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Thread: Hows the weather in your neck of the woods?

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Been cold all week most days barely getting above freezing. And it has been bright sunny here with hardly any wind. We may get our first snow of the year over the weekend. At least it won't be as bad here on the left coast as in the mid-west of the USA. Snowman Smilie
Hot and dry, only had 22mm of rain in the last 6 weeks, grass is in shock, cows have dropped 3 ltrs a day......and it's only December!
Cold and foggy not showing any sign of clearing, the traffic into town is going to take forever Sad Smilie
Cold and wet, but then it usually is here. I've looked this up and comparable climates are New Zealand (south)and Washington State, but do correct me if I'm wrong.
where are you? New Zealand is generally quite temperate, not too hot, not too cold
Colorado is very pleasant and mild this week. Last week we had temps below zero all week but now its pleasantly winter and in the forties (Fahrenheit).
Ugh, temps have been at a high of around 20’F all week. I wish that warm front Sian is experiencing would move just a little further east.
England actually, Rho. While not cold-cold its usually damp which tends to accentuate this. At the moment its really COLD (below freezing) and still wet. My year or two in the desert, where cold meant below 20C, seems like a distant dream.
Cloudy and a sort of sleety snow is falling. Cold but not too. I love weather like this!
Now the sky is clear and blue and the temperature is supposed to get very warm! Bluebirds and robins and horned larks are back, too, so spring is near.
getting colder in the mornings, gusty winds more rain though......winter's coming
Well, its rained almost every day last week, and just when we thought it would clear up, it rained again.....
Blazing hot. Thank god I am in air conditioned room for most of the day, since the glory of Anar is not the sweetness of Laurelin of old. It is more fiercer than Laurelin's.
Not blazing here but pretty darn warm for March! Supposed to hit the high 60s and then get cold and snow on Friday.
Definitely colder - I think our brief attempt at summer is over!
Hi 42! Nice to see you!

Weather in Colorado is very nice today. Slightly overcast and nice spring chinooks are blowing. Snow is gone and its time to start planting things.
Still warm today but the gentle chinooks have turned into gale-force winds! Trash cans have blown all over and traffic lights are swinging wildly. The neighborhood flag is standing straight out pointing north. Hang onto your hats!
Still very windy here on the plains but dark clouds are streaming in so maybe we'll get some rain. Moisture is very important here and there are "fire danger" warning signs all over. Late summer can be so dry that fires are a real danger. Some years ago there was a 100,000+ acre fire in the mountains and smoke, soot and ash nearly blotted out the sun.

Rho, are your cows on pasture? If so I can see how important rainfall is for you. There are lots of horses in my area and we depend on the local hay crop which has been poor for the last few years. Hoping for better this year!
Yes Sian, In New Zealand we keep our cows on pasture all year round as we do not have the bitter winter you guys in the northern hemisphere do, though we still grow plenty of supplements to feed them such as maize.
Though unlike America, we harvest the entire plant, the kernel is crushed and the stalk,leaf and cob is cut up into small pieces and dumped in a big pile called a silage stack.
But this year due to the drought my maize yield was only a 3rd of what it should have been, and the MET service is predicting a cold dry we're going to jump from the frying pan to the fire!

Still dry, but getting cold in the mornings and evening now.
Or from the frying pan to the freezer, whichever one you prefer. Cool Smilie -----> Snowman Smilie
Wind is pretty much gone now and we had a bit of nice spring rain yesterday although the amount was too small to even measure. The air smelled so fresh and clean!

A silage stack, I'll remember that. My aunt always likes to hear about farming in other places and I will tell her. She is 91 now and has liver her whole life on two farms. In the midwestern US where my aunt is they used to harvest the cornstalks also but put it in a tall structure. I think most corn is grown for sale now so the stalks go to waste. Farming in the midwestern US is probably more like it is for you since it's more humid and gets more rain. I live further west now at an altitude of 6400 feet above sea level. Very high and dry and not as many crops are grown; some corn but it doesn't get as tall and hay. There isn't a lot of vegetation so pastures are huge but only support a few cattle. Across the road from my house I watch a herd of four heifers with three calves but they live in a pasture that's about two square miles. I always like to talk farming since I used to spend part of every summer on my aunt's and grandmother's farms but I'm gabbing too much now - sorry!
Spring weather always brings surprises. Today there were prediction for both tornadoes and six inches of snow. Not holding my breath for either.
Cool and overcast here, no rain as yet today.
Hot! Scorching hot, for the past week. Degree is past 40 celsius here.
We did get snow and have six inches already with more still coming down. The tornado happened in Texas, though, and I hope Gimli-man is ok!
Cool with a light breeze, but the sun is currently shining through the overcast.
The tornado touched down well enough away, and I just happened to be in Oklahoma at the time registering for college. But thanks anyway, Sian.

It's a bit warm and humid here, since we have had rain most all of this week.
What school are you going to, Gimli ? I attended NEOSU.
oh my golly gosh it's raining!!!! 9mls so far and counting.
It's supposed to get really heavy tonight and I pray it doesn't, we need at least a week of steady rain to give the ground enough time to soften up and absorb the heavier rain, plus all my grass seed is just sitting on the ground, if it's too heavy it'll just wash them away.
I'm attending OBU, Sian.

And now its getting dry and hot here.
Pleasant day today, partly cloudy, not too hot. Winter will make a comeback, though, according to the news.

Cool and wet after a beautiful warm sunny weekend.
RAIN RAIN RAIN..........'does the snoopy dance'
Glad you're getting rain, Rho!

A few inches of snow is predicted for tonight and the weather has continued to be pretty cool. Usually they say not to plant anything (like petunias) until after the first week of May but I think people are going to have to wait even longer this year. Snow in April is the norm, but not in May.
Dry with some sunshine but mostly overcast.
A lovely cool spring evening, here. Froglets are singing their hearts out and the scents of fresh grass and hay are in the air.
At 4 PM locally: a cool 43’F (6’C) with partial sun, but storm clouds brewing up the occasional rain shower.
At 1 PM locally: 89 degrees F feeling like 104 degrees F. We don't have a car and I had to run errands so I had to walk 3.2 miles in this! Compensating by drinking lots of water though.

Evening here; grey, and raining heavily. A huge thunderclap almost made me jump out of my seat a few moments ago!
At 4:15 pm:
Dew Point: 50’
Humidity: 82%
Wind: SW 16 mph
Visibility: 10.0 miles
Pressure: 29.88 in. 0

As I was going home about 3 this afternoon, it was a good thing I had listened to my mother way back when. 'Why you ask, what did she tell you?' Well, this afternoon it was raining cats and dogs; and she had told me that unlike the Wicked Witch of the West, I wouldn't melt. So I got soaked, but I'm still here: she was right.
Smiling. My mother always told me that I wouldn't melt because I wasn't sugar. I like what your mom said better, Grondy. Smile Smilie

Northeastern Colorado had damaging golf-ball sized hail and tornadoes today. Fortunately I live a little too far south to be affected. We've just been having tremendously strong winds.
7.04 am here and it's cold/chill. I like it though!
Hot..... Just a typical Texas day.
sunny - for the moment Smile Smilie with occasional heavy rain showers - the weather seems to think its april not may
Here is Wellington it's clouding over fast, just staring to rain and northerlies are picking up. About 10 Celcius, so not too cold but might light the fire tonight.
Cloudy, and cool after earlier in the week when we were in the 90s’F (32’C). Got up to 72’F 22’C today.
Colorado was warm today, in the 80s F, and windy. Tonight there are clouds and lightning blowing in from the southeast.
Cool with the occasional shower. I like it though!

We've has thunder, lightening, hail, rain and gale force winds over the past few days. Yep, it's spring!

Did you feel the earthquake?

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