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Thread: Hows the weather in your neck of the woods?

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Rafael, I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with snow; we here in Western North Carolina have had cold weather but no snow nearby. Wish we could have some of yours! Grondy, we have a steeply pitched roof but not so much because of snow but because two bedrooms fit upstairs under the roof.
We had about a meter of snow a few weeks ago but it's now mostly melted. Temperatures are seasonable and in the 40sF. Too much sun for me, though; I'd take some of your snow, Rafael, if it meant there could be some overcast days. Earendil is shining clear in the western sky as I type and I dearly love to see him but do miss the clouds..
Big Smile Smilie I do think spring is on her way! Most of the snow is gone! It has been raining for some days, but today the sun is shining from a blue sky! Spring is my favorite season! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
In finland right now: All the snow has half melted. its raining water for the first time. its about +-1 degrees. It is very windy also. All in all the weather is so horrible that i dont even want to walk to my car and drive to the convinient store Big Smile Smilie
The weather here is sunny with lots of wind just before 4 PM local time. However just to the north over Vancouver Island, the Pineapple Express is dumping great quantities of rain on our British Columbian cousins and it will soon be hitting the northern part of Washington State as it races up the Strait of Juan de Fuca. There have been gale warnings on the coast.

My lights just blinked; I hope that isn't a harbinger of things to come.
Springtime ....but a bit windy Smile Smilie
cold, but sunny Smile Smilie
Your local weather report for the high plains of Colorado is partly cloudy and warm with the damp smell of spring rain in the air.
A bit windy with lot's of rainSmile Smilie
Slightly overcast, but warm; however another edition of the Pinapple Express is forcast for this weekend. Glub! Glub! Glub!
A warm spring day with lovely temperature and a big sun Cool Smilie
A nice Spring day, but not as nice as yesterday when the temp got up in the 60s (’F); it is about 10’F lower today.
Its a bit cold on the plains of eastern Colorado today but sunny and warmer than yesterday when we had a spring snow and strong winds. A couple nights ago there was a tornado in a southern town and a poor woman was killed when it threw her into a tree. Very sad.
HOT, HOT & HOt. I'm praying for winter to set in.
Sian o'the Green: I know someone who lives in Holly CO where the tornado hit. I sent him an email, but it hasn't been answered yet; I hope he, his wife, and his church were unharmed by that twister and that they only lost power. Besides being a Minister, he is the current publisher of LOADSTAR disk magazine for the Commodore 64 computer, which is up to issue #246.

Today is another nice day; though slightly overcast and cool. Anyday without wind and rain is a nice day.
Bah! It's windy and chill here.
Barometer's steady here, today's projected high temperature is 86F and the humidity is so low that my poor skin is cracking from lack of moisture. We are officially 2.85 inches shy of our year-to-date rainfall totals, making the dryness seem so much worse here in the Desert Southwest of the US. I wish that the temp was a bit cooler; my threshold for "perfect" temp is between 65F-77F. I think I may be living in the wrong place, as the average daytime high temp here in the summer is between 100F-115F before Monsoon season (late July through early September). Please, summer, hold off for awhile and let there be Spring for a little bit!
Temp outside is 48’F and it is overcast with rain expected tonight. Earlier today the sky was bright blue with a few puffy cottonball clouds.

My sister and her husband just moved into a newly built home in western Arizona, where they have loved the heat for about five years. Of course they will come back up here in May, to Summer again at their lake place in eastern Washington, where they can enjoy the less extreme daytime heat (80-100’F).
Getting a bit cooler! Could play soccer today at college without bothering too much about the sum but its still too hot for me. Don't ask about temperature cause i don't have a thermometer Dunce Smilie
A coolish and pleasant spring day on the plains. A few clouds and some precipitation are expected. The moon is full and yellow as it rises Smile Smilie

Grond- I hope your friend is ok, I haven't heard of anymore deaths or injuries so probably he is fine. Cleanup is ongoing and a big task so he's probably busy with that.
Sunny and warm but very windy ...I should have been using sunglasses ..feels like my eyes are covered with dustCool Smilie
The predicted precipitation is here and is white and frozen on the grass. Its supposed to be 19 degreesF tonight so I had to go and put a blankie on my daughter's horse as she didn't have time before work. I like this and let him run around the arena for awhile and have a good roll in the sand. He was hungry and all I had for him was an apple so he nipped my shirt.
He was hungry and all I had for him was an apple so he nipped my shirt.
That's gratitude for you, after you give him a blanket; he steals your shirt. Especially bad in that cold weather. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Brrr! Cold and windy here in Western North Carolina. Supposed to be in the low 20s F here tonight. We were slated to meet or break the record low last night. Wish it would snow or be spring. Spring would be good. The dogwoods, azaleas, and redbud trees are all in full bloom. Really weird to see while bundled up against the cold.
We gots weird weather in the States today. Snow in the East and a Heat Wave in the West. Currently at 5:45 PM PDT the temperature in Seattle is 78’F (25’C). In Cleveland Ohio they just cancelled the Baseball game with my Mariners because the snow got even worse and they were just one out in the fifth inning from a Cleveland win. That is to say, if they had got the next batter out and then called the game it would have been considered a complete game with Cleveland winning; now they have to play it all over from the start in a double header tomorrow, if it doesn't get snowed out again.
Halbard, your flowering trees sound so beautiful! I hope the cold dosen't hurt them too much. We had lovely azaleas and rhododendrons when I live in Portland and I really miss them.
Sian, one of the reasons that I love western North Carolina is the abundance of wild flowering trees and shrubs. Wildflowers abound as well. The mountain laurel and the rhododendron form masses of beautiful flowers every spring. Then in the fall, we have spectacular displays of colorful leaves. Ah, the pleasures of the circle of the seasons!
Yes :-) and Fall is my favorite. I bet your colorful fall leaves are as beautiful as the flowers. Here in eastern Colorado I live amid five acres of mostly sage and short weeds anad prairie grasses. We do have very pretty prairie flowers but they're small due to the dry climate. Spring will have some very strong thunderstorms but they don't last long and the rain runs off the soil instead of soaking in. The atmosphere is thin so the sun is intense and hot; I don't like hot weather and pretty much share Gollum's opinion of the sun except that plants and trees like it. So what am I doing here.... :-)
Like a hot Summer day ..The sun has been shining all day and no wind at allSmile Smilie Makes me wanna take a dive in the oceanCool Smilie
Sunny and rainy alternatively.
The temperature is comfortable and pleasant, its slightly humid and the wind is at almost gale force. There's still snow up in the mountains but its getting green here.
Currently this late afternoon, bright sunlight with tree blossoms almost covering the ground; it was raining this morning and we had a ground cover of hail yesterday.
More wild weather this week! We had a little snow over Easter weekend but it melted quickly. Two days ago we had an absolute blizzard, though, and have been snowed in since. The power was off for about four hours which means no water or hot food or tea. It warmed up quite a bit today so its starting to melt again and I'm sure we'll get out tomorrow and the power has been on steadily again. Tonight there is a little rain and there were tornado warnings earlier but I haven't heard of any damage.
SunnyCool Smilie I' have spent the day outside readingRead Smilie and I got a bit sunburned
We have a beautiful late spring here. Balmy breezes that carry the smell of all the hay fields which should be ready for their first cutting soon. All the wet weather has made our field grow really tall really fast and I'm going to have to hire someone to cut it. This makes me sad because the place is just alive with field flowers in all colors - red Indian Paintbrush, blue flax which is my favorite flower of all, and drifts of purple stuff. But snakes like the tall cover and our daughter's dog found a rattlesnake so cut it must be! I found a bullsnake last year that hissed at me and wanted to live by the front door and a baby bullsnake got into the basement and burrowed into daughter's laundry which was most unpleasant. We want to discourage things like that :-)

Spring is also thunderstorm and tornado season and we've had some magnificent storms roll over us. I love to see the thunderheads build up and watch the lightning. We are about eighty miles east of the front range of the Rocky Mountains; storms that come from the northwest have to rise to go over them and generally come down further east of us and I get to watch without really having any harsh weather. Insurance companies hate this area because hail can do so much damage; our company paid for two roofs for our old house.
Cool and windy with more rain predicted for the weekend.
It's been cold here all week, so far. Very disappointing because last week it was in the upper 80s and low 90s. We went to the river on Sunday, but on Monday it was only 55 degrees. Go figure.
I cant believe how hot it was just now!! it was 30 degrees celcius!!
In finland that is ALOT!! Big Smile Smilie
I'm not too good at translating celcius to farenheit but we're having something similar here - hot!
I'm not too good at translating celcius to farenheit

’F =[9/5 ’C + 32] = 1.8(’C + 17.8)
’C = (5/9)(’F-32)
Sunny Smile Smilie Ready for the beach tomorrow Cool Smilie
Today it is hot: Temp. 95 ’F, Humidity 25%, Pressure 29.90 in hg, Conditions Clear, Wind NNE at 10 mph, this was almost an hour ago and the temperature has probably risen at least another degree. It is 89 ’F in my appartment and I don't like anything over 85.
Grond, thank you for the help in translating C to F and back but I'm afraid I did so poorly in math I still can't do it.. Got The Blues Smilie

Its hot here and I can't wait for fall.
Well then Sian, here's a link to a Temperature Conversion Table with the math already calculated for you; simply find the known temperature and look in the same color adjacent box for the unknown one.
Oh,that helps a lot! Thank you! I've got it bookmarked Smile Smilie
Like Indian Summer .This afternoon it was really hot Cool Smilie
We have been having a cool summer, seldom getting to the eighties, and for the past couple weeks it has barely made it in to the seventies, if even that. Now that school is starting I suppose we will get a heat wave, to remind the children of the summer they didn't get. Shaking Head Smilie
We've had the nicest summer I can remember. Not too hot and enough rain that our broken sprinkler system wasn't needed anyway. Now its obviously turning towards fall. I saw the first cottonwood with yellow leaves yesterday and this morning there's definitely a smokey tang to the air and it was cool enough to need my shawl when I took the dogs out. The first freeze could be any time now but I still have plants I want to set out so i hope it holds off.

Autumn is by far my favorite season. The stores are putting out decorations with a Thanksgiving theme and have halloween candy too. I could just stand in the aisles and soak up the colors and atmosphere.
I saw the first cottonwood with yellow leaves yesterday and this morning there's definitely a smokey tang to the air and it was cool enough to need my shawl when I took the dogs out. The first freeze could be any time now but I still have plants I want to set out so i hope it holds off.

You describe it so beautifully Sian .Like a picture
Today me and my husband ate breakfast outside with friends and it was like a hot summerday The sun felt warm upon our eyes and we needed to wear sunglasses.It was no wind and we all wore T-shirts
They (our friends)live on the countryside and right beside a farm .
The little neighbour girl (4 or 5 years )run across the field to meet her grandad.
As she did, it brought tears into my eyes ..because I thought ,what a wonderful childhood .No stress, just a beautiful moment between grandpa and his little girl..
A super start of the day indeed and it got even better when we got home to our own kids and the sun was still shiningCool Smilie
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