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"Oh get back here", Rue laughed,"This is no longer a time for emotions,it's time for business and stratagy".She sighed to herself,her saying these things when she was the one who couldn't get a handle on her own emotions.She did not look at her brother afriad he would get angrier with her for speaking out like that,instead she looked back to the map.
Rumil had stood by silently waiting for his turn to speak again. Then Elraen had walked out, Rue had called her back. "Elraen if anything is wrong just tell us you don't have to walk out like that, we can't do this thing if we don't cooporate." With that he glanced at Rue who refused to looked at him. Probably thinks I'm going to scold her, he thought but he pushed it aside. "This is to be carried out as soon as possible, I say tommorrow at dawn."
"Then I suggest we sleep now,if we leave early I mean..."She fiddled with her knives before looking back to the map.
"Wel if we are going to attack at dawn, then we will need somthing to eat first. i shall see what I can find in the kitchen. Please excuse me." Zephrah bowed not to anyone specific, and then headed for the kitchen.
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Rue watched her leave and sat down, closing her eyes."Rumil...",she said after a momment,"You need to stop treating me as a sister and start treating me as an aquaintance,alright?."
Zephrah found a sac in the corner of the kitchen, and began packing any food she could find thankfully there was some fresh Lembas she had baked earlier. then after packing enough food for everyone, she began to prepair some breackfast. "If they were going to be fighting then they eould need some energy." She thought.
Elraen heard Rumil call her name and stopped, wincing a bit. With a sigh, she turned and walked back in, standing in the shadows once more. She bit at her nails a bit, glancing around nervously.
Rue looked up at the girl,"Whats going on?" She was curious and wanted to know if anything could be helped.
Elraen looked over at Rue and shook her head.
"No, nothing's wrong. Why would anything be wrong? I'm fine."
She smiled, then blinked and shook her head at herself. She had a long way to go before she could talk freely again because of her nervy ways.
"I wont pry,but when you're ready to talk we're all ready to listen", Rue looked back to Rumil waiting for a response.She hopped he would agree and let that be the end of it so there would be one less argument between them in the future.
"Alright, I believe we need rest soon but beforehand we will have to split into 2 groups for this. Or does anyone else have ideas?"
Rue sighed,he still hadn't answered her.Turning away she rubbed her shoulder and scraped dried blood from her shirt.The wound had begun to close and soon she would be able to remove the bandage."Just split us up and be done with it",she said without turning.
Meanwhile back in the kitchen, Zephran was busily prepairing food, when another of Elronds servents came into the room. Zephrah smiled warmely at Tathar, he was the closest thing she had now to a brother. "What brings you down here at this hour of the morning?"

Tahtar answered, "Lord Elrond has not sleped well, in fact he has not hardly slept at all! but who can blame him. Any way, he is hungry, and has requested breakfast." as he spoke he began filling a platter with a variety of fruit.

Zephrah turned to him and asked, "We have som guests in the dining hall, after you serve Lord Elrond, and if he has no more need for you, would you help me serve them?"

Tahtar, "Of course I shall return as swiftly as I can!"
Rumil looked to Rue, "I heard you Rue, I got the point." He then shrugged, "Well, maybe we can just go as a large group, so we don't have to split up but I would prefer 2 groups."
"No,you haven't quite gotten it yet,but I'll let it drop considering you seem to like avoiding having to answer someone". She looked up ready to change the subject,"One group would probably get us killed,your first plan seemed better".
Tathar had returned, and helped Zephrah prepare a few more platers of food. Then together the two caried the food into the dining hall. "Breackfast is served." Zephrah anounced to the small crowed that was still gathered around the map. Then turning to Tathar, she said "I nearly forgot! Do we have any tea, brewed?"

Tathar smiled at Zephrah! "One moment." and he quietly backed out of the room.
Linwe stepped out of the shadows and stood by Elraen's side. After silently observing and looking around at the others she spoke.

"We will use your first plan. Two groups will porvide us with safety, though concealment might prove a problem. What time are we meeting and where? I will be there, who am I with?"

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Zephrah picked up a plate of fruit, and other food, and brought it over to the group around the map. Than standing before Rumil, "Nin brenon, (my lord) you must eat to give you strength for the batle!" and she set the food down in the middle of the table. "Now everyone eat there is plenty for all!"
Elraen smiled and joined in the eating a little, considering she cooked worse than a tree. She sighed a bit, looking around.
Zephrah smiled at Elraen softly. But remained silent, for Zephrah knew nothing of the art of war. She was glad that someone was finally taking comand! So she stood there patiently watching, and listening.
Elraen smiled back to Zephrah. Then she turned a bit, but stood where she stood. Elraen blinked a bit, then shrugged and leaned back against a wall.
Rumil hated and liked the situation at the same time. It was great to see others helping out so he didn't have to do anything, on the other, there was Rue telling him not to treat her as a sister. Well, he just didn't know what she wanted. "Alright then Linwe, as I said tommorrow at dawn we will meet, probrably at the clearing, Zephrah, don't call me lord, I don't care much for status, and thank you for the food. and now we will have to discuss who is with who in the groups."
Rue looked up slowly, "We could mix skill levels,so one group isn't any worse off than the other,and also knowledge of Rivendell, I for one have absolutly no idea how to get around so I'm not much of a help there." She looked over to Rumil and smiled inwardly,he was confused,he didn't know what to think,and she wasn't about to tell him.She grabbed an apple and sat back again.
"Nin Brenon (My lord).........uhh I mean Rumil. I'm sorry, I do agree with Rue. I can't fight verry well, but I know Rivendell. I know the secret passeges that the servents use to move about. I can lead you where ever you want."
hehe, I forgot to tell everyone...I talked to Ice and she said to consider the night over. Sorry, she kinda told me like two days ago, but I kinda forgot...anyway...continue. Smile Smilie
After a long and stressful night of planning, the company catches a little bit of sleep and meet in the clearing, ready to depart.
zephrah walked into the clearing, to find that it was empty, she was the first one there. she sat down, and and began to sing.

Ai! laurie lantar lassi surinen,
yeni unotime ve ramar aldaron!
Yeni ve linte yuldar avanier
mi oromardi lisse-miruvoreva
Andune pella, Vardo tellumar
nu lini yassen tintilar
nu luini yassen tintilar i eleni
omaryo airetary-lirinen.
"Beautiful,your singing only gets better",Rue emerged from the trees and stood in the clearing,Zephrah seemed to be alone,and apparently they were early. She began pinning trees with arrows as they waited for the others to arrive.
Rumil waited in the clearing for the others. He had woken early and had begun his usual ritual of practising archery. "When are the others going to arrive?" He fired another arrow, and it stuck to the branch he was aiming for. He gave a satisfied smirk.
"Don't know,can't know",replied Rue as she carved a small target into a tree,then backing up she took aim.
Linwe walked silently to the clearing, but stood in the shadows, hidden from view obseving the others and waiting for the rest to arrive. Her hands danced restlessly on her leg, tapping out a strange, anxious rythm.
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Endulin stretched out his arms and yawned loudly as he walked into the clearing, feeling sleepy and a little cold.
"Morning everyone." He managed before stifling another yawn. He pulled out his sword and swung a bit to awaken himself and warm up his arms.
As people began arriving in the clearing, Zephrah stood up. "So what are the groups? Oh and I almost forgot, I found this stuck to my bedroom door this morning." zephrah holds up a piece of paper.
"Hmm what is it?" Rumil nodded to the paper, "Is it a friendly message or some threat from the enemy? remember the enemy may know about our plan."
Cuiviedan had snuck quietly into Elrond's mainhold that night. She was fading, dying, so being quiet was not anything difficult for her. She didn't want all the new friends to get too comfortable with one another, so she left them a note to stir their anxiety:

"Enemy lines have yet to be drawn. Be wary of one in your midst. Do not trust those you think are good at heart, for there is room in all to betray. Brothers are not always faithful; sisters are not always truthful."

She smiled to herself as she floated back down the hall. "Let's see what that stirs up."

OOC: Seriously...I cannot be the only evil person, which is why I haven't written in so long. My character is not one to take the lead in an attack.
Oohhh... I like it!

Rue loosend her bow and walked over,"What is it? Is there any indication of a sender?" She looked at the others questioningly.
"Look, I don't know who stuck this on my door! I never herd anything? I always hear people in the hall, they ushually wake me up! But why my door?" Zephrah was nervous, she handed the paper to Rue "Here you take it!"
Rue took the paper and examined it,Her eyes widened as she read it allowed. "Enemy lines have not yet been drawn,be wary of one in your midsts...Do not trust those you think are good at heart...for there is room in all to betray...Brothers are not al;ways faithful; Sisters are not always truthful..." She looked up,"What does this mean?"
Elraen watched Zephrah and Rue, almost amused at Zephrah's actions. She smiled a bit, tilting her head some.
Zephrah turned to Elraen! "What are you looking at? Do you think I wrote that? If you are going to blame me then just say so and stop staring!" Zephrah's nerves were on edge!
Linwe stepped forward cautiously.
"Enough, it's obvious none of us sent it, seeing as none of us were aware of it, unless someone is hiding something from the rest of us."

She took the note and examined it carefully for a few minutes then handed it back.
"unless someone is hiding something from the rest of us" The words echoed in Zephrah's head. "Are you accusing me to!?" Zephrah was on edge, and verry defensive, "That would make perfect sence! I post the note that I wrote on my own door! I pretend to sleep, and then convince everyone that I just found it!" Zephrah was mad, and nearly yelling at anyone who was near. Zephrah crosed her arms, and began to stomp off.
"Zephrah", Rue said firmly,her hand clutching the note,"No one has any intentions of suspecting anyone yet. None of us have any proof against the other". She looked to Rumil now,"What do you make of it?"
Rolling her eyes, Linwe backed off again from the group and stood observing again. Aftera few moments, she appeared rather lost in thought to the others as she thought about the note and who could have pinned it on Zephrah's door without anyone being aware of it.
Elraen shook her head, shocked.
"No ma'am, I don't think you did it."
Elraen took a step away slowly.
Rumil just shook his head. "I really don't know, maybe there is a traitor in our midst or maybe this note is just fake. But really I don't even see the point of siding with evil now that Sauron has fallen. But don't ask me, because I am suspicious of everyone."
"So that's it. Everyone's a suspect. No one can be trusted." Endulin muttered darkly. Though he held his tongue, he found himself examining the companions and guessing their motives and rewards for betraying them.
Zephrah's thoughts turned to her mother, who was now serving Trethilla. She was also thinking of the conversation earlier that night with Rumil, about fire. "my mother is nomore evil then myself? Yet she is being used for evil! Or am I to folow the same path as my mother? Do I have a choice?" The thoughts were pounding in Zephrah's head! "No! I am not my mother! I am not going to be used for evil!" Yet the thoughts persisted, and zephrah found herself once again feeling guilty for the death of her father.
"Yes, everyone is a suspect,but there is no way of finding out who is the true betrayer,we could all have had a reason for betraying.But still, in the mean time shouldn't we try and do what we came here for?"
Linwe rejoined the group, trying to figure out who would have sent the note, she knew it wasn't anyone here, there was just something not right about the note, she just didn't know what yet, and until she did, she figured it was best just to hold her toungue.

"Yes, let's leave. Otherwise we won't be able to get very faar before we have to stop. Who is in what group?"
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