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Zephrah gently placed her hand on Rumils arow. "Nin Brannon, I am sure Endulin meant you no harm! I thought you two knew each other? Brannon (Lord) Rumil if you can't trust your friends who can you trust? please poot down you bow!"
Rumil lowered his bow but his trust in the man was now low, 'how dare he speak of my mother in such manner," But Rumil put his bow down in the end. "You are lucky I have mercy my friend, or I would have truly pinned u to that tree."
"Brannon Rumil, I ment to thank you earlier for letting me borrow your cloke! Concidering I left mine in my room, with both my bow, and my dagger. Unlike you , I am uncomfortable with weapons!, however I'm sure that this will change. I should probabely cary some weapon, just in case. Now if you will please excuse me I must retrieve my Dager, and my cloke."
gah! I leave fer one day and come back to like 5 pages!! Oh well. I'll be gone again this weekend, so keep me in plz.

Once they had entered Rivendell, Linw’ had slipped away quietly from the others and made her way to Elrond's rather large collection of books and relics. After carefully searching, she had selected several, picked up the top one and had settled down to read quietly, enjoying the peaceful, solitary place. She was definitely not social, and had begun having second thoughts about whether this was really that smart of an idea, being around all these people was making her nervous. Linw’ became so involved in what she was reading that she lost track of time, and everything else.
Do you want some one to play for you, or pretend it's still the same night?
I don't care. I'll be here tomorrow, but my parents usually won't let me on during the weekend, but I'll see if I can convince them to let me on.
Rue walked even farther away when she heard Zephrah scream, She couldn't face everyone right now she still needed time to think.She moved deeper into the shadows and sat beneth a tree.
Endulin placed his hands up, palms facing outward as a sign of peace.
"Forgive me friend. I meant no offence. Aragorn did not tell me she had passed on to the Undying Lands. I am truly sorry for your loss. I can only be thankful that my family is still with me."
She could still hear the man from this distance, talking about the mother she couldn't even remember, she couldn't remember anything of her past, her brothers,her parents,her childhood... It didn't seem fair. She couldn't keep doing this, Rue got up and slowly walked back to the others,she had put up a defensive wall to replace her feelings and was back to being what she was before she had a brother. She stepped out into the clearing and into what seemed to be the end of the argument.
Elraen found herself alone again, with no one around her. She sighed some. Familiar, eh old girl? she thought to herself with a small laugh. Elraen turned and walked down one of the small paths of the gardens of Elrond's, taking in the beauty of the mystic place. She smiled to herself with a content sigh, hoping no one would come up to her from behind..
Zephrah dashed into her room, and began searching frantically for her weapons the dagger, Vishrow, she knew where that was, sitting on the small round table, in the courner. But the silver bow and the arows, that would take some time. After a few more moments of searching she spoted them. Quickely grabing them, she she ran past her bed, and grabed her cloke. "Rumil will be glad to have his cloke back" she thought. With that she ran back to the clearing. She couldent wait for Rumil and the other worior to show her a few tricks!
Rumil quickly ran for the window which he knew was his window and jumped in, first giving a glare to Endulin before doing so. Luckily his sword was propped right next to his bed, as he always did being the cautious person he was. Grabbing it, he quickly somersaulted out the window, and then tree jumped back to the same spot. He quickly sheathed his sword, then picked up the bow and arrow, and waited for Zephrahs return. Completely ignoring Endulin, he practised more of his archery, while keeping an eye on the person he once thought was good. Loosing an arrow, he picked off a leaf from a tree a fair distance away. He decided then to use the sword instead. Quickly slipping his bow onto his back, he used his other hand to unsheath the sword, spinning it in his hand, making it give a satisfying hissing sound. Then he remembered there were other elves, his sister, of all people, among them. They had seen what he had done to Endulin, and Rue had not done a single thing about the insult from Endulin. Rumil waved it away, she probrably had not heard.
Rue was right beside Rumil at the time but he seemed to intuned with everything else he didn't see her.She put a hand on his shoulder.
Rumil had changed his mind from swordplay back to archery, was about to release an arrow when Rue touched his shoulder. The arrow, for the first time in a long time, hit the branch, but not the target, the trunk. Turnning to his sister, he said quietly, "What do you want Rue? I am practising my archery, if it is important speak."
Rue tuned away with out a word,she understood the importance of concentration and that even a word could disturb an archer.She took her bow, and let an arrow fly hitting the target perfectly.
"Thats it", And continued walking." I will not be told when and when not to speak, I have gone through that already", she muttered to herself. She walked into another part of the trees farther from the others.
Linw’'s stack of books was shrinking and the once quite room was now filled with the scratchings of her writing as she wrote notes down about what she ws reading. Every now and then, a small noise would escape her lips, but whether of frustration or excitement it was hard to tell.
Cuiviedan looks at Eleniel with a deep, dark stare, her eyes flashing. Speaking with her mind, "I only have so much patience Eleniel, and he is on the knife's edge of mine." Cuiviedan turns back toward Arthas, "Well Arthas, armed with this information, do you feel the need to send out a scouting group of our own? If you don't, I will."

Cuiviedan turns and lightly touches Eleniel's arm, urging her out the door with her. Opening her mind, "It's time we took some action. Let's leave this man to stew in his own plans."

"Arthas, if you want us, we will be outside hunting some self-righteous elves."

Cuiviedan turns quickly, her long hair swaying around her waist as she makes a purposeful exit. Walking slowly down the hallway out of the room, she waits to see if Eleniel will follow her. She knows she can use an elf like Eleniel, an unsuspecting spy, for her own bright face had been shadowed by darkness long ago, and her brow betrays the anger and hurt that brew inside of her. She listens to the hollowness of her footsteps echoing down the corridor, feeling them penetrate into the very core of her being.
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Arthas shouted after Cuiviedan "Aye, i shall sent scouts. And i will join you in the hunt. I need some practice."
Cuiviedan paused and turned back toward the door. Peering in, feeling the splintered wood of the doorway beneath her fingertips, "Be sure to bring half of Eleniel's money." Handing a small bag to Eleniel, "I'll pay for the other half." She started back down the hallway. The air barely stirred as she passed the lit torches, which failed to flicker in unison with her long stride.
Rumil felt a bit hurt when he saw his sister walk away. Hurt! how? Rumil shook his head and continued his archery. Because besides his father, she was all the family left. Still she shouldnot intturupt me and at least let me finnish one arrow before she speaks to me. Shrugging off all the guilty and hurt feelings, he notched an arrow and loosed it. A hiss and thud told Rumil he was accurate again.
Rue was thinking of Rumil,his pride would always over come his feelings,and then she relized that was what they had in common, the were both too high strung.She was done with this self pity thing...for good, she was now ready for what was to come.
Disgusted at Endulins presencce, Rumil decided to retire to his room. How dare he bring up the issue of his mother! It was enough that she had gone to the undying lands, and then when a human asks if she ruled Lorien still, Rumil could have slit his throught. He decided to return to the dining room where the one of the few human he thought was good sat, Adneron. Sitting near him, he stared into the fire, watching the flames leap and dance.
Endulin sighed. No one seemed to trust him these days. Watching Rumil leave him behind angered him suddenly. How dare he turn his back on a Man who had fought side by side with him? He decided not to be left behind again. Tightening his sword strap, he followed Rumil's steps to the dining room.
Rumil's eyes narrowed as he saw that Endulin had followed him. After insulting him, he dared follow him here? This man whom he had only met a few times during his travel, followed him? Deciding to ignore him completely, Rumil stared back into the fireplace.
Returning to the clearing, Zephrah could find neither Rumil or Endulin. She decided to practice some archery on her own any way. She notched an arrow, and aimed at a tree rather close to the house. she released the arrow, and it skidded off the tree, and into the window of the dining hall. Which Zephrah had failed to see.
Rumil sensed something was wrong. Then the next thing he knew, he had thrown himself to the ground, when an arrow hissed through the centre of the hall, and dug itself into the opposing wall. "Enemies!" He shouted as he jumped up and notched an arrow to his bow. Aiming squarely to where the arrow came from, he loosed it, unaware of Zephrah on the other side.
Rue saw that Zephrah's aiming was off,after the arrow entered the window she atomaticly knew what Rumil would do.She pushed her out of the way and got the retuning arrow in her shoulder,a piercing pain swept through her.Ignoring it she helped Zephrah up with her good arm and quickly walked back into the shadows of the garden to try and get the arrow out,she should have asked for help but that would show weakness,again her pride had gotten the best of her.
Rumil knew he arrow had hit someone. A feeling of triumph swept through him, he had done some part in the killing of evil. He decided to examine the corpse, to see which evil elf or human he had killed. As he stepped out of the dining room, he began to feel les triumphant. However bad an elf may be, an elfe was an elf, kindred to him. And when he saw Rue with an arrow in her shoulder, he was shocked. "RUE?!" He rushed out to lead her into the safety of Rivendale. But inside him, he felt painful agonising guilt, of failure to protecting, and worst of all, helping to kill his own family. His face became more grim as he helped her in.
"No!",she said pulling away,"I can handel it on my own." She backed up slowly looking at him. " isn't that deep" she turned away to hide the blood.
Endulin rushed outside with Haldir, sword drawn in case there were others around. Seeing no one, he went over to Rue and checked the arrow in her shoulder. The arrow, being loosed from a powerful bow, had gone in up halfway into the shaft. Her arm was being slowly covered in blood and washed over Endulin's hands. Turning to Haldir he said
"Our enemies would laugh at us now. Shooting our allies and doing nothing to root out the tainted ones! She needs a healer. Do you know any with enough skill to draw the arrow out?"
Elraen continued along in the garden calmly, then sensed something was wrong. Elraen turned and went to where Rue, her brother, and a few others were. She gasped some, then slowly stepped forth.
"I'll heal her if you'd like."
" Really I'll be fine she assures everyone",looking at Rumil,"by tomarrow it won't even be visible." She had lost too much blood and was begining to collapse, slowly she brought herself to the ground and tried to breath normally,but lost consciousness in the effort.
Connovor im Rumil not Haldir

Rumil supported his sister into the main building. His heart sank, how could this happen? After reaching the 'healing' room, he set her onto one of the beds. He had failed his duty as a brother, first Orophin, and then now his sister was injured by his own arrow. He put his head in his hands, full of grief and guilt.
Rue awoke shortly after being layed down,the pain hadn't eased in the slightest but she kept her head. She looked around,"Is Zephrah okay?" She asked.
Rumil sat bolt upright. Rue was hurt, what about Zephrah? Rumil looked at his sister who was now more concerned about others than herself. Rumil, on the other hand, only cared for his own affairs. But again, he pushed the guilt away and coolly answered, "She should be alright. But I'll check." Then he stepped out of the room, hoping that Zephrah wasn't too badly hurt. He had already almost killed his sister, another death would be too much.
Rue layed back down and waited for Rumils return,she hoped she had not hurt the girl when pushing her.
Rumil ran out into the open and yelled out Zephrahs name a few times. He hoped she wasn't too seriously wounded or even, Rumil gave a solemn sad face, dead.
Rumil had been gone too long,Rue pushed herself out of bed and went off the find him.
Rumil could not find Zephrah where he last saw her. He then sat down to think but then saw that Rue had followed him. Turnning from her, he said quietly, "You probrably think I am a terrible brother now." Turnning his head slightly towards her he said even softer, "I don't blame you if you do."
"Rumil..."she said softly,"you could never be a bad brother...",she stepped forward and dropped in to embraced him.
Rumil never felt more guilt in his life, being embraced by his sister, that meant she trusted him. The last time his brother trusted him, he had been killed. Rumil pulled away from the embrace. "Promise me Rue, do not ever trust me. Look at what I did to you."

Rue, changed the rule in Defenders of Osgiliath, can u join? I realli need people to join.
" No,I'm always going to trust you."
Can I bring a friend or two?
"Rue, I will endanger your life, Look at at your shoulder, it is the work of someone who kills his siblings."

No probs Rue, bring as many as you want
"Rue, I will endanger your life, Look at at your shoulder, it is the work of someone who kills his siblings." Rumil then tried to help her back to the healing room. "You should not have come here, you need rest." Then he stopped. "Rue, I have not talked to father for years, I received a summon to come here through other means. What does he think of me? Scum? traitor? Those titles I deserve."

No probs Rue, bring as many as you want
" I jumped infront of her,besides I knew the consequences."
I got Bradly and Eo to check it out
"Rue, you must tell me, what does father think of me? Please tell me." Rumil helped her back into the room. HE felt as if she didn't want to tell him, and he could understand why.

Alright thats good.
" I told you earlier...I don't know who my father is..."
Rumil stopped and looked at Rue. "You don't know father? But then, where have you been all this time?"
"I don't... know..."she sat down starring at nothing.This was a very awkward momment for the both of them.
Rumil decided not to force it out of her, she probrably didn't want to share her past. He sat down on a nearby chair, and sat guarding her, with bow and arrow ready. Then he remembered, Zephrah! Where was she! "Rue I have to go find Zephrah, stay right here?" He first waited for her consent, so she wouldn't follow him.
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