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Congrats to Star-of-hope, the Woolly Gem goes to her.

"A very common and useful metal that is a simple substance (element) and magnetic."
Yes, Peredhil, another Woolly Gem coming your way!

(adjective) "Showing a disrespectful or showy self-confidence."

Won't be back until Friday, so guess on!
Might the answer be "arrogant" Tommie?
Or perhaps conceited?

Or could it be egotistical?
Maybe brashed?
Since Andrea is very very close (the answer is "brash"), the pretty Gem goes to her. (or was it him, I keep forgetting, sorry!!! Disturbed Smilie )

"To move or to be moved through the air by means of wings."
Tee-hee. Gildor has it right, one Woolly Gem on the way!

(adjective) "Shared or used by all members of a group."
joint, like a joint bank account?
Hmm. No, but Laurelindhe ilmarin was very close, only I'm looking for an adjective here, not a noun.
In some cases, the word 'public' can be used as an adjective, can it not? Is it Public?
It might have been, but it's not. I'm looking for the adjective derived from the noun "community". Cool Smilie
Alright, I've got it-Communal, isn't it? If I don't get it this time, I will shoot myself in the foot.
Yes, Laurelindhe ilmarin, that's exactly it. Another Woolly Gem is on its way. Smile Smilie

"A container for solid objects or substances, usually with stiff straight sides and often with a lid."
Yes, as easy as that. Tongue Smilie Another Woolly Gem for the Grondmaster.

"To wear or be worn away gradually, especially by the slow action of water, wind, etc."
I think I know it, but I'll wait 24 hours to give someone else a chance at it. Wiggle Smilie
That's what came to my mind also, Stonehelm.
Me three! I want to jump on the bandwagon too!

I'm looking for a verb here. Wiggle Smilie

But you're all very very very close. Animated Wink Smilie
Then it ought to be "erode". Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Indeed, so it is, Grondy. Another bright and shiny Woolly Gem for your collection! Big Smile Smilie

"A park where many kinds of (wild) animals are kept for show."
Very clever of you, Stoney, that's exactly it, indeed! Your reward is on its way!

(verb) "To (cause to) scatter or spread in different directions, so as to be no longer present."
Disperse it was, the Gem goes to Terrijayne!

(adjective) "(Especially of something bad) Easily and clearly known by the senses or the mind."
No and no.

But Grondy started off with the right letter. Tongue Smilie

Since Andrea is very very close (the answer is "brash"), the pretty Gem goes to her. (or was it him, I keep forgetting, sorry!!! )

I'm a she, Andrea Brocelli (or whatever) screwed everyone up!
putrid Dead Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie
(Sorry Andrea, it won't happen again. Disturbed Smilie )

Still no one has guessed it, so more hints:

P A _ _ _ _ _ _

Wiggle Smilie
It isn't anywhere near the tip of my tongue and there are too many "pa..." words in my dictionary.

P A L _ _ _ _ _

Wiggle Smilie

(It is in my dictionary, but I don't know if it's an often-used word... Apparently it isn't!)
palpable fits, and concerns knowing by touch,except it has neutral connotations. Then again, palatable has positive connotations to the taste. But I don't think either of these fit your definitions, do they, maybe I am just too provincial or have yet to find it in my huge Webster's New Universal Unabridged. Elf Confused Smilie I don't have access to the OED.
Palpable is the word I was looking for. (I copied the exact description from my "Longman dictionary of contemporary English"). Then again, my version is a rather old one, so... Disturbed Smilie

Another Woolly Gem for the Grondmaster!

"A ruler who has complete power over a country (especially if the power has been gained by force)."
A dictator?
Yes indeed, a nice Gem for Gildor inglorion!

(adjective) "Made clean and neat, in good order."
No, but a nice guess.

Hint: it's connected with the sea.
Alright, well it's not exactly one word, but technically, since it is hyphenated, it does actually serve as one word: is it 'ship-shape'? That relates to the sea...if I am way off, may my toes contract the flesh-eating disease and fall off, despite my feet! Rolling Eyes Smilie
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