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Zephrah tried again to shake of the overwelming thoughts that poisoned her mind. The thoughts of her mother, and what could have been, of what was, and of what the future held for her. "Where could I be most usefull?"
"You know this place better than any of us,anyone would be alright with you,and we're all decent fighters from what I've seen so skill shouldn't be an issue." Rue notched another arrow.
Rumils arrow missed the target, 'Rue better not have seen that." Rumil muttered to himself, speaking a bit louder, "Everyone is good with their weopons as Rue said, we just need to be put in groups so that no one with the same skill be put with each other."
Rue saw the arrow miss, but ignored it,notching an arrow of her own she fired again. "Why don't you just split us up? It's alot better than doing nothing and waiting for it to happen".
"Hey I know, since Endulins the only human here he can split us into groups." Rumil then loosed another arrow pinning a leaf to another tree. Rumil couldn't help giving a slight smile, it was his beest shot so far.
"I'm not sure I'm the best for this job, but I'll give it a shot. Let's see who we have and what skills they possess. Rue, you're a good archer so you're in one group. So is Rumil, so you can be in another group. Zephrah is our guide and should be well protected. I'm a good swordsman. Linwe, I'm not sure where you specialise so I'm guessing you're an all-rounder. Elraen, I'm assuming you're the same as Linwe." Endulin said thoughtfully.

"Ok, we have two archers, so that pretty much determines that we're going to be in two groups. Rumil, you can be in team 1, and Rue, you can be in team 2. Zephrah, you can go with Rumil and communicate with team 2 using birds. I'll go with Rue. Linwe, you go with Rumil and Elraen can go with team 2. That sound good to everybody?" Endulin asked.
"Sounds good to me",said Rue stepping forward,"The whole group of us will benifit this way", She drew her bow and waited.
Linwe nodded and moved towards the others in her group, fingering the worn wood of the quarterstaff in her hand.
"Let's go then, if all the rest of you agree to the groups. If we don't leave soon, this day will be rather a bit of a waste."
"This sounds fine to me. " Zephrah fingered her dager as if she was afraid that it might have vanished.
"Sounds good, and Linwes rite, we'll waste the day and also, we don't want enemies seeing us here." Rumil walked off into the trees raising a hand in farewell, before notching another arrow, "I'm not waiting any longer."
Rue nodded and called after,"Safe departure, safe return,and wary". With that Rue turned and tightened her bow string.
Endulin sighed in relief as everyone seemed to agree with his plans.
"Well, I'm glad that the plan worked out. Where do we split up into groups?"
"I suppose here,since Rumil's walked off." Rue sighed and tested her bow,"We should go with what he said last night".
Without bothering to say farewell or anything of that sort, seeing as she didn't know any of them, Linwe turned and followed hastily after Rumil, formally maing up her mind not to have just brought her horse, then again, they probably wouldn't need it where they were headed.
Zephrah turned and hastily folowed after Rumil. She did not yet draw her dager, for she did not want to draw too muck attenton the the group, as they passed throuh Rivendell.
"Right so, to find this army, listen for it, there wont be any signs of them around here, unless they had scouts or spies lurking around." Rumil continued on into the forest, keeping a notched arrow on his bowstring looking around cautiously. "They may have sentries, so keep your eyes wide open."
Endulin nodded to Rumil and started down a path that went in a slightly different direction. He motioned to the rest of team 2 to join him.
Rue stood at the gesture and proceded to follow a few paces behind,her hands tight on her bow and an arrow notched. She began muttering to herself in borderer and occasionaly uplander as they passed through the forest.
Connovor i thought we already seperated, and also Sorri, I'm going away for a few days around 8 days, so I'll allow someone to take control of my character, nothing stupid, no idiotic actions with him.

"Alright then, keep a good watch everyone and any signs of any people around here." Rumil pulled slightly on the string, just to test it.
Zephrahawkwardly fumbled with her dager, trying to get it out of it's sheath. Then she stopped she thought she herd something? but she coulden't be shure. She jumped as a rabit lept acros the path in front of her, and she nearly screamed! if it had not ben for the hand that stifeled the scream!
After she was sure Zephrah was calmed down, Linwe removed her hand from across her mouth. Without another word she moved silently to Rumil's side, and fingering her quarterstaff, she continued moving forward, looking around every so often.
Sorri i waz away so long peoples
Rumil kept a sore finger on the bowstring listening for sound and checking the srurrounding vegetation for enemy signs. "Do not expect any noise coming from the enemy camp, u know our own kind, this is elves, not orcs we are facing, this foe is more deadly, so don't make any noise, from now, I feel we are close, soon we will have to climb the trees, or their sentries will catch us." With a grim expression, Rumil continued to wearily tread through.
Sudenly Zephrah ran and lept reaching with one hand and swinging op into a tree. She signaled to the group thet she was going to move ahead to scout the area. then she quickely, and silently isapeared into the thich forest canopy. Zephrah thought that because she was well acquanted with this area, she could avoid unwanted detection.
Endulin creeped up the path very slowly and halted at a point near a clearing.
"Rue," he said, calling her over. "Your eyes and ears are much more sensitive than mine. What do you see?"
Rue silently made her way over and crouched low to the ground. "There are slight vibrations off to the east and I think that could be smoke", she said gesturing into the night,"But I think we need to get closer".
Rumil then replaced his wooden arrow with a steel tipped one. Listening closely, an arrow suddenly nicked his arm and thumps into a tree, Rumil then whirls around and fires an arrow into a nearby bush. An elf staggers out with an arrow in his side with a drawn sword. "How could I not see that." Rumil muttered, switching to a sword and jumping on the elf, knocking his sword away and stabbing his chest. The elvish clothing he wore hinted something. "A scout." Rumil kicked the corpse away, "I had a feeling we were being followed." In an angrier tone he looked toward the enemy camp, "It seems the enemy knows we're here."
"Right. Let's move in people. Rue, go in front, but be careful." Endulin gestured for her to take the lead.
"How fast can you move?", She asked before standing up,"I'm used to elven pace,but we can slow down,I've had very few contacts with human allies so just tell me", She glanced to the other and pulled out her bow. Notching an arrow,she waited until a cloud moved in front of the moon and started into the shadows.
zephrah was moving quickelly through the trees, when sudenly she stopped she had herd something! Turning her head towards the sound she stoped, and froze. About 3ft away standing on the flet in the next tree was another elf, his bow loaded, and ready to fire at her. she slowely lowered her dager, setting it in the creek of a branch. Instently two more elvs apeared and seazed her.
Rumil was already moving as more elves appeared. Throwing his sword it killed off an elf holding onto Zephrah, then taking out his bow and arrow shot at the other. An arrow hissed and ripped off part of his cloak. Firing an arrow at the enemy, he moved to another spot and fired. Without his sword which was stillll embedded at the enemy elf nearby . "Somebody take down that elf!" Rumil dodged the arrows, wondering how he would keep it up.
with the elf that had been holding her dead, Zephrah droped to the ground, grabing hr dager from the tree, and landed right on another unsuspecting elf.
Rumil landed next to Zephrah, parrying the elves approaching. "Nows a good time for communication with the others! I'll hold them off while you do it." Rumil stabbed another elf with an arrow while loading it and firing it at another elf.
Linwe fought with her back towards her companions, making sure that nothing could attack them from behind. Rather than attacking to kill she simply knocked them unconcious, seeing as it was easier to extract information from a live prisoner than a dead one. Her sword was still sheathed on her back, her quarterstaff was serving just fine.

"And just who are you planning on answering us?! There is no one here or nearby who would be able to come here in time. This is not the time for hasty actions, just focus on the battle, there is no other way for you to survive it ,fool," Linwe hissed at Rumil.
"We can contact our other three allies, now that our surprise attack is ruined." Rumil grabbed jhis sword sticking out of the dead elf and stabbed another elf, "I'm sure they aren't too far away."
"If they've moved as quickly as us, then by the time they are able to get here, they will be of little or no use and would have just wasted time trying to "rescue" us. And since our suprise attack is ruined, might I suggest that we come up with another plan rather quickly?"
" the problem is," Rumil ducked and parried a blow from an elf, " That there really is no other way, considering we are surrounded. Unless, we can somehow send a message Elrond."
"I can keep up with you. Let's keep moving forward." As a precaution. Endulin slowly drew his sword, so as not to make the distinct metal-on-leather sound that a quickly drawn sword makes.

sorry about the short post. sleepy
After walking for a really long time...

They stood in the shadows,just out of reach of the campfires light. "Does Rumil want an upfront attack or suttle killing?" She frowned for a moment,"I can't tell how many there are,at least two dozen,mabey?" She frowned again and drew her bow.
"Well, if she has reached the campsite, maybe there are less defenders there, since we are causing quite a diversion." Rumil swept his sword around in a wide arc, cutting three elves at the waist.
"Send a message to him Rue. Be quiet about it though. We are outnumbered for now, but wiht Rumil and the rest, we stand a chance."
"I'll call Redwing down,it'll be faster that way",She stated, letting out a low whistle a large raven landed on her shoulder,"Gift from a friend",She explained,tying a scrap of parchment,"But if Rumil is too quick to think,he'll likely have an arrow through her before she lands",She sighed and quickly let the bird into the forest.
A while later...
Rumil was beginning to tire. Usually if he fought orcs, he could last much longer, but these were elves, skilled with weoponary, his past comrades. "Hold them a while longer!" He cut down another two elves, whirling the sword, then faking a downward slash but then punching them both with his other hand, then stabbing them. A noise temporarily distracted him, he looked up and saw a large Raven. "What in Mandos name is that thing doing?" He quickly ducked as an elf whirled his sword at him, then started some very quick swordwork, almost killing Rumil, as he was taken by surprise. Rumil ducked and dodged, then jumping up, brought his sword down on the elf's head, toppling him over. The Raven settled on Rumils shoulder, passin the message. Rumil almost choked. Here he was, fighting for his and his comrades lives, while Rue requested for help! He sent a clear message back, that he needed help and approximately where he was.
Rue sighed as Redwing returned to her shoulder,"Let's move", She said with out giving an explaination.She sheathed her weapons ans started back the way they had come.After jotting down a quick message,she let Redwing back into the air,"Rumil",She said,referring to the letter of response.
"Is something the matter? Does Rumil need help?" Endulin asked, concerned about Rue's abruptness and lack of explanation, plus th possibility of Rumil experiencing trouble.
"We just need to go,I'm not about to loose another brother", She turned quickly and departed into the trees.
Sighing, Endulin followed her.

sorry about he short post. nothing else to say really
Rumil could not hold for much longer. Overwhleming numbers of elves had driven him from his stand near his group, and he was wounded in dozens of places, but he held on his sword hacking away at the elves around him. Rumil suddenly jumped up onto a short tree, then run awkwadly along the branches, ending up hiding up in a larger tree, hideden among the leaves and branches. "Wont be long before they find me." Rumil muttered, checking his wounds. "i'll die, I'm sre of it." his eyes lightenned up, "I'll see y brothers again." Arrows hissed around him, elves were shouting in elven, cursing him. He was surrounded.
"Rumil!, How in Hoolies did you get yourself into this?" Rue yelled angrily,She began swinging her sword at the attacking elves. "So much for the element of surprise". She sliced carefully trying to avoid cutting her friends.
Endulin stumbled through the thick brush and nearly ended up with his head separated from his body by an elf sword. Recovering quickly, he buried his sword in the elf's body. Tearing it free, Endulin engaged another elf. Swinging his sword in arcs, Endulin attacked with his customary aggressivness.
"What is it with you Rumil? Everytime I bump into you, you're in some sort of trouble." he said between slashes and parrys/parries (sp?)
Rue laughed in agreement and severed an elfs head. "Do they ever stop coming?" She said as she stuck another with her sword.

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