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A new game, because we don't have enough yet! Animated Wink Smilie

Ok folks, this is how it works: I post a dictionary definition of a word, you give me the word. If you get it right, you win one of my fantastic home made superspecial precious Woolly Gems, only to be earned here!

So here we go, first definition:

"Someone who is in charge of feeding, cleaning, and taking care of horses."

Wiggle Smilie
hostler or groom. They're both about the same thing Big Smile Smilie
Sounds like a happy girl to me, but I don't know how condense that down to just one word. Yes I do, a horsegirl the female contempory of the cowboy. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
And my first Woolly Gem goes to... Nessa_narmolanya! Groom was the word I'm looking for.

Next definition:

"Existing as something real or solid, rather than as an idea or something imagined in the mind."
DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY WORDS ARE IN THE DICTIONARY!!?? just kidding this is a great game!!
An object?
concrete ?
Yes, Grondy, well done! May I present you your very first Woolly Gem... Big Smile Smilie

Next one:

A small woollen ball used as a decoration on garments, especially hats.
Aaaaah, p00p!

Ya beat me to it, Vee!!

The one time in my life I would have actuallly won something!


Ah well.... Well done to you my super-intelligent, amazing, beautiful, caring, chocolate sharing... Chum!

(Ok - you do realise that I'm only after 1/2 of the prize that you get!!! tee hee )

Dunce Smilie

btw - Great thread Tommie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Thanks! Big Smile Smilie

Well, I was actually looking for "pompon", but "bobble" will do fine too, so there ya go Vee, your first Woolly Gem! :wink

So what's this then?

A very small wave or gentle waving movement.
A waft?
a shake
or tremble?
What is a (Jeapardy style Wink Smilie) Current? (best I could come up with.. oh and Tommie, great game!) Smile Smilie
A Ripple, is my guess...

hmmm but it could be a Tsunami? Wink Smilie

Good guesses all, but the Woolly Gem goes to Lord Aelric! Ripple was the word I was looking for.

Next one:

A strong feeling of fondness for another person, especially between members of a family or close friends.
No, sorry, guess again!

It's an abstract notion that you usually use in connection with one very special person. Animated Wink Smilie
WUVE In Love Smilie Kiss Smilie I Love You Smilie
Love as normal people put it

Big Laugh Smilie

Yes, Grondy, you get your Woolly Gem!

"A thing made to be exactly like another"
One Woolly Gem for Stoney!

"Having lived or existed for a long time."
Gandalf? (Heeheehee)

( Tommy: Do you grow your Wooly Gems by planting slightly used lemon drops or wild cherry cough drops in a bed of dust-bunnies or is a more technological procees involved?) Elk Grinning Smilie
(Grondy: I am not going to tell you where I get my Woolly Gems from, you'd only start making them yourself then, but let's say they grow in a way slightly similar to your Pseudo-Silmarils) Elk Grinning Smilie

Old is what I was looking for, so another Gem for Stoney!

"Broken pieces of wood, plastic, and other waste materials from a shipwreck floating about together in the sea, or washed up onto the shore."
Gots to be flotsam, because jetsam is stuff jettisoned (thrown) overboard on purpose.
Thanks Grondy, because I didn't even know what flotsam was or jetsam until now.
Indeed, flotsam's what it is. Another Woolly Gem for Grondmaster! Big Smile Smilie

"What must happen and cannot be changed or controlled."
Well, ehm, either of the two would have done fine, but since I found the definition after the word "destiny", I think Arco deserves the Gem. Unless of course you want to share it? Disturbed Smilie

"A piece of cloth or thin soft paper for drying the nose, eyes, etc."
Vindea Ristare has the correct answer, so the Woolly Gem is coming your way!

Ehm. I won't be back again until Saturday, but I'll post a new one anyway. You'll have to wait for the answer then. Tongue Smilie

"To take in one's breath suddenly and in a way that can be heard, especially because of surprise or shock."
Gasp! or Splutter! or Projectile Vomit?

Wink Smilie
That was quicker than I expected! lol

Gasp is the word I was looking for, so a nice Woolly Gem goes over to Lord aelric. Big Smile Smilie

"Time without end."

PS: You won't see me again now before Saturday. Promise. lol
Well i better get another gem to keep this one company till then - i reckon what your after is a little biddy bit of INFINITY!

The alpha and the omega...

Cyclops Smilie
"Time without end."
I think it is eternity, because infinity is "distance without end".
Yep! Grondy has the word again, so another Woolly Gem for him.
*reaches out for Woolly Gem*
*finds basket empty* Disturbed Smilie
*runs to her secret sheep lab*
*uses the secret formula*
*runs back with a full basket*
There ya go, Grond! Animated Wink Smilie

"Having an empty space inside"

I know, I know, I broke my promise. Sorry. lol
OK...eternity is the more accurate word/phrasing i have to concede that master Grondsta, but technically "infinity" counts for both Space(distance as you say) & Time, equally.

now to the next question. Maybe i'll get tht one right? Tongue Smilie

It's a Void?
Now let me see: Oh! Darn, I have to wait 24 hours because I got the last one. Elf Winking Smilie

As English is my native language I also have an unfair advantage over many of our members; however, having grown up in the sticks I don't really know the Queens English. Serching Smilie So I often have to resort to my heavy duty, four inch thick, dictionary to check a lot of words I use around the forum. I notice that the muscles on my left side are getting stronger from picking it up from floor on that side of my chair.
Big Laugh Smilie @ Grondy

Ehm, no it's not a void. I'm looking for an adjective here.
Is it hollow?
simpler the better,
Yes, you're right Daisy! One Woolly Gem for you!

"Facts that make a crime less serious." (two words!)
Not guilty!

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