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inobscure Okay, it's not in my dictionary nor is unobscure. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Nope...the word that I'm thinking of starts with an L...
lucid ?
nope...the next letter is lu...
Is it lucent?
I'm sorry I don't know what I was thinking...the second letter is i, so it's li so far...sorry again..
Is it Limpid?
NOOOO!! I actually made the effot. I was eating dinner, and looking through the OXford Dictionary, and was looking and looking and Mum thought i was weird. And then she was like "at least she's obsessing over this, not going to parties with alcohol and boys" and I was like "IT'S LIMPID!!!" and Mum was like "Go and post it!" And I was like "oh, someone will have got it" but she was like "GO!" and so I did. NOOOO!!!!!
Just telling you lot I made the effort. Come on, clap. *everyone sighs*
Go loni go go go loni. ok i am not a cheerleader but congrats on the effort loni. you will have one of the ones coming up.
Maydmarion, you have it with limpid, you get a cheesecake flavored wooly gem...I am out of good words and now I will pass it on to anyone who is willing to be the "leader" for a little was fun and I enjoyed it...Grondy you can take it back if you want...
Oh PLEASE, let me. I ALMOST got it. So here's a real nasty word... *gets dictionary*
Noun - thin worsted yarn for tapestry and embroidery.
Hehe, let's see you get THAT one.
is that like thread or do you want some really complicated term cause if so I think Maydmarion had better show up soon. I do not know much bout sewing besides how to make clothes and the like.
Both Maydmarion and I know that one, its crewel. I did a picture of orange and yellow poppies in crewel with a surrounding white on white embroidered framework.

That was a good word Loni, please give us another one. Happy Elf Smilie
Grondy gave me an encore!!!! I love it. Here's the word i was GOING to use, but thought 'crewel' would be harder. RRR!!! you lot are TOO brainy!!
Verb - to discontinue meetings of (parliament etc.) without dissolving it; (of parliament etc.)
Oh dear, Grondy might get this one 'cause he used to be a CIVIL SERVANT!!! (Sorry, I found this out three posts ago, and I've mentioned this three times, I just can't get over it. I'll try to shut up now)

(Grondy merely highlighted Loni's new definition.)
Oh yeah, and Grondy, you got a really weird embroidered woolly gem.
What word means: avoiding excesses and extreames; keeping within reasonable bounds; temperate. Question Smilie
Hey, what about Loni's word? She didn't put it in bold, but it's in her second to last post, and noone answered it.
Sorry about that, I have since highlighted Loni's newest definition.

Tommie got my word so she gets a pink cotton-candy flavored Wooly Gem.

Back to Loni's: is it adjourned?
I think you're right Grondy, but Loni doesn't seem to be around.

I'll just post a new one for you to guess at until she's back.

A large area of water surrounded by land.

Should be easy.
The opposite I think, Adreia. Now we just have to decide whether it is a "pond" (too small), a "lake" (most probable), or a "sea" (some seas often continge with (abut upon?) an ocean and/or another sea).
Very nice Grondy, but can you decide on one answer please? Tongue Smilie
That's was my intent in highlighting "lake", the others had reasons why they couldn't be the word.
Sorry, Grondy, I got a bit confused... Anyway, there's another fluffy woolly gem for you. Ran out of apple-flavoured ones.

Shall I just post another word then? Oh well, why not.

Not effective, clumsy.

Hint: i....
Yes, another fluffy-puffy woolly gem for the Grondmaster!

To understand or take something said or done wrongly.
And the winner is... Eva lillith! A nice sponge woolly gem for you!

To leave someone or something and no longer help or support them.

Hey Rock-hat, welcome back. Happy Elf Smilie

Hi Stoney! Waving Hello Smilie

Nope, keep on guessing. Abandon is a possibility, but there's another word.
Eruwen has it with "desert", a nice appleblueseegreen woolly gem is on its way!

Very important, pioneering, fundamental.
I like essential, though it could be paramount.
I doubt it but what about crucial
Three very nice guesses, but no.

Hint: a ... work.
necessary/neccesity dont know which one you want

Hint: a s _ _ _ _ _ _ work.
No... (I hope this word is correct, we saw it in English class)

Hint: a sem _ _ _ _ work.
Yesterday 17 May, I thought the word was seminal, though when I looked in my dictionary for it, I couldn't find a definition that I liked. I looked again today and that has got to be it.
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