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"You know I will...It was me that hurt her,I want to see if she is okay."
"Rue, I hurt her, and you need your rest so I'll go, it was my fault, and you stay."
Zephrah had no t seen anething coming. When sudenly, she was being poushed down to the ground! whan sudenly she saw Rue standing befor her with a arrow embeded in fer sholdier. As every one came runing, Zephrah was afraid of what she had done! she didn't move until after everyone, had left,. She then climbed up into a tree, and began to cry to herself "I am a failur! first My father dies, because I'm to scared to fight, and now Rue? I wasn't made to fight! Why has this evil come? why are we fighting agenst are brothers?" By this point tears were streaming down Zephras cheeks. " why di I even try? Nothing ever works! Someone allways gets hurt!" Zephrah threw her bow on the gound, and broke all her arrows! "I dont ever want to use the thing again!" As she did this the tears began again. Zephrah felt horible for what she had done to Rue. She was afraid that She was dead. Zephrah had seen her faint!
Rue got up and walked past her brother,not paying the slightest attention and walked out into the gardens. She could hear the crying of a girl near,she entered the tree and sat down beside Zephrah.
"I would rather have had it happen to didn't deserve what I got,I knew what would happen and I didn't care,if I didn't push you the arrow would have killed you,I didn't want that."
She looked to her blood stained shirt and bandaged arm. "But I'm fine now."

Haldir,Archers Life -part 1 is really good,I like your writing style.
"Thank you!" said Zephrah. "But I thought I had killed you! What is Ruemil going to think when he hinds out that it was my arow? I dont belong here, this is why I didn't go to helms deep! I thought elves were souposed to be great at archery, and allways gracefull! But I"m none of the above! I'm clumbsey, and I cant shoot to save my life! I'm already responible for the death of my father, and I thought....." Zephrah couldent finish the sentence.
"You saved my life once,how can that not count for anything? I was mearly paying you back."
Rumil followed Rue out of the room. He thought as much, she was stubborn and wouldn't listen to him, like him, she was proud and didn't listen to others. Then he when he was outside, that was when he saw Zephrah crying ,but he instinctively knew, she wasn't physically hurt. He felt very guilty for the arrow shot, and walked towards her, where Rue was talking to her. To both, he gave an apology, " My ladies, I have dishonoured and shamed myself by doing this horrible thing. I am sorry for that crime, and forgiveness is not needed, for I know you will not give it."

Thanx Rue
"There is nothing to forgive." She looked at both of them,"You two need to understand that I did that out of my own choice,neither of you could have stopped me."
"It is more my fault than any of you. I shot the arrow."Then he stopped, " But then who shot the arrow at me?"
"I did,I was practicing and heard a sound I let the arrow go without aiming carfully enough.Zephrah was beside me so I pushed her." She looked to Zephrah then to Rumil.
hey is Ice still GM? I mean this is a rather long night for a RPG and none of the evil people seem to be active.

"Rue, you?" Rumil was stunned. He didn't really think of it as her. "Rue, next time, be more careful when you randomly loose any arrow." He didn't scold her, but said it so that it was a firm reminder.
" I know", She said looking down,"I really should have aimed better". She turned away and looked at Zephrah,"I'm sorry if I put you in danger".

I'm not shure, I hope she comes back.
Rumil than noticed something, it was Zephrahs bow. He picked it up and examined it. "A fine bow this is, obviously of good wood and elven crafted." A more careful examination told Rumil something else. "The string is loosened, this bow was used not too long before." He turnned to Zephrah and gave her the bow. He was not stupid, he knew Zephrah had loosed the arrow, but why did Rue risk her life for her? He also knew, that his arrow would had instantly killed Zephrah if Rue had not intervined. "Next time, both of you, aim before you loose any arrows."
Rue could tell that Rumil,didn't believe her but kept silent,she tuned away and walked back through the gates of Rivendell and into the dinning hall. Why did she keep throwing herself in harms way for others? She felt the scars on her side from when she pushed that boy out of the way of a rampaging tree, the one on her neck where an arrow had hit her years before,then the long one on her arm...She remembered how much it hurt when she broke a good many of her ribs. She always took others pain for herself.
Zephrah turnde to Rue "Thank you Mellon (Friend) but this is my responsibility. " Then turning back to Rumil "I am at fault I did not look to see if anyone was near, and I didn't think that it would go through that window! Now Rue is injured, and I know you are angry, she is your sister! If it wasn't for my foolishness, this would never have happened!" Zephrah bowed "Nin Branon (MY Lord) I apologise, although I know that it will not do anething to help!"
"Your apology is not needed,Rumil should understand and forgive you with out a glance",Rue looked nervously at Rumil before turning away.
'Where have you been? He had asked her,she didn't know,she knew nothing of her past besides the fact that Orophin was her brother,she knew nothing of her life as a child, it wasn't fair...'
i don't look for one day and suddenly there are another 5 pages!. sorry about the name mix up Haldir
Endulin sat down in a chair while Rumil and Rue talked for a bit. He hoped Rumil could forgive him, but there wasn't much chance of that. Their 'friendship' was pretty much restricted to a few chance meeting on the battlefield. Trust is very hard to put in someone and once it was broken...well, that's the end of it. Endulin tried to put that thought out of his mind as he stood up and watched Rue concernedly.
"Its alright Zephrah, I'm not hurt." He gave a sad glance towards the sky. But Orophin was, badly and he was dead.
Zephrah was relieved that Rumil was not to angry! So she turned and asked him "Sir oveyousely my aim could use some inprovement, and so could my swoard! could you teach me?"
Rumil glared at Endulin. "Of course, I could give you a few tips on archery for instance." Quickly notching an arrow and drawing back on the string, he spoke to her at the same time. "When you loose an arrow, you have to make sure your own body position is straight, and use your eye to follow the arrow length, and then when you can see it leads to the target.." He loosed the arrow, missing Endulins neck by a millimetre, "Thats how you do it, and after you loose an arrow, don't notch another one straight away, make sure the string is straight." Smiling at Zephrah before glaring at Endulin, "Any questions?"
"I would ask you to demonstrait you swoard, however I think Endulin would prefer if I didn't."
Endulin felt Rumil's rage as the Elf glared at him. Knowing Rumil wouldn't stoop so low as to kill an ally in the fashion of orcs, he did not flinch but stood casually as the arrow whistled past his head. Not one to take abuse lying down Endulin approached Rumil and Zephrah.
"If you're going to use a sword, you have to keep the point low and your grip firm, though not tight. When you strike - " Endulin whipped his sword out and swung at Rumil quickly. The blade stopped suddenly, a hair's breadth away from slicing Rumil's throat. " - keep your arm steady and your eyes and ears open for a counter attack. Always finish what you start and then go on to the next strike."
Rumil didn't flinch. Endulin, once a former ally, had dared insulted his family, and he was not going to back down. "Counter-attack," He started ducking and jumping back, notching an arrow, "Doesn't always have to be using a sword, archery can come in handy in these situations." He pulled back, and loosed the arrow right at the base of the sword hilt, so the sword flew from Endulins grasp and dug into the ground nearby. "Then you give him the surprise of his life." leaping right in front of Endulin, he aimed the arrow at his throat. He gave a whisper. "You low filth scum, you dare insulted my mother." He pulled the bowstring taut. "My mother was great among the elves, and you dare insult her reign and our family, it is a wonder, Zephrah said nothing of it!"
Zephrah didn't want to see any one else get hurt! So she steped between the two! Turning to Rumil she said " Nin branon, You are an ELF!! and of high birth! yet you degrade yourself to this? Stop this insanity, or the enemy wiil have nothing to do!"
"I told you, the mistake was mine. I was not aware of your mother's passing. If you cannot accept that, then you do not deserve my apologies or anyone elses. Having pride in your family is one thing, but to take it to such lengths that you are unable to forgive people is going much too far. I will apologise once again in the hope that you did not hear me properly before. The mistake was mine. I would have been there to support you had I known." Endulin replied throught gritted teeth in the same hushed tones. He shoved aside Rumil's nocked arrow and wrenched out his sword.
Rumil kept his bowstring at Endulins throat. "He dares insult my family's honour. He dares insult the last thing that I have long lived for. Where else does my alliegance lie?" He then lowered his bow. "But I will not lower myself to killing this.. this Nadorhuan (cowardly dog)." He turnned to Zephrah. "You do not understand, my family honouris all i have left."
"Yes I do understand!! However if we as Elves begin killing of our allies, the what are we fighting for? If we accept this Evil, why do we claim to fight agenst it?"
Rumil gazed at Zephrah with a amazement. She certainly knew what to say. "My lady, elves have begun to fight among elves. what of the allies? They desert is." Motioning to Endulin, he spoke in a graver, softer tone. "Men are weak. The war of the Ring would not have to begin with them.The Numenorians, their weakness, hunger for power. Sauron could have been destroyed, twice, by men. Chances are laid at mens feet, they are kicked away. How do we know he is an ally?"
" We don't! However you have fought with him? and not to long ago you seemed to trust him!" Then turning to Endulin "I know that men are week, but there are some who are not! I do not know your strengths, but I can sense your heart."
"Men are weak, they always were, and always will be. Why I linger in middle-earth i do not know." Rumil stared at Endulin with disgust.
"You call the Men of the North cowardly dogs and weak. Would you care to test your theory on the battlefield or would you slink away like all of your Lothlorien brethren? You disgust me Rumil. Your so-called 'honour' is the armour weighing you down while you struggle in the river." Endulin threw down a lether gauntlet in challenge, hoping he would pick it up as acceptance.
Rumil stared at Endulin with pity. "If only you were an elf, you would taste the freedom of immortality. Perhaps you do not know the consequences of elves because of men's weakness. Many of my brethren gave up their long lives to fight alongside men. My cousins, died because of it, and Orophin, on his first embassage to Mirkwood was killed by whom? He was killed by a man." He glared at Endulin with hate, "just like you. You disgust ME. you challenge me? Your life is much shorter than mine, you have not been as experianced than me in battle. No, I will not let you die that easily."
Zephrah, realizing that her words were having little impact steped back, out of the way. Hoping that someone would realize what they were doing! She knew that both of these wariors had good hearts! She could sense it! Yet neither one knew how to show it. "What a piy " Thought Zephrah "An Elf fighting against his ally, when evil is at our front door!"
"You forget Rumil, that though my life span is much shorter than that of elves, my strength is far greater than yours. If you would just take up my gauntlet I'll show you what I mean. You're right about one thing though, I will not die with a sword thrust in my chest. It just might be you."
Zephrah refused to leave the scene, if somethin was going to happen she felt that someone should witness it! Although it grieved her grately to see one of her own stoop to this level!
" Rumil!" Rue got up angrily ,"This is enough, look at yourself, who are you? Why have you brought yourself to a mans level?",If you would act out like this than take your anger out on me I have no wish to see a brother of mine degrate himself,death would relief after what I've seen". She looked at him her eyes cold,then turning to the man, "No one friend of Rumils deserves to die".
lalalala, I really have no idea what to post so if this sounds dumb, tell me and I'll edit or delete it or something.

Linwe carefully placed all the books back where she had found them, folded her notes carefully and slid them into a pocket on her cloak. She walked quietly down through the halls, lost in thought, and had almost walked right past the scene between Rumil and Endulin and Zeprah. She stopped then walked straight towards them til she was standing in between Rumil and Endulin.

"Stop this madness now. Can't you see you're upsetting her?! There is enough trouble right now without you two having your immature tussles. Now stop!"
"I see that you all have turnned against me," His eyes narrowed as he turnned to Rue, "My own sister at that. You know nothing of our family honour Rue, you speak as if you are wise but your words are hollow. All of you have been degraded to becoming evil." He bowed and spoke coldly, "I take my leave, my lords and ladies." Then turning swiftly he walked away.
Elraen continued walking along, looking around some. When was Elrond to call his meeting? It seemed like never.
She was thinking to herself about that when she heard someone walking up from behind. Elraen froze, out of sight, as Rumil walked right by. Elraen blinked and watched until he was out of sight, then continued along slowly.
Linwe sighed at Rumil's behaviour and hurried after him until she caught up to him. After walking silently beside him she spoke.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have gotten involved back there. However, we must not have any sort of this if we are to do what we all came here to do. They were not trying to betray you, they were trying to protect you. Maybe once you've calmed down and had a chance to think clearly you'll understand."

Linwe was rather suprised at her outbursts in the last few minutes, usually she avoiding speaking or contact with others unless it was absolutely necessary.
Rumil stopped walking and turnned to her. "You do not understand, my family honour is all I have left, and if you are trying to protect me, you are all failing. The time of the elves is over we shall fall, just like Feanor of old." But something that Linwe said lingered. Protect him, why would they do that? "I appreciate your concern, but you should not waste your time on me, a person who kills siblings."
Rue walked up behind him,"I know nothing of my family honor because you havn't given the slightest intention that there was any,Do you really believe I would turn against you? What else must I do to gain your trust? Risking my life isn't enough?" She took a step forward," Do you wish I never entered the clearing in the first place? You wouldn't have to deal with a sister any more..." She held back the temtation to wack him across the face.
Linwe nodded and started to move off to find a nice secluded place away from the others then stopped.

"I understand more of what you feel than you know. However, if it is your wish I will leave you alone."

With that said, she turned and walked off slowly, having decided that her quarters were probably the most peaceful.
Endulin glared at the back of Rumil as he retreated. He sheathed his sword and punched the wall explosively. The wall shuddered a little but did not show any other sign of being struck. Endulin on the other hand shook his hand with pain. Not willing to try his strength against the wall again, he simply clenched and unclenched his fist in anger.
Zephrah begen to sing in a loud clear voice.
"His sword was long, his lance was keen,
his shining helm afar was seen;
the countless starrs of heaven's field
were mirored in his silver shield.

Farewell sweet earth and northern sky,
for ever blest, since here did lie
and here with lissom limbs did run beneath th Sun....

."When the black breath blows
and deaths shadow grows and all lights pass,
come athelas! Come athelas!

She slowed down before coming to the end of the somg.

"For now the days are dark and vile,
and evil fils the air."

When she finished she turned to see everyones reaction. Secretely she had hoped that a song would touch there hearts!
Cuiviedan watched the madness unfold beneath her from the heights of a cliff that rose above the scene. "Look at them," she laughed to herself, "and they wonder why I no longer wish to dwell amongst them." She brought one knee up and grasped her leg close to her chest, resting her chin on her knee. "This is all going to be so much easier than I thought," she thought to herself with a long, almost wistful sigh.

OOC; So...any other bad guys? Or am I the last one left? I don't know if I can keep up with you guys, but I post as much as I can. Again...difficult to roleplay without a GM too...
Elraen looked about, seeing no one interested in talking to her. She sighed softly and continued down to her quarters, where she laid on her bed and turned her head to look out the window, watching everything out there.
Zephrah turned quight abruptly, and wanlked straight towards Rumil. "I dom't care what deep dark secrets you have, or even who you are!" She scremed, "war is upon us! Are you blind?" Then retrieving her dager from benieth her cloke, she held it out towards Romil. "Now teach me! For once in you'r life think of others!" I had the pleasure of meating the Lady Galadriel, once when I was by a child. I still rember that she ruled with Grace, and Mercy! You are nothing like your Mother!" Zephras face was turning red. Then as suddenly as she had begun she stoped. A look of absolute feer sweped over her face! Then she knelt and bowed, her face touching the floor. "Nin Branon, goheno anim! (My Lord, forgive me) I forgot my place, and had no right to speak to you in souch a way!"
Rue walked over and pulled her up,"What makes you think you need to keep doing that?,you bow to no one". She looked at Rumil with anger in her eyes. "Every bit of what you said is true".
Although Zephrah stood up, she kept her head bowed. She had always ben a servent! That was the only life she had known, and the only way to act! Now she was confused, This girl was telling her that she should bow to no one? Zephrah was confused, and so she kept quiet.
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