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Ick, it tastes like earwax.

World's Worst Puddy Tat Tamer tishoo.....a...tishoo.....a....tishoooooooo (sniff, sniff blooow)
I think a...tishoo I'd better get a...a tishoo another job a...a....a tishooooooo

World's worst feminist
A misogynist feminist.

World's Worst refree.
Hmm, cant remember anything
Worlds worst carpenter
Hmmm, I sawed it off three times and it's still too short.

Worlds Worst Blogger
I am not sure what you mean....
Worlds worst fanatic
(a fanatic of rock) I just love behtoven dont you.

worlds worst worlds worst.
Oooo this is a hard one......could be anything but well....

I promise when I'm elected to govenment I will be honest

Sorry if this doesn't sound right - but is there a right or wrong answer......??? Elf Confused Smilie

World's worst Fairy hehehe Very Big Grin Smilie
Tiny Tim: he with the ukulele.

World's Worst Soft Drink?
some kind of alcoholic beverage namely liquor.

Worlds worst Olive
One that is halfway through the process of decomposition.

World's Worst radio talk show host.
Lush Rimbaugh

World's Worst Sausage
An uncooked one!

World's worst puddle
A dry one!

World's Worst lipstick.
What does "permanent marker" mean?

World's Worst Grape Peeler
"Yay! I've got rid of all that squidgy stuff! Now I can eat the hard brown things!"

Worlds worst break dancer
The Hulk, he's a tad bit muscle bound. Orc Smiling Smilie

Worlds Worst Pygmy
Those jokers walking on stilts.

World's Worst tattoo artist.
Not sure about the World's Worst Tattoo Artist, but the World's Worst Tattoo Displayer would be the Invisible Man. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

World's Worst Dogcatcher?
A cat.

World's Worst Batman.
a bug

worlds worst radio broadcast
"What do you mean our ratings aren't going up? I'm slaving away in this stupid radio station, and people aren't listening to me? What do you mean we're on the air? Oh crap!!"

World's worst hiking guide
"Chapter 1: Short Hikes for the Unfit"
Part I -- Mt. Everest

World's Worst Astrologer
now today i will look at milk for information...

worlds worst alphabet
The one that only comes in a two metre high font.

Worlds Worst Nail-clipper ?
a door. you might not have toes by the time it is done clipping the nails.

worlds worst measuring system.
One with no numbers (or symbols)

Worlds worst PC
"press one to open internet, press two to run Microsoft Word..."

worlds worst bird do i fly again?

worlds worst psycologist
"you did WHAT! man, your going to hell..."

worlds worst posterboard
one you need a microscope to see

worlds worst game show host
go away! cause although well be right back after this msg, our show is really bad!

Worlds Worst idea
um......srry i forgot it Big Laugh Smilie

worlds worst lotr impression
that tape showing the gollum voice interviews....MY....PRECIOSEISSSISSISISISISEEESS *fake cough*gollum*fake cough*

worlds worst lantern
It is called a dark lantern and when you open the little door, a ray of dark spews out hiding whatever lies in its path.

Worlds Worst Bungee Jumper
An aerophobic person whose legs have been amputated.

World's Worst caricature artist.
Jackson Pollack. "Are you making fun of me? No, seriously, I want to know."

That dark lantern seems suspiciously familiar, but I don't have my Xanth books handy to check.

Oh, right, I have to pose one. Ummmm...Worlds Worst Scuba Instructor should be good for a chuckle.
glubglubglubglubglub..glub...glub should someone save him yet. I dont know he was to stupid to put his mask on.......glub..............glub *splash* I am definitley not doing cpr on the scuba instructor...

Worlds worst band player
*picks up a drumstick and puts it in his mouth* Dis ish a phunney tumpet...*blows until his cheeks turn blue and it shoots across the room hitting someone in the eye* Oops, sorry... maybe I should just play the tambourine...

World's Worst Standup Comedian

"Nothing happened to me on the way to the Forum; it was a very uneventful journey."

World's Worst Tear Jerker?
"Let me tell you about a funny thing thing that happened to me yesterday."

World's Worst historian.
"Well, these one guys had a war with these other guys and the good guys won. I think it was the Repulsionary War or something." Said by a British person

Worlds Worst Author
"what? no (chuckes nerveously) I didn't copy, paste! I expanded on the person's knowlege a bit by adding an "and" instead of commas. So it says "Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle and the cow jumped over the moon! totally my work of art!"

world's worst rhymer!
" Now let's see... what rhymes with 'orange'? Ah, yes... fl-orange! "

World's Worst Karate Instructor
"Hiya!" *looks at students* Now you try! *they are scream "HIYA!* No no, Jimmy, there's more inflection on the 'ya' than the 'hi'...

Worlds Worst Flashlight

One with a non-functional light bulb.

World's Worst typist.
Mpe od yjr yo,r gpt s;; hppf ,rm yp vp,r yp yjr sof pg yjr [styu/

(See if you can decypher what I meant to type above.)

World's Worst Cricket Batsman
"What do you mean I have to hold a bat? I can't hold a bat! I've heard they suck blood!"

World's worst journalist.
*A very famous celebrity speaking to a journalist at the Grammies...

Journalist: "Excuse me, miss. What is your deepest, darkest secret that no one in the known world has ever known that you have never uttered out loud to anyone in your life?"
Celebrity: "No comment, please."
Journalist: "So... am I authorized to print that in the Weekly Post?"

World's Worst D.J. (at a 6-year-old's birthday party...)
Worlds worst trainer
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