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Thread: Guess the word!

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nope, it is neither of those! Keep trying! Smile Smilie
Black lung?
Nope, it's not Black Lung.

I'll give you a hint:
it starts with a "P"
Hmmm...I think someone else is going to have to guess this one...
Ok...well, if it helps anyone, it's more than 5 letters long, one word...good luck! Smile Smilie
I think we will have to wait until one of those late night ambulance chaser commercials come on and maybe gives us the name. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Obviously it is more than five letters long, probably has more than three sylables too. I wish I could think of the word. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
You guys need a hint? It's supposed to be the longest word in the dictionary. I did not have to look this up, Iearned about it two years ago in Biology class...I win!! Big Smile Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
YAY! Good maybe, you could do one?
I don`t know if I should right now...You see I`m in Japan right now and I won`t have access to a computer for 2 days so if I put up a word, someone might guess it right away then there will be a 2 day lull in the game...but If you want me to, I`ll put up a definition, but if you`d rather not then just post another defintion and ignore me...your choice...

Exaggerated or foolish talk, usually intended to deceive
Nope...that's not it...keep guessing...
i know this isnt the word but i cant think of the word. its on the tip of my tounge and i have spent 5 minutes on it all ready so...
Oh, I'll try equivocation.
Nope, but I will give you a hint, it starts with an "m."
Mumbo Jumbo?
Nope, but close, the second letter is an "a"
Yes, Lemaly orangeflower, you've got it!! You get a sushi flavored wooly gem, I brought it back with me from Japan, ok well I will continue the game for a little, if no one objects.

Next Definition:
A very small piece or part; a tiny portion or speck
Rivendellelf1977, you have it and you get a peach flavored wooly gem, on to the next word...

Contempt or disdain felt toward a person or object considered despicable or unworthy
Rivendellelf1977, you got it again, and since you got it twice in a row, I grant you the title of Gamemaster for a while...

here is the next definition:
a show especially of mental agility
would it be funambulism? that is a silly word! Smile Smilie
Lemaly Orangeflower you got it with funambulism! So you get a Brick Wooly Gem!

Next Defintion:
to make larger
Nope, neither of those words are the word I'm looking for.
I'll try magnify.
nope neither of those either

here's a hint, it starts with a D
Ok, I am gonna say develop, because it starts with a d...

another hint - Etymology: Middle English, Middle French, and Latin
dexterity? that last hint didn't provide with any help
sorry im horrible at giving hints...but dexterity was not here is my next hint i think you will be able to get it after this one

What do they do to your pupils at the eye doctors office? (sometimes)
Previously we have just give additional letters for hints.

dilate ?
sorry i didnt know...u got it, so you get a Purple Wooly Gem and you can do the next definition because i wont be here for a while and you got the word!
Okay Rivendellelf1977, take care and come back when you can, but don't neglect your studies when you do.

What word means: Weakened in or deprived of the power of feeling or moving Question Smilie
I'm sure this is too obvious to be correct, Grondy, but how about paralyzed?
No, that is not it; though I did forget to write down the word yesterday and just had a sudden moment of panic before I remembered what the word was; I have since written it down. I'll give a hint tomorrow.
First letter: n.
That must be it, Maydmarion. I can't think of anything else.
'Numb' it was, so Maydmarion gets another emerald colored, spearmint flavored, Wooly Gem. Happy Elf Smilie

What word means: to stir; to move; to discompose; to excite from a state of rest or tranquility; to disquiet Question Smilie
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