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I thought he first found out about it because Hurin shouted on a mountain top in despair about its locale. It was part of Hurin's doom to bring about the fall of Gondolin, no? Later Maeglin is captured and not only through some serious torture, but also through the promis of getting his hands on some fine elvish booty, gives up where Gondolin is as well as some inside treachery on bringing it down.

I could be wrong though.. it's a bit hazy.
I actually meant H’rin, but your answer is even more full, as, it seems to me, Morgoth didn't quite catch the hint from the first time Orc Going Huh Smilie

Your turn, Mungo!

Here's a question:
Is the union of Aragorn and Arwen incestuous at all? And if so, how?
Kindly trust Tolkien to have arranged things better than that! Marriage was always allowed between distant relations, and that, I take it, is what is between Aragorn and Arwen. But there was nothing remotely kinky about it.


On what/whom did Tolkien base the character of Galadriel?
An amalgam of Queen Victoria and his third grade teacher, Miss Halsey. Okay, I made this up. Does anyone else know the answer to the above question?
I don't know for sure but I have read that it was the Mary, the Blessed Virgin?
I dunno...Mary, the holy virgin as Galadriel?? I think it was Tolkien's grandma!
Maydmarion is correct, as Tolkien revealed in his Letters and various interviews. Now you get to pose the next question!
What and who was Tolkien's inspiration for the tale of Luthien and Beren Question Smilie
His wife dancing at a picnic they went on?... I know Luthien was inspired by his wife, but I'm not sure what you mean by the what.
the what was robab;y the deep love he had for his wife and he used it to make the love between Beren and Luthien
Duno....Romeo and Juliet?
Eva is correct Luthien was his wife Edith and Beren himself - they were on a walk in the woods near Roos and Edith danced for him , they were very much in love giving the inspiration for the love story - Elessar was correct about the that.

Who wants to post next Eva or Elessar - I'll leave it up to you to decide I don't want to hurt any feelings Wink Smilie How about half a question each lol
I don’t know’ I think whoever is first is supposed to, but I don’t care. I’ll try to think of a question by tomorrow, and if Elessar hasn’t said anything by then, I’ll post it.
Oh please, if you know me then i am going to and always will say 'Ladies first', you may go Eva
Ok, here it is...

Which atheist/agnostic author did Tolkien help convert to Christianity?
c s lewis
Yep, didn't think that one was very hard... Your turn!

what is gandalf called by the dwarves ?

What choice did Sam feel he was being given when he looked into Galadriels eyes?
Sam thought Galadriel offered him the chance to go back to a nice little hole of his own "with a bit of garden."


Why does Radagast search for Gandalf?
To get to the other side? No, it was because Saruman asked him to, and being a good Istari and knowing Saruman was wiser than himself, he felt obligated to comply with this reasonable request.

Who was the last person ashore to speak to Bilbo Question Smilie
Was it Cirdan the shipwright?
I couldn't find anyone in the book speaking to Bilbo after Cirdan said, "All is now ready" to the party; though we know Merry, Pippin, and Sam would have at least made their goodbyes to him, just as they did with Frodo.

Anyway, Maydmarion may give us the next one.
What did Merry ask for when he woke from the house of healing?
His pipe and pipeweed, of course.


And does anyone remember what Pippin replied to him?
Merry also asked for his supper. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
After Merry asked for his pipe, he said "no not a pipe. I dont think ill smoke again."
Pippin then said "Why not?"
And Merry replied because it reminds him of Theoden.
so is it rivvendelelfs turn?
I believe it is.
As Rivendelf hasn't been here for about a week, someone else may start the new one as long as the monitor it once daily or at least a few times per week.
Okay, let me try again, if no one minds.

Where and how did Bilbo spend his 51st birthday?
Gandalf and the Dwarves arrived at Bilbos in April 2941. On September 22nd 2941 Bilbo was riding the barrells to Lake Town (along Forest River I think), the Dwarves were inside the barrels.
Bilbo's 51st birthday.

Is this correct?
This is correct! Your turn.
What was the colour shared by 2 of the Istari?
Well, white was worn by both Saruman and Gandalf, but not simultaneousl; so you probably want the sea-blue worn by the two Ithryn Luin, according to Unfinished Tales.

Who was White-socks and who gave him his name Question Smilie
This was Fatty Lumpkin, and Bombadil named him.

Which hobbit who knew about the Ring and who helped lay plans never left the Shire?
Fredegar Bolger.

What food was Beorn known for?

how many fingures did gollum have alltogether?
Sorry, cram is the wrong answer Elrose.......
The Beornings were famous for honey-cakes, if my memory serves me. Cram was from the Lakemen.

Gollum had the normal number of fingers, if that was your question, Elrose.

Q: What were the Valar before entering Arda?
i assume they were still valar, they were in the void with Eru...hmmm
Gollum had the normal number of fingers
Well, that's correct, except for that peckish period prior to to his last step when he had a light snack at Frodo's expense. At that time he had 11 fingers. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Peckish! That's funny, Grondy! I would never have thought of describing Gollum in quite that way, hehehe.

But Elrose has not yet answered correctly.
were they just anuinar or anuiar or however you spell it. Got it...ainur...the offspring of eru's thought. Angels.

Ainur: final answer

I will give a question now, because if i don't i will forget. If I am wrong in my answer above, then this question can be stricken from the record.

What city was built upon Amon Gwareth?
It was upon Amon Gwareth that Turgon build the hidden city Gondolin.

New question: Where is the Eagles' Cleft and what happened there?
Is that the same as the 'Eagles' Eyrie' in the Misty Mountains to which the eagles carried Thorin and company after rescuing them from the five flaming fir trees or is it the name of one of Turin's hideouts?
Or does the eagle have a little dent in his chin where his mother dropped him as an egg?

So is it Grondy's turn?
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