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How about betroth?

Compact Oxford English Dictionary is wher i got lautiwhatever no # is in it. yes this def. is also odd but betroth was taken.
Betroth indeed it is, Eruwen, you have earned yourself a bubbly woolly gem.

A hollow container of a particular shape, into which some soft substance is poured, so that when the substance becomes cool or hard, it takes this shape.
It isn't mildew, but it's similar.
It's not mildew, no.
is it Mold?
a cast ?
Lemaly has it with mo(u)ld. A dark woolly gem for your collection!

A field or fields of wild grass and flowers on which cattle, sheep, etc. can feed.
That would be a Pasture. HORRAY FOR LIVING NEAR FARMERS! Smile Smilie
Also a commons.
Ummm, not exactly what I was looking for, no. Big Laugh Smilie

It starts with M.

(Oh and someone else might want to take over after this one, my exams end tomorrow and I'll be going on holiday then. Big Smile Smilie )
is it a Meadow?
It is indeed a meadow. A nicy bubbly woolly gem coming your way!

If someone else would like to take over, please do, as I won't be online again for most of the summer. Hope you all enjoy the holidays, and I'll see you all again somewhere in August I guess!
What word means to dig; to investigate; to search for facts Question Smilie
Sorry, none of those.

Hint: It is an archaic word and 'Buckle my shoe' and 'Pick up sticks' could be a clue.
Ah, Eruwen knew the counting rhyme, so she gets a mint Wooly Gem.

What word means: to thrust out the hand, foot, etc.?
No, please try again. Happy Elf Smilie
Hint: It starts with R.
"Reach" it is Tommie, so a Blue Peppermint Icy Wooly Gem for you.

You may post the next one or I'll do it tomorrow.
I think you'd better do it. I won't be here tomorrow and the days afterwards. I'll pop in to say if I passed my exams or not, but then my holiday starts. Tongue Smilie
Okay Tommie.

What word means: a piece of work assigned to or demanded of a person Question Smilie
can i guess more than one?

task job call charge duty mission comission marshal service assignment
An order?

And Elrose...I believe it's one guess per person until the GM asks for more guesses (in which case you make one more guess).
okeyday! sorry
Yes, only one guess at a time and until you know your last one was wrong. However, seeing as how your first one was the correct one, I'll ignore the others. Had it not been the first one, I'd have asked 'Which one of the group was your guess?' and not ruling any of them out or in. Anyway, Elrose gets an emerald green (spearmint) Wooly Gem.

What word means: frugal; sparing; using economy and good management.
a scout is trustwrothy, loyal, helpful, fridly, courteus, kind, obediant....thrifty...
hopefully fridly is friendly but then again how much would i know considering i quit scouts not once but twice due to a bad troop and unable to make it to meetings so yeah. and i think thriftys right so...
Yup, thrifty it was, so a French vanilla Wooly Gem to Elrose.

What word means: a communication of thoughts by words; expression of ideas; conversation.
guess the obvious i guees, speach?
I'm gonna say palaver, no matter how wrong it may be...
to speak
Just a quick suggestion; if I'm barging in where unwanted just say the word (well, the other word) and I'll cheerfully self delete: a first letter (or last, or some other, if first makes it too easy) might be helpful. To illustrate what I'm getting at, a groom certainly perform the tasks described in the first post, but so does a hostler, which was my first thought.. OK, I'll get out of ya'lls way now, have fun.
just to let you know moramber the person... in this case grondy is looking for a certain word. he will make the call and getting the first letter is usually the first hint if no one gets it right or when no one has a clue.
Robbin' wood is correct about 'the other word', though thanks for your input Morambar. Happy Elf Smilie

So, as no one has guessed the current word, a hint: it starts with D.
Nope second letter is I.
Close, but still no cigar; though you did have the correct third letter. Elf Winking Smilie
Discourse it was Eruwyn, you get a luscious pink strawberry Wooly Gem. :happy elf:

Eruwyn may also present the next word if she chooses.
Why I would be honored, Grondy.

The next word is a favorite of my mother's, and it means: Playfully jocular; humorous
I interrupt again with a question: Many of these threads seem to be hitting all around a thought that occurred to me last night. Would anyone be interested in some kind of "Gondolin Times Crossword Puzzle" with canon clues, answers and (for those not familiar with the NYT version) some kind of pithy quote spread across three or four lines of it that means the difference between a challenging and an insoluble puzzle? After all, I have to start a thread of my own some time, right? This seems as good a place to start as any.

And I'll throw out "whimsical" just for fun.
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