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I'm from Titusville, Pennsylvania. It's a rather boring place to live Boring Smilie . We have no entertainment here. I'd much rather live in Arizona as it is warm and not cold all that often. Here it is cold 60% of the year Snowman Smilie . I hate it.
@Ringfacwen: Really, Montreal? Smile Smilie That's awesome! I've never been there, actually, I've never been anywhere in Quebec at all but one day I definitely will... Tigger Smilie
Barcelona, Spain ALL THE WAY!!!!

I have also lived in Madrid, Valladolid and Seville in Spain,
also in Hawaii and California, where I am currently living
Lived, Living... and will live for a while still in Slovenia.
Greetings from in the middle of nowhere under the alps! :P
Cloudy Seattle -- a few miles across Puget Sound from Grondy. Starting to look for potential retirement towns -- have a few years to go. Want a western U.S. town under 5K population. Recommendations?
Is anyone actually from Tolkiens own Country, England (The Shire)? Or are you all from the sun lands across the great sea, past the sunken isle of Numenor?
Well i'd like to declare meself a product of the British Isles, born in god's country "Wales", but have lived in Oxford for long period also (6 years), any of you Tolkein fans ever get the chance to go to Blighty then check out the "Eagle and Child" Public House in Oxford town centre, its where Tolkien and C.S.Lewis routinely met up over a pint of Hobgoblin Ale or some such olde worlde libation, reportedly engaged in deep and meaningful discussions on life, the universe and everything. Very cosy and with an atmosphere not unlike the "Prancing Pony" well at least thats what they say, whoever "they" are.
hey, im from england, and i was pretty surprised how many americans there are here!
there are 250 million and more Americans and i think that means we're outnumbered 5 or 6 to one, and they have the advantage of having been on the Net some 10 years b4 came to ourshores,

Moderator Smilie I've removed the latter half of this post. Even said in jest it could cause offense. Please respect our rules about no politics here - Valedhelgwath Moderator Smilie
God Bless America!! Moderator Smilie And Grondy adds: As well as all the other people who live on this Big Blue Marble. Moderator Smilie
Hmm... maybe I should jump in and remind you two that both politics and religion are no-no topics here on PT, and mixing them doesn't make it better. Wink Smilie It never made good conversation anyway, only caused hurt feelings and anger and namecalling.
Have you met Legolaslass in the chat room yet? She's not American but she is vocal. We need to lock her in the chat room so she can't leave. It goes so quiet when she isn't there.

Im from Croatia . And i think many of you would think twice before coming to live here for a long time.I personaly think that the whole balkan is very boring .
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi!!!!!!!!! It's an Australian thing. Hello fellow Australians i don't see many of you around. Where in Australia are you from? Im a Victorian myself. I live near Dominic Monaghans aunt infact.
Not to get political, but not all of us Yanks are proud of our political heritage. I personally agree with the viewpoints of most other nations about our stance in world affairs, so we're not all a bunch of dictators-in-training.
That said-lighten up,all- we're here for fellowship, after all!

Back on topic, I am from Arizona in the U.S., and like my fellow Texan neighbor, I would like to live pretty much anywhere else in the world, as long as there was running water, electricity, and Digital Cable(lol). And beer, of course. Arizona is for lizards, not people!
Come live in melbourne Australia, We are one of the biggest beer drinking areas in the world (we do not advise underage drinking). Also we are the bohemian capital of the world, as well as the most liveable city for 2003 and 2004. Its a great place to live.
Just to tell you grondy, I'm on the west coast like you 'cept i'm from CALFORNIA!
Southern that is
nearest to Legoland, Disneyland, California Adventures, seaworld, universal studios, knott's berry farms, and six flags magic mountain.
(all the above are amusement parks.)
Good edit, Grondy. Smile Smilie

We actually had a discussion in school (6-7 years ago) about that the mix of religion and politics in general and that phrase at the end of all US Presidential speeches in special. Here in Europe, if one of our politicians called upon higher powers to bless only ourselves, he would have been driven from office so fast his shoes would melt! Big Smile Smilie

(In spite of appearance: This post is not about religion or politics, but on cultural differences between two areas of the world. This info could be useful for people on both sides of the pond to avoid misunderstandings of intent. An example to avoid: A certain US politician used the word "Crusade" about the war on terror. Today that word to Am/Eur's has the meaning of a strong, focused effort for/against something, and it therefore fits very well. The original meaning of the world have stayed in arabic countries : Holy war in the name of Christ. Veeeeery bad choise of word! Guess he wished someone had told him that before.. Wink Smilie )
Live in the U.S. in the little state CT. not much going on around here. it is very very boring!!!!! Boring Smilie Sleeping Smilie
i live in kuwait but i am an indian. i'm pretty close to all the stuff happening in this War on terror campaign. a year ago we used to see american tanks , APCs and Humvees heading for the northern border. anyway i will be getting away from all this mess as i am leaving for college to india. i will say only one thing

Moderator SmilieAaaaaand CUT! Thank you ladies and gentlemen, you have been a wonderful audience, now move on to the next post, nothing more to see here. There will be refreshments at the exit. Take care!

Yup, too political Ayan. Please, do not do that again. -Amari’-
Moderator Smilie
I live in Louisiana, USA!!! For everyone out there who might be stereotypical, I do NOT have an alligator in my back yard (nor the front), I am NOT Cajun, nor do I speak Cajun, I am actually part French, Indian, and Irish, I do NOT live on the Bayou, so therefore my backyard is not a swamp, AND I AM NOT A REDNECK!!! Okay, now that that's out of my system, where are the rest of my fellow LOTR fans from?
As i said i am a croatian-australien-hungarien-something.
Hello all I am from the beautiful and exciting midwest in the USA. I grew up in St. Louis and now I live in Colorado but I hope to be moving back home soon. I am just not cut out for living west of the Mississippi River. I like the midwest better. Nothing against Colorado

I am sure this is posted somewhere in this thread, but just to save you the digging:
I live on the East Coast of Canada. Smile Smilie
I live in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Ashley276, we should trade places. I would love to live in Colorado! Smile Smilie
Denver, CO Big Smile Smilie
UK - originally from Essex (cue Esex Girl jokes - not) but now in BerkSHIRE in a house called The Shire. So sue me......
What? What? Used the name Shire????? Old Addled Hoggard will be at your door in no time!
Same as rednell I think i said this once and I'm going to say this again
I from CA USA (I think like Grondie?)

do you all miss me?
my internet broke down.
Grondy is in Washington state.

Yeah, we missed you, been well while you were away?
I'm from the land down under!!! Australia!!! And no, I'm not that good at sports, winter here, yes, is freezing and I'm not best friends with a kangaroo!!! Smoke Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie
I'm from Fitchburg, Massachusetts. It's a small town, and kind of boring. ...not much else worth mentioning about it.
I'm from the midwestern part of the United States, from a state called Iowa. Its primarily a farming area, so not much excitement comes our way. I have enjoyed reading about where everyone else is from. Its great that PT has members from all over...a rather rich tapestry of people.

On page 25 of this post, in think, some members were talking about accents sounding cool in any language. Our local small town bank has a new cash machine that has a British accent when it talks to you! It struck me as rather funny that a definite accent was given to an automated cash machine. Maybe we are suppose to feel better for not having much money in our bank accounts if you hear it in a cool accent. (And I always thought the British have a cool accent.) Anyway, I thought I'd share that for you UK members...your native accent is the chosen method of communication for cash machines in remote places in Iowa. Ha! Big Smile Smilie
I am from Albuquerque , New Mexico - USA. Not much happens in this part of the country, but the weather is great and the sunsets are beautiful. I just wish we had a pro sports team here. . . Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Home is located along Lake Erie in Ohio, USA. But I travel lots over USA with husband on his varied job assignments past couple years. Beats the office grind and leaves me with more Tolien time Smoke Smilie
I live in Califonia USA! And yes the weather is nice down here in the Southland but I'd much rather live on the little island off the coast called Catalina......*sigh* I visited there about a year ago and I abosolutley LOVED IT!!!! I can't belive there are so many ppl here from so mant different places! Call me single-minded but I seriously haven't been anywhere out of the US! I'm so depressed! I want to visit Britain, Australia, actually like all of Europe(especially France!), Japan, and Egypt! *sniffle* Very Sad Smilie If you come from anly of these places send me an e-mail or something, describing them! If I can't visit 'em I'd sure like to hear about them!!!!! Wolf Smilie
im from austin texas. weather here is CRAZY. austin is populated by about 450,000 hippies and 300,000 techies, and all democrats.
Geez....what a place to live in Thrain iii. I don't think I've seen many hippies in California. As for techies there are a couple (actually there are one or two in my class Very Big Grin Smilie ) I think one of our biggest problems in the Golden State is our thespians(actors). Wink Smilie They just run all over the place acting like weirdos! So Angry Smilie Just kidding. I'm an actor myself but the part about them running around acting strange is true!
P.S. And at least all your democrats get along with each other. Ha Ha Ha Smilie Wolf Smilie
i'm from Bled from Slovenia.That's in Europe if anyone doesn't know it....I love it here!!!
well i dont think ive posted on this thread so.......................

im from The State of Georgia USA,i Live in Woodstock about 20 or 30 miles north of Atlanta(I wish i could move to Ireland or Tennessee or one of the better parts of Georgia,its a nice state but anywhere near Atlanta,in my opinion,is boring,being over developed,and some of the people dont know left from right while lookin at a sign that points them out.)and what really bothers me about where i live is that hardly anyone is actually from the South (if a Southerner posted this thread it would be Where are yall from.........)they just think they are because there parents moved here a few years before they were born.theres nothing wrong with people outside of the South i just wish ones living in the South would quit saying tthey are and then saying things like "you all" or "you guy's" and other things Southereners wouldnt say.Your from where your familys from!Sorry if i offended anyone,but its just something that bothers me.
I'm from UT, USA. Park City to be exact (about a 15 minute drive from SLC). Unlike the rest of UT, Park City actually doesn't have that many Mormons. PC is more like a cold colony of CA. For anyone who watched the ski jumping, skeleton, luge, bobsled, downhill, snowboarding or slalom during the '02 Winter Olympics, that's where I live, actually, I'm about a 1 1/2 drive away from the ski jump/ UT Olympic Park. Park City is awesome, but there are definitely other parts that I wouldn't want to live in. *cough Heber, Coalville, Kamas, Francis* But just in case, the rumors about green j-ello and cassroles is true! Yuck!!!
In case anyone doesn't know; in the above post: UT = Utah, SLC = Salt Lake City, CA = California, and the Mormans are 'The Church of the Latterday Saints' and their members make up a very high proportion of population density in Utah and southern Idaho. We may not get into their doctrine for that would be entering into religious discussion. I will say that the many I have met are very nice, moral people. End of discussion. Happy Elf Smilie
Is anyone here from Poland only we (The Council) could do with a little help in translating some Polish?

I'm from Arizona, went to undergraduate in Malibu, CA, and currently reside in San Francisco, CA, which I absolutely love and will most likely never leave.
British Columbia, Canada here!! Smoke Smilie Smoke Smilie Smoke Smilie
Whoa, Turin. You are one very lucky guy...and I think you know why! Winking Smilie

Hey, Eruwen, that's so weird! I was raised in southern California and now live in Arizona! We switched!
Hey, Eruwen, that's so weird! I was raised in southern California and now live in Arizona! We switched!

Hi there! Well, I still go to Arizona all the time because my family lives there. I miss the natural environment -- the red rocks, the warm thunderstorms, the blooming desert -- but in my opinion, as cities go, San Francisco is much better because it feels more like a small community. How about you? How do you like Arizona?

As for Southern Cal, I liked the beaches and some of the nightlife, but for the most part, I never got attached. Do you miss it?

I'll tell you though, I went to Heidelberg, Germany for a year in college, and it was by far the best year in my life to date. It's a wonderful, wonderful place.
I just read this post by Acheron, which I found interesting:

but I'd much rather live on the little island off the coast called Catalina......*sigh* I visited there about a year ago and I abosolutley LOVED IT!!!!

My family has a long history on Catalina -- my grandfather helped build a lot of the buildings and roads, my aunt lived there for 70 years and ran the aviary (now closed), and my father was born there. I used to be a tour guide there as well Smile Smilie. Hmmm...I don't think I would want to live there long-term though. I worked on Catalina for one summer and had serious island fever...and the island isn't even that far from the mainland! It was a good summer though -- fishing and basically living on the beach, but long-term?...hmmm...I would definitely have second thoughts. The whole island is smoking something, if you know what I mean Wink Smilie ...which gets old after awhile. Oh, I was on Catalina during the big Northridge earthquake of '94!...what a nightmare! -- scariest experience of my whole life.
I'll tell you though, I went to Heidelberg, Germany for a year in college, and it was by far the best year in my life to date. It's a wonderful, wonderful place.

Now that I believe!!! I spent a month in Heidelberg learning German. Best month of my life! Wonderful, wonderful place indeed! Big Smile Smilie

Toll! Yes, if anyone wants to go to a great place in Germany, Heidelberg is definitely a great place. It's a university town, so most of the occupants are students. Old town Heidelberg is basically a pedestrian walkway with cafes, nightclubs and pubs. A beautiful castle overlooks the Neckar River and the old town. Oh, and Christmas...Christmas is a wonderful time of year there with the Weinachstmarkt (Christmas Market) lining the streets of the old town, where vendors sell items like warm, spiced wine and marzipan and gingerbread...yum! Enough to warm your soul with the softly falling snow dusting the old cobbstone roads and antique gas lamps...beautiful!

Of course...that said, Edinburgh, Scotland and York, England are wonderful places too! Big Smile Smilie
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