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Thread: Guess the word!

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coruscation? or glimmer? or perhaps beam?
flare?or bedazzlement?
Blaze or spark??
It probably isn't gleam...
lightning? Lighening Smilie
flash? glare? blaze?
Yes it is Laurelindhe ilmarin, you get a red licorice Wooly Gem. Happy Elf Smilie

What word means: "upright; straight up and down" Question Smilie
Perpendicular? Wait, about vertical?
vertical? damn, 1 minute after
Vertical it was, Eruwen gets a grape flavored amethyst Wooly Gem. Happy Elf Smilie

What word means: "a step or set of steps for ascending and descending, in passing a fence or a wall" Question Smilie
is it a stile?
Yes it is Fingolfin, you get a dark blue Wooly Gem (blueberry, I think) Happy Elf Smilie

What word means: "hard to manage or deal with; perverse; stubborn; unruly" Question Smilie
Could it be recalcitrant?
Is it incourageable(not sure of the spelling on this one)?
is it rebellious or wild??
None of those, it's one of the many "un" words. Happy Elf Smilie

( I had forgotten to write it down and today it took me quite awhile to re-find it in my humongous dictionary, which has pages of "un" words.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
How about uncooperative?
I know it isn't this, but I'd say it's unlikeable! Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
How abuot uncontrollable?
How about unmanageable?
Nope, third letter is T.
Nope, fourth letter is O.
Untoward? (I don't think I've ever used this word in a sentence.)
Eruwen, I think you have to be correct. I can't think of many other words that start with "unto", and untold doesn't fit...
Eruwen got it and a lavender Wooly Gem Happy Elf Smilie

Nor have I previously used 'untoward' in a sentence.

What word means: "to startle, to shy away; to doubt, to hesitate" Question Smilie

If someone else would like to run this game for a while, I'd like to pass it on, or share it with them. I think my choice of words are becoming too stale or too obscure; maybe someone else could do it better.
How about demur?

Grondy, I would love to take some or all of the load off your shoulders. Just let me know if you want me to help you.
Well about faulter?
None of those; it is a B word.

Princess L’thien, you may do the next bunch if you wish. Do you have ample dust bunnies under your bed for the Wooly Gems?

And if you ever get tired of it Princess Luthien, I'll take over. I look forward to having you as game master, (even though I will miss, Grondy) Sad Smilie.
Second letter is O. And I think there is a commercial game by that name.
Yes Grondy, I have more than enough dustbunnies

How about boggle?
Boggle it was, I found another chocolate mint Wooly Gem for Princess_L’thien. Happy Elf Smilie

And I now turn the thread over to Princess_L’thien for a while, confident that no one will raise the hue and cry for my immediate return. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Please give us the next word Princess L.
Alright, here goes...

My first definition will be:

stern, unyielding, gloomy
Perhaps desolate?
My favourite word... OMINOUS? (I know it's not, but I just love saying OMINOUS. My friends tell me I use it too often.)
ummmmmm hi....
how about severe
Nope none of them are it...but it is a "d" word.
"d" eh? wot about dour
how about duh
Dolorous? That's an old as word. I only know it from reading the middle-english Malory's Morte d'Arthur. I think that was what it was called. It was easy Middle-english, though. Real easy.
Fingolfin, you have it. You get the raspberry-peach flavored wooly gem.

The next definition:

intended to deceive or entrap, sly, treacherous.
Perhaps it's sneaky?
Could it be devious or ruthless?
crafty? dishonest? Insidious?
how about slim
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