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Thread: Hows the weather in your neck of the woods?

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Well, we did have that kind of weather Andrea. But today it is quite nice out, cool breeze, no clouds.
open curtains...
sunny no clouds.
been pisisting down all night, overcast, cold, typical workers weekend
It was so hot and sticky all day and night here in Newfoundland then it switched to tepid in the day and cold at night.
Hi Delolith, welcome to Planet-Tolkien. Happy Elf Smilie I hope you enjoy your stay with us and eventually also decide to make us your home.

Yesterday was wet and cold, in the mid 50s F; today is nice and sunny with temp in the mid 70s F and a slight breeze.
Last night I soaked my bed with sweat because it was so hot and humid. Thankfully tonight it is raining quiet hard and has cooled down. The air smells lovely and fresh too. I love the rain.
Contrary to my last post, I am now rather concerned by the rain. At the moment it is absolutely pouring down, as it has all week, and I'm getting married tomorrow. I can see a rather wet wedding and honeymoon Sad Smilie
Well if you hadn't spent your honeymoon money on that computer, you two could have gone to the Riviera. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
The weather is moody here; though soon enough it'll be full winter!
Congratulations, Val-may you two be very happy!

Ah, my favorite subject, weather!

Local forecast:
Right now the barometric pressure is steady at 29.83 inches.
Current temperature is 73 degrees fahrenheit.
Winds from the SW at 8 miles per hour.
Humidity is at 36 percent, dew point at 46 percent.
Tonight's low about 60 degrees fahrenheit.
Partly to mostly cloudy before midnight, turning to rain with a chance of thunderstorms. Locally heavy rainfall possible. Chance of rain 30 percent. Thank you, Weather Channel!
Supposedly a large storm front is moving in tonight, bringing us some much-needed rain. Here we are in a severe drought. Bring it on!

I feel sorry for the Japanese people-they are getting ripped apart by typhoons. Ten in one season to make landfall so far-a record. There is another one on the way. Send your good thoughts!
It's cloudy today, bit of a chance of rain. Nice temperature though, I'm tird of the hot weather.

Congrats, Val! I hope the rain quits and you have a really great day!

What d'yer know..... The rain blew through, followed by a gale of wind which dried up the puddles. It was cool and breezy, but otherwise a beautiful day. Big Smile Smilie It will be nice if it now holds out for another week.

Regards the PC, Grondy. That was money wisely spent. With the amount of rain we get over here in Blighty, at least I have something to do when it is wet.

Oooooooh is this your first post as a married mister?



Hi to Lady Val!
For starters....congrats to Val on your wedding! May you have many years of happiness together.

Now for the weather...
Here in Iowa its a gloomy, drizzly fall day. The temperature is cool so the dampness feels like it goes right through you. A good reason to make a big pot of chicken and dumplings for supper tonight.
I forgot to mention the weather here in the UK -specifically South and slightly west of London in good old Berkshire.

Today the weather has been sunny, windy, windy and sunny, overcast, sunny, oooh it's going to rain! Oh not it isn't, windy, overcast, sunny, rain? no, dull, less dull, sunny...... breezy, overcast, windy with a hint of rain......
Congrats Valedhelgwath & Lady Valedhelgwath! I am glad the weather turned out to be ok! Enjoy your honeymoon. Smile Smilie

Here the skies are blue, the temperature is nice (no it is not cold Gildor!) around 15C today. It is very hard to stay inside so I am packing my stuff soon and will head for home to catch the last sunrays of this lovely day!
Here the skies are blue, the temperature is nice (no it is not cold Gildor!) around 15C today.

It's cold. And when I say it's cold, it's cold. Tongue Smilie By the way, it's not really that hard to stay inside with this weather....

Congratulations Valedhelgwath! I hope you and Lady Val will be very happy together Big Smile Smilie
Looks like our four, five months of November started early this year. Can you say cold, grey, and wet and wind? Very Sad Smilie
Val and Valette up a tree....

ANYWAY...... The weather in good ol' Hamilton. Why, 'tis very cloudy (I can't see ANY blue anywhere) but 'tis white clouds, and 'tis just the right temperature. Warm, but not hot. A proper long weekend, it is, to be sure.
cold, very. ;(
Thank you all from the both of us for the congratulations etc Smile Smilie

Oooooooh is this your first post as a married mister?

Tecnically no, Vee. I spent so long actually getting around to getting divorced first time around, very few of my posts have come from an non-married mister.

And for the weather.... Cool but dry, and very dark.
Cold, wet, and many soggy maple leaves on the ground.
I CAN'T SEE OUT THE WINDOWS!!! But I see sunlight peeping through and there is no rain. My friend says it's cloudy. LEt's just believe her.
It's disgusting here. Last night it was raining, not big fat raindrops, but that sharp kind that comes in sideways and strings, especially in the winter because by the time it hits you it's icey sleet. The wind was going about 30 mph, and since this is Michigan, there's already snow and ice on the ground. How do I know all this? Because there was a Christmas sale going on in the village where my dad and his girlfriend live, and they made us walk there to watch a parade that was 3 floats long, and stand in a park drinking cold cocoa by a trash can someone lit fire to.
Looks like the same forecast for today too.
Ah! Another hater of the beastly rain!

Well, it has cleared off where I live, bit cold outside and overcast........but no rain!

Yesterday was unusual in that the Pinapple Express roared through on its way from Hawaii. It brought with it much rain and warmth: about two inches in twenty-four hours and the temperature got up to 60 degrees F. Today started out more normal in the 40s, but it was dry with sunshine. Back to or normal cold rain expected tonight.
Ah! Another hater of the beastly rain!

Oh, no, I love the rain, it's my favorite type of weather... just not in the cold winter when it's mixed with ice ::shudder::

Sounds nice there Grondy... Washington right? That's what it's suppossed to be like here tomorrow (hopefully)
Today just seems to be one of those boring, nondescript winter days, neither seasonally warm or cold, just overcast and grey.

One day last week, however, I was travelling early morning to a course and saw some beautiful mist. As we drove along a hillside, the fog was hanging in the valleys like white smoke, with tree tops appearing through it like islands. It would have made a brilliant painting.
Here it is cool but extremely sunny. Not my idea of winter. It is especially annoying because it is cold, but the sun shines so bright the you almost feel ridiculous wearing a jacket.
It's snowing! Lots of nice, pretty christmas snow! Yey!! Happy holidays to all!
Snowman Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie
Its bad over here. Dirty, nasty cold weather. The sun sets early so we can't play for long and it ain't raining. I want to go back to India!!! Atleast its snowing there!
Dittos LA86, over here it is cold, icy, and dreadful. The high temperature today is 27’F the low is 15’F.
And it is supposed to be even colder tomorrow!

"Arrr...that sounds like good Christmas weather to me, Arrr.", said the Dread Pirate Laurel. Waving Santa Smilie

Here it is cold for our typical temperatures at this time of year, windy, dry, and all-around better inside. I wish it snowed here. Sad Smilie Oh well. It looks lovely outside from where I am, though.
Wet, very, very wet!!! Duck Smilie
Clear with no wind; with temp in the high 30s (F); bright sunshine, though the sun is going to set in a few minutes here in the upper left hand corner of the Left Coast.
Overcast and gray. Lovely though!
Cloudy, rainy, foggy, cloudy, rainy, foggy...San Francisco has such terrible weather.
Well here in S.B. (Ca.), we’ve finally gotten a little bit of a break from the rain. It actually hasn’t rained in like a whole 24 hours now here, although it’s supposed to rain today into the weekend, and it does look like it could start any minute now.
Got The Blues Smilie
It is sunny and cold here in New Mexico. It is supposed to rain this weekend, but then again it was supposed to rain today too. I am wishing for snow!
So much for the little break from the rain we got, the new storm came in last night, and we are getting pounded! It’s been pouring down rain all night, and all day so far with no end in sight for the next several days! We’re expecting close to 5 inches of rain just between today and Sunday!
Shocked Smilie
Here it's cold, wet and icy. I hate living here, I hate the snow...I'm moving south...
Eruwen and Elfstone, I really feel for you guys in central-to-northern California coast areas...pelted by one whopper of a classic El Nino winter storm after another. Haven't both of your cities already surpassed your typical rainfall for the winter? I'd invest in some good sandbags soon! We keep getting the backend of all of your storms as they roll on east over to Melian, and places like Flagstaff and Payson(AZ) have gotten inundated with snowfall, while in Sedona they had a river flood substantially from rain and runoff of melting snow, and here we are almost caught up with the drought. So hopefully there will be a bit of a break soon for all of us...let the east deal with the mess for a couple weeks!
We got our first snow last night, only about 1/4 inch and it melted during the day. Its now cloudy, 36 F with verry little wind, and the barometer is rising.
Cold, wet, cloudy.....depressing I've seen blue sky about twice in two months. blah
Cold, wet, cloudy.....depressing I've seen blue sky about twice in two months. blah

I know how you feel to some degree as it's rained for 17 out of the last 18 days where I am. Hang in there!
Elf Winking Smilie

However, today we finally had another day without rain! After getting pounded all weekend long, we really, really needed it! Things are quite a mess around here right now to say the least!
Got The Blues Smilie
Wassup my homies? Da sky is partly cloudy.
Well the La Conchita mud slides have really hit home for me (about a 15 minute drive from where I live) as I found out earlier this week that people that I know that own a local music store here in town I frequent were both injured pretty seriously (both are in the hospital), and outside of their music store, they have lost everything. Their house, their car, and all of their belongings are totally gone, not to mention the enormous hospital bills they’re going to have!

The good news is that at least they made it, and both are expected to recover as I understand it at the moment, and the community is rallying to their support!

Orc Sad Smilie
The Jet Stream moved north from Elfie's Califoria and now we are the recipients of the Pinapple Express's rain and warmth from Hawaii. Glug, glug! Oh well, at least we don't have to shovel it; though it is overflowing the riverbanks into the yards of all those people stupid enough to build on the flood plains.
It is cold, I mean wicked cold. I had to walk a mile and was hoping almost from the first that my ears wouldn't stop hurting. Okay, people from Alaska and Minnesota can laugh at a wimpy Southern New Englander, but we're not used to zero F.
No rain now and at 5:30 PM PST the temp is 55 F all due to the Pinapple Express riding the jet stream. Next week we will probably get back to freezing. Jumping Flame Smilie
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