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Thread: Hows the weather in your neck of the woods?

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It's been really warm and unusually sunny here lately....
The weather here is bit chilly but there is no rain, snow or hard winds (wee!!). And I can feel that the summer's warmness is right around the bend. Smile Smilie
Sunshine today, very few clouds, light breeze; temp in the low 60s F (around 17 C).
It was sunny and cloudy and chilly in Southend today. I know because I was there. Walked along Shoebury East beach and visited some old haunts.

Back in dark and cold Bracknell now.
Belgium's gone back to nasty little rain weather. *sigh*
Well its nice and sunny here in Croatia.But i have to go to school. Boring Smilie
Sunny and very warm yesterday and today dull and chilly and its supposed to rain, have to love the British weather you go from one extreme to the other - hot sunny to cold and rainy, ah to live in sunnier climes!!
Welshman eh?

Well howdie doodie fellow boyo... I'd enjoy that sunny weather while ya can from my memory of living in God's country, its 11 months of drizzle and one month that approximates a summer.

But i still love my country no matter what! Just dont live there anymore is all. lol

Cool Smilie
Not exactly man more Woman, haha......Shield Maiden of Rohan....or Rhyl although I hazard Rohan has the better weather than us.....

Ah yes, summer in Wales does consist of 1 month inclusive of sunny and warm days whereas the rest of the year is in Gods hands and we still dont get snow on Xmas day!

Nice to make your acquaintance though!!

A Welsh-Lady, my mistake and humble apologies.


So another Gog-girl on PT, you'll have to meet Daisy she's from your neck of the woods too, me i'm from the Gower / well born in Llanelli raised on the Gower, swimming and surfing in the sewage of the Bristol Channel.

Cool Smilie {there should be a surfer and biker smiley}
Bristol eh? Went there once, met a couple of actors from Babylon 5 at a Con, sat next to Jerry Doyle and handed him a box of Garibaldies just for the fun of it..... and got on the bad side of Dean Stockwell but thats another story lol

It's raining here on the other side of the Atlantic... though surprisingly it's not that overcast.
Windy and warm. Yesterday it was raining and very cold...Iowan weather is very moody Smile Smilie
Inclimate weather for this time of year: beautiful blue sky, bright sunshine, and pushing 80 degrees F. We normally don't get one of these until May, just before the June rains begin.

"Oh the bluest skies you've every seen, are in Seattle."
What a load of hogwash that is!
Yeah! I live in the village here in Croatia and you should see my blue sky. And the mountains are not far from my house so it ads to the beutiful horizon,you should see them in the winter.Plus we dont have the smog you have in Seattle or the other big cities.I mean my village has like 7 houses.
The weather is great here in The Netherlands!! The sun is shining, no cloud on the blue sky! l'ts actually 25 Celsius Cool Smilie!
(What am l doing inside? Oh yeah that bloody school Sad Smilie )
It's nice and warm here; the sun is shining and there're a lot of white, puffy clouds in the blue sky. There's no rain or anything, though you can still smell it from yesterday.
Still sunny here !
Lovely weather here too, and it has been for the past couple of days. Though they did say it would rain this afternoon.
Very very cold. Its wet and muddy and horrible. It is currently about 15 d. c. And it's only Autum.
Here it just goes cold right to hot! No inbetween. Accckk Very Mad Smilie
Arizona in the spring/summer=hot! Need...water...*pants,gags*...soon!

current temperature:98,overnight low:76(F)
sunny,wind speed-25 to 35 mph with gusts up to 45 mph
Forecast:sand/dust in the mouth.Scorching heat.Death.
(did I say help?Well,HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Today is very warm, yesterday was very warm so I expect it to chuck it down tomorrow!!
its raining here in CT, but warm. im just getting sick of all this rain!!!!!!
Whats CT? Here in Cro its nice,suny and comfortable.
CT is Connecticut, USA.

Well, it is finally nice outside, we have been having a lot of rain lately and it is good to have clear weather for a change.
Hey hey - finally!! The sun has come out here in Colorado and I've got my spring weather!! Hopefully there will be no more frosts so I can get started o nmy garden. It's supposed to get up in the seventies...think I'll spend today outside... Cool Smilie
Rainy and cold. Boring Smilie *shivers*
It's somewhat cool and grey in my corner of CT at the moment.
(I live in Michigan by the way)We had to go in the basement due to a tornado a night ago. The sky looked like pickles. On my honour, it really did! Winds were at 80 mph, and it was hailing and at first I thought a window had broke. Now, It's sunny, hot, and REALLY muggy...and I have to move to Florida this summer *sobs deeply*
Rain today for the first time in a week. That's good for we have had less than normal rainfall this year and snowpack in the mountains is way below normal; may have water rationing later in the summer, amongst the forest fires. And besides, the webs between my fingers and toes were starting to dry out. Elk Grinning Smilie
The last time i replied it was Autumn, now it is almost the second month of winter here in Australia and it is still wet, still muddy, and still cold. However now we have thunderstorms, gale force winds etc. And do you know the worst bit, here in Melbourne we are still on water restrictions, so I cant even have a nice long warm shower, we are only ment to have 4 minute showers! Angry Elf Smilie I don't think so.
It's rainy, and stormy Sad Smilie I thought that on 21th June Summer began...... Guess I'm wrong Mad Smilie
Today is nice and warm but sorta windy but I'm expecting rain but here in Michigan you can't really trust the weatherman because the weather changes in an instant.
Here in Maine it was very foggy today, but that's to be expected by the Sea. It's supposed to be overcast over the weekend, but after that I hope the sun will shine again as I hope to go out in our boat. Smile Smilie
Today has been nicely overcast with temps just about 70 F. Much better than last week when it was sunny with temps pushing 90 F and I was laying-a-bed with my cast above my head. Painful! Sweaty! Bummer! If it weren't for the honor of the occasion, I'd rather been in Rivendel.
Well I guess that Colorado did not get the memo that it is supposed to be summer until a few days ago. Last week it was cold and rainy all week and it sucked. This week has been a little better and I am hoping for some summer like weather soon.

Today is a beautiful sunny day, and I have to sit inside at college all day. Very Sad Smilie
Dark and cloudy. But then again it is the middle of the night. Tongue Smilie
Now it's raining. Sad Smilie
Once again it is cold and windy. And I get up at 6:55 AM and when i get out to the car at about 7:30 there is a layer of ice on the car windscreen. Yay! it is soooo cold. But then again i will be complaining when Summer hits as it can get to 40d.c. here.
It's fine, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and my fingers are typing, and I'm NICE AND TOASTY WARM!!!! Not too hot, not too cold, the weather is perfect! The sky is so blue and there's no rainclouds to be seen!
Now who wants to take the next plane to NZ?
Toasty warm?, I had to scrape half an inch of ice off my windsreen this morning, do you live in the far north or something?
It is way toooo hot over here... heard it is going to rain later this evening (i guess it will bring a tremendous storm!)
I'm sweating all day already... please scrape some snow off and send it to me!!
It has been hot and humid here in the UK - more precisely Berkshire - even more precisely Royal Berkshire - for a few days now. It has just started to pitter patter with rain; such a sweet sound but not enough to cool the air. I hear thunder crumbling and rumbling in the distance. Soon..... soon.... let the heavens open!
It's too hot here in Slovenia in Bled...i like winter more than summer.... but i hate fall and spring!
It's been hot here in the area of Tennessee where I live. 98 degrees toaday, I had to cut grass this morning and I was soaked through when I had finished.
Mid 70s F (20-25 C) here today, a nice change from the 90s F of last week. We even have a light breeze today. Very nice! Wiggle Smilie
not too bad this morning, rained last night and with the cloud cover we didn't have a frost. Prolly around 8C at the moment, prolly get to 12-15c today I suspect.
The weather here is horrid. At night it's sooooo hot and humid that your clothes stick to you and your hair frizzes, so you can't sleep and when you do, you wake up to a sticky all-day thunderstorm... it sucks... Got The Blues Smilie ’pouts’
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