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Name: Hood
age: 16
gender: Male
Looks: Lighter hair, partly curly, short ear length. Tall and skinny. usually wears a hooded cloak and rides a Black Stallion.
Profession: Knight / Swordfighter.
Hi Hoody, I presume you're human? Hence ear lenght.

Everyone, meet my friend from school, I wouldn't stop talking about you guys and bugged her into joining our family!

Puppy Smilie <----Kirby
We need a bad guy, don't we?
Yep we sure do need a bad guy.
( were u tryin to get me to be bad?)
Ummmm I dont really know whats goin on so can somebody fill me in?? Wink Smilie
Hoodie, I sent you a PM explaining the past and current events, don't worry.
thanx Big Laugh Smilie
"Yes well," Rumil swung his sword in an uppercut and then kicked an elf in the groin, "people have this thing against me." Swinging his sword in a horizontal arc, he sliced an elf's waist. Suddenly a horn blew, and the elves rushed away. Exhausted and wounded, Rumil collapsed on the ground panting and gasping. "Well, that was close."
Shocked Elf Smilie Super Wow Smilie Wow.... I can't believe that something I started went to far; I'm sorry I wasn't here to help the story along, you guys. Situations wouldn't allow it.... Oh crap, Inuyasha's on, gotta go!
I wish one of the 'bad guys' can come back so to continue this thread.
Calling all bad dudes....
Wheres Etharion when you need him
Yeah, jeez....
I believe Ethy is in England on a trip at this point in time tho I could be mistaken and he isn't, but has rather just been busy!
We might could start this thread over; if anyone wants to join it, I'll not leave for a while, so I can handle gamemaster this time, last time I left, I had been grounded.... and I still am, but I can get online at school, so, whatever...
okay then, names were a problem but here it is:

Names: just call me Black Light
Race: Half Man, Half elf
Past: was the tenth man who would be given a ring by Sauron, but nine were chosen, searches for revenge, he searches for races that will help him wipe out all the darkness. he came from black to emerge as a light to others in other words a good guy.
Powers: life span of an elf, and determination to do whatever it takes to do what needs to be done.
Weapons: Long black knife, Black horse called Darkon, and black bow and arrows.
Uses: double agent, can be used as a spy, the enemy still thinks that he is with them.
Clothing: clad in black black boots (i think i like black) a black hood and cloak
I'll wait and see if any more people decide to join...
I might like to join! But I haven't exactly checked out what this is lol I just seen Icey's name and looked, and I see that you might want other people to join, soo I guess I will join. . . . . but what am I joining?? lol
Begging you pardon for taking so long to reply, here's what it is...

Some elves in Rivendell have turned evil, and some evil woman somewhere is controlling them. There are good guys, and bad guys. Any race is allowed. For the whole story, I'm sorry Rane, but you'll have to read the first post on the first page.... Anyone else want to join?
OK I have an ideah.

IF we could restart this thread.

Using a twist that was laid out towards the begining of the thread,

"zephrah felt a twinge of guilt as she spoke to this young Elf.
"What am I doing asking her to tell her whole story when no one realy knows mine?" she thought to her self.
at this she hastily turned to Rumil, and Rue. When she stood before the children of Galadriel, she bowed.
"Nin brannon, diheno anim (My lord, forgive me) for I have not told you the whole truth about myself. If I wish to be trusted then this myst be known! My father and brother died at Helms Deep, and my mother has turned to evil! I am alone for I have renounced my mother. Hir dir, (Sir) I do not ask for your trust, only to be allowed to aid you in defeating this terrible Evil!" As she spoke these words, she was crying, because she did not know how Rumil, and Rue would react!"

In this section we see that Trethila is my mother. That then opens up the posibility for her to control me. Although my heart is pure, I still love my mother, and in an atempt to save her from herow folly, I get trapped.

SO what do you thinnk?

Hi! May I join?
Name: Zephrah
Age: 3420
Gender: F
Race: Elf
Appearence: Slender, but strong. dark brown eyes and hair. She is wearing the traditional grey traveling cloke of the elves. and she speaks with a soft accent.
Hight: 5Ft. 6in.
Weapons: Silver bow, of the tree elf fashion, and a misterious dagger, fashioned durign the Old Age of the Elfes. the dagger is called Vishrow

Hope u guys dont mind if i join!!Smile Smilie

Name:Iesseus Reyndous
Race: Dunedain
Currently living in:Osgiliath
Description:A young brave warrior and bartender.He inherited the Crouching Hobbit Inn after his father Reagous Reyndous died courageously fighting off orcs near Osgiliath.He has long flowing white hair with blood red streaks.His weapons are the sword his father gave him known as Alsouda Katana and some throwing daggers known as Lagosas.He will do anything for his friends and family.He never gives up.He is very recognizable with his black hooded robe with chain mail underneath and long hair.When he works in the bar he wears black jeans and any shirt he can find.
woah its seriously been a long time since I've been here.

Homework is a killer for me these days, I hate yr 11. I'll try to go on every now and then, but these days I'm really busy.

Good to see peopel still here.
Wow, I just saw that alot of people have replied since the last time I checked this one out..I just never noticed it had any new replies...
Nice plot Zephrah, but Trethila is human. Maybe I could make her half-elf, could make Zephrah (the character) younger...
And sure, anyone can join, just let me know when you're ready to start...
OOC: I loved this thread and was really getting into it for a while there, but I couldn't get any "baddies" to respond to me...Sad Smilie
i say we save this thread lets start it up again
OK So then Zephrah is half human. simple. and age ok easy to change.
Ehm...awesome-ness? Whenever you guys are ready....I guess we can start...
Name: Aethar Elendil (given to me by
Race: Dunedain
Occupation: Ranger/historian
Physical Appearance: Dark Brown hair, green eyes, travel worn clothes and tattered cloak and hood, sword at his side.
Equipment: sword named Morfaroth (longsword with a dark red blade and a sunstone inset into the pommel) with a simple yet effective sheath, typical bow and quiver of arrows of a ranger.
Skills/Abilities: skilled swordsman, blacksmith, bowman, stealth, wilderness lore.
Magical Abilities: Morfaroth (because it is crafted in the fasion of Westernesse) is extremely fatal to all things tainted by Mordor, can speak with animals and plants.

Hey, if u need a bad guy for the thread to work, I guess I could change my profile a bit and be the bad guy.
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