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" Really, don't ever do that again, you we're only a servent by blood line,does blood really matter to you?" She looked at the girl bringing her head up.
"Just because I'm of high lineage doesn't mean that I shouldn't serve you...",With that she bowed to one knee,"I pledge myself to your well being should harm come your way".
Elraen couldn't take it anymore! She went out of her quarters and to where Rue and Zephrah were, and stood by them.
"Please! Enough of the fighting! Let's all just get along!"
Rue looked up from her bow,"Theres no need to yell". She watched the girl for a moment then resuemed her previous position.
Endulin, feeling a little ashamed, walked up to Rue and began talking falteringly.
"Rue, you shouldn't feel angry about your brother. I, in my anger, spoke in a rude manner to Rumil and failed to understand what he had gone through. The fault was both of our's. Please, forgive your brother and me."
Zephrah was shocked, and didn't quight know what to say. "Nin Brenil, (My Lady), please get up!" Zephrah beged. "It is not proper for you... for you to bow to me! Yes I am a servent by blood, and yes that dose matter greately to me!" Then she turned her head and looked at Rumil, although she was still speaking to Rue. "Fire can not change into water, or water into fire! Just the same I can not change who I am!" Then still facing Rumil, and emphascizing the next few words, "And you who was born of high lineage, can not ignore who you are, you will always be a High Elf, weather you act like it or not! I prefer not to try to hide who I am!"
"Who are you but another elf?" She said getting up,"I'm not hidding who I am in the least. We can not change our blood but we can change the way we look at it.". She looked at her "Do you want to live bellow others?"
"Nin Brenen, (My Lady) I should not have expected you to understand. Forgive me I know this must be alot for you. But please understand that I serve Lord Elrond! I have sworn myself to him! When my mother left I was expected to step up and take her place, this is what I have done. This is my duty." Zephrah took a breth, she felt a little more comfertable speaking freely around Rue. "Nin Brenel, Why did you come here? Was is to serve?
"I will serve if the need be,but the moment I feel like walking away I'll do it,I am tied to nothing here",She looked away,"And I came here to do good, just like you".
"Yes so in diferent way we have both come here to serve. But what exactly do you hope to personaly gain from this? yes I know that you have come to defeat evil, and to protect Elrond, but why you? Please do not feel like I am asking this for my self, but rather i wish to help you find your self." Zephrah walked a few steps, then turned back towards Rue. "I intend to save my mother, even if that means killing her myself!"
"I have nothing to lose nor gain, I just want to help, it seemed like the only reason to me",She looked back again,"As for your mother,you should be glad you can remember having one,I've no idea where I've been all these years,I can only remember Orophin and even his face is faint".She sat down,"I can't find myself,I've been lost for years".
"Listen maby for some rembering there family is a good thing! But not me, because you see my mother,...... well my mother is the right hand of Trethila! So now you know. She allowed the anger and hate of my fathers death to consume her! "
"You've lived a painful life too I know that,and I know that telling me this isn't easy".She stood up, "I'm done talking of my past,what else of your mother?"
I'm back!!! Sorry, but I was ill and then I had a midterm on "Money and Banking". Now I'm absolutely ready to be BAD!!!
Eleniel stepped from behind a tree.
- Cuiviedan, I've been looking for you... what are your plans about Arthas?!
Cuiviedan stood up without a sound and motioned to Eleniel to speak only in a whisper. She then pulled her back in the trees, "Arthas, hah, he seems rather useless to me, what do you think?" She took a deep breath and looked back at Eleniel, "You know, I was hired as a mercenary to come help with this whole thing, but it seems we have no one to answer to and no one to pay us." She looked up at the stars, "I'm just wondering if it's worth beginning this whole fight, especially since I wouldn't know what to do once Elrond was out of power anyway. I certainly don't want the power myself."
Zephrah turned and walked to a corner of the room, she sat down and puled her seet into herself, then wraped herself in her cloke. "My mother was a beautifull Elf! She had ben born in the forests of Northern Mirkwood. She had never left that forest, untill one day when my father wandered into the forest. He became lost in that forest, and my mother fell in love! She guided him to the the Western border of the forest. It was then that he asked her to go with him, and she did. She traveled with him and then settled down here in Rivendell, where I was born. Then as I have told you I was sumoned to the battle of Helms Deep, and my father took my place. My mother never forgave me for allowing him to go! She let her Anger, and Hate over power her, and consume her!.........and now this...." This was something Zephrah had not spoken of ever befor, and the emotiones were so great that a flood of tears began to well up in her eyes.
Sorri for not posting for so long, well anyway, managed to read what happenned.

Rumil had stayed silent, until now. He turnned to Zephrah, "I have just thought of what you said, about not hiding my lineage, however, I cannot face my father after what I have done to my brother. I wil forever roam this earth, as a wanderer."
Zephrah stood up slowely, and cautiously moved towards Rumil. Then she looked him straight in the Eyes. "Rumil, you are the son of Galadriel probabely one of the most rembered leaders, She was an awesome womam! And you have her power within you! You can lead us in this battle, if you decide to do that, and as I said befor, You will always be of High lineage! Wether you choose to accept that responsibility or not!"
"I forfieted that responsibiilty when I killed my brother. I can never return to that position." He tapped his bow, "This bow, is my brothers, he gave it to me some time ago. An elf of high nobility and order, Haldir was lost as you heard before. Because of me. I wear their equiptment as remembrance, my sword was Orophins, the armour was from my mother and the helmet I never wear is my fathers. It is already enough I bear the equiptment, there is no return for me."
"You refuse to think of others, you are acting like my mother! You will not led the dead rest in peace! I know that you hold yourself responsible for the death of the ones you loved, as do I! but you must put that aside now. Do not hold on to your anger, for if you do I fear that the same fate will await you as did my mother!"
Endulin put his hand on Rumil's shoulder and cleared his throat.
"Just hear me out Rumil. I am sorry for your loss and my rude manner. My anger clouded my thought and judgement. I failed to take into account your loss, when I made my argument. But your behaviour was not worthy of one of a high lineage. You are a leader of Elves and Men. Your pride will either inspire or anger the soldiers under you. I fear it will be the latter if you keep up your current manner. That is all I have to say Rumil. Think of me as you will."
Rumil looked to Endulin sadly, "It is not my choice to return to Lorien, my claim is no longer valid," Turning to Rue, he smiled sadly, "My father would most likely welcome you with open arms of a long lost daughter." His face became more grim, "He would slay a murderer like me on sight."
"Then I don't want to see him,it would be best for me to leave when we're done this,but in the future,may our paths cross many times".She smiled and closed her eyes.
Zephrah turned and spoke this time to everyone present, "What are we going to do about the thret that is before us? Rumil even if you don't return to Lorien, we still need a strong leader now! Will you lead us in this battle?"
Rumil almost laughed. Him, a leader? But his sadness and lack of self-confidence got the better of him. "I don't think we need a leader." Hopefully that would be a good excuse, he added, "I think we're organised enough."
"Oh,stand up and take charge already,you know you're the best for the job".She smiled ruefully,(Hence the name Rue) and watched his reaction.
Endulin nodded in agreement.
"You come from a family of great leaders and warriors. Only you can fill it properly. My skills as a leader lie with smaller groups of soldiers. You can command armies." He drew his sword slowly, so as not to alarm the already highly strung Elves. "My sword is yours." He intoned simply, handing it hilt first to him.
Rumil pushed the sword of Endulin back. "I take up the role of leader in relunctance and deep gratitude, never has this honour ever been bestowed upon me." He bowed, "After all this is over, I pass over to the undying lands, I can never return to Lorien. However, enough of me, we must start planning now."
Zephrah agreded, and walked over to a nearby table, and cleared it off. She then unroled a map of Rivendell. ( maps are every were in this place if I rember right!) Zephrah then drew her swoard, and laid it in the table. "Now where do we begin?"
Rumil looked down on the map. "Firstly, we must all know the information available, has anyone heard of any news of enemies?"
Endulin stepped forward to take a look at the map. Pointing to an area north of Rivendell he said:
"On my way here, I heard some rumors that an army of sorts was hiding in this forest. I did not think much of it then, but now it seems to be of vital importance. has Elrond said anything to you people about an army?"
"Yes",agreed Rue, "I heard those too,they seem to have spread through out the surrounding area as well,once you think about it,that would be a good idea,never being in one place,never getting caught".
"I've heard nothing of armies I'm afriad,haven't been paying close attention lately..."
"I do not know much about the Elves we will encounter. However I do know that there leader Trethila has barracaded herself deep within her lair! As for Elrond's armies, they are not as strong as they once were, but they are still strong! Before you'r arrivals, there were others! Elves have ben comint to defend what good there is left in Middle Earth! Elrond has surounded himself with onely his most trusted advisors. Beyond that I do not know much."
Elraen stood off in the back somewhere, consumed by shadows. No one seemed to notice her, but this did not matter to her. She just watched everything, memorizing all that was happening at the time.
Linwe notised the others gathering around a map and quietly walked up next to Elraen, observing, but not quite ready to speak. She knew a lot of important information, but this was not the time or place for it to be shared, after all, she didn't know enough about these people to risk telling them what she knew.
Elraen turned, feeling eyes on her, and jumped a bit, seeing Linwe.
"Oh, very sorry, wasn't expecting any company of the sort around. My name's Elraen."
She extended a slender hand out to Linwe with a soft smile.
"Nice to meet you."
Rumil looked carefully at the map again. He flicked out his dagger and struck it in the clearing spot where they all met. "I fear that it is not safe to be inside Rivendale to speak of these things, evil lurks, I suggest we use the clearing where we met as a meeting spot, otherwise, we must have a sentry guarding the door to make sure no one comes near." He then withdrew the dagger and struck it in another spot. "Elrond is now weak. He does not have the strength to repel this evil. Trethila will take down Elrond. Unless," He stabbed down on the forest where Rue and Connovor had mentioned, "Unless we stop her first. We may be few, but we are skilled with weoponary." He looked up at the five people gathered about, "If we cannot trust anyone else, we will have to rely on ourselves."
"When do we begin?" Asked Rue looking up.She was anxious to get going,time was life these days,and she wasn't about to wait around.
Rumil looked up at his impatient sister. "We all have to be a bit patient, we don't just rush the enemy, not with our numbers. We'll have to pick them off one by one. The trees will be a good advantage for us. I say the first thing we do is find this army we're hearing about."
"I know...I know..." She looked at him,"I also know you want to get going as much as I do. And you're right the trees will deffinitly help,considering our first encounter".
Rumil shook his head. Rue had to remind him when he had not detected her on their encounter. "Alright anyway, I want everyone to have part in this, everyone fights, everyone does something. We'll split into two groups, you can choose who to go with, we'll strike them at different positions at the same time. Just plain Guerrilla tactic, got it?"
Rue smiled again,knowing she had ticked him off she was now satisfied,and ready for action.She examined the map searching for an easy yet concealing route.
"We should carry both bows and swords, in case they find us. Also, we need a method of communication that is fast and discreet. Any ideas?" Endulin asked, looking around the group.
"Birds,they are natural in this habitat,fast and unnoticable. We used them in training camps before,they seemed to work well,of course they could be noticed flying back and forth..."
Rumil nodded, " That is a good plan, communication is vital. However, we need to equipt ourselves with hidden daggers, just in case we are captured and our obvious weopons are taken. All precautions need to be taken." He pointed to spots on the map. "One group will go from the mountain side, the other from the south. That way we can confuse them, the group from the mountain will make them think the goblins have returnned, the group from the Rivendale direction will make them think Elrond has sent out an army. We can then make them panic, then attack and retreat quickly." He looked up. "Any other suggestions or objections?"
Rumil looked at Zephrah. "Well, you can throw your dagger. Besides, you'll be in a group, and there'll be others."
Rue rolled her eyes as Zephrah bowed,but otherwise she was expressionless.Turning to Rumils friend she asked,"Do you have any specific knowledge of the rumours? I'm afriad I havn't found anything of good use..."
"I have my suspicions about one person who may be with the enemy. She let something slip about a possible attack on Rivendell. It was in a demonstration about strategy during a battle that Elrond asked me to attend. In a previous battle on a fortress, similar to Rivendell, there were limited defenders and an attack at two places at once quickly overwhelmed them. She also said that an attack on Rivendell would almost certainly succeed if an attack was done in such a way."
"Who is this possible suspect? Is she known to us?" Rue looked at the map before turning back to him.These were very dangerous times and they should know thier enemies well before acting.
Elraen sighed a bit and walked on out, leaving all of them behind her. What did she care? They didn't notice her! Many thoughts of anger, sadness, and jealously drifted through her mind as she stormed off toward the gardens.
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