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someone says an answer to a topic such as "world's worst garbageman"
ANSWER:ohhhhhhhhh free stuff
then after answering a previous question say "world's worst (whatever u want)"

ill begin

world's worst lawyer
(during trial, to client)
heeey, your guilty...

World's worst repairman
"What do you mean it's still not working? I took all the parts out."

World's worst tailor.
"hmmm now that looks just the thing, a little Toight perhaps Mister Schwarzenegger, but it does show off your intellectual side, now lets move up to the grown ups section for those leiderhosen"

World's Worst Stripper...*cheeky*
(i am only typing to get past this topic before this thread is deleted)

No i will not take my clothes off!

worlds worst cleptomaniac(person who cant help but steal)
Excuse me, but I love to steal, do you mind if I take your TV, or your jewellery, or your trophies....

World's worst Martial artist
"Hey, watch this!" (Loud crash followed by intence silence.)

World's worst cook.
(i should be good at this, having once been a chef)

"now my friendz *in a ridiculous french accent* Theez is how to make a dessert le fantastique, i ave err made for you a wonderfool exampler of Grand Marnier parfait, it seets as you see upon a bed ov marmalade, and i have spun some leetle sooogar spirals, look ow bootifool zey are, now to finis some ... ver eez it? aha et valois zee zalt... Doh! *slaps head*

World's Worst Surgeon...
Have anyone seen my glasses? Oh, well, I'll use my gut feeling.

Worlds worst inn-keeper.
"I think they call him Strider"

world's worst filmmaker.
hello my name is peter jackson (i really dont think this is entirely true)
World's worst dentist
Now where is that drill..........
Uh! your mouth is bleeding!!
Why is the drill on the ground spinning around?????????????
Teacher Smilie You're supposed to post a "world's worst" after answering

World's worst stunt double
(thank u fer reminding us vilyon)

worlds worst dictator
"Please,um,could you maybe take control of that country that's in a transitional phase?I'll be your best friend.Please?" (or,if you prefer,George Bush) world's worst pilot
Oooooh, what does this button do??
push the buttons,*beep**beep**beep* push the buttons
Wooooosh, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

World's worst trampolinestJumping Flame Smilie

*bounce* *bounce* *BOUNCE* *BOUNCE*.......... !!!!SPLAT!!!!

World's worst garbage collector
"I'm not touching that thing? I only got my manicure this morning. And what the Hell is that??? Its still alive for sure, i cant be expected to pick something up that wriggles, and its way too heavy, citing current EU directives for the extraction of refuse, under clause A section 13, i deem this bin-bag ..."

World's Worst Soldier...
Whatdya mean I have to "protect and defend"? I thought I was going to Area 51!
(Really bad, I know...)

World's worst smiley

CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile! I havent brushed my teeth in 9 weeks! and I have braces!!

(Worlds worst kisser)
(as above... need i say more) except in the small time it took for me to type this the person with braces(not you woofy) has developed nasty herpies, halitosis and a propensity to slobber like a rampant St Bernard!

World's Worst (drumroll)...

...village idiot
now,150000x3450762=517614300000, meaning of life the universe and everything=42.......
World's worst lab assistant
Oh, wasn't I supposed to put the runny green stuff in the pretty bottle with the black and yellow pattern?

World's worst air hostess.
"I think I'm getting airsick"

WW fast food worker.
I wash my hands 200 times a day!

worlds worst ringbearer
Awww who needs this quest thing anyway? I'll just use the ring to walk right into mordor and drop it into the...hang on what was I supposed to do again?

World's worst Nazgul
"Why is everything so grey?"

WW computer tech.
All these wires! Oh well, I'll just shove them anywhere and turn on the computer. Here, you touch this, Mister, I want to see if it will give you an electric shock. And that'll be fifty bucks, you know. I taught you how to get an electric shock.

World's Worst Wab Breeder (Wab is wabbit, like my shweet, shweet, shpecklesh!)
Eh.......whats up doc?
All of a sudden my homebred rabbits are all walking upright and talking to me!! They keep calling me Doc!! And they wont stop singing that Easter egg tune!! They al sound like crazy chickens!!! Hmmmmm.......really enjoying their chocolate eggs though. Yummy.

Worlds worst comedian.
Uhhh...yeah....erm.....forgotten my lines......I must have written them somewhere....*says a joke*. Well? U guys are s'possed to laugh. It was not a serious joke. Umm..yeah watever that means. So a lawyer, an engineer and a joker met in the bar and.......wat happened then..erm....

World's worst soccer player!

Yeey! My first goal EVER!! WOHOOOO!!! what do you mean, 'we change sides after the break'?

Worlds worst fisherman
You can't hurt fish like that! So cruel to use a hook. I always fish without.

World's worst actor.

(fun thread, by the way! Big Smile Smilie )
Let's see...hold the camera just a sec....I have my lines around here somewhere. What? I am supposed to know the script by heart? Your kidding right?

WW writer.
*takes pen and starts to write* Once upon a time in a galaxy far,far this isn't plagiarism......its called "inspiration".

World's worst singer!
She bangs! She Bangs! Oh baby She moves She moves! (lol American Idol)
Or....Hilary Duff..So yester Day so yesterday!

worlds worst belly dancer
(90 year-old-woman):Ouch-I just had hip-replacement surgery yesterday-oh!My back!Can't I just kind of,you know,sit down? world's worst historian.
And then... uh... and then... the chicken crossed the... uh... wait, I know this, I can do this! I am funny!

World's worst pirate (That has to be the worst pirate I've ever seen...)
Hrrr, your legs! I mean, arr, me hearties! Run my head! I mean, walk the plank! Where's the plank's leash? Walk, it, you sweet cat! I mean, scurvy dog! Give it some exercise! Is tea ready? What? I told you, pirates do not take yes for an answer! Is tea ready? (The cabin boy says no) Good, good.

World's worst bunny wabbit
::Running from a hunter with three other wabbits. We all decide to hide in potatoe bags:: The hunter kicks one bunnys bag he goes "Woof!" The hunter kicks the other bunnies bag. He goes "Meow!" The hunter kicks my bag! I go "Bunnie!"

Worlds worst looking person
(thanks tommie) i dont no what to say but the answer is michael jackson

worlds worst soldier
Any kind of peace activist,or a woman who just got her nails done,or a mime,or a Swiss man(neutral,you know),or a blind/deaf/mute(no offense),or a pathalogical procrastinator. world's worst talkshow host.
*twiddles his fingers* Hello ppl! Welcome to my talk show. As u can see, I'm dumb and can't speak. But I know sign language.

World's worst painter
Oooooh well, haven't got any inspiration today. Maybe I'll just paint a whole canvas black and sell it off as nine black people in a dark room.

World's worst mailman.
"Man! I sure wish I knew what these little drawings on these letters mean!"

World's Worst webmaster.
i wonder what will happen if i wash a computer like a car hmmmmmmmmm..................................YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
World's Worst fireman
"hey look its a fire lets all get round it and sing song *whips out a tamberine* goomby my lord goomby yay"
Then a burnin' guy runs past..."Oh look thats pretty."
Worlds Worst hairdresser.
Guy with a deathmask & sweeping black cloak looks down upon his client sitting in chair, "SO YE BE WANTIN A CLOSE CROP SHORT BACK N SIDES, IS THAT A GRADE ONE, OR TWO SSSSSssssssirrrrrr?" said Death adjusting his Scythe!

World's Worst SuperVillain
"Oh no! A hole in my tights..... Hang on badguys, I gotta change my tights....."

World's worst politician.
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