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Thread: Hows the weather in your neck of the woods?

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Right now in Minnesota it's sunny, and 4 degrees! Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Brrrrr!
It has been raining all day !! It's hard to get the X-mas moodChristmas Smilie
We did have sunshine earlier today and 44’ F (7’ C) but it is getting colder now as the sun has dropped below the horizon.
We're starting the new year well. A cyclone is coming towards us and bringing lots of nice rain and wind. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Mild as an autumn daySmile Smilie During new years' night it rain continuallySmile Smilie
Here in finland it is -0 wery windy and its raining too.
What a nice way to start a new year Smile Smilie
Light drissle tending towards mist, little wind, and much November greyness. (November is our worst month weather-wise and we must endure four to five months of it, with occasional sunbreaks.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Here in the Western North Carolina mountains it's been raining for the last 3 days. Cleared today. I've been working in my woodshop getting ready to make some dulcimers.
Another windy storm with lots of rain and gusts near 40 mph with temps on the mid 40’s F, 7’ C.
It was very crisp out though the huge snowfall melted during the day. Such a clean and invogorating smell when I opened the doors. It was magic.
Alternatly rainny and sunny though it NEVER snows here.
'Tis dark and raining, with harsh cold winds, but what can you expect from merry ole England???
It's cloudy, 3,5 C, we had some dribbling rain at midday. Luckily I haven't seen snow yet.
Fallen temperature to 3 below C. It is blowing friends, ever so much! But no snow in my city, yet!
Bright sunshine on 1 inch of still frozen snow with no storms forcast in the next week; however, the Arctic weather means we probably won't get temperatures above freezing until the first of the week. So our streets are slicker than snot.
Luckily I haven't seen snow yet.

how could you say that, snow is great
Today it is like an early spring day ..the sun is shining and still no snowSmile Smilie
Too hot for words. Jumping Flame Smilie
Colorado is snowy and cold, 20 degrees Farenheit is the tops for today.
Southern part of Norway, +6C, clear (lots of stars) but somewhat windy. Forecast says up to force 21 storm!
Overcast, 34’ F at 4:15 PM, another front is racing down the Strait of Juan de Fuca towards us tonight. We got about an inch of snow Sunday, but that on my south facing driveway has almost disappeared.
It is currently -21C, (-40C with windchill factored in)and the thermometer has been there since I woke up this morning. It is now 8:44pm.
Did I ever mention how much I hate winter and that someone make a major mistake when the decision was made that I should be born in this part of the hemisphere? Oh well, could have been worse, I suppose. At least I wasn't dumped somewhere in the Arctic.
you can chance country with me. I'm tired of roating out there. Would be a nice change, i like cold... Orc Grinning Smilie
For the first time this winter it is snowing in my town. The last few days it has been raining, pouring down and the wind is measured up to gale force. But today it is snowing.
Clear and 39’ F (5’ C) has ranged from mid 30s to mid 40s today.
fog, creepy spooky barrow downsish fog
Snow is falling, also outside my garage. As I've said before, I would like people who enjoys snow to travel some miles for it. Children plays, throwing snowball, so I can't use my tophat.
Alternatively very hot and very rainy.
Even more snow here. I love snow, cold, wet and cloudy but its been too extreme even for me and my asthma is a problem.
Cold and WHITE ,beautiful Snowman Smilieit looks like a postcard reallyHappy Elf Smilie I must say that it's to see how the landscape changes and finally the children (and adults)can use their skies
Rafael my dear , how many years has passed since YOU got rid of the snow in front of your car /doorstep? I believe you pay someone else to do the boring job...Am I correct ?Big Laugh Smilie
(I do not like it either but sometimes I have to...)
I believe you pay someone else to do the boring job.

Being freshed again! But one of the main-point in my lamenting is that, He Who Bring Us Snow is making a slobbery job when snow are delivered outside my garage.

So said, I do of course agree. There is a postcard-landscape outside. Snow makes my garden look as nice as my neighbours. So if we don't get any more snow, the temperature stays 5-10 below until 3.of March, when we start another marvellous summer; I can live with that. Snowman Smilie Waving Hello Smilie Snowman Smilie
Nice clear sunny day, highs in the mid 40’s F(near 7’C) lows mid 30’s (near 3’C) with no precipitation expected over the weekend or into next week even.
Nice clear cold but sunny day up to now. Temp is going up to +5C , it may be some rain in the evening.
Very dense fog here, and rather chilling below freezing during the nights and a few Celsius above freezing during the clear/foggy sky days.
It has been a nice winterday, +6C clear blue sky and ever so sunny!
Freezzzzzzzzing cold and it's snowing Snowman Smilie This is why we live up northSmile Smilie
We do have snow, but it has been raining to day. It is good to stay indoors, by the fire.
Currently at 4 PM: Clearing after an earlier rain, Temperature 52’F (12’C), Humidity 82%, Wind from the south at 8 mph.
The Sun causes the snow to melt but it is still wintertime here in NorwaySnowman Smilie
And another day with tiny snowflakes thumping down in my drive-way. Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie
Do they hurt your head when they land Rafael? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well, about a week ago, we got a snow storm, and ended up with a foot and a half of snow...
But today, BIG change.. the temperature got up into the 30's.

Although we still have lots of snow, I fear that it may soon... *sniff* ... melt. >.<
According to the weather reports it is suppose to snow half a meter during the night ..the police ask drivers to stay at has been lot of accidents in the evening ..specially in the east parts (where I live )of Norway.It is also very windy :BRRRRRRRRRSnowman Smilie
Do they hurt your head when they land Rafael?

Yes, you see me through!!! The snow is not so hard-fallen in Norway, but I am kind of a soft-head!

To be serious, though! The weather are causing us a lot of trouble these days! Traffic-jam, car-accidents by the number. More than 300 trailers has been stuck-up on the main road in our neighbourhood for more than 24 hours. The police has closed down the main road and are convoing out cars in small numbers. The weather hasn't yet caused any death of people as far as I know, but very much inconvinience.

What really are troubling us though, is that the weather forecast promises a lot of more snow in the next three days to come! Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie
We have had several clear days with temps in the 40s and 50s’F; though it is going to rain tonight and this weekend. And the long range forecast says snow next week, but not having weather radar on the coast to see what's coming at sea level makes their long range forecasts questionable, because the satelite images often fools them.
If anyone has a certain need for snow, just notify me! Snowman Smilie

I've had enough before this weekend, but it is still snowing! So Angry Smilie

Can anyone guess the weather forecast for the next three days? Oh yes; more snow to come!
There is about a meter deep snow on my lawn! You are all welcome to come and get your share! Shaking Head Smilie Snowman Smilie Shaking Head Smilie
I assume your roof has enough pitch to enable the snow to slide off so you don't need to shovel it off there too. In the US we have many places where the annual snowfall is so low that the roofs don't have enough pitch and when they get an abnormal two feet of snow followed by a cold rainfall, they lose their roofs if they don't do a little manual snow removal beforehand.

'I was just sitting here beside the fire minding my own business while reading, when the sky started falling.'

No, this didn't happen to me, but I have seen the results, often in strip malls with absentee landlords.
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