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"I fell in to a burnin ring of fire i went down down down and the flames went higher and it burns burns burns this ring of fire this ring of fire!" i love that song its country,Johnny Cash the ideal american!

worlds worst foozball player

worlds worst lumberjack
"Hey trees, I love you guys. Big Hugs!"

World's worst biker (No, not Lord Aelric!)
Hmm. Let's see how this bike works...

World's worst... moderator! (I don't mean the moderators we have here on the forum, I mean the moderator of a discussion Moderator Smilie )
"No, no, you've had your say. Yes, its his turn now...NO! No,you can't finish your thought!"

World's Worst farmer.
Here sheepie sheepie sheepie. Anyone seen them? They're sort of fluffly and whitish. I'm sure I left them here. Or was that the moo cows?

World's worst snowboarder.
"Ah, so these things are for use in the snow!.....what are they again?" *as they look at the snowboard for the first time*

Worlds Worst Policeman?
*standing in the middle of a crossroads* "No, you go first now." *holds up his hand* "Oh wait, cars from the right have to go first." *turns around and holds up his hand* "No, wait, the cars from the left have been standing there for a pretty long while now." *turns around again and gets knocked over*

World's worst... scientist.
"I'll just add a drop of this...and a bit of this.....and now I drink!" *glug*..........................*glass shattering sound on floor*

World's Worst market checker.
Market checker? i thought u said eat a checker

worlds worst me
Hi, how are you? Scare? No, I don't know the meaning of scare. Scream? Umm...what is that?

Wink Smilie

World's Worst drummer.
*What do you mean my druming sounds like the music in a Britney Spears album?!?!? AW C'MON NOW, THAT'S UNCALLED FOR!!!!*

World's worst hairstylist
u no ur hair wud look great if ud let me set it on fire..................................

worlds worst napoleon split personality
I'm going to conquer Russia! No, England! No wait, I was going to conquer the world, wasn't I? Or did I plan to take a nap and afterwards a walk in the woods? Maybe I should ask Churchill what he thinks about all this. Or perhaps Bush will know. No wait, they didn't exist when I lived. Ehm. I'm all lost now!

World's worst... smilie.
Mad Smilie

that's more like a madlie or let's see a frownlie, but not a smilie!!

worlds worst doughnut
Hey! They forgot the hole!

World's Worst umm, comedian?

(I don't know if it's already been done...)
What do you get when you turn the lights out?....well , you get a lott of dark , right? aww comeon your a nogood audience.Im gona go now...

Worlds worst actor?
"Marsha!!!" "John???" "Marsha?!?!?" "John!!!!" "Marsha!!!!!!!!" "JOHN!!! That's not even in the script you idiot!!! God! I can't work like this!!! Somebody find me a new co-star!!"

World's worst sharpshooter
Uh, which ant am I shooting at?

World's worst video game
Hey is it just me or is this thing always on demo mode?

Worlds Worst Website (www isn't that interesting!!)*llelseyoucanthinkof/adios

World's Worst automated message
This message is for (the person's name).
This is an automated message of no importance.

and it repeats once.

Worlds Worst Poet
"Roses are pink
your feet stink
your brain needs restarting
and I need a martini"

World's Worst Sequel (to anything at all, just make
it something odd)
The Hobbit 2: Smaug comes Back To Life

a little bit of this,a little bit of that, and what does that make?
la fantastica de pasta!

world's worst baker
A little bit more flour...and now we bake it, and we get a....oh, we get a piece of charcoal....snif...

Worlds worst teacher?
How much was 1+1 again??? 1 and another 1..... OH yeah! 857!

Worlds worst websitemaker
Hey, how do you turn on the computer?

World's Worst Photographer
"Silly me!! I took two rolls of film with the lens cover still on!! And I thought all that blackness was just cuz it's dark out here!!"

World's worst breakdancer
"Ok, let's see now.....*trys a fancy move* "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh" *A loud thump is followed by sirens in the distance.

World's Worst milkman.

milkman to a housekeeper, "Ma'am , in the bottles of milk that i give u, how many spoons of powder milk wud u like 1 or 2 ? "

Worlds worst : Moderator
"Hey! I can delete whole threads if push this button!"

World's Worst track runner.
"Eh, what am I supposed to do again?"

World's Worst Genius
Eureka!!! iv invented fire!!!"snif snif" Whats tha burning?

Worlds worst gardener
"Hey, did you want all of your plants to be brown? Because I like brown... I hope that you like brown..."

World's Worst board game you start by throwing the dice, and...the game is over

Worlds worst undertaker
*looks into the back of his car, where the coffin is* "Now, should I drive, or should you?"

World's Worst Waiter/Waitress
the waiter/waitress comes back to the table an hour later "now what did you say you wanted again"
worlds worst skydiving instructor:
"Now class," (said during dive) "Let me show you how to open your parachutes."

World's Worst eye doctor.

eye doctor to patient "hey its kinda odd u know. but most people i see have these black or brown colored balls in their eyes. now u have these nice blue colored balls and i am loth to cut them open ..."

World's worst : PT member
There are none

Worlds Worst Stalker?
Hey!Over Here!I think its working Merry!Of course Pippin i know its working,Run!

worlds worst olympic referee
Well, the mistake adds to the artisticness. I'll give that a ten!

World's worst mother
here timmy go play with this hack saw in the street

worlds worst hobbit
"Mommy, I want to grow a beard!"

World's worst... biro!
World's worst... biro!

LOL, that has to be the wackiest one yet!....World's Worst Biro? - One that doesnt work!!

World's (Or Middle Earth's) Worst Elf?
Pretty litle orcs, do you want to come with me to Valinor? Oh and here, have some lembas.A dagger? Why here you go.........aaaaaaahhh

Worlds worst dwarf? (you started it)
I love elves!!

Worlds Worst Movie Goer
I'll go with the dwarf one.

"I hate mining!! Iam not going onto those stinking holes today! I am going to go and plant trees."

World's Worst soda drinker.
"Yanno... I dunno *Burrrp* why I keep *Belch* drinking this *hiccup* soda stuff, *Burrupp* it makes be full of wi...*burrp* !!

(Sorry guys!)

Worlds worst er..... clown !
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