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Thread: Guess the word!

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Nope, neither of those, but I love the word "whimsical" -- it sounds like what it means.

HINT: The word starts with an f...

And yes, Morambar, your game sounds good...why don't you start it in a new thread!? I'm looking forward to it Smile Smilie.
Ulp! I was afraid of that. OK, thx Eruwen, forget what I said before; this is harder than I thought it would be (at least if I make all the answers from the works, 'cos then 90% are in Quenya or Sindarin.) I'll let ya'll know. Meanwhile....

This one has come to have different connotations, but its etymology, at least, is applicable: frivolous?

This post has been edited by Morambar the Overly Ambitious.
Morambar is close...well, at least in the length of the word, as well as the fact that he used another one of my mother's favorite words.

The second letter is "a" though -- so now we have fa...
Hmmm, I guess it depends on HOW close. I'll try facetious anyway, even if it does have an extra letter.
Correct, Morambar! Facetious was indeed the word I was looking for. You get a red-hot cinnamon Wooly Gem...careful, it's really hot. So Angry Smilie

The next word (if Grondy doesn't mind me butting in) means: Overparticular about trivial details; fastidious. (I love the way this word sounds.)
Fussy: as in what a fussbudget is.

No problem Eruwen; this was really Tommie's thread but she said she wouldn't be here often enough to keep it going and asked me to fill-in. I decided to share the wealth, when I ran out of dust-bunnies. So feel free to present the words and award the Wooly Gems. When you get tired; ask for someone else to take over for a while and one of us will.
Sorry, Grondy..."fussy" is not the word.

HINT: The word is quite a bit longer than "fussy" and does not start with "f" this time.
It is good that it doesn't start with f for I think flibbertigibbet means the opposite of the clue, but is still a very funny word.

Are you looking for perspicacity?
Oooo...good guess, Grondy, very close, but no. You do have the first four letters correct though. So now we have that the word begins with PERS...
Are you looking for persnickety?
That's it RivendellElf! A green sour apple Wooly Gem for you! Pucker up! Kiss Smilie

The next word means: The act of studying by candlelight; nocturnal study; meditation.
Correct, Elrose! A chocolate malted Wooly Gem for you! Tongue Smilie

The next word means: One who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people.
is the word sycophant?
probably not a "brown-nose" :elfgrin:

How about toady?
well, ill have to imagain an elf grinning, try elfbiggrin, happyelf or orcgrin...and i think it is brown-nose grondy
Rivendellelf has it with sycophant! I love that word. Rivendellelf gets a cool, icy mint Wooly Gem. Cool Smilie

The next word means: The specialized vocabulary of a particular field or discipline.
lingo? Happy Elf Smilie
Elrose has it with "lingo!" Congratulations! A sparkly, salted Wooly Gem for you! I

Remember everyone, if you won the last round, please allow 24 hours before posting your next guess. Smile Smilie

The next word means: Out of place; inappropriate.
unfit maybe?
Nope, neither of those.

Hint: The word is of French origin.
incongruent is from the latin, but it also works.
Nope...the word starts with an "m."
Nope...the word starts with "ma". Remember, think French!
malapropos? ITS FRENCH!!!! yay!
Elrose gets a chocolate-covered espresso bean flavored Wooly Gem for guessing the correct word: malapropos! Smile Smilie

Okay...someone is going to have to take over now. I'm going to be in Washington D.C. for a week. Talk to you all later!
Enjoy; I'll have to start guessing more when you get back. Would've gone a lot faster if I'd hit persnickety (a word I love) and malaprope on first sight, but I thought we weren't doing slang on the first one, and only know malaprope by reputation from Dickens and thought it specific to words. Of course i don't speak French, so if the original French uses it generally it's just as well; congrats either way, Elrose, and safe and fun trip Eruwen (there's an ambitious name. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie )
OOC: As a sidebar, the word "malapropos" is used in the English language, but is sometimes modified to malaprop...never heard of malaprope though. It's kind of like many of the English words that have been adopted into other language (and vice versa). And yes, I'm all about the ambitious name. Smile Smilie
Someone else may have a go at giving us words to guess, or if they don't, then I'll start another one tomorrow. Happy Elf Smilie
What word means: "The act of discontinuing motion or action of any kind, whether temporary or final." Question Smilie
sounds like stop to me...
"The act of discontinuing a[n]... action," huh, Grondy? Sure you're not just funnin' with us?

I'll try cessation, if only because I've twice guessed right the first time but thought I wasn't.
That makes three times Morambar, you get a lemon favored Wooly Gem. Happy Elf Smilie

You may give us the new definition if you wish, or I'll post a new one tomorrow.
Cool, if a little eerie, and thanks. I guess great minds do they alike, or something. Makes up for all the ones I almost but not quite remembered in Trivia.

The next one is a personal fave; I don't expect many different guesses and the first one will probably be right (and show a deeper than healthy knowledge of obsure words.) Google is verboten, since that's how I got the definition (I'm lazy) and thus it would come right up.

"Opposition to the belief that there should no longer be an official church in a country."
Way back when I was a youngster, that word was the longest one in the dictionary: it may still be. Of course hyphenated words don't count, for there are many chemical compounds whose names contain letters totaling nigh on to a googleplex. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
The word starts with a, unless I'm wrong of course.
is that spelt right?
Looks right to me, and I'm pretty sure it's still the longest, but reserve the right to be wrong. Well done, Tauro, your turn. I relinquish my Wooly Gem to you (I'm keeping my few psuedo-Silmarils and comparing them to thiotimoline.)
Anyone may post the next definition if they will be around to rule on our guesses or I'll start one about 20 hours from now.
alright, I guess I'll do one...

a pneumoconiosis caused by inhalation of very fine silicate or quartz dust

lol...goodluck! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
silicosis ?
asbestosis? (But I think Elrose has it...)
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