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Arthas looked back at Cuiviedan and told her "Acctualy im not set only to destroy. If you will, ill tell you a few things people think about elves? So try judging people a little less, or you might get in trouble." he said darkly. "I have no special need of the elves. But Elrond....i shall have him alive. Is there any special reason you wished to know this?"
The door opens and a tall elvish woman enters the room.
- Arthas, as I've promised...I got an information about Elrond's alignment of forces, will cost you a fortune...
"Eleniel smiles to herself"

"Let me hear the price. Or better yet, ill judge the price of the information when i hear it." And he motioned to two guards to close the doors to the room.
Zephrah to spoke out,
Rumil, I know times are trying, and you have no trust left within you, but....
Just then Zephrah was interupted by the new arrival on the horse.
I'll bring my char in in a bit...when things tone down a lil...oO
Eleniel's green eyes sparkled in anger, but she kept her head.
- Let these guards go out, this information is strictly confidential and I'm going to reveal it only alone with you...or perhaps you're afraid to stay in this room alone with an defenseless elf?!
Her eyes sparkled once again, but in a more confident way.
Arthas looked back at Cuiviedan and told her "Acctualy im not set only to destroy. If you will, ill tell you a few things people think about elves? So try judging people a little less, or you might get in trouble." he said darkly. "I have no special need of the elves. But Elrond....i shall have him alive. Is there any special reason you wished to know this?"

Cuiviedan leaned back in her chair, resting her arms on its hard wood frame. "Well, it's good to know, Arthas, that you are not just set to destroy. I judge humans simply on what I have seen of them, and believe me, I have seen many of them over my many years. Also, you just said you were going to destroy the elves, which is why I was asking in the first place. A simple query." Getting up from her chair, she walked toward the door, "Of course, if you have no special need of elves, then I'll let you handle this whole thing on your own."
Endulin walked the long hallways, lit with soft candle light. He ran a hand through his dark hair and sighed. News of Elrond's trouble had reached Minas Tirith and he had been sent as Gondor's representative against this evil. Endulin had only arrived the night before and he could already sense the hatred between the two sides. This would have to be resolved soon. Hopefully without bloodshed, but that option was disappearing with the passing of each day. Edulin sighed again. This change in the elves was unnatural. It could mean the ultimate division of the race. The problem must be solved soon.
Rumil's eyes burnned with anger. 'only the guilty cringe.' the elf, Rue had said. If only she knew how much that meant. For his entire long lifetime, he had been on the side of good, fighting for all the good in Middle Earth. And now an unknown elf tells him the guilty cringe. Hinting. Hinting to him as guilty. He loosed the two arrows, and they whistled past the two elves head, missing them barely. He glared coldly at them before a startled rider rode in wide eyed. "I take my leave." With those words he walked towards Rivendale. 'Only the guilty cringe.' The words pounded him all the way there.
Lost in thought, wondering how the elves could be united again, Endulin ended up opening the door to Elrond's garden. The night air was cool and the stars above twinkled from their heavenly abodes. Endulin breathed in, the scents of flowers and grass filling his nose and fascinating his mind. He then realised he was not alone. Endulin looked around casually, though his body was a tense as a coiled spring. He relaxed when he saw Rumil walking back to Rivendell. His grip on his bow seems unnaturally tight, Endulin observed.
"Cormamin lindua ele lle utinu en Galadriel (My heart sings to see thee son of Galadriel)!" he called out. "Mae govannen (Well met)."
Rumil returnned the greeting, "Mae Govannen. The night is quiet." Rumil turnned and watched the three elves he had left there. "I do not like this place anymore. It was once a pleasure to be here but everything is turnning into a nightmare Endulin." Endulin was a man he had met before on his travells. Back when Orophin was alive. Although Endulin didn't mean to visions of his dead brother filled him. He would find the person who killed his brother. "Ron rangwa amin (Do they understand me)? does anyone for that matter?" No, Rumil was always alone, besides the days with Orophin. He would always be alone. Rumil smiled and asked Endulin, " Malia ten' vasa? (Care for some food)" He had to distract Endulin from his angry face. Wrath burnned in him.
Endulin noticed Rumil's anger written all over his face, but said nothing of it.
"Why not. We Men get hungry often." he laughed and patted his back comraderly. "Tula. Sut naa lle Mellon? (Come. How are you friend?" Endulin asked as they walked towards the doors leading inside.
"Mankoi lle irma sint? (Why do u want to know) You know me, i am a lone elf, traveller. People here are strange, especially that elf, who was it, Rue. I don't know whether she is good or bad. But she is one good archer, but that doesn't matter. what matters is who has sided with the dark ones. I know i can trust you my friend, you always have been good." Rumil trusted the man, but not that much, only because he knew that he was definately good.
"Your wellbeing is of concern to me Mellon (friend). Your wanderings are well known to me Rumil. What causes you to board with these elves whom you dislike?" Endulin found Rumil's prescence in Rivendell strange. They walked onto the kitchen, where even at this hour, elves rushed around preparing food. Endulin sat at a table and asked Rumil:
"Tula, vasa ar' yulna (Come, sit and drink)." and motioned to an empty chair.
Rumil was no longer hungry. He felt a twinge of guilt. That was not usually him. But then he remembered the skilled elven archer, who could have killed him but did not, the elf maiden who tried to prove her trust but he dismissed her, a stranger, who might have been in need of help, but was rejected by him. He no longer felt hungry. For the first time in many years Rumil was going to apologise. Rumil stood up, and walked out of rivendale back to the clearing. Thoughts drifted by. 'You fool you have a soft spot for the elves of rivendale?' Then once again Orophin came back to memory, now dead because of him trusting the wrong person. He shrugged them off and continued to the clearing. When he arrived, it was almost the same as he left it. Lowering his head he spoke in a clear and soft tone. "Amin hiraetha (Im sorry.) You misunderstand me, i have been through a lot, and i find it hard to trust anyone. I beg your forgiveness, all of you." Rumil son of galadriel, of high lineage, had for the first time, apologised and was humbled.
Rue looked at him with calm eyes.
"There is no need for apologies, for I too have lost someone very dear to me not long ago, I understand your pain an guilt... that phrase wasn't pointed to you but to me".She took a step forward.
"I know of the threat we're up against and I willingly offer my services to you and any other good there may be left. I'm telling you once again that if I were an enemy you would have no way of stopping me from killing you. If you haven't noticed I am no ordinary elf."
She looked strait into his eyes this time.
"Do you too seek to avenge a lost one.?"
Endulin watched with curious eyes as Rumil left the kitchen. His face had been a riot of conflicting emotions. Had it been anyone else, Endulin would have been offended, but he saw the confusion that Rumil felt. He had seen anger, regret and humility pass across Rumil's face along with guilt as he worked out his problem. So Endulin forgave him. And he was left, in the kitchen of Elrond, to ask himself how he could help his friend.
Rumil looked at Rue closer. She was right. She was no ordinary elf. Then he remembered his manners "Forgive me, I lost my manners. I am Rumil of Lorien, son of Galadriel. Who might I have the honour of addressing? Why are you different from other elves?"
" I am Rue Auburn, and I am probably one of the most dangerous out of the many elves you've met. I have taken the training of almost any race I can think of and my magic makes it even more interesting to use my skills. If the need be you may call me an assasin, though I only kill those who have wronged others, I am just as skilled as one,and you have wronged no one."
Hearing the confession of Rumil, Zephrah approched, and looking Rumin square in the eyes said.
Rumil, it is plain to m now that you are still loyal to Elrond. For truely someone who is filled with this evil that is spreading, would not have had the power to opolagise. I offer you my companionship, and the services of Vishrow, my ancient dagger, if you would have them?
Linw’ dismounted and after looking around, walked up to where Rumil and the others had gathered.

"I am Linw’. I'm glad to see we had the same errand apparently. Tell me, who are you?"
"I am Rumil, son of Galadriel, I have wondered Middle-Earth alone for a long time, and it is true our errands are similar." Rumil paused for moment, his nature starting to take hold of him distrust. This was a stranger, but Rumil shrugged off the doubt and faced the stranger.

"You too are an ally of Elrond? But even as an ally I would not have come here. I would fight orcs, trolls, uruk-hai, and even a ring-wraiths if they were still there, but I find it hard to fight against our own brethren, our own skin and blood. However, it is your choice, not mine, and I am merely warning you of the consequences. My other errand here is simple." Rumil looked into the faces of the other elves, his face full of rage and hate, "To avenge my brother."

"I know he is here, the one who so craftily deceived me, the one who..." Rumil trailed off. 'the one who grabbed my trust, so that I sent my own brother to his death.' Rumil then calmed himself and spoke in a gentler voice. "Hannon le (thank you), thank you for your support Zephrah, it will not be taken for granted, your companionship is appreciated." Turnning to Rue Auburn, he looked at her apologetically. "I am sorry, I have not met anyone with that description."
Arthas said to Cuiviedan "I said i shall destroy the elves that are of no use. What should i do, keep them in the prison cells?? Elves live awfully long, im sure you know that." he smiled."Now, if you'll excuse me. I have to listen to a bit of important information. You are welcome back afterwards. I can always find a good use for someone like you."

Arthas smiled at the elf nastily and signaled the guards to leave. Then he turned once more to Eleniel. "Now....speak."
- You should understand that I'm betraying my own wasn't easy to get this the way, after all I have done I'll be hunted!!! So I hope my name will stay in secret and our conversation...
"Eleniel moves closer to Arthas "
...will stay between you and me and the bedpost...
"unexpectedly she gets her poniard and presses it to his throat"
...Money - first, then if you're a good boy, you'll get what you need!
Arthas growled back at her "You'll have your money, traitor of your own kin. Now release me if you wish to live, for you will not leave this place alive!" while he spoke he pressed his dagger on her chest, somehow he got it out without her noticing.
"I'm Rue Auburn".
She took a step forward," you're in search to defend the elves are you not?" She then turned to the man not waiting for a reasponse.
"If we're all here for the same reason than we should find a place to stay and discuss the issues."
Arthas growled back at her "You'll have your money, traitor of your own kin. Now release me if you wish to live, for you will not leave this place alive!" while he spoke he pressed his dagger on her chest, somehow he got it out without her noticing.

Before Cuiviedan walks out of the room, she notices the scuffle brewing between Arthas and Eleniel. "Well, isn't this precious? How did we all become so close, so quickly?" she says, her voice its usualy soft steadiness. "Arthas, I'll warn you, the last time I saw a human press a knife against another elve's throat, I cut the gentleman's throat so quickly, he didn't even know what was coming." She says this with the confidence knowing that her father, the high defender of Thranduil, had taught her everything he knew about the secret elvish art of Curuthalion.

"Now, that being said," she walks across the room slowly, "I don't think this is the best way to get elves to work with you Arthas. Do you have another method that you would like to attempt to use before you risk...well, besides your life, not having any elves cooperate with you?"

She looks Eleniel up and down, not having met the elf before, "I think she and I could do rather well removing Elrond from power without your help."

"Or how about you both put your daggers down, and let's sit down and talk about the important matters at hand. What information do you have Eleniel?"
Rumil looked toward Rivendale again. When he once thought of as haven, it looked dark and forbiding, uncertainty was written over it. He turnned once again to the loyal ones of Elrond. "This great evil that has been beset upon us, is terrible to behold. Why must it be that every race has some downfall? Elves have become too proud, pride leads to every downfall. Yet there is always hope. Thank you," the next words he said with uncertainty, but nonetheless he meant the words, never having said it before, " my friends."
Grabbing an apple, Endulin left the kitchen thinking about Rivendell's problems. There had been nothing wrong with the elves during the War of the Ring. It certainly pointed at the dark forces of Mordor, but what evil could stike so swiftly after being defeated so soundly? Nonetheless, the evil must be powerful to affect the elves in such a way. Where once they were cheery and helpful, now they were secretive and distrusting of even their own brethren and the Men of Gondor and Rohan.

Thinking so brought back memories of Minas Tirith and Endulin's brothers. He wondered if Endemar, his younger brother, had been practicing his swordmanship. Whether Endomier, his elder brother, was enjoying his marriage to the daughter of one the noble houses of Minas Tirith. And his mother. Gods above, what a woman. She had been through so much and was willing to go through more grief and sorrow for her family. When Endulin lost his father in the War of the Ring, his mother had lost her husband, the man she loved. And the woman who gave birth to his three sons, was left alone to take care of them. And so Endulin had been overjoyed when her middle son, himself, had been chosen as Gondor's representative to Rivendell for now she and her family would be taken care of for the rest of their lives. She deserved it.
She has been through much, Endulin thought, More than what anybody should go through. And now it is my turn to suffer. I will not see my family till this problem is solved, the evil dispelled. The thought hit him like a boulder. But it will be nothing compared to what Mother went through.

Without him knowing it, Endulin had travelled the hallways of Rivendell and had reached his rooms. He opened the door and lay down on the bed, thinking of his family still in Minas Tirith, somehow hoping to reach out to them across the many miles separating them.
Eleniel put her poniard down and glanced at Cuiviedan.
"You're an elf, but are helping men, like me,,,why?" she asked the elf mentally.
- The forces of elves are divided into several troops, moreover recently some men have joined them, so Elrond did his best to gather the army. I've already started telling you about his strategy, which is to separate the army into equal groups. But Elrond isn't sure about the enemy's lines, so tomorrow at the crack of dawn five elvish scout will be sent to find out where the enemy is. They are supposed to meet tomorrow at the sunset - it cannot be allowed!!! Each scout has a map, drawn by Elrond. It shows the point of meeting, but also the alignment of forces... Furthermore, you must have heard about Rue Auburn, haven't you, Arthas?!
"I saw you somewhere...oh, in Mirkwood" Eleniel asked Cuiviedan mentally.
Rue turns to the man,she spoke in a soft soothing voice, "Let me see your pain... let me feel your hate..." And before he knew it her hand was upon his chest and was begining to glow as did her eye's. Rue went still, seeing everything that he had kept hidden for years,Then the vision of his brother appeared and she quickly pulled her hand away as if the sight hurt her. She went still thinking of the man she had seen and the fact that she knew him.
Eleniel put her poniard down and glanced at Cuiviedan.
"You're an elf, but are helping men, like me,,,why?" she asked the elf mentally.

Cuiviedan looked at Eleniel and opened up her mind to the elf, "I have learned to only help myself. I tried to help others in the past and somehow ended up destroying them instead."

Cuiviedan listened intently to Eleniel's information. She was worried about the five elf scouts attempting to locate them. It sounded like a situation she had to deal with in the past, being the object of a hunt. "Well, Arthas. Do we hunt them first? Or be the hunted?"

"I saw you somewhere...oh, in Mirkwood" Eleniel asked Cuiviedan mentally.

Cuiviedan paused at Eleniel's question. How did she know her? Cuiviedan wondered if she knew about what happened in Mirkwood. She debated if she should admit being from there, and finally, caved and opened her mind once again. "Yes, I hail from Mirkwood. I don't believe I've seen you there before. Where are you from and why do you help men as well?"
Eleniel has expected this question: "elves had separated me from the man whome I..."
I shouldn't have told her about it..
"from the man who was my closest friend."
I hope she hasn't noticed anything...
"So since that time I've promised never to help elves! When I was little my father took me to Mirkwood for a few days, he knew its Chief Protector...and if I'm not mistaken I saw you there. Later on I heard something terrible had happened to your family...and then you disappeared...!?"
Then she addressed Arthas:
- Arthas, you got the information, I want my it's fair!
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Don't know wat it is, just a careless mistake but Rue im an elf not a man!

"Do not try to treat me. There is no medicine or healing or magic on this earth that can destroy the effects of grief from my brother. Once the man or elf who killed my brother is dead, my rightioues anger will die along with it. however trust will forever be hard to me revive." Rumil turnned to Rivendale once again. "Somewhere in there, there is the person who killed my brother, perhaps enjoying himself." He turnned once again to his companions. "So do we have some kind of plan to bring down this evil that has come upon Rivendale?"
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I was refering to you as a male elf
" It wasn't ment to heal you", she stated, " It was to see your pain...That man was your brother?"
He nodded. "This can not be, she stated, "I will do whatever it takes to help you avenge this man, mabey later you will understand why."
"And if no'one else does, I do have a plan...We're headed strait to the core of this evil operation to take out the source..."
OOC: Thanks for the tip, Amarie. I'll check it out more often. Birthday Smile Smilie
Hm...I should be bringing my character in soon. But may I ask you guys a favor? Could you please tone it down a notch? There's just too many posts to read, pages of new stuff to read every day. I even prefer the longer posts! Heh...
Oh, just walk out of the woods or something.
"That is a good plan, however, the source of evil has already corrupted elves and men in high places. I sense that men are in Rivendale. The only good man i know of is Endulin, and even he is prone to be suspicious. I don't think this, I know this, Lorien elves have moved to Rivendale for no reason. Elves of Mirkwood, even the high honour guards of King Thranduil have suspiciously moved elsewhere. I even have suspicion that some of the orcs not destroyed in the war of the ring have been here." Speaking in a more hushed tone, he continued to speak. "Whatever is out there it knows. It knows about that we now no longer have the strength to repel him. The good elven people have thinned. This very well may lead to our downfall. Our destruction."
Eleniel has expected this question: "elves had separated me from the man whome I..."
I shouldn't have told her about it..
"from the man who was my closest friend."
I hope she hasn't noticed anything...
"So since that time I've promised never to help elves! When I was little my father took me to Mirkwood for a few days, he knew its Chief Protector...and if I'm not mistaken I saw you there. Later on I heard something terrible had happened to your family...and then you disappeared...!?"

Cuiviedan noticed a shift in the elve's demeanor, and that she paused before stating who the man was from whom she was separated. Cuiviedan smirked, knowing what this meant. She opened her mind again, "We will speak later of matters of your man and my homeland. Let's focus on the dangerous human before us now though." And with this, she turned back to Arthas.
Rue looked at him.
"Those who are not afraid to die today are the ones who live on tomarrow. If you are behind me than let us begin." She looked away from him. "That man ...however strange it seems... was my brother as well, no matter what anyone says I could never forget his face..." She felt his eyes upon her as tears began to form in her own .

Just to add a twist...
"My lady,... your brother was Orophin?" Rumil had not been around home, having to travel with Haldir at a very young age to Rivendale to receive education, leaving Orophin, the younger of the three brothers to remain at Lorien. He did not know the happennings inside the family, having to constantly train in body and mind. "If your brother was Orophin, as well as mine, that means......" Rumil was in disbelief and shock. No wonder her archery skills were so well. The three brothers were all gifted warriors, it ran in their blood. It was now he realized. Turnning away, not being able to control his emotions, he addressed the others. "My lady Zephrah and my lady Linwe, we cannot plan things like this. I suggest we return to Rivendale, and discuss this at dawn, or discuss it at least somewhere where we can sit. As I have said, have I not seen you before my lady Zephrah?"
" What happend?..."she asked as they walked, "And all thoughs years you never knew...?" Rue tried to think of how all this could be possible.
"No one told me, that I had another..."She couldn't finish her sentence"
"This is all so strange, how is it even possible that neither of us knew the truth."She stopped him.
" It wasn't your fault that it happened, it was mine,I knew that it would happen but I didn't get to him in time... I couldn't warn him."
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