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Thread: Hows the weather in your neck of the woods?

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'Twas cloudy this morning, but beautiful this afternoon: light breeze, bright sunlight, and temperature in the low seventies (’F).
I have destroyed all of the weather within one hundred miles by covering the sky with cheap, floral wallpaper. There will be no rain, snow, wind, sun, day, or night for at least ten years. Thus does the warranty decree!
I am having a cloudy spell... *sigh*
My cucmbers are growing quite finely, though. They've grown many of those curly clinger things, and they're climbing their way up the fencing. They do seem to have a terrible weakness when it comes to water though. One night plus a three hours of the morning without water and they''ll droop and wilt dolefully. I'm excitedly awaiting the first male flower to bloom!

And may there be sun for them!
We've had some nice rain. There was a beautiful thunderstorm Tuesday, then more yesterday and still more is predicted for today. I love to fall asleep to the sound of rain. I hope you get lots of cucumbers, Clover; I am hoping for a pumpkin. Last year I set two big pumpkins out by the front door on top of the planters that had held petunias; deer came and ate the pumpkins but left a few seeds behind and now one of those is growing and has just put out flowers so I'm hoping for some big orange squash Smile Smilie
Yesterday was almost too warm: in the high 80s’F and cloudy; today in the low 80s’F, no clouds, but a light haze (smog), and no breeze. At least it cools off at night so I can sleep. Oh, and hardly any humidity, which make this area much more better than the East or Gulf coasts of the U.S. imho. Wiggle Smilie
We just had a huge monsoon in Arizona. There were flashes of lightning all day, and it was pouring for almost an hour. We had to drive my friend home, and some of the traffic lights, street lamps, and even the road-side signs were out.
Its cloudy and chilly here. There are many clouds hanging outside with threat of rain.
Torrential rain warning in force since 2 days nows. There has been no primary/secondary/tertiary school. Many houses have been flooded as well as many bridges and rivers.
That's bad Thorin; is it normal for this time of year or had is been pawned off as Global Warming?

Here at just after 3 PM it is: Temp: 55’F, Dew Point: 48’, Humidity: 77%, Wind: South 7 mph, Visibility: 10.0 miles, Pressure: 30.06 in hg. rising, and Sky: Overcast
No, it's not normal and we've been having this phenomenon on an increased scale since last year. This March the same thing happened and sadly one student lost her life being carried by the torrents. This time about 600 houses were flooded and fortunately no one lost their life. In addition I think this phenomenon is due from global warming and the disappearance of wet lands which used to absorb the excess water. In addition pollution of rivers also prevent the water from moving away and made the water levels of rivers rise as well as people building very close to rivers which narrows their banks.

Yet today the warning was raised and surprisingly it's been sunshine all day long!
Here on Srilanka very hot with drought and sunny.normally here we see rainy season in September to December. this is the only season that rains a lot.Jumping Flame Smilie
We are having a very blustery day, wind from SSW at 29 mph with 40 mph gusts. There is a big low pressure system moving across Britisg Columbia. We normally get our storms from the south, though today it has only sprinkled off and on. The parking areas are now covered with a damp carpet of multi-colored maple leaves.
Today is Rainy day for Srilanka.the morning was cloudy but the evening was rainy with the windy weather and Lighting. Orc Grinning Smilie
It is winter in Norway, snow, a bit windy and 10C below; it's cold outside!
Its the exact opposite here raffy. Dreadfully hot and it has just been announced that the temperatures will reach up to 40’C. Oh my god.....
It is another gray November day here: 41’F (5’C) but still, and drier than normal for this time of year. (We usually have three or four months of November before Spring.)
We didn't get any snow yesterday, being in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains, whereas my daughter 60 miles northwest of me got about five inches. Today we got two inches of snow and she's now got over a foot of the white fluffy stuff. I hear we are going to get another bigger storm Saturday night through Sunday morning. The temperature outside is 25’ F (-10’ C) at 4 PM and I'm enjoying my first hot buttered rum of the season. Alcoholic Smilie
Surprisingly theres nearly no snow here in finland Smile Smilie
here we never have winter..........
I've been reading the posts here, and can't help but chuckle. I like in Kansas, and we have a very high degree of continentality here, so the summers are about two months of highs in the 100s F (40 C) and the winters are about two months of highs below freezing. Spring and Autumn are quite pleasant though.
Middle of winter-time in Norway. -5C, a bit windy, I'm ever so frozen, but no snow in my little town!
I enjoyed Christmas by myself, for I had 8 inches of snow; my daughter had over a foot. I decided I didn't want her on the road, because in western Washington when the snow partially melts in the daytime it freezes into slippery wet ice in the shadows and at night; putting cars, trucks, and buses into the ditch.

She may come this weekend; though I'm almost out of groceries having ordered them for delivery last Saturday and again on Monday, both times they were canceled by the store due to driving conditions. The delivery is now scheduled for early Sunday afternoon, if I'm lucky. I still have four-five inches of snow so if my daughter braves it and comes Saturday, she will have to buy enough groceries to feed us until the main shipment arrives. I have enough for myself, but not enough for our belated Christmas dinner.

Snow, snow go away;
Come again to Norway.
Well after the all snow, the "Pineapple Express" is here once again dumping an excess of water on the state: the three mountain passes to the east are closed due to avalanche danger leaving only the Columbia River Gorge Highway open to the east; and what with all the flooding our I-5 highway, heading south to that, will probably be closed starting tonight as the waters rise even higher. It was closed last year for five days due to flooding.

The Pineapple Express is a narrow band of weather that comes from the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands northeastwards and is currently dumping 4-10 inches of warm rain water from the northern tip of Vancouver Island B.C. south to the Washington/Oregon border. It saturates the mountain snow-packs leading to avalanches and rising rivers. Global Warming: I think so, as these rains are much heavier than in the known historical past. Of course, we have only been populated by record keeping peoples for less than two hundred years, so who knows what happened in the way-back.

Where is Professor Peabody and his way-back machine when we need him and his boy Sherman?
It's a lovely -15 degrees and very windy.
It's times like this when i sincerely hope that global warming would hurry up Big Smile Smilie
Be careful what you wish for! It may just come true!

Here is unbelievably hot for January. (Both Mirkwood's mountains and the Balkan Mountains)
I woke up this morning to 1/4 inch of snow that now is gone. Locally at 6 PM, the wind isn't blowing, it is overcast and cold, but above freezing.
In our part of Scandinavia we have snow, snow, snow, snow, snow! I can do without more for some weeks. Snowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman Smilie
Today, it is still Saturday afternoon here, the sky is clear; there is little wind; and the temperature is 54’ F (about 13’C). A loverly pre-spring day. Sorry about your cabin fever Rafael, but when you live in the Northern Climes, you have to expect that. I'm really thankful we have the Japanese current to keep our fjords warm. Happy Elf Smilie
We had blistering heat in Jan/Feb. Some days were 40 deg. C. plus. Couldn't do anything but lay around in front of the air conditioner. Fortunately, we didn't suffer any of the power outs. (The bushfires in Victoria missed this particular neck of the woods BTW)

Then, in typical Melbourne style, we went from 40 degrees to 22 in the space of about two weeks. Today it is about 18 degrees with drizzly rain. Yesterday was wet and blustery. Rolling Eyes Smilie The rain is great except now it is washing all the ash from the bushfires into the dams and ruining what little water is left. We just can't seem to catch a break! Sad Smilie

We do occasionally score nice weather though. Last week it was fine, 22 degrees and sunny for one whole day. Big Smile Smilie
Allyssa by the way, lives in Australia, was one of the instigators of our Writers Guild, and was a member of the Council for a long time.

Today was sunny, but cool’certainly not shirtsleeve weather.
Today and yesterday have been beautiful, sunshine and temps in the low 70s’ F. Tomorrow it is supposed to cloud up, get cold, and start raining again.
It was hot here: 24’ C (I can not think in Fahrenheit)... I loved it
today is a good and bit sunny day and i can hear birds singing- it's not the right word NOISE! Exploding Head Smilie and i see Squirrel running around........
Nice shiny day here

Birds are back, love is in the air and I feel great!
Beautiful weather today: clear, slight breeze, 79’ F at 5 PM local time.
Been tentatively sunnyish this morning, clouded over after lunch and threatened for a while, small bursts of rain this evening.
We just shifted bout 3 days ago, the farm has a good sized hill at the back of it to the south so we are really sheltered here, not much wind and it's quite warm for late may.
the weather here has been lovely like clear blue sky and really warm in the 20s (celsius) its been like that since friday and it supposed to continue till tuesday Big Smile Smilie
A bit too hot for me today; it is just after 4 PM local and the Temperature is 90’F (32’C); 17% Humidity; Pressure 29.78 inch HG; Clear Sky; and Wind ENE at 4 mph. Every thing is loverly except for the heat: it isn't the humidity; its the heat.
the weather outside is very warm but im inside down below our home researching so it is very cool

ok its about 70 or 80 degrees and it is 10:46 centeral in the morning and im at school and freezing my legs off.
Had some Incredible frosts the last few days, I actually pulled ice off the top of the palm kernal feeder, and there where big fat icicles incrusting the grass. They looked like ice blocks. which is amazing for Northland. Thats prolly not a big deal for all you fullas living in the northern hemisphere, but in this part of NZ winters ussually consist of copious amounts of rain and temps no lower than 3 or 4 degrees C.
Hot!!! today and expected to be more so as the week goes by. Currently 91’ F (34’ C) and I don't like anything over 85’ F (30’ C). We're just not acclimated for warm weather and when it only cools down to 60’ F (21’ C), I can't get my apartment cooled down before the next day. So Angry Smilie

It is times like this that I'd like some of Rho's snow and ice. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
LOL, no snow up this part of the country, they don't call it the winter-less north for nuthin
Cool at last. It was around 40 deg. C all the week past and now it is around 30, which is COOL. I love Summer, but there are moments when I wish it was spring or autumn.
Another record for the day; it is currently 97’ F whereas the old record for this day was set in 1998 at 96’ F. I shouldn't complain for the humidity is only 30%; nothing like on the East Coast or the Deep South and we don't have to endure a daily afternoon thunderstorm either. And we only get about two weeks of this hot weather historically. Before I retired, I always tool the last week of July and the first week of August for my Summer vacation as that has always been our driest time of our year.
Ieeeeee! I'm melting! Snowman Smilie

It Is 6 o'clock this evening it is still 104’ F (40’ C) outside, which is the high for today, for this date date, and the record high ever since they have been keeping records here, which only started back in the 1880s. Before that we were the frontier and the Native Americans didn't have the technology; and the trappers, traders, and lumberjacks couldn't be bothered when they got here. Teacher Smilie
Our summer heat is basically over and we have been having high temperatures back in the mid 6os to low 70s. Right now we are having rain with a rare thunder storm passing a few miles to the south of us. Not being able to see the lightning, I can't count the seconds to see exactly how far south the center of it is, but the red cells on the animated radar map appear to be about ten miles south of me.

I'm glad it is raining: the webs between my fingers and toes were starting to dry out and crack. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well, now my webs are a little more pliable, our temperatures have climbed back into the low 80s ’F; and about 20’ F below that at night. Very comfortable for summertime. Happy Elf Smilie
I'm glad it's coolin down for yea Grondy. Me on the other hand, I wish it would heat up a bit. Early spring rains are here, making it rather difficult choosing paddocks atm, as all the ones that are ready are notoriously wet.
It is still way too hot and dry, we have only had rain a couple of times in two months, a hundred new forest fires started last week after only five minutes of rain and terrible lightning. That brings our fires to a total of around eight hundred burning in our province.
Oh that it would rain, no pour for a couple of days . Sad Smilie
I hope you get rain soon, Leelee!

We are finally having some summer now that it's nearly autumn. Everyone says how green it is and indeed its really never been like this as far as I can remember! We've had such a nice mild summer! This last couple weeks has been warmer and drier and there has been a fire in the northern mountains but not a big one.
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