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Thread: Hows the weather in your neck of the woods?

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I just looked out the window, and I see that the wolves are again crossing the Brandywine (Delaware) River...

Wink Smilie
It's just starting to snow now, and it is 10 PM. Freezing rain will start tomorrow night.
Today was absolutely beautiful here in San Francisco! Actually, the past two weeks have been gorgeous. I can't believe it's early February. I ran a half-marathon last weekend by the ocean, and wore a t-shirt and shorts, and I actually got very, very warm. This weekend, I'm in a t-shirt once again, and it's so nice! Where's the BBQ?!
Higher up the left coast, we have temps in the 40s F and it is clouding up; though we did have bright sunshine this morning.
england= raining
Well, I'm paying for my earlier comments. It's cold today. Well, cold for me. It's 56 degrees and sprinkling Sad Smilie.
Since Thursday all we have had is rain and no clear sky, but today it is cool and sunny Orc Smiling Smilie
The weather has been great here on the Sun Shine Coast! (100 miles from Vancouver.) It feels like spring although it's still, technically, winter. It's raining tonight, but besides this little rain fall, it's been mainly beautiful, warm and sunny days.
COLD!!!!! Not that anything else is expected at this time of year in Minnesota... 19 degrees Farenheit, so 'tis well below freezing... and I have to walk home today. Snowman Smilie At least it is clear and not too windy...
Yesterday it was 65 F, and now it's nearly 40 today and it snowed overnight. How odd is that?
Temp 52 F, not a cloud in the sky nor any wind; a really great day for February.
The weather here is quite bad right now. The temperature is fluctuating and there is quite an amount of water pouring down from the skies making the surface wetter and the air chiller. I hope this kind of the weather is not here to stay.
Cold but dry, temperature around 1C/3F. We had snow for two hours last night, but it is just grey and dull outside. Did I mention the freezing cold?
Over-cast, muggy, bout 24c, slight breeze, flies'll be thick and fast at milking time....meh
Well, here in New Zealand it is nice and toasty warm. No snow, no rain, and like Rhodry said, there's lots of flies. And the cicadas and squawking away. But I'm dreading when it gets really really hot. The height of summer in New zealand is not something cold pommies would enjoy.
The temperature is at a steady 53 degrees F, rainy with rain and more rain coming in the forecast. I can't wait to see spring here; the desert should be alive and blossoming. That is what makes living out here worth it! So far, this year we have gotten more rain than the great Southwest has seen in over twenty years. Thank you, weather phenomenon called "El Nino"! Poor California has been having terrible mudslides in the hilly areas, where last summer there were fires, because the ground is just too saturated to absorb any more rainfall. The horrible part is a lot of people are losing their beautiful homes as a result. But at least no one has lost their lives, so that is good. But I would sure like to know when old Mother Nature plans to let the land dry out a bit...
It's snowing! If it keeps up like this, I won't be able to go to work tomorrow.
here in Italy it's snowing!!! brrrr.. it's so cold out of the house..... Snowman Smilie
LUCKY!!!!! It's snowing everywhere by here, Rhodry. What are we to do? I WANT IT TO SNOW!!! I want to build a snowman and have a snowball fight. I've only had snow in my backyard once!!! And that was in England.
I want to build a snowman and have a snowball fight.
Loni: Climb one of your mountains next August. Snowman Smilie
Currently raining in my neck of the woods, very wet, cold, windy, and just plain nasty outside right now!
Orc Sad Smilie
We have had the driest February since about 1917; and March is following suit. The mountain snowpack is about 25% of normal and our State Governor today declared a drought, asking us to start conserving water for the summer looks to also be a dry one with little power to ship to California and great gobs of forest fires. This is so on both sides of the Cascade Mountains.

This winter, all our wet weather ended up in California and Arizona. I haven't had to turn the heat on for three weeks due to Global Warming and the stupid jet-stream!
Today was the first day in about three or four weeks that we haven't had cold northerly winds. It actually felt like March should feel, reasonably warm in the sun, cool in the shade. It encouraged me to go out for the first time this year and do some gardening. Hopefully it'll be like today on Wednesday and Thursday because I'm going to be doing oyster surveys from a small commercial vessel that has no shelter.
This winter, all our wet weather ended up in California and Arizona.

I know, Grondy! Could you please take your rain back? It's driving me nuts! Of course, today and yesterday have been absolutely gorgeous, but we have had more rain than Seattle these past few months. Ugh!
welll... being Australia and summer, it's hot and very humid. no rain, maybe a little sprinkle towards the end of summer, and the big storms have stopped. Perfect for thrashin NZ and Pommyland in cricket lol
When you live in Wolfeboro (New England) you pay the price, four and a half feet of snow.
Well in my nect of the woods I'm under the weather have been sick all day so haven't looked out of the window. I think is cold and windy but that's all as I can say.

Thought I'd log onto PT as feeling sorry for myself and to try and forget but.....Oh I think I had better go now Sad Smilie
Snow, snow, snow and guess what!!! MORE SNOW!
If anyone feels for a good snowball-war you are welcome to Sweden. Only -20 C. Mostly sunshine and frozen toes. Dont forget snowboard, warm clothes and hot coffee!

Snowman Smilie
Lots of snow here in New Mexico too. It has been snowing big cotton size flakes all day. Strange weather for this part, especiall since it was 70 degrees this past Saturday!
Beautiful pre-spring day here. At 4 PM it is 62 F (17 C) sunny with just a light breeze.
A blustery day 51 F with rain and wind. Last month we had less than 2 inches of rainfall and yesterday we finally reached that same total for this month. Who says it always rains in Seattle? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Wicked wind. Hail. Rain. Altogether the perfect spring day here! Big Laugh Smilie
It's been nice and warm here...but ALL the sudden today...rain, thunder & lightning! I love the hot weather (mostly hot here), but the lightning is great!
It's not too bad now, but at 5.30 am I was out in our RIB playing cat and mouse with five fishing boats in the fog. It was good to see their faces when we pulled up alongside them from nowhere, because they assumed we wouldn't be working over Easter.

Almost ran into a coaster while doing 38 knots when going home though. It just appeared through the mists like a brick wall, right in front of me. It's a good job the RIB's capable of stopping in its own length when you put the jet full astern. All of those "practice" emergency stops we've done while messing about certainly paid off.
Almost ran into a coaster while doing 38 knots when going home though. It just appeared through the mists like a brick wall, right in front of me. It's a good job the RIB's capable of stopping in its own length when you put the jet full astern. All of those "practice" emergency stops we've done while messing about certainly paid off.

Well thank Eru for that, phew! Super Scared Smilie

The weather is okay today in my neck of the woods. Probably around 65 degrees right now I would guess? Mostly sunny, but partly cloudy, and very windy today.
Elf Smilie
Here in Forsyth County its about 55, but it feels colder with all of the wind. it hailed yesterday but its sypposed to be like 75 tommorow. Georgian weather is soooo wierd!!!!
Over here it feels as if you would be evaporated off the fce of the world by the heat of the sun. A harmless litle walk makes one feel as if he is going to melt into oblivion the very next instant. Just stick a toe outside and it feels as if the concerned toe is going to get charred and get detached from your foot as soon as it comes in contact with the heat wave. I think this is more than enough to spark your imagination about the weather here.
Lord Aragorn...where are you that it is so hot?
Sounds great to me...I love the heat.
Bright sunshine in Essex, birds singing in the trees (my cats sitting on the grass waiting for a snack to fall from the trees!! Very Evil Smilie , very slight breeze, all windows open - a very Spring day.

My Hostas are starting to show in thier pots (Hosta is a plant), along with other Spring plants - but I still love Winter.
And just up the road from Maydmarion, in Lincolnshire, it's also a nice spring day. Not quite as warm as yesterday, due to an easterly breeze, but enough for me to want to go outside. My plants aren't coming up yet though, because I only planted them yesterday.
Lord Aragorn...where are you that it is so hot?

In Mordor! Kidding, in India!

Sounds great to me...I love the heat.

Good for you! Would you mind switching places?
it's HOT Jumping Flame Smilie Lordy, you have no idea how it is Mumbai... it's much less hot where you are!
Summer weather arrived today: hot 88 F, dry, but with a slight zepher. Will probably be hard to sleep tonight. Last week the nightly temperatures were in the low 50's F with daytimes in the 60s F when it wasn't raining. Supposed to stay warm and dry through the weekend.

(F in the above is Fahrenheit rather than C for Centigrade.)
Here in Kuwait, its Hot, hot and hot. What else would you call 54 degrees Celcius? But thankfully its not the neck of my woods. Orc Grinning Smilie
It reached about 80' F today in Chelmsford (UK) and everyone is melting Jumping Flame Smilie

Most of the week it was ok, you know cool to warmish then suddenly someone turned the heat ON ON ON - we're not used to this heat. It's 11.30 pm we have the fans on and windows open (no air cond unfortunately). Tongue Smilie Tongue Smilie Tongue Smilie
We are getting our first snow today. It isn't much at my place, only about 1/2 inch, but it will be slick with the layer of maple leafs underlying it in my apartment complexe's hillside parking lot. My daughter says they have about six inches in Everett. Okay, so that is nothing compared to the two metres at Rafael's. Snowman Smilie And I expect mine will be gone within a couple days after this cold front moves through.

I'm having my first hot buttered rum of the season.
It is unbelievable mild here today .It seems like a late autumn day..It's been raining for several days and soon it will be winter but where is the snow ? Snowman Smilie
Sunny with clear skies here in South Africa, but a bit too windy for my liking... It never snows where I live, only up in the mountains, but winter's over now anyways. Cool Elf Smilie
Cold, wet and windy. Yesterday we had hailstones the size of peas...

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