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Mungo posted Monday 19th September 2005 (07:57pm) the following rules, which I reworded, and the first trivia question for this thread.

1) Please try to make your questions from just the books: if you must get them from the movies, ensure that you so state.

2) You may look for the answers in the books, but looking them up online (like at the Encylopedia of Arda or Google for example) is a no no.

3a) If your answer is a guess, go ahead and wait for the reply before posting the next question.

3b) If you double check that your answer is correct, you may ask your own question without waiting.
Which dwarf was the first to be un-casked in Lake-town?
thorin? ain't got the book at hand, but he's the boss....
What's the use of this thread? We already have Trivia:Barad-D’r.
maybe in here anyone can post a question?
I don't quite know, but who cares, me likes those quizzes... and as grondy himself opened this thread it's gonna have some deeper reason... maybe?
Yes,whomever gets the correct answer gets to ask the next question in this thread.

Ithil, Thorin was first out of a barrel, so it is your turn. Happy Elf Smilie
here I go:

who was to steal a silmaril from morgoth's crown?
alright! if i'm wrong kill me! i'll post a question in a sec....

what is Tuil’r’?
According to Appendix D of ROTK Tuil’ is Quenya for spring, so I'm going to guess and say that Tuil’r’ is the holiday associated with springtime? If I'm wrong feel free to revoke my question..

.. ah yes, suppose I should have thought of a question instead of researching an answer.

Q: What is the name of the sword of Th’oden king?

Which king of Rohan built the golden hall ?
it was Brego, as far as I know.

Q: what was the name of the king of the eagles who saved bilbo and his companions?
Was it Gwaihir??
true! Thumbs Up Smilie so go on with the next question...
Q: What is the Dwarvish name for Gandalf

What impressed Gimli about Minas Tirith when first he entered it.
hmmm....dwarf into big city of stone? the rock work? this is a guess
Assuming 'rock work' = 'stonework'? Then it's your turn Elrose. Happy Elf Smilie

what color was Gandalfs hat and how big (proportionatly to some part of him) was the brim?
Gandalf's hat was blue, and his bushy eyebrows stuck out farther than the brim.

Not sure if that what what you were looking for... can't remember it being described with regards to any other body bit..

Q: How old is Arwen Undomiel when she marries King Elessar?
something like 2778 years?

Q: what was the name of the daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn?

Q: After Aragorn succumbed to death what supposedly happened to Legolas and Gimli?
They took a trip on the high seas, following the setting sun, we hope they both made it alive to Valinor, but that part is mere speculation.

What was the last know thing done by Ted Sandyman and how was it countered Question Smilie
I think it was that scene when he blew his horn seeing the four returning home, and Merry blew his Rohan horn in reply. True?
True Elen, your turn. Happy Elf Smilie
Who was Celebrimbor's father?

wot did Gollum call Saurons hand that wore the ring Question Smilie
Is it the Black Hand ?
yes indeed. sry for the long delay :-D i was blind
Question Smilie Who put and what was put at the four roads which ran into the ring of trees?
Aragorn's Army of the West, as they marched towards the Black Gate at the Morannon, cleaned up the old king's head, still crowned with white and golden flowers, and placed it once again upon its statue body, which was also washed clean of the graffiti, with which the Orcs had previously desecrated it.

Who stabbed a great cave-troll's flat, toeless foot Question Smilie
Sorry Grondy that isn't the answer I was looking for.
Did I have the wrong cross-roads or the wrong put and putee?
It is the correct crossroads - but the Question Smilie I asked happened just before the head went back on...
Trumpeters were set by Aragorn. I really thought grondy had that one.

Who is the odd one out?

Fangorn, Finglas, Bregalad or Fladrif?

the one with a b? ;(
*Ahem* :P

Surely you could find a better reason than alphabet.. no?
Well, Bregalad because the other three were the only remaining Ents that walked the woods before the Darkness, the rise in power of Morgoth and Sauron. This is my answer for the record.

Though it could be Fangorn (Treebeard) because he was the only one of these four Ents to have a forest named after him; then again it could be Bregalad (Quickbeam) because he didn't survive the destruction of Isengard, but went up in a tower of flame.

How many toes were on the cave-trolls foot that Frod stabbed Question Smilie
Oooh trick question!
There were no toes.

You did get the answer I was looking for Bregalad was a young-ish ent, as opposed to the other three which were all that were remaining of the first ents that walked amongst the woods before the darkness.

Q: What were the original names (and the meaning of those names) of Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul?
*arghh* a wonderful question...
so: Minas Tirith was former called Minas Anor, meaning tower of the sun or something of that kind, and Minas Morgul was Minas Ithil, meaning tower of the moon.

Q: how many rings of power were forged and whom were they given to? (no exact names, it's enough to tell how many of them were given to each people...)
3 rings for elves
7 for dwarves
9 for men (doomed to die)
and 1 for dark lord
and other, lesser rings
so 20 of the really powerful ones

in wot year does King Aldamir get killed? yes its in the trilogy


Question Smilie What did one of the black figures drop at Crickhollow
hobbit clothes? mayb
Yes a hobbit cloak.....

Your turn Elrose Big Smile Smilie
Did Celeborn go with Galdriel on her boat to Amon?
No, if I remember correctly het got a part of Mirkwood where he had a new kingdom, but he got bored and left after all ?
I don't believe he ever went to Mirkwood to live, or as it was again called, Greenwood the Great, but went to live in Rivendell until he was ready for his journey into the West.
ur turn Kratos! all i wanted was a simple no Cat Smilie
If Kratos doesn't give us a new question soon I might instigate a new rule on this thread that if there has been nothing goin' on for more than 72 hours, anyone can post a fresh question...
seconded Cat Smilie
Q: What colour is Saruman demoted to when he is cast from the order?
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