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What, you only wanted you teeth cleaned? Well now they are out it will be easier to do.

World's Worst Spider Lover ?

(Ah, when I visited Franco Spain fhe first two times, the guys carrying submachine guns and wearing very grim faces were known as 'le Gardia de Civil' or some such spelling. My third visited found them carrying rifles and wearing very broad smiles, undoubtedly because Franco was gone.)
ummmwot was this thread? o yeah... "Here share my food, my library *thump* oops...

worlds worst teacher
"Well, let's check your homework - Hau I spent my samer houlideis. Excellent! I put you an A!"

World's Worst student
me :-D

worlds worst cd
*spins*... *stops*...*spins*...*stops*...*spins*...*shatters*

world's worst photographer
look that way, no the other way, DONT LOOK AT THE CAMERA! alright good....

worlds worst mistake
Now if we move these two chunks of Plutonium together like so...FLASH!!!

World's Worst Pole Vaulter?
"He would have been a great pole vaulter, if only he wasn't afraid of heights."

World's Worst professor
Why are you all in here - go out and have some fun.

World's worst flu bug
By popular demand I have decided I will not be mutating this year or in the future. This will give the authorities ample time to develop countermeasures toward protecting their populations from my progenity.

World's Worst Break Dancer?
what do I have to break?

world's worst santa claus?
huh??? can you smell something burning? THEY LEFT THE FIREPLACE ON!!!! *crashes into tree*

world's worst author
Once upon a time.....duh......THE END

World's worst snowman
one not made out of snow!!

World's Worst Avatar? (by that i mean on this site!)

world's worst web site.
unholy_army my runescape clan, we found out one of our admin woz hacking our accounts and taking our stuff

worlds worst animal
Lional the Lion to Gary the Gazell, "Let's have a nice cup of tea, some biscuits and watch a nice film, how about Love Story?"

World's worst carol singer
Darth Vader

World's worst FBI Agent.
Pardon me, but would you be interested in buying a brand new genuine Rolex watch or any of these other name brand watches I have stored in the inside pockets of my coat?

World's Worst Space Opera ?
annoucer: "Sound can't travel in space..."

World's worst bus driver
I gotta admit but itz gotta be Otto from the simpsons he should be dead by now, crazy guy

World's Worst Board Game?
*instructions on paper inside box*

Step One: Open the box
Step Two: Make sure you've finished step one
Step Three: Don't forget step two
Step Four: Open the box real good now
Step Five: Try to not to tear it, while to practicing step four
Step Six: It you're not careful during step five, then you will tear the box to your NEW! HappyLand Children's Game!
Step Seven: Repeat one-six to all other boxes inside the first box.
Step Eight: Okay, your boxes are open? Now, connect side AAa to side AAb.
Step Nine: Slide the screw from side AAb into the hole on side AAc.
Step Eight Hundred Seventy-Nine: Put piece ZZy into the hole on ZZz, and you're done!

World's Worst Instructions

Put nail A onto bolt B but remember to find washer C (which we haven't included!) Use the paper glue to glue the wooden shelves to the base unit (which has the screw holes back to front) Find shelf D put this behind the base unit G to give you a............complete mess!!

World's worst mermaid

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my 1000 post Big Smile Smilie Wiggle Smilie
I'm drowning!!!!

World's worst barber
I'm sorry, I thought you asked me to shave your head.

World's Worst conman
"Let me say first off, so you won't be laboring under any misaprehensions,
I am a crook
, whose only interest in you is how to make all your money mine; and then I plan on getting safely out the area without any interference from the authorities."

World's Worst Painter of Miniatures ?
Now where did I put my rag roller and ceiling brush?

World's worst masseuse
A person who can't use any of the limbs.

World's worst card dealer.
I used to know this guy who didnt have any arms?

World's Worst brand of Coffee?
Chalk Full O' Gnats’

World's Worst Suspension Bridge ?
The one that is broke...

World's Worst, umm.. PENCIL!
cheesy announcer: Revvy's Pencils: 100% wood! Quality garaunteed! Never need to buy an eraser! In stores now, for inquiry call 1-800-Revv!

World's Worst PT member
I'm really liking Tolkein.

World's worst UB40 fan
I love UB40 - I love the lead singer - Robbie Williams!

World's worst taxi driver
hey, i know a short cut, see we'll drive down 2nd, make a turn where the fence broke on the golf course and we should be able to come out around 7th....

worlds worst worlds worst game player
Well if you don't want to play by my rules, I'll just take my ball and go home.

World's Worst Ice Cream Flavor?
"I know what will make this rocky road EVEN better,,, Wasibi!"

Worlds worst orc
buudy the orc, wots youre favorite colour?

worlds worst christmas movie.
Bad Santa

World's Worst public speaker...
one with a lisp spit EVERYWHERE!!

world's worst book
"Once upon a time this story ended."

World's Worst coffee.
Take one cup of hot water and stir in a tablespoon of sandy loam. Yuckers!

World's Worst Department Store?
Lidl - ever heard of it ...? Full of crap
Worlds worst reality TV

World's Worst Nonconformist...
"You know Ned?"
"Yes, I know Ned."
"We buried him yesterday."
"What, Ned's dead?"
"Naw, he's just trying to be different."

World's Worst Flag Pole Sitter
ummm what?
I am afraid of heights, so I'm sitting very close to the ground.

Worlds worst Nanny-chaser
is nanny-chaser a word!? Orc Going Huh Smilie Shocked Smilie Read Smilie i cant find it in the dictionary...hehe
My guess is an aristocratic Englishman heh ?
World worst spender
oh a toothbrush to only 100 dollars!, i gotta have it!

World`s worst Producer
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