smilie
Welcome to our site Silmarill
Sil, what part of south africa are you from, I have freinds from capetown Smile Smilie
Star, I'm in Johannesburg. Wink Smilie

But I'll be in Cape Town in February!!! Wink Smilie

Well well we have a South-African among us. Who'd have known? Big Smile Smilie
So, are there any more Africans around here??

Wink Smilie
Not that I know of, no...
I'm from 'Bismark, North Dakota, The United States of America'.

[Edited on 21/10/2002 by Elven_Archer]
I'm from Russia, but I live in New York.
Romania here-and ,unfortunatly,lately I tend to belive the only LOTR fan in this pathetic little country.................................... Sad Smilie
Romania may be poor, but is neither small nor pathetic, it is a wonderful country with a decidedly Middle-Earthish flavour with its mosaic of nations, religions and cultures! And about being the sole LOTR fan... didn't you have the FOTR movie in Romania Raptor??? Didn't it "breed" a generation of Tolkien fans?
Nope,it just bred a couple of fellas I payed their tickets to see the movie.... Big Smile Smilie just kidding.Yes,yes,there are fans-I corrupted half my class to see the movie and they loved it-2 of them even read the books-and liked them.But people round here are sooooooo obsessed with technoloogy and all they forget to dream(poethical moment Cool Smilie ).And it's no one I can really talk to about it here and it's somehow...lonely.Considering the TT will be here on 28......F*****!FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!and the tape or DVD are not out yet here and god only knows when they will! gets a bit lonely.With all do regret,I'll get it pirated(you didn't see this last word Smile Smilie )and watch it on 18 dec AS THE REST OF THE NORMAL WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Or buy a plane ticket-if my parents'll afford it and go in a-one-day visit to London or somewhere and see it on 18.
A pissed raptor.(you know,pissed not like in wetting myself!.....) So Angry Smilie
Exploding Head Smilie Sniff............
well, at least you can enjoy the PT now! Big Smile Smilie
Smile Smilie I’m from Norrkoping in sweden.
Welcome to the site, Belladonna. Hope you enjoy yourself here.
Hello all,

Currently I reside in Alabama USA. I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was born in Peoria, Illinois.

I have never travelled outside the USA, although I really want to go to Europe.

Welcome to our forum Ms. Belladonna Foxburr. Happy Elf Smilie

Your place of residence reminds me of the major city of the Diskworld, were you to anagram it, almost anyway. Cool Elf Smilie If you don't understand what I'm blathering about, pay it no heed, it wasn't meant to be detrimental. Happy Elf Smilie
Hello to all newbies whom I haven't greeted before!

Hey Elentari! So you speak Russian then? I'm learning, but it's hard. I'm doing my best though. We really must start up this thread on Russian in one of the taverns soon! Big Smile Smilie
Quite the international site we have here eh!

and tom... why the **** do you think im lookin down there!
Welcome back Anilorak, haven't seen your posts for a while. Happy Elf Smilie

I really liked Spain on my three trips there, but haven't been back since 1977, and all I remember about Barcelona was that I had to verify my baggage at the airport customs there, on my flight from London to Seville. So I suppose this comment is at most... Boring Smilie
Quite the international site we have here eh!

Really! We've covered every continent except Antarctica (of course) and South America... I think. Anyone here from South America? Surely there are Tolkien fans in South America... they have such good taste in music!
I'm from Cape Town, in South Africa
And a welcome to you too, Arwen*Evenstar*.
I LIVE IN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol, actually i live in PA, near Reading. but i'm in ME more than i'm on this planet

ME is on this planet!!! IT'S IN THE MIDDLE OF IT!!!!!!!! Wink Smilie

hi all!

Grondy! so honoured you remembered where i lived- that makes my pathetic little existence actually worthwhile! Tongue Smilie

well, actually FYI, i am not originally from Australia, I was born in South Korea and i moved when i was a wee little lass, actually 10. Big Smile Smilie
hmmmphhh.Orc Going Huh Smilie
Middle Earth is NOT in America... Pixie Smilie Mad Smilie

it is in New Zealand, any TRUE fan would know that Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Tigger Smilie
hmmmphhh.Orc Going Huh Smilie
Middle Earth is NOT in America... Pixie Smilie Mad Smilie

it is in New Zealand, any TRUE fan would know that Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Tigger Smilie

Can I just direct your attentions to the History of Middle Earth books which state fairly explicitly, that Tolkien intended Middle Earth to be England originally. Thanks.

Of course, that Makes Valinor New York, but there you go....
So,Romania should be.....hmmm....RHUN.Blasted!I hoped at least Erebor.......
Hey, just remember a lot of water has flowed through the Mediteranean since those times--if you are going to place Middle-Earth on this old globe of ours--so the landscape has changed mightily since then.
New York can't be Valinor. Valinor is in another dimension, and only accessable using elvish magic.
Arda was initially flat and it became a globe only after the downfall of Numenor, "the seas were bent" and from then on no normal traveller could reach Valinor - when he went west, he only finished by coming home from the east! But Valinor is still accessible for those who can follow "the straight road". The ship leaves then the sea and travarses Ilmen (outer space) "which no mortal flesh can endure". So Valinor is perhaps on another planet now...
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