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Thread: Hows the weather in your neck of the woods?

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Wet and wintery - feels like there's going to be a frost tonight - better bring in the last of my toms!
A nice autumn evening with a full moon Wolf SmilieLOVELY
Temperature: 63 ’F
Humidity: 55%
Barometric Pressure: 30.25 in Hg
Sky: Clear
Wind: North at 8 mph
Measurement Time: 2:35 PM PDT

In other words an nice Autumn day.
This has been a nice, sunny day. Rather hot (C +20) in the shadows.

To bad I've attended a conference and had to sit in-door all day. May be still be nice to trot around some!
Cold, wet, and windy. Rather than turning the heat on though, I think I'll go don a sweatshirt.
We've been having a lovely fall. Cottonwoods are covered with bright yellow leaves and field grasses are reddish. Against the cobalt blue sky it's pretty colorful and the temperature has been nice, too. Then the night before last the wind came up to almost hurricane force - blew over my wicker chairs! - and it started to snow. Snowed most of Sunday and we ended up with about four inches! Today it got warm enough to melt a lot of it and the roads aren't bad. Last October we had snow too; Grandpa and I watched his Cardinals win the World Series while we were snowed in under over a foot of snow.
the weather over here has actually been lovely hardly any days with lots of heavy rain right now its just cold and clear makes up for the excuse of a summer we had
Today has been nice, sunshine, little wind, and it almost got up to 70’ F, however rain is forcast again for tomorrow.
No more snow and 'our' team in the world series got absolutely obliterated by the Red Sox. Oh, well.

The deer are trying to fatten themselves up for the winter and have been visiting in the night. They're stripping all the leaves off the butterfly bush and have eaten a lot of the pumpkins I planned on carving for Halloween.

another beautiful fall day.. a bit of haze in the air and perfect temperatures.
Bright sunny day, but cold. Lots of pretty coloured leaves on the ground.
Today is the US's Thanksgiving day holiday and its been a beautiful winter-like day. Not too cold, about an inch of snow on the ground which isn't enough to make driving a problem, blue sky with some haze and high cirrus clouds and a nice frost to the air. I love it!

I have many blessings to be thankful for and wish blessings to one and all here.
We got our first snow of the season Saturday, only about 1/4 inch and it turned to rain and then some more yesterday that didn't last long. Today were are being deluged by the Pineapple Express. Warmer hard rain out of Hawaii which is supposed to keep it up all week. Glub glub glub.
I hope some of that rain comes this way, Grondy, we're high and dry here.
here in the north we have got us a good snowstorm Smile Smilie
A follow up on yesterday's weather report: We only received a record of 7.5 inches of rain in 24 hours locally yesterday. That on top of the previous two days worth of snow in the highlands, which meant flooding and washouts of our highways and at the local Kitsap Mall due also to the high tide. They say this was a 500 year rainstorm. It didn't bother me any and the power only blinked a number of times here. But there were 100 mph winds on the coast and there was a lot more flooding farther south about halfway towards the Oregan border from the rain and the melted snow runoff from the mountains.

Today is in the mid 50’s F and partially sunny.
A beautiful winter day here. We had gray and fairly cold on Friday but the snow held off until evening which we were thankful for as we buried my husband's mother that day and didn't want rain adding to the sadness. She had been very ill for the past two years after suffering a stroke so this was expected but not any easier. Grandpa was tearful but says she is really better off and that we were blessed with not having snow for the funeral.

Yesterday it snowed a nice light snow and the mountains got a lot of it so the skiers will be happy and keep the state prosperous. Here today it was clear and cold and a fine day for putting up the christmas tree. Daughter and her boyfriend went and brought one back and its the biggest I've ever had at 11 feet tall. A real beauty, though! Makes me sad that it isn't still growing.
Cold, but with some sunshine amongst the grey clouds.
Its freezing cold in Texas! Texas! (near Dallas...)
We're having lots of snow and I hope my daughter gets home from work safely. The mountains have an above average amount of snow and we hope for more there so the skiing is good and forest fires will be at a minimum next summer. No one is hoping for as much snow as last year, though, we were snowed in and couldn't get down the driveway for a solid week.
We had about an inch of snow Christmas Day, but it has moastly melted now because of the sunshine yesterday afternoon
Very cold weather here. There is still snow on the ground but it has a hard crust on it and there's a high wind that's blowing it around and carving the drifts into fantastic shapes like the canyonlands of Utah. The blowing snow sifts and slithers along the ground like ghostly fingers and whirls up in dustdevils. I love winter!
When I woke up yesterday morning (Monday) there was 3/4 inch of new fallen snow. It is mostly gone now. just a few spots left in the planting areas between the shubs and trees.
Still cold. The National Western Stock Show is held in Denver the second two weeks of every January and its always cold so this is called 'Stock Show weather'. Still snowy, too. Our nice neighbor comes and plows our driveway and we gave him two cases of beer today as he won't take money.
Cold and dry, no snow; slightly overcast.
Here in southwestern PA, it's bitterly cold. At 9:38pm EST, it's 9 degrees F and falling. The full moon hanging in the sky looks warmer. Hard to believe that in the first week of this new year, we had two record high days of 70 degrees. Shocked Smilie
Still very cold and last night there was a frozen fog, I think its what the Old Farmer's Almanac calls a pogonip. The moon floated above it all. It froze onto everything and then it snowed lightly and we got up to see every blade, tree and tree needle, plus the car antennas covered an inch deep in white fairy lace. Its so beautiful!
Still freezing temperatures down here, this evening( around 2-3 o'clock) it was still freezing! Sheesh, this is no global warming!

It is cold, wet, and a little windy. I like it. Gives me an edge over all those bloody optimists! What with their "Sunshine" this and "Blue Skies" that. It makes feel sick! I want to live in a rain cloud. Yes, that's the ticket! A nice, dreary rain cloud. I could chase around alot of foolish people who drive convertibles and don't own umbrellas all the time.
Luckily it's been a rainy new year in MY part of the world. That's one of the reasons we are living at the coast. 10 miles from here, buildings were buried in snow. A friend of mine told me yesterday that there was 215 cm snow on his cottage.
Bright hot humid summer morning, not a cloud to be seen, can almost hear the grass growing.
An overcast 64 degrees in the Southwest -- U.S.A
39’ F, clear sky, and wind only 5 mph. Been a beautiful day for January here to the west of Seattle.
Cold here, still; my knees hurt!

Ar-Edain, if you find a place that sells those rain clouds please let me know!!
I'd like some snow please - though rain might be better, snow in summer would confuse the plants! around 25C here (Wellington NZ) today, we really need rain now.
We are having a light drizzle this afternoon. It is cool with no wind; so the drops are falling straight down.
We now have rain, so our increasing water bans have held position (we were on no sprinklers and about to go to no watering of gardens at all)

But it is getting colder! Summer is definitely over. Autumn isn't that well defined (almost all natives are evergreen) but the wind is picking up, and daylight savings is over.
91 degrees and rising. Who thought it was a good idea to build a city in the middle of the desert, again?
We had a heat wave Saturday Orc Smiling Smilie when it got into the seventies (’F) for one day. but now it is back in the fifties and raining. Orc Sad Smilie
Could have worn shorts over the weekend. Now I'm cranking the heat.
I do nothing but wear shorts here. Your kind of weather is very appealing at the moment.
It is SPRING time in my part of Norway these days! At last!!!!!
Today is only the second day this year when the temperature got up to 70 ’F. The average daily temperature has been 5 ’F below average these last two months. But chin up, tomorrow they have forcast themperatures into the eighties.
Rainy with thunder and lighting for the past 3 days. Some areas have also known minor flooding. And oh its also very cold!! Snowman Smilie
Much more better today:
at 4:15 PM PDT
Temperature: 84 ’F
Humidity: 30%
Barometer: 30.03 in hg
Sky: Clear
Wind: SW at 21 mph
We now have a weather standard here in western Washingto called the "Barbeque Index", where the number of high temperature days above 60’ F between 11 March (the actual start of our Spring) and the first week of June were considered over the past hundred years.

Our Barbeque Index

This year's number is 23 days with temperatures above 60’ F, which tied 1908 for the second coldest; 1917 was the coldest with 18.

The average is 42 days above 60’ F; and 1934 had the highest with 74, while 1992 had 69 and 2004 had 60.

Also this first week of June was the coldest in the last 118 years; I had to turn my heat back on and close my bedroom window. And they are again forcasting snow in the mountains above 3500 feet. So much for Global Warming Orc Grinning Smilie

Still we aren't experiencing the floods of the midwest or the triple digit heat wave of the east coast; so we can't really complain.

Very cold here. 8*Celsius.
It is a beautiful day today: Temp. 73 ’F; Humidity 41%; Barometer 30.18 in-hg; Sky Clear; Wind NNE at 12 mph
Just as nice as yesterday, except the the temperature has climbed up to 88’F, (31’C) which is warmer than I like. However, the humidity is only 35%, so it is quite bearable with a fan going.
Its not quite the summerweather Im used to have around here yet. Today I think its around 18C wich is perfectly fine with me!
It's sunny and lovely, and there's a fair breeze blowing through the whole apartment. I can see the rooftop garden of the building across the street form ours and it looks splendid in the sun.
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