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Casper the Ghost

World's Worst Pancake/Waffle Topping
Vegemite! Yuck! Horrible stuff.

World's Worst Eskimo
"Aloha! Here I am on the beach at Waikiki building an igloo; for some reason it doesn't seem to want to hold together."

Worlds Worst Editor
Wat iz dat? a propurr inglich wat?

worst tv gameshow host

Worlds Worst Ditzy Blonde (no offense to you blondes its just a stereotype)
The game show host in the previous WW. (does that work?)

worlds worst Exam
Can you believe it? I actually passed that exam!

World's Worst computer programmer.
OK where the on button

World's worst surfer (on a surf board)
You mean sharks live in the water?

World's Worst Tolkien Fan
Yes, I am a Lord of the Rings fan, you know, written by J. R. Rowling, I just love how the short dude, Legonas, yea he's cool with the bow you know, and Frodo, with the Ring, I just love him!

world's worst golf player
Yeah!!! got it in the water!!! thats 4 points for sure!

worlds worst directory enquiries
Stop asking me all these questions........arrgh

World's worst beauty queen
I think i'll have one eye with pink eyeshadow and the other with.... red eyeshadow. Do you think I need more foundation on top of my blusher?

worlds worst suicide bomber
"Hi, I'm 5 ft. tall and 300 pounds, what of it?"

World's Worst Jedi Knight
C'mon Darth let's join together and get rich and powerful Very Big Grin Smilie

World's worst spelar
Taht wluod be me, I suposs!

World's worst animator!
Worlds worst drawer
"I would like to pitch a new cartoon -- 'Stickman!!' Actually, let's call it 'Super Stickman!' What do you think?"

World's Worst Sailor
So where do you tie this rope that is attached to the bed-sheet up there?

Worlds worst vegetarian
"God I hate meat, anyways I would like one of those... (reads the menu) ... chicken ceasar salads!

world's worst ballet dancer
Er sorry what's a Demi-pli’ and what do you mean 2nd position??

World's worst snake charmer
Ow! That hurts!

Worlds Worst Rollerblader
You skate sitting down right? I can't seem to get up, the stupid wheels are stuck to my shoes and won't let me up, I slip!

World's worst poet
Eat this flower,
It tastes sour!

Worlds Worst Movie
errr - an empty cinima

Worlds's worst hand glider
"You mean I was supposed to sit on that bar and control it with the trapeze, rather than just hang by the trapeze. What? Next time you want me to hang by my thumbs?"

Worlds Worst Breakfast Cereal
one that you eat for dinner.

WW boxer
Awww! Did I hurt you? I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have hit you! Why don't we settle it over a drink?

World's Worst abbreviation
DOA (Dead on Arrival) because if you have listed behind your name your really having a bad day!

Worlds Worst Gardener
Then I sprayed everything with fungicide, herbicide, and insecticide followed up with a liberal dousing of dehydrated water. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

World's Worst Ballet Dancer
I weigh 200 pounds!

World's worst F1 racer.
Goodness! why is everyone in such a hurry today? The sun is shining and the sky is blue, so lets all take our time and enjoy this lovely drive. Sure, you can go first because sharing is caring.

World's Worst Mortician
Noooooo I can't touch it, it's dead arrrgh (whilst running away screeming and waving arms like a lunatic)

World's worst prisoner
Oh! I love this place. I mean I don't have to do anything. And I've got a free shelter, free clothes to wear and free food. What more could one want?

World's Worst nursery rhyme.
Hickory dickory dock
The mouse ran up the clock,
The clock raannn dddoooowwwwwnnnnnnn ...

World's Worst Traffic Light
One where the three lights indicate Stop, Wait and Keep Waiting till Kingdom Come!

World's Worst skydiver.
Come on, can't someone else carry that rucksack?

World's worst coffee-cup.
Say...this coffee cup is multi-functional. You can pour the coffee into it from either side and if yo stick two lenses at the ends, it can be used as a telescope!

World's Worst means of transportation
What do you mean I have to walk. (sorry it's all I could think of)

World's worst wine taster
Man I shore do enjoy eatin' these red hot peppers whilst I swig down this here vino.

World's Worst Bean Counter (Accountant)
1....2....3....5......6....7....erm....9.....10.....12....13...erm....15....16.....Okay, I can't count any farther than that!

World's worst mascot
No, I shall not wear that bunny outfit as I am alergic to rabbits *folds arms defiantly*

Worlds Worst Teacher
Worlds worst meal
Ya know...I can't even think of this without gagging. It's the whole reason I won't watch shows such as Fear Factor, what does grossness have to do with being afraid anyway?! Okay...a bit off topic, but seriously, ewwww...I'll just say the world's worst meal is liver or cow tongue or sweet bread or something like that. Yuck!

How about World's Worst Mermaid?
Darn it I forgot to breathe again!

World's Worst... punk rocker...
Billy Clinton who wears a big red nose and plays a saxophone.

World's Worst Photographer
"I want my photos to have that dark look in it. Switch off all the lights people!"

World's Worst skateboarder.
Worlds worst climber
you know, I'm afraid of heights...

world's worst fanclub
Lets go protest this fanclub we are a part of because it supports the person we are supposed to be supporting that we dont support.

Worlds worst olive
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