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You mean, you have to score with this stick?

World's worst Commentator!
here we...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

worlds worst presenter.
Umm....yeah we'll go with that

worlds worst worlds worst answerer
is because...

worlds worst question?

World's worst poet.
What do you mean? Of course it rhymes!

Worlds worst house constructor.
It is the newest building material all styrofoam. and it is at a discount of 5$ or the equivelent per square foot/15 per square meter.
worlds worst deep sea diver
ooooo00000OOOOO Glub! Glub! Glub! OOOOO0000oooo

World's Worst Barber
"Euh.... Which side did that ear go on?"

Worlds worst Sheriff
Rules? What rules?

World's Worst Zeppelin Builder.
Why can't I smoke whilst at work.

World's worst milkmaid
"Ewwww!!! You mean I have to touch that?!!"

World's Worst Peace Activist
The only way to have peace in the world is by exterminating human existence. So we rage a nuclear war! War for peace!

World's worst constructional engineer.
The best way to clear the site is to nuke it. (everyone Shocked Elf Smilie ) that is why we use myu newly made giant microwave and nuke the place till it is easy to dig in Orc Going Huh Smilie

Worlds worst ER worker
Could you hand me that shiny drill? I think I ought to experiment...

World's Worst Spanish Teacher
Vas? Ich Weiss Nicht.

World's Worst Fashion Model
I AM going to have my dinner!!!

World's worst film producer
I don't like movies. Tell you what, the whole movie will just be the author reading out his book on screen....

World's Worst Movie Critic
what do you mean you actually had to watch the movie I thought Spark notes works for everything.

Worlds worst home
Who said you could live here - away with you.

World's worst telephone operator
You called ltitle ol' me? Let's have a good natter. Who cares if you have to tell your hubby whathisface he's a father? Let's talk. How was your day?

World's Worst Stewardess
Why are you looking at me like that? I'm just an amputee!

World's worst saboteur.
Hey, everyone, listen up, know what I just did?

World's worst robot
*in robot voice*I am not a robot I am human. You cannot tell me i am a robot. I am ......*robot dies*

Worlds worst flag
Comlpetely white. They can't go to war if some country annoys them, because it's the surrender flag!!! And besides, it would show the dirt.

World's Worst National Anthem (I'm vouching for the Japanese [sorry, don't eat me] cause it's something about moss and rocks and all that. That or the Chinese, I think it is. {SORRY!!! DON'T EAT ME}!!)
We shall die by the light for our countries splendor and fame
We wont live past 15 and will never have kids...etc etc etc
more crazy people saying things.

Worlds worst Rambler

Dead Silence

More dead silence


World's Worst Television Journalist
What do you mean I was supposed to get story - what story! One Eye Smilie

World's worst clothes designer
WEll.... I say, let's go for a new look!!! How about the.... VICTORIAN WHEEL FARTHINGALE AND CORSET WITH ABSOLUTELY NO SKIN SHOWING LOOK!!!! I'm sure ALL the punks and the other youth will just LOVE it. Hmm... that or the nudist look.....

World's Worst Dictionary Editor
What do you mean nefertandemistically is not a word? Who says I can't put my own words there? Its my dictionary after all!

World's Worst banshee!
"Please excuse me; I have laryngitis .

World's Worst Gem Miner

World's worst stripper
WHAT? Out in front of all those dirty old men! No way! Besides, it's cold out there.

What part of "No!" don't you understand?
Well, the "n" is okay, the "o" is too, but it's the combination that's hard to grasp.

I'll just post a new world's worst then... Ehmm, there goes:

World's worst private detective.
Oh you want me to solve a case? Say, why bother! Go to the police instead... I bet they are swatting flies out there right now. Godspeed!

World's Worst war strategist
The Chief Strategist of the Combined Fleet of the Vl'hurgs and the G'Gugvuntt against Planet Earth. Why? Because due to a terrible miscalculation of scale, the entire battle fleet was accidently swallowed by a small dog. (I love that vision, which is the creation of Douglas Adams.)

World's Worst Ditch Digger
I don't want to hurt the little wormies!!!! Look, there's one!!! I've got to go and rescue it, and dig it a hole elsewhere, and put it there, and sing a little song, and pray for it, and then go back to digging. Look!!! Another one!!! i've got to go and rescue it, and dig a ......

World's Worst Hippie
"My greeting, gentlemen and ladies. Will be you be so kind as to excuse me for a second, I need to attend to some private and personal matters? Thank you!"

World's worst undertaker!
Everybody like the clown costume???? I have gotten tired of the gloomy celebrations so we will have a happy one. No crying now.

Worlds worst Exam
The Chief Strategist of the Combined Fleet of the Vl'hurgs and the G'Gugvuntt against Planet Earth. Why? Because due to a terrible miscalculation of scale, the entire battle fleet was accidently swallowed by a small dog. (I love that vision, which is the creation of Douglas Adams.)

Big Laugh Smilie Gotta love this. Thanks for the laugh, Grondy!

World's worst exam? The one that is yet to come.

World's worst salesman.
Salesman selling brand of soap......

"What do you mean do I use it, you've got to be joking, over my dead body"

World's worst pirate
"And just why do we need a ship; doesn't having the skull and cross-bones as our corporation logo give you the hint that it is by far, the World's Worst Pirate?

World's Worst Mean Little Kid
I LOVE doing dishes!!!! I LOVE it!!! Mummy, give me chores to do!!!!

World's Worst STudent
Me! I have exams tomorrow and I'm browsing PT!

World's Worst portrait painter.
The Queen looking at her new portrait " Arrrgh - I do not look like Gollum"

(Well I suppose that's a possibility hehehehe Very Evil Smilie )

World's worst tramp
(good luck LA86)
(good luck LA86)

Thanks a lot! I think I failed my first exam.

As for World's Worst tramp:
"Hi! I live in a 3-bedroom flat!"

World's Worst invigilator
Thanks a lot! I think I failed my first exam.

You think, but don't know yet - cheer up. Keeping my fingers, toes, knees, arms and eyes crossed for you Very Mad Smilie whoops just fell over.....

WW Invigilator

I say students, do you want to use your books......

World's worst belly dancer
The old Twiggy, for all I know she currently may have put on weight and studied the art, but the old one definitely was too much of a pencil to do the dance justice. Wiggle Smilie

World Worst Companion of Dr. Who?
Bonnie Langford

World's worst monster
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