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Thread: Guess the word!

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extenuating circumstances
Ehm. Not what I was looking for, but apparently that does exist too and it has the exact same meaning. Disturbed Smilie

I was looking for "mitigating circumstances", but you can have your Gem, Grondy. Animated Wink Smilie

"A guiding or warning fire on a hill, tower or pole"
Yes! A nice and shiny Woolly Gem for our Peredhil!

"A place from which stone, sand, etc. are dug out"
Does the 24 hour rule apply to this thread?
Are you looking for the word "Quarry"? (They are sometimes referred to as gravel pits too, but it doesn't sound as pleasing to the ear. Smile Smilie )
The 24h rule does apply to this thread too, yes, Pere.

And yes, Nell, I was looking for the word "quarry". One shiny Woolly Gem coming right your way! Big Smile Smilie

"A person who takes part in a competition."
Yess, Pere, one Woolly Gem coming your way!

"To fight with a long thin sword as a sport."

"En Garde Monsieur!" Bad! Smilie
Yupyup, another nice Gem for Lord Aelric!

(football) "In a position in which play is not allowed."
Is it offside? Can't think of anything else, though this isn't how I'd describe it so if I'm wrong please don't do any 'tut tut women don't have a clue about football' posts. I have about half a clue.
You're right, Daisy! One Woolly Gem coming your way!

"To let out a deep breath slowly and with a sound."

to whistle? Wink Smilie
All close enough, but Grondy had the word I was looking for! Another Woolly Gem for the Grondmaster!

"A list of the times at which buses, trains, planes, etc. leave and arrive."
Bradshaw (Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes' companion, consulted his copy of this timetable to help them get to the station on time to solve many of their mysteries.)
Yup, Pere has it this time! One Woolly Gem coming your way! Big Smile Smilie

(old fashioned) "A stupid person, a fool, an idiot."

(one of my favourite English words) Elk Grinning Smilie
Hmmm, what a lot of choices!

Very Big Grin Smilie Plenty to choose from but, as it's old fashioned, how about buffoon?
How about a dolt? Or someone whose more-off? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Lol! Good guesses all, but nope. Guess again! Animated Wink Smilie

Hint: starts with "N".
Nincompoop? I probaly spelled it wrong. :/
LadyF has the word! Nincompoop! My favourite English word. Big Smile Smilie Although noodlehead is a rather nice one too. lol

One Woolly Gem is on its way to our dear LadyFeawen!

(verb) "To formally take away membership of the church from (someone) as a punishment"
It's on the tip of my tongue and I think it starts with C.
excommunicate? Please excuse any spelling problems.
Yes, Nessa has the right word, though Grondy was quite close... Animated Wink Smilie

"A large musical instrument, played by pressing white or black bars which cause small hammers to hit wire strings."
If piano isn't right, I guess harpsichord
Piano is correct for the harpsichord's mechanism uses a quill to pluck the strings and then dampen them when the duration of the note has finished.
Cool Elf Smilie Elves rule the universe
Ahhh Haaaa! A sick raptor dwells above! Kill it quickly before it spreads!

Or should we direct to the path of light for it is a newbie?? Wink Smilie
*Loni fastens Stoney's leash a bit tighter.

Down, dog! Down! It's Encaita's first post!
Hi Encaitar, welcome to P-T. i hope you will find some new friends here.
Waving Hello Smilie

Hi Encaitar! Welcome to PT. And may I say it's an honour to me that you chose my thread to make your first post. Animated Wink Smilie

I don't have my dictionary here now (I'm at my brother's) and he doesn't seem to have any either and I will be back maybe tomorrow and then it will probably be August until I'm back. I therefore propose to temporarily stop the game until the beginning of August. If that's okay with you guys and gals. Disturbed Smilie
*drumroll* I'm back, so the game's back!

New description:

"Having feelings of pleasure, for example because something good has happened to you."

Glad you're back, Tommie!
Elated? (If that's right, Rhodry should get the credit because my adjective was built using his noun.)
(Thanks Stony Big Smile Smilie )

Pere has the answer I was looking for! Congrats and a nice and a bit dusty Woolly Gem for you!

"A statement, which someone else has a right to believe and depend on, that one will or will not do something, give something, etc."
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