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"I wear T-shirts with messages because I'm too dumb to string two words together."
"Kick me."
"Cut down the trees! Trees are the leading cause of forest fires."

World's worst signwriter
How DO you spell kat then.....

World's worst lecturer
A monotonus professor with out any change in ones or inflection in a block schedule

Worlds worst transportation
Do you HAVE to be there today? I need to run an errand first.

World's Worst Musical.
I'm tempted to say "West Side Story" because that's what we're forced to study in Music at the moment, but that's not funny...

"Yeah, I can sing!!! Really!!!! I learnt Do re mi in primary school. How does it go again? Oh, you wanted a professional singer. Well, I just said yes I was because I don't know what professional means. I have to DANCE as well? Of course I can dance." *70s moves* "night fever, night fever..."

World's Worst Movie
one on stage

world's worst animal trainer
What? He bit you?

Worlds worst april fools joke
I'm alive. April fools.

Worlds worst LOTR's character (yes you have to pick one. Aren't I evil?)
"Of course you can have the ring Sauron" says Frodo

Worldld worst head banger
"Watch the hair, buddy! Watch the hair!"

World's Worst Shark Trainer
"Oh, doesn't he look CUTE? With his little teeth and all. Here, let me tickle your chin.. let me tickle your chin!!! What? So what, if I've got blood all over me!!! I'm a butcher on the side, remember? LEt me tickle your ..." *CHOMP*

World's worst undertaker.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!!!!

Worlds worst farmer
"Now let me see, if I take this Metalic Blue '57 Chevy Hot Wheels Convertible, and I plant it in this hole in the ground, and sprinkle it liberaly with water, and wait two weeks; I should see a new full sized car starting to sprout."

World's Worst Fireman
"Help! Help!"
"It's all in the mind, man... all in the mind. Forget the conflict with the fire... you and the fire are one. Think of your happy place... go there... and be happy... envision youself connecting with the environment..."
"Oh ye of little faith."

World's Worst Composer
my dog

worlds worst animal
Hi! They call me Lord_aragorn86!

World's Worst traffic policeman
red light. green light. red light. YOU MOVED GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING!!!! (for those who haven't heard of the game red light green light it is a game)

World's worst plane
And this is our new generation plane. Due to the increasing fuel consumption in the planes used nowadys we've decided to keep the plane grounded since most fuel consumption takes place during flight. And this new plane of ours will be called "Bus".

World's worst spoof writer!
The end!!

World's worst lollipop lady

(This is the lady who crosses the children at school not sure what they are called in other countires)
correct me if I am not thinking of the right thing.
GO!!!GO!!!GO!!! dont worry about the cars they wont hit you. Thump...thinks to her/himself This is fun!!!! Very Evil Smilie says: Bad driver bad Driver!!!

Worlds wors bus driver
It's ok kids its just water im not under influence Alcoholic Smilie

worlds worst cab driver
MOTTO: I will get you where you need to go as fast as I can and no obsticle will be a problem. I.E. cab driver:To the bottom of the cliff you say?
passenger:thats right .
cab dirver: (drives to the edge of the cliff and throws passsenger off) says to himself. another one satisfied and I got him there as fast as physically possible. Very Evil Smilie I

Worlds worst party goer
have you seen the new health forum sitting on chips is good for your thighs Big Laugh Smilie

worlds worst president

World's Worst Sonogram Technician
OK - How do you turn this thingingmebob thing on!

World's worst road worker (man who digs the road)
Now to test out my newest digging machine. the drill 3000. *turns it on* wait nooooo it isnt supposed to dig up that road!!!!!!!

Worlds worst pitcher
i'm gunna throw a grounder *bam* the ump gets hit in the head and is unconsicious

world's worst secret agent
**Err...scuse me!..Mr Bin lardin sir....Hi, ummm, well, I was sposed to sneak into your secret hideout with this bag of plasteec and all, but errr, this is rather embarressing...but yah spose you could give me a lil hint on where your secret hideout could be on this map here, oh I know, US intellegents is very poor these days....yes yes, they missed it out on the map...errr.....would be be a darling?....oh come now now, there's no need to be so rude...please point that thing else where, you might hurt someone....**

Worlds worst world worst questioner?
He who after anwering the previous question, then forgets to ask the next one. Quite often it's me.

World's Worst Sleepwalker?
walks in to the kitchen, eats everything, goes to bed, wakes up and blames every one else for the food being gone

worlds worst terrorist
"Would you like to discuss the issue over a cup of tea?"

World's worst postal service! (I'm vouching for Norway's)
Thank you for the card for the new baby but he's 21 now - when did you say you posted it!

World's worst Alien (from another planet) Super Scared Smilie
I come in peace! Do not worry! I will not perform any horrible tests on you and I have no fancy equipment to destroy your buildings! (aliens are supposed to be evil and genious imo)

World's worst superhero
Tan tan tarah!!! Here I am!!! Here... to defeat the bad dudes!!! I'm here... I'm here... EEK!!! BLOOD!!!! I'll just go away then. Here I am!!! HEre... to defeat the bad dudes!!! What? I forgot my mask? So what? Well, so you could see my handsome face, of course. EEK!!! Blood!!!

World's Worst supermodel
So what if I'm five feet tall and 28 kilos overweight?

World's Worst psychiatrist!
Oh, can't you just get over it?

Worlds worst bus driver.
Got on or get off I don't care - but I'm going where I want to not where you wnat to - so there !

World's worst witch doctor
wheres the manual on this stuff? is there a manual? why don't i have the manual? mutters the witch dotch as he throws the manual in the fire.

worlds worst serial killer
And... leap!!! "Hey you, weird dude with the knife... did you know that murder is a sin?" "NO A WITLESS JONAH!!!!" *runs away*

Moderator Smilie Grondy says we mustn't make fun of religious sects Loni. Moderator Smilie

World's Worst Door-to-door salesman

"Simply order from the catalog."

Worlds worst translator... Big Smile Smilie
I wud absalutly lurve to transslate this booke fer u, sir, bat I'll neede some-one to helpe mee with the speling.

World's worst musician.
**man with pretty, long, well-kept hair sits solemly on stool in recording studio**

"Okay, here's the lyrics, man." He begins to sing in no pitch whatsoever, in a very nasal, high-pitched voice,

"I love you
You love me, too
When you go
I feel blue.

"That's a gold record. Every teenager in the world will buy my record and cherish my sweet hair!"

World's Worst Buckingham Palace Guard
Wiggle Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Read Smilie Fast Asleep Smilie Super Scared Smilie Juggling Smilie Good Morning Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Waving Hello Smilie

World's worst bride
Ooh, look at that HOT best man. And that page boy. So he's ten years younger than me!!! Ew, you're not even hot at all. Man, even a heater is hotter than you. LAters!!

World's Worst Vicar
And bladibladibladibladi... What's that? you're reading a comic book in MY sermon? What is it? Oh, I LOVE Batman comics, which one is it? Oh, and is this the one where... blabibladibladi...

World's Worst Choir-singer
Oh say can you see
by the dawns early light
etc. etc. etc. I am not going to write out americas national antham and waste my time.

Worlds worst Loni
Someone whose posts do not include even one sentence with all Capital Letters and whose posts identify with the topic of the thread the person is posting in.

World's Worst beggar.
"I say, do you have any Grey Poupon? I can pay you tomorrow for some Grey Poupon today."

World's Worst Bird Watcher
yah! lets chase the birdy yah!

worlds worst trucker
No, I didn't run over anything!

Worlds worst hocky player
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