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zephrah din't kow what was ging on, and she slumped agensd a nearby tree. she let herself slowely fall to the ground.
" Why!! What i this evil? If only there were a clear path, but how are we to know what to do? It is to much!! To much!!"
"Zephrah saic to herself. She then let her head drop into her hands, and she cried."
"Whats wrong?" Exlcaimed Rue. "Everythings going to turn out fine, it always has." Rue looked at her.
" I know it seems hopeless... but we've done so many other things that seemed hopeless before too."
Rumil then gently lifted Zephrah from the ground. "My lady, I have been to many places, many battles, none as deadly as this having to fight against my own kin. I have already lost two brothers from Middle Earth, but I still hold on there is always a path, not always clear, but there is a way through this evil. Weeping will not help." He spoke firmly but gently. Then another thought struck him. He turnned to Rue, "Rue, how come you know Zephrah?"
Rue turned to him, "Years ago I was captured by enemy troops, she saw me tied to a tree and during the night helped me escape, they had knocked me unconious so I didn't relize it until I awoke. I am forever in her debt, for they were planning to kill me the following day." She looked at him.
"Could we talk for a bit?"
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Etharion, well, it's pages 9 and 10, brief overview: I've asked you to give my money and then we (me and Cuiviedan) were talking mentally. So now it's your turn!
Elraen randomly walked out of the woods and looked around at everything with a smile.

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Rue pulled out her bow and aimed an arrow at the stranger, she saw Rumil do the same. The girl stopped in her tracks.
Elraen took a step backwards away from the two.
"Please, I won't cause no harm, honest! I don't want to hurt anyone. I didn't do anything to you!"
Elraen pouted, stopped back against a tree. She closed her eyes and winced, prepared for the worst...
"Don't move, or you will be dead in less than a second." Rumil tightenned his bowstring. "Do not so lightly try to talk your way out of this. We children of Galadriel have terrifying aim, one false move or word, and you will be dead before you know it." Rumil saw that Rue was about to loosen an arrow, "Steady Rue, you don't want to kill her before she speaks." then he spoke to the stranger, " Speak now, what is your business here in Rivendale, speak truthfully, your life depends on it."
"Elraen, listen no one whants to hurt you, IF you are trulely good! and take my word these two never miss!! you may as well speak. But be warned the truth will be found!"
"There you have it stranger, one who bears witness to our skill. Believe me," Rumil took a step closer, aiming the arrow straight at her head, "I can pin two people at the same time with two arrows, and Rue can pin a squirrel to a tree. If you would not like us to use you for target practise, it would be for your sake to speak truthfully!" Seeing her frightenned and terrified, Rumil turnned to Zephrah. In a low voice he murmered, "Zephrah, I think it best if you speak to her, this person here, is too terrified to speak to armmed elves, perhaps it may be, we are too harsh, Rue and I have perhaps acted too quickly. Speak to her." Then in the same tone to Rue, "Perhaps we should not have been too threatening? Foe, or no foe, if we draw arrow to anyone, good or bad, they will react in this manner. Its best, if we let another speak to her, say Zephrah, for she is too terrified to speak to us."
Rue dissagreed, "If we arn't harsh enough we will again be betrayed, You were just as harsh with me earlier but I spoke, and I'm still standing."She looked to the stranger, then back to him," I have no pity or compasion left for those who are too frightened to speak at the command of a weapon, those who refuse to are even stronger."
She looked again at the stranger,"After what I've learned today I no longer take any chances no matter how harsh I seem." Rue bent down to the strangers level, "I have no wish to kill you but if you can't give me a reason to let you live than what else can I do?, I believe you are good, but the last time I believed in somone, it cost my brother his life."
"So whats the price for this information?" Etharion asks (a bit late....) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
As soon as Rue mentioned his brother, Rumil winced but still, he persisted. "Our brother will be avenged at the right time, now let her at least breath out her name." But Rumil saw why Rue persisted. 'Who would be so happily humming and walking, in the middle of the night, and when Rivendale was almost at the brink of war within.' Rumil thought to him self, so he went along with Rue and continued his threatening stance.
Rue got up and turned to him, "I need to talk to you", she took him by the arm and led him away.
Eleniel has made a feigned pause.
- Well, as this information was not very easy to get, I want 500 gold coins. And I want to stay in your camp for several days, so you could catch the scouts and then I'll be in safety, deal?!
I didn't know how much to ask, so I just wrote the first number that came to my mind. Deal Smilie
Elraen sighed some.
"Yes, I am from Greenwood the Great. I recieved a memo from the Lady Icefangs to come to Rivendell for something she wanted. And so here I stand."

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"Rue, what is it, first, you want to make sure she tells all, and then now you want to talk." Rumil turnned to the stranger who just spoke who she was, well, at least that issue was cleared. "While we are here you must tell me how our father is, he must miss our mother terribly ever since she sailed over to the undying lands west."
"I just need to talk,how come you're avoiding the subject? And I wouldn't know how are father is, I've never met him."
"Look Rue, I don't want to talk about my brother, that is the past. How he was betrayed was terrible, especially when I unknowingly helped bring about his death." Rumil spoke barely above a whisper, he hated talking about his brothers death.
" I need to talk about it! My brother is dead and the only one I have left won't even talk about it. "She looked at him, I told you that it wasn't your fault,you need to accept that. I wan't to know exactly what happened, you're my... brother... I should be able to depened on you now, even if I don't it's the fact of the matter."
Rumil let out a sigh. "Alright since you are the only sibling I have left, but I absolutely despice this topic, for the my brothers death was partly my fault."
"Lets go, I'm not shure you're ready to talk about it, mabey someday... We should get going, I don't really care about anything any more, this really wasn't worth it. I'm just so confused", She walked away muttering to herself.
Seeing that Rue finally let him off, he turnned to the stranger. "Your business is stated, and where you are from, but your name has not been mentioned, tell us what is it?" He turnned back to Rue, Zephrah would get the information. "Alright sister, I will tell you. And it is my fault."

Orophin looked uneasily at the ranger. "Can I really trust him brother?" Rumil looked with him to the ranger, smiling patiently. "I have known him to be in the friend of the king of Gondor, what else more could trust need?" However Rumil spoke those words with slight unease. That was what he claimed. In these days of when Sauron was again in strength, trust was hard, but Rumil trusted people fairly easily. Orophin asked another question, "How does a Gondorian know the way to Rivendale, he has not been there before, I can tell, men don't go there. Can you not lead me there instead?" Rumil looked firmly but apologetically at his brother, " I have urgent business in Lorien, go with him, he will lead you, trust me alright?" Then, with a look of such trust that stayed with Rumil for life, Orophin replied, "Alright, I'll go with him, but only because I trust you." Those were the last Rumil saw of him alive. After news spread, Rumil went to search for his brother, only to find him pierced with orc arrows, and sword wounds. Rumil swore revenge and never trusted people that easily ever again.

Rumil looked sadly at Rue. "You see it is my fault."
The word seemed so strange...sister. She shook her head, "What about my other brother?" She tried not to stay on the same subject but couldn't. "What was he like?"

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Adneron finally walked into the clearing resting his tired soul, the past few weeks had taken their toll on him - his equipment weathered and his stomach bursting with pain.

He approached the group and stared hungrily at the warriors ahaed - old days of glory and power surged within, removing aches and renewing the tired heart. It was time to battle and time to renew with old alliances.

An old elf renegade was back to the alliance to bring peace to the world, with the help of his sword.
Zephrah turned to Elraen, wiping tears from fer face. she began to speak.
"Nin Brennil (My Lady) would you please speak with me!"
As she spoke, she reached out her hand, showing that she was unarmed. "You need not fear me!"
zephrah felt a twinge of guilt as she spoke to this young Elf.
"What am I doing asking her to tell her whole story when no one realy knows mine?" she thought to her self.

at this she hastily turned to Rumil, and Rue. When she stood before the children of Galadriel, she bowed.
"Nin brannon, diheno anim (My lord, forgive me) for I have not told you the whole truth about myself. If I wish to be trusted then this myst be known! My father and brother died at Helms Deep, and my mother has turned to evil! I am alone for I have renounced my mother. Hir dir, (Sir) I do not ask for your trust, only to be allowed to aid you in defeating this terrible Evil!" As she spoke these words, she was crying, because she did not know how Rumil, and Rue would react!
Rumil left the question his sister had asked and turnned to Zephrah. "Anyone who has good in their heart is welcome to this small alliance. I would call it large, Elrond had summonned to him elves to aid him from all Middle Earth, to deal with the traitors. He will utterly fail." that was when Rumil mentioned of the other brother, Haldir, whom he hoped would return, even from the undying lands, " If only my brother Haldir were here! One of the greatest among the elves, wiser and stronger beyond his years, he was a good brother and mentor. It is a pity he thought the war of the Ring was the end of evil in middle earth, i believe," At this he looked to Rue, "He has gone on to the undying lands, however, I am not sure, nonetheless, I hope for his return, even though he has gone there."
Hearing Rumil speak of Valenor, brought back a somg to zephras mind. slowely and quietely, she began to sing in a voice that in many ways sounded like water!

"Snow-White! Snow-White! O Lady clear!
O queen beyond the Western Seas!
O light to us that wander here
Amid the world of woven trees!

Gilthoniel! O Ebereth!
Clear are thy eyes and bright thy breath!
Snow-White! Snow-White! We sing to thee
In a far land beyond the sea."

Slowely her voic trailed of and then died.
At hearing the song, Rumil could only say three words, "You sing well." Rumil rarely heard anyone sing, he usually walked away when someone sang, and that was not many times, him being a lone elf. For some reason, the song reminded him of a time, when the 3 brothers were together. It was a time when it didn't last, just before the war of the ring. Rumil shook himself, too many memories. But all the same, the memory continued, Haldir was in Lorien, as usual, Rumil was there, briefly visiting before he went as ambassador to Rivendale, and Orophin was there, before he went to Mirkwood. Shaking himself again, he turnned back to Zephrah, "Thank you for singing." Little did she know, her singing had brought back one of the best memory ever. But then, there was no memory of Rue with them. "One day, we will meet together, the whole family." He whispered softly.
"I'm sure you will Rumil!" Zephrah said with a smile. "things ushualy have a way of turning out for the good, and although at times, we may not see a way out of the darkness, that where there is even a little amount of light darkness canot exist!" She bowed her head respectfully to Rumil.
Rumil then bowed back to Zephrah, "You are right in saying so my lady, one day i will see my mother again, and Orophin..." His voice trailed away as he thought of his dead brother. It was all his fault. "and Haldir." It was all his fault, the last meeting with his remaining brother....

"Haldir, he is dead, believe me, you have seen the body! What more proof do you want!" Even with clear evidence Haldir refused to believe there was only two brothers left. "He is alive, he has to be, he has..." Haldir's face lit up with hope, "He has gone on to the undying lands." Turnning to face Rumil, he stated with joy, " I will stop him before he gets to the Grey Havens." The clasping hands he said firmly, "We will be together again." Rumil objected, but Haldir already was gone. Rumil sat down and closed his eyes. "What have I done!"

As the memory drew to a close, he realised that he had accidently told them the memory. Turnning from them he mumbled, "You must think of me as a terrible person, I probrably am the worst than the enemies of Elrond at the moment. You see Rue, and Zephrah" He looked at his sister and companion, "It is all my fault."
"listen at least you have a wonderfull reunion to look forword to! I however have nothing my father, and brother are dead, and my mother......... to me she is dead. So you see now I can fight this evil to the death, for I have nothing left to live for!!"
"This reunion is impossible in life, one day, after we die, we will be together. Rue and father Celeborn is all I have left now as a family. Why do you think I lived a life alone? I grieve for my brothers, whom I sent to either death, or a quest they can never complete. Sorrow fills my heart, I was sent here as an embassader of Lorien, indirectly from Lorien from my father. I was most relunctant to come. Why should? I have shamed myself, and my family. However, for my brothers sake I came, and now I am here." Rumil looked to the ground, "My lady, I am sorry for your family, but at least you can live life without feeling guilt."
I wish this were so! however I will always feel guilt reguarding the death of my father! you see, he too my place! it was I who had ben called to fight along side the men, at Helms Deep! But I was scared, and my father thought me to young! and so he fought in my stead, and died!"..............."If only I had ben brave! but no I was week. My mother was filled with a great sorrow after his death, she blamed my for it. and she is right! I have allways ben a coward!"
"My lady, you have no reason to feel guilt. You had every right to refuse the battle of Helms Deep, they were gravely out numbered, and you would not have made some difference. I on the other hand, URGED my brother to his death. The words of his brother came back to him, .. because i trust you." Trust. Rumil looked Zephrah in the eye. "You have absolutely no reason to feel guilt."
"Thank you. You herd me singing earlier? I sing to take my mind of of what My cowardice has done to my family, it is because of the grief from my fathers death that my mother is now siding with Trethilia!" Zephrah turned away, and began another song.

'O! Wanderers in the shadowed land
despier not! For though dark they stand,
all woods there must be end at last,
and see the open sun go past:
the setting sun, the rissingsun,
the days end, or the days begin.
For east or West all woods must fail........"

Again the sound of her voice stedily grew quieter, untill once again the entire clearing was silent!
"Rue, you have heard all, the stories of how our brothers were dispatched. You must think of me as a bad brother, and I have no reason to blame you." Rumil stared at the ground. It seemed that the ground was the only place to look at without feeling enormous shame.
Adneron sighed. Politics, politics and more politics. It was always the case, a mistaken identity here, a scheming there, a brother dying here, a brother living yet ignoring the death and the pain of the world there. Ah well, he had chosen to go back to this life, if this is what he had chosen, this is what he would do.

With that thought in mind he walked into the middle of the group, who were deep in discussion smiled with gay abandon and said "My name is Adneron, i come in this time, evil scarce yet threatening, to help finish the anguish and suffering" with this he stepped back and said once more " Sorry , i seem to have interrupted something important, i request nothing but quests and support in our battles and wish of nothing but to rid the world of evil and remove the scum that still walks this earth" once more he stepped back, see-ing as his first move was to interrupt it was best to leave them be to finish their "politics", he could see he would have to earn his respect here: being yet the only human in the group.

Till tommorow he said to himself, till the battlefront! We wait mighty Soulweaver to prove our wraith. The sheathed sword was glistening in its own power, ready to feast of the blood of the enemy.
Rue again pulled her bow to the man," I'm done talking about this", she said to the others.
" Is this some soart of meeting?" She asked the man. Rue looked at him with wary eyes.
As everyone had gotten lost in their conversation and reminiscing, Linw’ had gone a little ways off, and sat down against a tree, her shape blending in perfectly with the shadows of the tree. She sat, wondering how long before Elrond would call them together. She was eager to be of any help she could be, especially against the elves who had turned against them. She watched the new elf and Adcheron enter the clearing, but didn't move from her spot. Not being the most social personality, she sait, waiting patiently for instructions.
Rumil pushed Rue's arrow down. "Put your arrow away, this man was in my battalian in Lorien some time ago, and still was when I left, yes even though he was a man, his skill and his trustworthyness earned him the position, he has never betrayed the elves. Rue, he has even saved my life before, he can be trusted." Then looking at Linwe, "I am sorry my lady for ignoring you, but it seems this clearing is a gathering place today, so many people arriving. Perhaps if we introduced each other, we could then clear this mess." Rumil stepped forward, bowing, "My name is Rumil, son of Galadriel and Celeborn, I am here as an ambassador from Lorien, I live to protect all the good in this world." With that he bowed again.
Rue lowered her bow to the man.
"I apologize for my harsh actions", She extended her hand to the man, "I am Rue Auburn it's a pleasure to know you, I hope you will be joining us." She looks again to Rumil," Can we leave now? We're only wasting time."
Rue had not introduced herself as Rumil's sister for the fact that the journey would be safer without anyone else knowing thier relation.
She looked to the man before turning away.
"Your sword has slain many for the side of good, may our journey be smooth and let you continue to swing your blade for many years to come". She turned away and walked back to the others.
"Adneron, you are welcome to us." Turnning to the party gathered about him, he said, "Has anyone heard any news of evil lately?" He fiddled with the sword strapped to his belt, "I do not like this place, I think we should discuss matters within Rivendale, i sense evil that lurks about."
Adneron walked back towards the group, this time with a geniune smile. " I am sorry i brought a harsh beggining" he clasped Rue's hand warmly and bowed. "It is true that i have fought with Rumil, never have i had the pleasure to fight alongside such a great warrior"

Adneron then got serious "The evil around is a challenge, let us go into a more private area and discuss these matters as Rumil suggested"
OOC: Hello? Any bad people out there? There is quite a gathering of good people Wink Smilie
"Come, let us go to Rivendale, it is too dangerous to discuss these matters in the open," Rumil waited for the others to follow his lead.
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