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I thought I might try my hand at being a Game Master! Aren't you all excited!?

The story is this:
This takes place not but a few months after the fall of Sauron. The armies of Gondor are eliminating those who remain and are still faithful to Sauron.

The elves of Rivendell have been slightly divided on some issues for a while. Suddenly radical groups have formed, their minds tainted by some dark evil. It is not known what this evil is, but it is very strong, it must be to have fiddled with elves.

The afflicted ones have decided that Elrond's ruling period has come to an end and are plotting to overthrow him. The faithful, normal elves are not sure what has happened to their brethen and are reluctant to fight them. Though they have an idea what the others are planning, they care too much for their fellows to fight them.

The tainted ones have rallied behind an evil, malicious woman, who is believed to be the source of the problems, but she is never seen. The woman is called Trethila, and she leads the elves in their planning (I'll be Trethila when needed.)

You may join as an evil, tainted elf, or as a faithful one(to Elrond). You may also join as a human, dwarf, orc, or uruk-hai, but I want some elves, both good and bad.

Rules: You are to have no more than two magical abilities, unless you are a wizard or sorceress, then, obviously, you have more. No god-moding, or power-playing allowed. No outrageous half- and half- species (like my regular character, Ice, who is half elf and half spirit wolf). Your powers, if you have them, must, in some way, relate to Tolkien's writings. You can't instantly transform, or something like power up, and kill everything in sight.
You can join wherever you please, as long as you follow the rules I posted above.

Nimrodel amarie- Eleniel~didn't say
Adreia-Elraen~didn't say, either
Haldir_lorienwarrior-Rumil~didn't say, either
Rue auburn-Rue Auburn~Good
..............................................................................You guys have to tell if you're good or evil....

Now, join! I'll start once I think there are enough people.
Name: Arthas
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Looks: Fit, athletic human(not easily seen because of the heavy clothes he wears) in his 20s. Long pale blonde hair and fair face. Heavy black traveling clothes with richly embroided silver skull motives on his sleaves and robe ends. Heavy black cloak over that, and heavy chain mail underneath.
Equipment: Some traveling, weapons: frost covered bastard sword named Frostmourne, with all kinds of details on it.
Side: The tainted ones

When we start?
Whenever I get, say, at least two dark ones and two light ones. Then I'll explain more on the scene and stuff.
I might be in as one of the good guys, I need to think on it.
Okay, coolios!
i'll give it a shot! i'm brutal at this stuff by the way...
Never mind. I am out. Sorry Icefangs
It's okay, Rhaps, but to you other two, join! Go right ahead! Smile Smilie
I'll join Ice, on the good side...go against u and eth fer once :P I just gotta figure out a profile, then I'll post.
Okay, yay! When Turin posts his profile, the fun can begin!
Yeah! sorry i had a few issues picking a name, but here's my profile.
Name: Linw’ Carnes’r
Appearance: looks to be in mid-20's, has light brown hair with red and blondish highlights, and brown eyes that look almost bronze in the sun. She is medium height, slender and fairly pale-skinned, hails from Mirkwood.
Weapons: quarterstaff and bastard sword, strapped to back
Affiliation: the untainted ones
Can i be in this? i want to try and do this sorta thing. Look Around Smilie
Oooooo, funfunfun! May I join in also? I'd love to be a good guy, but bad if you want
((Um, here's my profile oO))

Name: Elraen
Race: Half Elven
Homeland: Gondor
Gender: Female
Age: About 23-ish
Physical Appearance: Long light brown hair, emerald green eyes, slightly tanned skin. Clothes- White dress that buttons up from the waist up with short sleeves, white cloak, light shoes the color white. Jewellry- a gold ring on her left pointer finger
Skills: Sewing, nice penmanship, integrity, honesty, loyalty, intelligent
Special Items: White horse named Fellar, no weapons
Backround/History: n/a at moment
(Why does everyone's rp threads always do better than mine? Anyone remember it? It's called A Different Kind of Story. Everyone's ignored it for the past few months. Does that ring the Joseph Bell?)

Name: Hrondak
Species: Dwarf
Appearance: It's a dwarf with red hair and beard, chainmail, and an iron helm. And he's a dwarf. need I say more?
Weapons: Really big single-bit axe and an h-shaped shield.
In rivendell against the wishes of everyone but Elrond. Knowing he needs all the help he can get if it comes to fighting. Was summoned by Elrond to bring a jewel as a gift to throw to Ulmo when he is halfway form Middle-Earth to Valinor. Tear, Tear, Cry, Cry, Sad, Sad.( which im sure It will, someone out there is bound to let there violent streak out)
yes, I remember it, tho as I remember Ar, it was in the Writer's Guild, not an RPG. Oh, and I fer one didn't forget it, just kinda didn't post cuz couldn't come up w/ anything to write. Tongue Smilie Elf Winking Smilie
This is my profile in this thing Look Around Smilie

Race: Elven
Homeland: Lorien
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: Dark hair, Dark Brown eyes, slightly tanned skin.
Weopons: bow and arrows strapped to back. medium sized blade strapped onto side, with shield strapped to back, gold coloured armour, with cape and helmet
Skills: A very good archer, alright swordsman, quiet, and wise
Look Around Smilie
So...Arwen you should get the story going now. Ready?
This sounds cool, can I play? As a good guy.
Here's my profile

Name-Rue Auburn
Clothes- Green leggings under short brown skirt,black knee high boots and black tunic,long gray traveling cloak.Also has many earrings and armbands.
Appearence-Bright green cat eyes, shoulder lenght red hair, fair skin, high cheek bones ,slightly pointed ears.
Weapons- Bow'n arrows, broadsword called Diresong, whip, throwing knives,daggers,quarter staff.
Hey, cool! And welcome to PT! Have fun in the threads!

C'mon Ice! Hurry back! Lol...
Lalalalalalalalalalala...............................where is everybody? Since there is a rule against one liners
(everyone apparently forgot, including me) I will type that fact and make it a two liner.
Lol Ar, we all forget. We're only human, of course. Well, yeah, I dunno, just typing jibberish to prevent a one-liner lol....
Yeah, um, Eth why don't you start it...seeing as I just got caught up and just walked in the door, still need to unpack and am dead on my feet. :P Oh, and missed all of you.
If the story starts, I'll join in as a bad elf...

Name: Cuiviedan
Gender: Female
Race: Elf, hails from Mirkwood
Appearance: Ice-blue eyes, the color of the river; waist-length hair that appears golden in the sun and silver in the moonlight; bronze skin that shimmers like the sands of the river; appears to be in late 20s. She is about 6'3".
Clothing: She wears all black, including a black leather bodice and a long black cloak. Her father is the Chief Protector in Mirkwood, and he has taught her all he knows. He gave her his sword when she left Mirkwood. She wears a necklace made of a river stone given to her by her mother before she died.
Background: Banished from Mirkwood
Hi, I also want to play, so this will be my first attempt! Wish me good luck!

Name: Eleniel
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: looks around 19 years old
Appearance: "her eyes reflect the color of the sea wave, when you look from the coast, and sun rays run through it till the very sand-bed"; long brown hair with goldish locks ; fair skin and slightly pointed ears; tall and graceful.
Clothes: diamond ring as a butterfly on her right pinkie; green cloak, high dark green jackboots, dark green breeches with a black girdle - a silver buckle as a lily, white silk chemise.
Weapons: bow and arrows, silver bejeweled poniard with two emerald letters E and L.
Skills: a very good horse-woman, secretive, intelligent and very ambitious.
Plus: black tall horse named Moriemir which means "Black Diamond".
Yes, yes, good luck to you and welcome Nimrodel! And yay for Arwy's return!!!We all missed you too!!
I am hear to start it, FEAR NOT!

Let me go see who everyone is, then I'll tell you where to go, or at least where you start at....
Okay, Trethila is sitting in a dark room, few torches on the wall, those that are glow with green flame. Arthas and Cuiviedan are discussing battle plans.

Hrondak has just arrived in Rivendell and is being by questioned by Rue Auburn, since she is a good person.

You other guys have to tell your alignment.

Trethila glared at Arthas, she was not usually nice to those to who served her. "Do you or do you not have a plan of attack. Those, elves-" she spat the word, "are not expecting an attack, at least not so soon after our last one. If neither of you two objects, then I say-" a knock shook the door. "What is it!" she bellowed. The scamper of boots sounded down the hallway.

Ooops, sorry, I forgot, so I'll be evil!!!
Arthas replyed back with his head bowed "Yes i do have a plan. Those elves are not to be trifled with. But their numbers are few, and the age of elves is long gone. We shall have no problem destroying them. So i say...." the knock on the door interupted him.

So, with what forces do i comand? Or should i come up with some numbers? Just let me know.
After the footsteps die down in the hallway, Cuiviedan turns to Arthas, leaning further over the table to peer through him, "Arthas, is the plan to destroy Elrond and those faithful to him or enslave them or perhaps just drive them away? Elrond's time is over, but it doesn't mean he is no longer useful. Of course, you being a human, you probably simply seek to destroy."

Is Trethila human as well?
Hi! May I join?
Name: Zephrah
Age: 3420
Gender: F
Race: Elf
Appearence: Slender, but strong. dark brown eyes and hair. She is wearing the traditional grey traveling cloke of the elves. and she speaks with a soft accent.
Hight: 5Ft. 6in.
Weapons: Silver bow, of the tree elf fashion, and a misterious dagger, fashioned durign the Old Age of the Elfes. the dagger is called Vishrow

PS I am new at this so bear with me!
Sorry I forgot I am good!!
Rumil drew back on his bowstring and prepared to loose another arrow. He was practising his archery in the woods nearby. Releasing the string, the arrow thudded into the thin tree he was aiming for. Rumil gave a grim smile, at least he was ready. Ready for the evil that had spread among his bethren. He sighed, he was reluctant at first, but he had his duty, to remain loyal to everything that was good in the world. Glancing upwards he saw that it was quiet, but then again, it was night ( is it?) and he expected it to be so. Nightime made it harder for him practising archery, but he seemed lucky today, always managing to hit the target. Whats the use, he thought, i just don't know what to do, my own bethren, turnning to evil, with these thoughts in mind, he notched another arrow, and aimed.

Is it night or morning? i know u hav torches lit, but it is a dark room and morning or night its alwyas dark so is it night or morning?
Zephrah was destraught by what she had discovered that day, and was in the woods pondering what she could do. she heard the sounds of footstepsnearby, she cautiously aproched, and as she croughed in the bushes she saw Rumil. not shure if he was good, she decided to stay hiden.
Rumil saw movement, out of the of the corner of his eye, movement in the nearby bushes. Quickly turnning his bow to the movement, he tightened the string, and aimed squarely at the spot. "Who's there! I warn you, i detest spies, and my aim is good, show yourself! There is already enough trouble around here. Are you friend or foe? Show yourself! "
Hold your bow. cried Zephrah as she aproched the clearing, I am a friend of Elrond!
Rumil narrowed his eyes. "How do I know that you are? But for now, showing you have no arms, I shall let you off. It is suspicious for you to be out this time of night. I do not know how such a proud noble race of elves, whom i am proud to be, have disintegrated so that civil war is on our doorstep. I no longer can trust anyone other than myself." The next few words were quieter, "and my brothers, but Haldir has sailed to the undying lands and Orophin is nowhere to be found." Straightening again, he continued to practise his archery but kept a wary eye on the other elf.
I know, this is a terible tragedy that has beset us, and you are right in trusting noone. If i could I would proove to you my trustwourthiness!
hey, mind if i join?
Name - Endulin
Race - Dunedain
Age - 23
Weapon - Broadsword strapped to back
Alignment - Good
Background - A skilled young warrior called in secretly to help Elrond. Most people think that he is a messenger
Sorri, just here to say ima good guy
Rumil stopped for a moment and looked at her. "I have a feeling you are good, and if i wrongly accuse you, i am sorry, but i was betrayed in trust by someone long ago, and i do not trust anyone anymore. I can never trust anyone again." Tears started to well on his eyes, he turnned away. Orophin wasn't missing. Rumil knew exactly where he was. "In grave." This was one of the nights that everything from the past came back to Rumil, a past full of horror scars that bore on him for a lifetime, especially about the being who killed his brother. "I can never trust anyone again!" Notching another arrow, he pulled back with all his strength. With a hiss the arrow tore through the tree and out the other side.
Rumil stopped for a moment and looked at her. "I have a feeling you are good, and if i wrongly accuse you, i am sorry, but i was betrayed in trust by someone long ago, and i do not trust anyone anymore. I can never trust anyone again." Tears started to well on his eyes, he turnned away. Orophin wasn't missing. Rumil knew exactly where he was. "In grave." This was one of the nights that everything from the past came back to Rumil, a past full of horror scars that bore on him for a lifetime. "I can never trust anyone again!" Notching another arrow, he pulled back with all his strength. With a hiss the arrow tore through the tree and out the other side.
Suddenly an arrow shot past his head and pined a squirrel.
"Not a bad shot, what do you say?", Asked a nearby voice. An elven girl leaped from a tree and landed lightly on her feet, her short red hair shimmering in the faint moonlight.
"Don't worry", she said," if I wanted to kill you you'd already be dead".
zephrah tourned suddenly, Rue is that you? The two girls embraced eachother.
What a plesant surprise! cried Zephrah.
Linw’ had been riding for quite sometime, barely stopping. She had left for Rivendell soon after getting a message from Elrond and had already determined not to stop until she reached it. The Elves turning away towards evil, she thought, I must help to stop this madness. She rode into a clearing and quickly halted her horse coming dangerously close to the people in it. Without dismounting, she looked at them, debating inwardly whether to halt any longer or continue on.
Rumil watched the two elves embrace. His eyes narrowed at the newcomer, who had almost killed him. How could he have not spotted her? He stood there for a moment then notched two arrows aiming them at both elves. "Who are you? What are you doing here at this time of night?" He felt that the newcomer was a good elf as well as the other, surely she would have pinned him with an arrow, but she had not. Still, Rumil had seen much, and known even this action did not clear them of any guilt of evil. narrowing his eyes further ,he picked up the sound of soft hoofbeats. More people? is this a gathering? he thought but he kept his arrows pointed at the other elves. When another being bore weopons, he was very cautious.
"Your threats don't phase me", Rue stated," only the guilty cring."She walked over to him, and stood in line with his arrow, " If you don't mind me commenting it's a little suspicious that you're out here as well, but if you feel me an enemy than kill me now."
Then a rider trotted up to them, eyes wide and starring at the arrow and the man holding it.
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