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Hey guys, this broth needs a bit more seasoning, will each of you please add a tablespoon of salt and a teaspoon of ground pepper to that four-quart soup-pot over there on the stove.

World's Worst Fireman?
The fireman who cries, "Help! Fire! Fire! Call the firemen! Help!"

World Worst Television
"Right here we go, a rainy day, a cozy blanket and fire, popcorn... And the remote in hand... Perfect..." *sighs*

*Presses change channel button... The button gets stuck and the channels are constantly changing...* "Hmm, strange..." *Gets up to push button in on the actual set... The button gets stuck and the channels change twice as fast... Then gets stuck on... ON!!!... Eastenders!!!*

Evening... Ruined... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

World's Worst Chess Player?
The guy who tries to copy all his opponent's moves.

World Worst telephone
The telephone that dials random numbers no matter which ones you actually enter.

World's Worst Tightrope/Highwire Walker?
Sam Gamgee? Nah, the guy who puts the rope two feet away from the ground and asks two of his assistants to help him keep his composure.

World Worst Band
My high school dance band, we only had one gig and weren't requested to play any others. Orc Grinning Smilie

World's Worst Postperson
The guy who always forget what he had to reply to and has to go back to read the rpevious post again.

World Worst flight Instructor
"Pull the stick back to fly lower and push it forward to climb higher."

World's Worst Plate Stacker?
"Ok, now put the plates two by two and carry them to the kitchen."

World Worst Clown
The current occupant of the White House, and that ain't no joke!

World's Worst Railroad Dispatcher?
What do you mean I've stopped the Express in a single track tunnel with a Freight train high-balling towards it at both ends? How could I ever do something that stupid? There must be some mistake. CRASH!!! Oh, the humanity.

Worlds Worst Diplomat?
Our way or the Highway! Your either for us or against us! Do it like I say, not like I do!

I'm ugly, ugly, ugly an' so is you!!!!

World's Worst Wurst?
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