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I agree, Grondy, that's got to be it. I can't find or think of anything else.
That's indeed what I was looking for. Another woolly gem for the Grondmaster, and no more words from the English class. Animated Wink Smilie

A confused mixture many about goulash? (I know it's probably not it; I'm just saying it because I like the taste of it Smile Smilie.)
How about a conglomeration Tommie?
I think it starts with P and ends with T. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie (I'm trying to hold back to give others a better chance.)
Big Laugh Smilie Sorry, Grondy, but it doesn't start with a p and end with a t. It's not a goulash or a conglomeration either.

Hint: starts with R.
Well polyglot would have worked Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Starts with R you say? Hmmm? A confused mixture? Hmmm? ruffle?
Nooo. The dictionary adds: often derogative.

Hint: r a _ _ _ g
Doesn't seem to quite fit the definition, but ragtag?
No, but very close. (perhaps it is old-fashioned by now, the dictionary I'm using is from the 80s)

Hint: r a g _ _ g
Sorry Tommie, I can't find one that fits in mine. The G ending has got me, as I thought it might be 'ragout' and I couldn't find a definition for 'raging' which should have to do with anger; though with a double G middle it might work as 'ragging'. Still stumped. Elf Confused Smilie
My dictionary (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English) gives this definition for "ragbag". Question Smilie I'm not really sure, it might have become rather old-fashioned by now. Sorry, I'll just start a new one with a word I am sure of. Smile Smilie

A large fierce meat-eating catlike animal, yellowish with black spots.
I was actually looking for "leopard", but cheetah has about the same definition, so you get a nice icy woolly gem, Maydmarion. Careful, it's very cold.

A child who misbehaves in a not very serious way.
No, looking for a three-letter word, more specifically a noun.
Hm. I didn't know "bad" was a noun, but anyway... Tongue Smilie

I'll use another dictionary from now on!

Hint: i _ _
How about "imp"?
Me thinks you have it Princess L. Happy Elf Smilie
Yes indeed, Princess_Luthien is awarded a nice flaming woolly gem.

A short pole with a wide flad blade at one end or at both ends ujsed for moving a small boat along.
PADDLE! Smile Smilie
A sweep is a longer one of these used in ranks to move a sailing ship or galley through the water when the wind is slack.
Eruwen got it right with "paddle", earning herself a nice flaky woolly gem!

To do or make (something one has not prepared for) owing to an unexpected situation, sudden need, etc.
Hm. I didn't know "bad" was a noun, but anyway...

Whoops sorry didn't read your hint properly Very Mad Smilie
Improvise or adlib i consider them the same thing but that is because i act so... sorry if it comes out as two guesses.
Robbin' Wood deserves a nice sprinkled woolly gem for guessing the right answer. "Improvise" is the word I was looking for.

To settle or lie in a close, comfortable position.
No, it's more like settling in, for example in a sofa or in your bed. Finding yourself a nice position to sit/lie in.
Snuggle ok ok - I know it's not right, it's a word I use a lot but it probably doesn't exist Ha Ha Ha Smilie
No, I think you've got it Maydmarion. Happy Elf Smilie
Indeed you have! A nice chocolate covered woolly gem for you!

A person with a job on a ship, especially one who is not a ship's officer.
a sailor?
A steward?
Lemaly orangeflower has it with sailor, and is rewarded with an orange flavoured woolly gem. Animated Wink Smilie

A game in which one person bends down and another person jumps over them from behind.
Ah, zhat muzd be ze game of 'Hop-de-toad', known more generally as leapfrog. Jumping Flame Smilie
Zhat muzd be it, indeed. Animated Wink Smilie Another sparkling woolly gem for your collection, Grondy!

A piece of equipment used for cutting off the heads of criminals, which works by means of a heavy blade sliding down between two posts.
Often used in the french revolution? I dont know how to spell it but it is something like Giliothian?
umm....a Guillotine I believe.
It's a guillotine, so the woolly gem goes to Lemaly. Since you were so close, you get a very small one too, Mellon. Animated Wink Smilie

A usually round, hollow container of thin glass with a wire inside, which lights up when electricity is passed through it.

You really do have to admire the people who made that dictionary.
The idea icon that appears over people's heads when the exclaim, "Eureka!"
What is a lighbulb?
It is a lightbulb, but you get a nice starry woolly gem anyway. Animated Wink Smilie

A person who has rather hard fixed standards of behaviour and self-control and thinks pleasure is unnecessary or wrong.
What is a "stiff-neck" ?!
# latitudinarian

don't know were i found that but there you go

i know that the def. doesn't compeltly fit but i like the word
Grondy has it with puritan and receives a sparkling woolly gem for his pretty collection. Animated Wink Smilie

Elrose: I very much like your word, but I can't find it in my dictionary, so I have no idea where you found it. Orc Going Huh Smilie

(old use) To promise to marry or give in marriage.
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