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Thread: Hows the weather in your neck of the woods?

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It woke me, but it was only a bit of a rumbling shake, not enough to get under the bed or the door. Waited for it to finish (to see if it turned into the big one) then went back to sleep. Found out in the morning that it was the (or a) big one, just not for us. So glad that very few people have been badly hurt - and my family down there seem to have gotten off fairly lightly. I'm guessing you didn't feel it! Do you have family/friends down there?

It's awfully hot in India along with sudden showers making the weather stifling and disgusting

I just wonder how many kitsunae getting marriedSmile Smilie

No we didn't feel it, first I heard about it was on the 5am news when I was milking. I have some family down there but I don't really keep in touch, I have heaps of fish keeping friends down there and luckily most have gotten away with minor damage, one friend lost her entire fish room, 1000s of dollars worth of tanks and fish gone Sad Smilie

Members in NZ and Rho and family..are you guys ok?

since I live across the border hundreds of miles from Grondy but in the same time zone as it were our temperatures are often similar. Today it is blazingly sunny, you need sunglasses; and absolutely freezing. But it could be very warm in no time, it is like that. We have a month or so each year of very sub artic temperatures and the rest of the year is quite mild, the summers terrifyingly hot. We are classed as desert although we have three enormous beautiful lakes here and a series of mountains with a first class ski hill. We face death dealing forest fires usually every couple of summers. scarey but very beautiful here.

Yes we're OK Odette, thank you for thinking of us.

We were many many miles away from the quake at the opposite end of the country but it has a been a heart breaking week for us, we feel so helpless to help our fellow Kiwis, as we all have jobs and such. Many of us wanted to go down and help with the clean up but we're being told to stay away as we would just inhibit the professionals doing their job and we'd take up bed space and fresh water that the locals need.

42 will be OK , she's here in the North island too.

I've stopped watching the news here(there's been 24hr coverage since it happened) as I just start misting up.

I have several cousins in Christchurch that I lost contact with many years ago, I've looked on line for them but so far not found them, I hope they have just moved away from the area and are not missing,

So far the death toll is at 102, but with over 300 people still missing that's bound to rise........

Your welcome.

I understand.It's everywhere on the news,on the net.Really sad.There is only a limit till which one can take.Hang on and take care.

Recently, it's been raining here. The temp keeps changing from one day being 70-80 (Fahrenheit) to 30 two days later. Very odd, kinda makes me miss the easy to guess Texas weather.

Rho and 42, I have been really worried, it seems a dream a fantastic night mare what you are going through. I have a friend in Christchurch, don't' know how she and her family are doing, hope I will find out tomorrow. I suppose no news is good news at the moment. You are all in our prayers and thoughts.  It is so cold out at the moment it does not feel real. You know it is bad when you have central heat blasting, your fire place as well and walk about with a blanket on. brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Wow, I also want to extend my support to those in NZ right now. That's so intense hearing about your family Rho, I truly hope they're alright. Again, I wish everyone in New Zealand right now the best and will extend my hopes for all of you. Good luck!

It's maddeningly hot in india.Can't differentiate spring from summer.Ouch.

The weather here, in small Denmark, is wonderful!

The pale spring sun is taking it's hold, though there are still patches of snow everywhere. It's pretty cold, but I still find it very beautiful. Smile Smilie

Raining heavily with a bit of thunder and lightning. It was so heavy when it started that my garden flooded within about five minutes. Pretty impressive stuff - except I'm due to go camping tomorrow so I'm hoping it eases off a little.

Grey and cold in Melbourne. Has been now for weeks, rain drizzling from time to time. Everyone seems to have the flu. Yuck

Peculiar weather. Rain and sun all at the same time, but no sign of rainbows.

Actually I was just out hanging laundry, and it washed over me what an absolutely divine day it is.  It has been raining hard for several days, so today is sparkling even in our hearts.  Maybe especially in our hearts, where it is most needed...

Sometimes everything gets washed away... in fact, each year everything gets washed away somewhere.  Someone is supposed to care, and take care of this, but nobody does.  It's impossible to avoid the upheavals of Nature, but there are things that can be done to mitigate the damage.  Is it every man for himself, or does it require a united effort?  

Sorry, I'm a little sad today.  So thank you, divine Arien, for your timely appearance.

Today was very beautiful.

I sat a long 45 minutes under a old oak and watched the swallows dance over the wheat fields smoking my grandfathers pipe. It was about 25+ degrees all the while even in the shade. I was only driven off by the dark clouds that threatened to rain ^^ One of the most relaxing days I've had in a long while Smile Smilie

At home my sister told me it's sunny and about 30 degrees so quite hot indeed. Here in Wellington actually is cloudy and a bit cold, the weather is really changeable. Yesterday it was raining awfully the whole day, however today it was a wonderfull sunny day despite the low temperature.

I have just got back from the Lake District, where even during dry summers it tends to rain a lot. Amazingly after all the rain we have had this year I actually got a totally dry week. Not only dry but sunny. It was so warm I even got to swim in the mountain streams. I think I got lucky though because it gives thunder storms there after today.

Today is cool and cloudy, and last night was a bit of a storm. The power went out for a bit but not long, and the thunder kept me awake for a while, but it stopped sometime during the night, and today is very nice. It's not too hot or too cold.

Hot again, but not as bad as a few days ago.  Unfortunately,  we’ve been in a drought mode for 10 or 12 years.   They say we’ll get a La Nina (lesser cousin of the El Nino) this year.  About time, it’s 5 years overdue.  So we’ll have flooding then mud slides.  Anyone got a map to the Shire I can borrow, to move there?

Oh do let us trade , please. Bring on the rain, for six days straight if you please. If that cannot happen then I wish to lay in a vast of ice cold water until tomorrow morning. It is about 36 celcius. I cannot bear it.

If we get rain, me sweet elf from Rivendell, I will send some your way; and a tub filled with iced water and flowers.  36C is discomfort no elf should bear. 

I just got back from a two week holiday in Germany. We had gorgeous weather. Between 23-33 degrees Celsius. And some days even 33+. I usually find that way too warm but the good thing was that it cools down to a low temperature during the evening, so by the time you go to bed it's a comfortable ±20 degrees Celsius.

FIRST SNOW FOR THIS WINTER- check. Well I live in South of Europe and by the sea so it is a special event when (and if) the snow comes. So it is [color=#000080:267w5r1b]-10 deg. Celsius[/color:267w5r1b] today, I am comfortably sitting next to the heating and I am watching the Dance of the snowflakes.
Its been raining since the 31st. Nice weather for a New Year!
Autumn, but still quite settled, alternating between very warm and genuinely chilly!
Similar where I am. Just wondering if your from Australia?
New Zealand, hello neighbour <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
Here it's about 18 degrees Celsius here. Finally spring! <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />
Summer in the Midlands- rainy as ever. Makes you wanna take a book and disappeare in another world, or gather friends and make things brighter. [img:22vayapb][/img:22vayapb]
Very nice today! The Sun is back. 20 degrees Celsius, but Sunny
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